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As Neal Yedlin used to say, "Buy and use a good mineral book." Here's a short list of several very useful titles currently in stock. All are new, and our used book inventory changes too frequently to efficiently list. For used titles, see us at the shows! Refer to our Ordering Instructions page for additional information.


Minerals First Discovered in Switzerland
by Philippe Roth

This new hardcover work is an excellent treatment of the many type localities of Switzerland and the Swiss citizens for whom minerals have been named. Over 235 pages written in concise, clear style with two page treatment of each mineral, accompanied by judicious use of color throughout. A must have, useful investment for the mineral collector or science library, and a high quality book available only from us at $45.00 plus $9.00 s/h in the USA. We are the exclusive U.S. Distributor of this excellent new book!

The Complete Book of
by Quintin Wight

This classy hardcover work, fully titled as "The Complete Book of Micrmounting", has over 280 pages of detailed information dealing with the many diverse factors of mineral collecting at the microscopic level. Chapters cover the history of micrmineral studies, trading and field collecting methods, specimen preparation, identification, various mounting techniques, microscopes, photography, a wide range of usefull tools, and more! Included are 165 color photographs (alphabetically arranged) of superb micro specimens as well. If you have contemplated micromounting, this is the bible to follow! Large format (28x21cm), hardbound with dustcover, new shrink-wrapped copies, offered 65.00 - Our last copy!


Mineral News

Known as "The Mineral Collector's Newsletter", we are the publishers of this monthly periodical. For those of you not familiar with this neat little publication, we can offer single back issues @ $6.00 each, postpaid, or a full year of back issues (12 issues) at $40.00 per year, postpaid in the USA, or bound sets for 2004 through 2022 are available at $40.00 each year, postpaid in the USA. New subscriptions in USA are just $40.00 per year (hardcopy) or $20 per year, digital PDF via email. Foreign inquiries invited; see the Mineral News website ( for more information!


Van King's magnum opus was published in two volumes, but most collectors only acquired Volume 1, the Mineralogy, since Volume 2 was a more historical treatment of the mining history, gems, geology and meteorites of Maine. We have acquired two softcover editions of Volume 2, complete with color plates and in overall fine condition. This large-format volume (11" x 8") has over 520 pages, many maps, illustrations and images (most black and white in addition to the special color plates), yours for just 35.00 each, plus shipping.

ROCK FORMING MINERALS- Deer, Howie & Zussman
The magnum opus of geochemistry/mineralogy as it pertains to rock forming minerals! This is the complete, eleven (11) volume set of the classic work, not the Introduction (1 volume) nor the old five (5) volume set, but rather the latest, complete works entailing all nine volumes devoted to silicates, as well as the two volumes devoted to non-silicates such as oxides, hydroxides and sulfides. This is a NEW set, all hardcover bound, retailing for $1375, our net price: $1100 plus shipping. Requires about 18 inches of shelf space; one set only

The 2004 Revised Hardcover Edition!
Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey:
The World’s Most Magnificent Mineral Deposits

By Dr. Pete J. Dunn – Department of Mineral Sciences, Smithsonian Institution

Over 750 pages of descriptive mineralogy and history, accompanied by more than 900 b/w images of maps, drawings, SEM images and hand specimen photographs, handsomely bound and oversewn in two gold-stamped volumes of royal blue buckram with acid-free end papers. Only a few sets left!
A must-have for every serious collector, mineralogical bibliophile and library @ $195.00 plus $26.00 Priority shipping in the USA.
Dr. Dunn established us as the exclusive worldwide distributor!

Maine Feldspar, Families & Feuds
Edited by Vandall T. King

This marvelous hardcover book is a large and detailed collection of historical works involving Oxford County, Maine: its minerals, miners and its mining stories. It is certainly the first feature-length history of a granite pegmatite mining district, filled with research that documents and brings to life the characters (some shining knights, some scoundrels) and places that formed Maine's mining legacy.

Early mining development of such mineralogically notable places like the Bumpus Quarry and the birth of the feldspar mill at West Paris provide a background to the personalities, economic realities and hardships experienced in this important industry. Stories of the "giant beryls", the Cummings Family Feud, the famous Lynchville intersection sign, the destruction of Albany's tax base by the government's formation of the White Mountain Nation Forest, and many other historical tidbits make for interesting reading. For a full review, see Mineral News, August, 2009 issue! This excellent work is in stock and is available at the greatly discounted price of just $25.00 plus shipping.

- Ed. by Holtstam and Langhof

A superb 215+ page hardcover book printed on exquisite heavy stock that tells the complete story of this prolific mineral locality. Filled with excellent color photos as well as black and white images of the rich mineralogy and history of this famous area, this book is a long-awaited masterpiece of regional mineralogy that every library should have! Full descriptive mineralogy of the hundreds of species that occur there, coupled with a marvelous historical treatment make this an instant classic! Dealer inquiries invited!
Large format (30x22cm), superb printing quality @ 89.00 plus shipping.

See eviews in May-June, 2000 Rocks & Minerals Magazine: "A pleasure for the eye as well as the mind." - Dr. Carl Francis, Harvard University ; and in July-August, 2000 Mineralogical Record: "It is difficult to imagine how it could have been done better...It merits the highest recommendation." - Wendell Wilson, Editor.

We are the exclusive North American distributor!

-Anthony, Bideaux, Bladh & Nichols
The most comprehensive treatment of mineral species data available in concisely stated volumes! A masterpiece of research and a clearly presented reference work that every serious collector or researcher should have in their library! Available in multiple volumes, all handsomely bound, as follows:
Volume I - Elements, Sulfides and Sulfosalts - 588 pages 
- $120.00 plus shipping
Volume II - Silica and Silicates - two volumes - 904 pages 
- $150.00 plus shipping
Volume III - Halides, Hydroxides and Oxides - 628 pages 
- $100.00 plus shipping
Volume IV - Arsenates, Phosphates, Vanadates - 680 pages 
- $110.00 plus shipping; and finally:
Volume V - Everything Else! Over 800 pages!! 
- $130.00 plus shipping

One complete set available, @ $600 plus shipping!

by Peter Bayliss
One of the most useful books to employ when tracking down old mineral names on old collection labels! An indispensible work with thousands of obscure minerals listed alphabetically, along with what the proper name is today as well as a reference to the name changing identification! Hardcover, black cloth with gold print, 235 pages and over 30,000 discarded names properly identified! Get it on Amazon for $120-, or from us @ 32.00 plus shipping!

- Dr. Igor Pekov
An excellent, up to the minute work that describes all mineral species first discovered in the former USSR territories, including historical information, superb and extremely specific locality data, SEM images and color photos of minerals and their localities! Written in English, this 370 page hard cover book is a long-awaited and welcomed addition to your mineral reference library @ only $59.00 each, plus shipping.

History - Pegmatites - Minerals

- Igor Pekov

This long-awaited hardcover volume describes the history, development, geology and mineralogy of this prolific area in Russia. In a format similar to the much-acclaimed Langban book we recently distributed, this high quality volume contains nearly 500 pages and is richly illustrated with many hundreds of color and black & white photos and drawings, accompanied by a comprehensive treatment of the 340 minerals that occur here, many with crystal drawings, chemical analyses, photographs etc.. In Dr. Pekov's thorough style, this work is sure to become a mineralogical library requirement! Available @ just 99.00 plus 26.00 shipping in the U.S.A. Dealer inquiries invited!

We are the exclusive North American distributor!

 NEW MINERALS 1995-1999
- J.A. Mandarino
A suberb abstracting of all new mineral species published during the period in a very readable format. Over 280 pages of precise scientific, locality and useful collector data in a softcover volume, graced with an excellent color cover photo of the type specimen of andyrobertsite! A number of crystal drawings and several useful tables are also provided in this 24x17cm volume @ 25.00 plus 9.00 additional shipping. Dealer inquiries invited!

- by J. Mandarino and M. Back NEW EDITION: 2008
The mineral collector's bible that lists all valid mineral names that have been approved and published. This 300+ page work includes chemistry, crystal system, and now for the first time, TYPE LOCALITIES and comprehensive lists of mineral groups with new nomenclature! One of the most handy and useful references for every collector's library, now in a new edition, the first in five years! Just publsihed and available from us @ just $26.00 each plus shipping.

- Art Smith
An excellent field guide and reference source for any collector either planning a collecting trip or researching potential minerals available from the many prolific Arkansas localities! About 150 pages filled with maps, diagrams, crystal drawings and some color photos as well, this useful work deserves a spot in your reference library! Softcover, size 6" x 9", @ only $19.95 plus shipping. Dealer inquiries invited!


- by Jeffrey de Fourestier
This new book, the second special publication of the Canadian Mineralogist, is a large-format (8.5 x 12 inches) hard cover volume that alphabetically lists over 35,000 mineral names and synonyms, with the generally accepted mineral name following each entry. Includes a marvelous short section on un-named and UK minerals from various localities as well. Invaluable when deciphering old labels or archaic names, this is an excellent tool for rapid determination of modern mineral names. Only a few new copies on hand @ 49.00 each plus $16.00 additional shipping.

- by Albert H. Chester (Reprint of 1897 work!)
This excellent reprint of Chester's work is a large format, black hardcover with gold stamped spine and front, over 75 pages (including J. Wiley's short catalog of available titles of the day) of old mineral names, intended by Chester as a mineralogist's definitive checklist of all English names of known minerals, sysnonyms and varieties (with chemical descriptions) as of 1897. Another useful tool when deciphering old labels, we have only a handful of these classics, @ just 12.50 each plus .9.00 additional shipping.

- by T. Egleston (1892)
This is a complete, unabridged reprint of Egleston's classic work of the 1892 edition of "A Catalogue of Minerals and Synonyms". The original 379 page work has been faithfully reproduced in a large format (28cm x 21cm) softcover volume, quite usefully employed for looking up old and obscure mineral names used in the 19th century mineralogical literature. While our supply lasts @ only $10.00 per copy plus 9.00 additional shipping.

-Edited by Vandall T. King (2011)
This is a wonderful, full color "coffee table" book is SIGNED by the AUTHOR and has more than 400 pages, filled with beautiful images of outstanding, colorful minerals. Specimens are taken from a dozen collections and are among the finest samples for the minerals depicted. While our supply lasts @ only $25..00 per copy plus 9.00 additional shipping in the USA. Foreign shipping is considerably higher - please inquire!.

We continue to liquidate a huge mineralogical library, including many old issues and full sets of popular periodicals, with over 150 crates of both modern and older volumes of classic works, coffee table books, a few paleontology works etc. We will list a few interesting titles in each catalog, just to whet your appetite to expand your research library. All are FOB our warehouse; check them out below!

Dana's System of Mineralogy - 7th Edition - 3 Volume Set
One of the most useful compilations of mineralogy ever published! Despite its age, the data on mineral alterations and varieties alone is invaluable, presented in classic crystal-chemistry arrangement (native elements, sulfides, oxides, phosphates etc. in the first two volumes, with the third volume devoted exclusively to quartz). We all waited patiently for completion of the silicates, but it never came until the much-maligned 8th printed on "bible paper" in a single book that was most disappointing! The set has nearly 2300 pages of mineral descriptions and their occurrences, chemistry, alteration products and more, still valid and often used today (at least by us!). Hard cover, dark blue cloth cover, gold lettering, all in good condition, @ just 150.00 for the set!

Geology & Mineral Deposits of Clark Co., Nevada
A boxed set containing the Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology publication Bulletin 62, including the accompanying maps and plates that were produced by the Mackay School of Mines in conjunction with the USGS in 1979. In the original 9x6" size, the encasing box has some wear but is otherwise in excellent condition, and the contents of more than 200 pages describe and pinpoint in great detail the geology and many of the superb mineral localities in the county. One complete set only, offered below cost @ 55.00.

American Mineral Treasures - Edited by G. Staebler and W. Wilson
A monster hardcover book of 354 pages, handsomely illustrated throughout with full color images of some of America's best specimens. The book features more than 40 classic American mineral localities, released to commemorate the historic exhibits at the 2008 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. It contains hundreds of images, historical overviews and insightful commentary. Some collectors have used the book as their "bible", attempting to collect specimens from all of the superbly documented localities therein. Long out of print and extremely difficult to find today, copies sell for up to $600.00 on Amazon, but you can get it from us for just 150.00 plus shipping! Our new book has one corner slightly dented from shipping but otherwise is in perfect condition!

Pegmatite Deposits of Virginia - by A.A. Pegau
The classic Bulletin 33 of the Virginia Geological Survey published in 1932 that identifies the various Virginia pegmatite districts like Amelia, Goochland, Lynchburg etc. with detailed discussions of mining development in the area, including minerals as well as geology and petrology. Numerous individual mines are noted, as are chemical analyses of various economic minerals from those mines. Softcover, over 120 pages, with 19 plates, 11 figures and 9 tables, and the back folder includes a couple of the associated maps as well. Signed by noted geologist Benjamin M. Shaub in 1932. Rarely found today @ just 30.00.

Minerals of Broken Hill - edited by H.K. Worner and R.W. Mitchell
Another large-format, hardcover work of mineralogical excellence, dealing with the diverse and aesthetic mineralogy of Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia. The book has 259 pages and 170 full color images with abundant history, paragenesis and descriptions of the complex deposits of this classic locality. This is a used copy in fine condition, with dustcover and prior owner name inscribed on inside flaps, only 75.00.

Dinosaur Encyclopedia - by D. Lessem and D.F. Glut
This hard cover book sports over 530 pages and details some 600 species of dinosaur, including some 400 original illustrations. For each species, the authors provide pronunciations, the type species, as well as the classification (giving order, suborder and family), plus name derivation, size of the creature, geologic period of life, place found, diet and some history and other facts for each! Alphabetically arranged, very readable, produced by the Dinosaur Society, mint condition @ just 35.00.

Atlas Der Krystallformen- by Victor Goldschmidt
This is the nine-volume reprint of Goldschmidt's landmark work of 1913 that depicts over 23,600 crystal drawings in superb detail, arranged alphabetically by mineral name. These have excellent locality data in addition to the crystal drawings, particularly for old, European areas! The originals sell for many thousands of dollars when they appear on the market, and the perfect-bound reprint volumes are very difficult to locate as well, as there were only 300 sets produced! We have several partial sets, and one complete, 9-volume set in excellent condition, and it includes the small spiral-bound German-English translation book, all together requiring about a foot of shelf space @ 450.00 plus shipping. Don't miss this one!

Blasting Cap Catalog- by Andy Martin
An excellent, softcover compilation of this fascinating subject, with over 165 illustrations of the highly collecible metal boxes (tins) that were used to house the blasting caps used by miners to detonate nitroglycerine and high explosives. Stapled binding, 70 pages, seen for as much as 150.00 elsewhere, our copy is in good condition and reduced to just 65.00 plus shipping.

Some Copper Country Names and Places - by Clarence J. Monette
A small soft cover book detailing the town names (and hence, mining town names) of the four major copper-producing counties in Michigan: Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw and Ontonagon, including much history of the particular places concisely presented in this 160 page reference work. No pictures, available on-line for $48 or more from you-know-who, our single copy is just 20.00. Long out of print!

EUREKA - The Journal of Mining Collectibles Volumes 1-42
A professionally-bound, hardcover four volume set of this fascinating journal, complete from numbers 1 through 42. Dedicated to collectible mining lamps, blasting cap tins and other mining artifacts, hundreds of illustrations and photographs, early issues in black & white and color beginning in the year 2000. Rarely offered as a nicely bound, large format (28x22 cm) set, we have seen similar bound sets priced up to 750.00, our price: reduced to just 350.00, FOB our warehouse. One only!

The Mineralogy of Arizona - 3rd Edition by Anthony, Williams, Bideaux and Grant
Over 500 pages and many color photographs with descriptions of all Arizona minerals known in the state (this edition published in 1995). The authors are among the greatest mineralogists of Arizona, and each species is noted from all recorded localities in Arizona, sorted by mineral, then by county, then by occurrence, elegantly referenced throughout and with a superb bibliography at the end. This new, soft cover book is offered below list price at just 30.00.

UV Light & Fluorescence by Warren, Bostwick, Gleason, Verbeek (1995)
This book on fluorescent minerals has over 200 pages of information on UV lamps, useful "how to" information on setting up displays, hints on successful fluorescent collecting, a solid discussion of the nature of fluorescence, several tables and thirty-one excellent color plates by well-known experts in the field! Soft cover, 5.5" x 8.5", last of our stock @ just 25.00.

The Encyclopedia of Gemstones and Minerals - by Martin Holden
This 300+ page softcover book is a descriptive work on some 400 minerals, the most common to be found in nature and covering many collectible species, with full color, eye-catching photographs from the British Museum in London filling the pages, along with numerous crystal drawings and other illustrations. The book is indexed and provides basic information about the chosen minerals, including detailed descriptions accompanied by the photos. About 11.5" tall, just 20.00 plus shipping!

The History of Mineral Collecting - by Wendell Wilson
The limited edition hardcover volume of this important work, it is an invaluable reference in the history of chemistry as well as in the development of mineralogy and geology from 1530 to 1799. A fascinating description of what is known of the sixteenth- through eighteenth-century mineral collectors, their collections, and, in many cases, the ultimate disposition of their collections. It should be in the history of science section of any library of any university or college that teaches history or any of the sciences, as well as in every serious collector's holdings. Long out of print, the book is very well illustrated, much in color, and filled with exquisite plates and a listing of more than 335 catalog covers of the period. Great history, over 225 pages, new and still shrink-wrapped @ 95.00.

This is a two-volume softcover set written in Czech by Petr Paulis, Stanislav Kopecky and Pavel Cerny that describes the uranium minerals of the Czech Republic as well as the localities in which they are found. There is extensive detail with individual mine diagrams of underground workings and ore body maps, as well as and black/white images of mining buildings, headframes, mill sites and specimens. The two volumes total just over 250 pages and are fully indexed with an extensive bibliography. Color softcover wraps, 21x14cm format, only a few produced and we have ONE set left @ 59.00 per set. Note: this set is Czech language only