The NEW Photographic Guide has the latest, up to date listing of minerals available anywhere in a single printed or CD source, with over 4170 valid mineral species listed and described, complete to the end of 2004, and with more than 80% of these (nearly 3400 different species!) with images!

New Features: This second volume has many new features, including a comprehensive database that provides detailed chemical compositions, extensive physical and optical properties, type localities, plus data on crystallography, radioactivity, nomenclature origins etc. for virtually every known mineral, with the complete WebMineral format! The CD features a customized script developed specifically for this application that enables the exclusive "virtual fluorescence" (TM) and "virtual indicator" (TM) viewing technologies, with no special installation required. In addition, there are new sections on fluorescent minerals, pseudomorphs and expanded mineral groups as well.

New Images: Now with more than 6700 mineral images, the Photo CD has many thousands that have never been published before, supplemented with over 750 world-class specimen photos by world-renowned photographer Jeff Scovil, and all images have been improved to higher resolution standards.

Easy to Use: Like Volume I, this CD will run on any computer equipped with a CD player and web browser, and no internet connection is required! Our CD's operate under both Macintosh and IBM-Windows operating systems with no complicated set up required. Search for all mineral photos either by name or by the extensive localities index. It is simple to use!

Best of All: This extraordinary CD is just $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping/handling anywhere in the world.

Package Deals: For those of you who missed Volume I (normally $69.95), we offer a special CD package of both Vol. I and Vol. II for just $89.95 plus $5.00 shipping/handling, a savings of nearly $30.00 if purchased separately!






Are you tired of looking at the same common species in your other CD's and mineral books? Wondering if anyone will ever produce an original collection of rare mineral photographs that goes beyond tourmaline, wulfenite and other easily recognizable species? Try our new CD-ROM, Photographic Guide to Mineral Species! This new CD has approximately 5400 original, never-before published mineral photographs depicting more than 3000 different species, in addition to another 225 varietal phases, by far the most comprehensive number of different minerals of any similar product! The accompanying listing of approved mineral names is virtually complete, and our extensive localities index and species names are keyed with numerous hyperlinks throughout. Our CD includes the full version of Netscape Communicator 4.5 - the result: a faster, easier-to-use product! The culmination of Dr. Jeffrey Weissman's painstaking work to accurately depict and document the rare species so infrequently pictured in any standard text, this extraordinary CD is just $69.95 plus $5.00 shipping/handling; a perfect companion to the latest Glossary of Mineral Species or Fersman Mineral Database! Dealer inquiries are invited.


  • Fast and convenient to use; works in your Internet browser!
  • Easy navigation between indexes and species; fully cross-indexed and hyperlinked throughout!
  • Nearly 5400 high-quality JPEG images, sufficient images per mineral to fully cover commonly observed habits!
  • Thumbnail picture indexes for each mineral!
  • Includes photographs of 80% of all known minerals!
  • Includes names and formulae of all accepted minerals; also includes varietal names, redefined species, and poorly defined minerals not included in recent reference works!
  • Alphabetical indexing of species names, varieties, and group names!
  • Detailed locality index: over 160 states and countries and thousands of localities represented!
  • Localities indexed alphabetically; also accessable through hyperlinked regional maps!
  • Includes additional indexes for mineral groups and pseudomorphs!
  • No extraneous features or superfluous images to slow you down!
  • A wide variety of the best images are in a multi-function slide show; can be used as a screen saver!
  • Multiplatform: works on PC and MAC!
  • Includes Netscape browser software for Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and MAC OS!


All you need is a CD player attached to your computer (PC or MAC)! Although not necessary, for best performance we recommend a 17" or larger monitor capable of displaying 24 bit color depth and 1024x768 pixels. Highly recommended is a current version of an Internet browser, which we provide on our CD!


Sample mineral photograph pages taken from the CD, featuring the GOOD, the RARE, and the UGLY!
A wide range of images are featured, including:
well crystallized specimens
common minerals
aesthetic specimens
rare species
specimens from classic localities

View the CD inserts: cover and reverse.

(these are large files, be patient while they download!)
the main screen
selecting a mineral from the alphabetical listing of minerals
viewing detailed locality listings
viewing localities and location maps

All this for only $69.95, plus $5.00 shipping and handling!

Includes Netscape!
Includes Netscape Communicator and Navigator software for PC and MAC platforms!


We now have a distributor agreement with the Fersman Museum in Moscow to offer their excellent mineral database! Far superior to any other product in its price range, the database has all known minerals through 1998, including more recently approved species that have yet to be published listed by their IMA number. The database is completely searchable by mineral name or name fragment, included or excluded chemical elements, X-ray data, optical data and other physical properties, as well as type localities or portions thereof! Published references are noted, group names are listed and also searchable, and any combination of data may be used to search or list. Updateable user-fields are also included in the software, as is a Russian language option! We provide full written instructions for installation and use, and the DOS-based disk performs well with any IBM-compatible system and virtually any version of Windows. Worth many times the price, we offer this superb software package at just 99.00 plus 5.00 shipping!