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CATALOG 22403 - Volume 51, No. 3
Our 51st. Year

AEGIRINE with FELDSPAR- Mt. Malosa, Zomba, Malawi
Superb crystals and small groups of dark greenish black aegirine, most on or with crystallized feldspar matrix, but all quite attractive for the species, many singly terminated as well. This low Ca-pyroxene has a nearly square cross-sectional outline that will distinguish this pyroxene from the similar-appearing amphiboles at this fine, African locality. Choice specimens from the 1995-98 time frame, from 2.5cm to 5+cm @ 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each; matrix specimens (but usually with smaller crystals scattered thereon) from 3cm to 10cm @ 20.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

AURICHALCITE- Chief Mine, Empire Mts., Pima Co., Arizona
Excellent, pale to medium blue elongated needles in handsome tufts nicely scattered in exposed seams and on matrix, some associated with minor hemimorphite and/or rosasite. Attractive specimens collected over forty years ago, sizes from about 3cm to nearly 7cm across @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each, depending on quality, many with micro potential.

AWARUITE w/ HEAZELWOODITE, PENTLANDITE - Poschiavo, Grisons, Switzerland
A small cube about 1.2cm across with a polished face, accompanied by five (5) SEM backscatter images, pinpointing nine (9) different minerals, the most interesting being the awaruite and heazelwoodite as inclusions in pentlandite. Full WDS chemistry for the three top species is also included with this elegantly documented sample, originally ex-Howard Minerals (Belsky), just one on hand @ 125.00.

BADDELEYITE with CORUNDUM- Bear Trap Claim, Gallatin Co., Montana
Small black masses to several millimeters of rounded and flattened baddeleyite scattered on and alongside larger greyish blue corundum crystals to several centimeters scattered in schist-like matrix. An interesting association from this old locality, overall sizes from 2cm to nearly 6cm @ 8.00, 15.00, 25.00 and 50.00 each. A few very large matrix samples available up to 15cm across @ 150.00 each with good coverage as above!

BARBERIITE- LaFossa Crater, Volcano, Aeolian Is Italy
Minute, glassy clear micro crystals and rounded globules of barberiite perched on and intergrown with milky salammoniac, white malladrite, cristobalite and an amorphous yellow/orange arsenic sulfide. Collected in a 350 degree Celsius pocket with environmental suits and full face gas masks by the late Terry Seward, this material is extraordinarily difficult to obtain. These pieces have subsequently been XRD-confirmed. Extremely rare, only a few specimens available, sizes from about 1cm @ 125.00.

BARIO-OLGITE- Palitra Pegmatite, Lovozero Massif, Russia
Another rarity from the Lovozero Massif, here from a pegmatite that was featured in an MR article. This rare phosphate occurs as tiny, pale greenish grains sparsely scattered in complex villiaumite/ussingite/vuonnemite matrix, and they have a strong pinkish orange FL response under SW-UV as well! Formula: Na(Ba,Sr,Na,REE)PO4, IMA #2003-002. Author's material, in complex matrix averaging 2cm to 2.5 cm @ 125.00, and 150.00. Only three available!

BARITE- SSX Mine, Jerritt Canyon, Elko Co., Nevada
From a relatively modern find, these are exceptional, sword-shaped barite crystals and groups on little or no matrix, ranging in color from water clear to pale yellow, many with an unknown greyish inclusion/coating that renders these samples almost metallic in appearance! All well formed specimens that are reasonably attractive, specimens from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ 10.00, 20.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each. Nice!

BORNITE with ANKERITE- Baltic Mine, Newton, Michigan
Rich iridescent metallic blue bornite scattered in matrix, associated with minor tan ankerite and some with dull green secondary copper minerals. Old material from the GF Lincks collection, of locality interest only, sizes from 2.5cm to 4.5cm @ 12.50 and 20.00 each.

BOYLEITE- Kropbach, Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany
This rather uninspiring sulfate occurs as dull white masses sparsely scattered on matrix. Despite being from the type locality, these are still rather ugly but quite old, typically about 1cm across @ 20.00 each. One larger speicmen, about 4x3cm @ 55.00. List alternates!.

CHLOROTHIONITE with KAINITE- Arsenatnaya fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
From the second scoria cone of the northern breakthrough of this prolific Kamchatka volcano, we have a few samples of pale blue-green crusts of chlorothionite, comprised of miroscopic prismatic needles. Associated with the samples are small white to yellowish nodular crusts of kainite, all covering a brownish, basaltic scoria matrix. An unusual K-Cu-sulfate-chloride mineral, overall sizes range from 2 cm to 3 cm @ 75.00 and 100.00 each, depending on size/coverage, some with modest micro potential as well..

CHOLOALITE w/ HESSITE- McAlpine Mine, Tuolumne Co., California
Minute, apple green masses very sparsely scattered on quartz matrix, associated with greyish, metallic hessite and possibly other species. X-ray confirmed material, matrix sizes from 2cm to 4cm @ 45.00, 65.00 and 95.00 each. Similar material also available from Tombstone, Arizona at similar prices.

CORUNDUM var: SAPPHIRE- 30km W of Phillipsburg, Granite Co., Montana
A "gem" of a find from an old collection, an assortment of various colors of sapphire (and a few rubies) from the Rock Creek Mining District alluvial deposits. The sapphires are remarkably transparent, and you can expect yellow, pale green, grey, red and possibly other colors in each mix, ranging from about 3mm to 5mm each. We have packaged ~50 carats (avg. 60 to 80 samples) in a classy, glass topped 3.5 cm Bates box, offered at just 25.00 per lot! Limit: 3 boxes per order, please.

CYRILOVITE- Monarch Iron Mine, Iron Knob, S.A., Australia
Earthy yellow-green micro crystals of cyrilovite encrust irregular botryoidal forms on a matrix of iron oxide ore, some perhaps being pseudomorphs after strengite as was reported from the locality many years ago. Specimens with modest micro potential, sizes 2cm to 5cm across @ 15.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

DIAMOND- Murfreesboro, Pike Co. Arkansas
From specimens collected by the locally famous James Archer at the Crater of Diamonds State Park, we have a small selection of these rare Arkansas diamonds obtained at auction, offered here as single crystals without matrix, typically from 1mm to 3mm in size, weighing from about 2 points to nearly 4 points, priced according to overall size and weight at 25.00 and 45.00 each.Tough to get legitimate specimens from this locality!
FLUORAPATITE- Otjua Mine, Karibib, Erongo Region, Namibia
An excellent TN comprised of a single, barrel-shaped hexagonal crystal about 2.3cm across, showing superb, transparent to translucent purple color and no matrix, with four hexagonal sharp faces, the other two missing from the base of the sample where detached. Ex-Martin Jensen Collection, #4022, acquired in 1998, an uncommon, high quality TN @ 295.00. (If this were from Maine, add at least one zero!) One only!

GALEITE- Hole LP, 107'depth, Searles Lake, California
This uncommon and obscure mineral occurs as very tiny, somewhat cloudy to colorless elongated aggregates without typical clay matrix, harvested by the late Forrest Cureton. Each specimen is in a 2.5cm glass vial, and you will definitely need 10x to easily spot the mineral. Only six remain @ 25.00 each Type locality, of course!

HEULANDITE-Ca- Cape Bloomidon, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada
Collected in 1966 by the late Steve and Janet Cares (caresite), the specimen displays the typical pearly luster of the heulandite group, here as slightly wedge-shaped crystals and aggregates lying flat on dark matrix, Generously sized at 11x6 cm, we offer this fine sample at just 45.00. Good provenance, but one only!

HUNTITE- Crestmore, Riverside Co., California
White masses of fine-grained huntite richly distributed in tan marble matrix, potentially associated with other, equally uninspiring white minerals so prolific at Crestmore. Older material acquired years ago, specimens from about 2.5cm to 13cm monsters @ 10.00, 17.50, 25.00, 40.00 and 75.00 each. Rich material from Nevada also on hand - inquire!

HYDROXYLAPATITE- Emmons Quarry, Greenwood, Oxford Co. Maine
Classic pegmatite matrix with numerous vugs and seams, some covered with dull yellowish to pale tan aggregates and crusts of hydroxylapatite. Our analytical confirmation comes with each rather ugly sample, but generously sized pegmatite matrix from 6x6cm to 11x8cm @ just 30.00 and 45.00 each. Old stuff, recently analyzed, only six specimens available.

KHINITE- Joe Shaft, Tombstone, Cochise Co., Arizona
Minute, pale glassy green crystalline aggregates on matrix, ex-author's material from Dr. Sidney WIlliams. Only a few small samples were collected, 1cm to 2cm @ 125.00 and 175.00 each. Only a coupleon hand!

NATROLITE- Chimney Rock Quarry, Bound Brook, New Jersey
From the famous find in the 1970s, we have acquired another large stash of these unique natrolite crystals, all without matrix, and many with tiny druses of heulandite scattered on the crystal faces. All are stout single crystals, typically in an approximate 6:1 length to width ratio and square cross-section. Selected specimens from a large lot, crystal sizes range from about 4cm to 8cm (!!) tall, offered @ just 8.00, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Old stuff! If you can use a large lot of various sizes, we can offer a lot price of 50 specimens for just 250.00!

OLEKMINSKITE in ANKERITE- Cerro Sapo, Cochabamba District, Bolivia
Strange material collected from a pre-Columbian, Inca sodalite mine, the olekminskite has been XRD confirmed and occurs as small white, somewhat fibrous masses sparsely scattered on pale greenish, vuggy ankerite, typically with minor blue sodalite, greyish barite, and occasionally other phases. Excellent locality material from one of the few reported world occurrence for the species, sizes from 2cm to 6cm across @ just 25.00, 50.00 and 85.00 each.

OLGITE- Mt. Kedykeverpakhk, Lovozero, Russia
From the 2001 find, these are small (1mm) white grains very sparsely scattered in pegmatitic matrix, all showing a surprising SW UV weak crimson fluorescence, the first reported fluorescence for the mineral. Found just about 1 kilometer from the type locality and a rare species, matrix specimens from about 2cm to 4.5cm @ 45.00, 65.00 and 95.00 each. Perhaps to be named as the Sr-member of an olgite series in the future.

ORLOVITE with TURKESTANITE- Dara-i-Pioz, Tien Shan, Tadjikistan
The rare species orlovite occurs as small masses (0.5mm) largely comprising these carefully prepared and polished matrix fragments, typically with minute inclusions of turkestanite and occasionally other minerals. Formula: Kli2TiSi4O11F - IMA# 2009-006. These are professionally prepared 2cm probe mounts with a detailed and labeled SEM backscatter image and X-ray spectra, only a few available, @ 295.00 each.

ORPIMENT on BARITE- Felsobanya (now Baia Sprie), Hungary/Romania
A very old specimen, accompanied by its original Krantz label (in Krantz's own handwriting according to his granddaughter) as well as two Michigan College of Mines labels, all circa late 1890s to 1927 vintage. The specimen is comprised of white, bladed barite aggregates densely intergrown, with a bright, yellowish coating of orpiment scattered about the surface. Uncommon for Felsiobanya material, acquired when the locality (now Romania) was in Hungary when first collected. Overall size about 7x4cm @ 75.00. One only!

ORTHOCLASE pseudo @ ???- nr. Asientos, Aguascalientes, Mexico
Unusual, white to pale pinkish sprays of opaque orthoclase lying flat in dark, iron-rich matrix, apparently pseudomorphing and completely replacing an unknown, radiaiting mineral.The region is better known for its silver and copper minerals, and this is a previously unreported occurrence. Specimens are modest 3 cm to 4.5 cm chunks, offered at just 10.00 and 15.00 each, with a copy of our analytical work provided with every specimen. Very strange stuff, and it takes a polish, too!

PYROMORPHITE- Nova Ves, Dolni Moravice, Czech Republic
This ancient locality was first mined prior to 1200 AD, producing much silver and eventually abandoned circa 1959. The pyromorphite from this locality occurs as tiny, pale green hexagonal barrels to 2mm perched on a limonitic matrix. Excellent micro material, we have a few TNs we acquired in the 1970s that average about 2cm across @ just 10.00 each. Limit: one per order, please.

QUARTZ cast w/ ANHYDRITE- Prospect Park, Passaic Co., New Jersey
A weird specimen comprised of a quartz "sandwich", one outer side ametystine, the other clear, forming a thin, elongated open pocket, lined on one inner surface with flattened anhydrite. The box-like opening projects through most of the specimen, and viewed from the front, the opening "smiles" at the viewer. Collected by the late Howrd E. Moore, he labeled it as a "Cast Box", and we would have to agree. A strange capture of an open seam, overall a flattened 10x6x1.5cm specimen, perhaps unique, @ 55.00. One only!

RIBBEITE- Komat Mine, Kalahari Mn Field, Namibia
This rare species occurs as pink masses and grains, here offered as individual, pure samples in capsules. Author's studied material from the type locality, this humite group phase is rarely available, specimen sizes from 1mm to 3mm @ 40.00, 65.00 and 80.00 each.

SCHROCKINGERITE- Thornburg Memorial Mine, Grand Co., Utah
This relatively obscure locality will soon be featured in a Mineral News article later this year. One of the more prolific uranium minerals found here is platy, pale yellow schrockongerite, lightly scattered over matrix and occasionally with other species as well. Moderately hot, these also display a good fluorescent response (strong yellow-green) under both SW and LW UV. Specimens range from about 5cm to 10 cm across, priced according to size, coverage and associations @ 30.00, 50.00, 95.00 and 150.00, with a few higher - please inquire.

SILLIMANITE- Jones Laughline Mine, Benson, St.Lawrence Co., New York
An old specimen comprised of a granular, white quartz matrix infused with tiny black octahedrons and masses of magnetite, sporting a crude, radiating, flattened spray about 6cm across of greyish to tan sillimanite rods. Consolidated into Benson Mines, this locality was once the largest open pit iron mine in the world. The sample was once mounted on styrofoam (circa 1950-1960), and residual styro covers one edge of the specimen. Overall size is 8x7x3 cm @ just 40.00. One only, with small label, likely ex-G.F. Lincks.

SMITHSONITE etc.- Apex Mine, St. George, Washington Co Utah
Rather odd, pale pinkish, rather modest smithsonite masses scattered in/on matrix, some with pale bluish, fibrous aurichalcite, sparse malachite etc. The pink smithsonite is typically micro botryoidal in habit, not widely scattered, and from a classic U.S. locality for a variety of interesting minerals (most notably the gossen encrusted azurites). Collected in the 1960s by the late Ted Morley (Piedmont Minerals). Very modestly priced from 3cm to 7cm @ 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each. A few larger to 20cm (!!) across @ 85.00!

SOBOLEVITE- Karnasurt Mine, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
This unusual find shows brown, tabular grains to 1cm or more embedded in a nepheline-microcline-sodalite rock matrix, occasionally with eudialyte, lomonsovite, aegirine etc. Prior to this fine, the largest sobolevite grains never exceed 5 mm, typically much smaller. These hyperalkaline (hypersodic) specimens range from about 3 cm to nearly 5cm acros @ 125.00 and 150.00 each. Choice! (And not to be confused with the mineral sobolevskite!)

TILASITE- Langban, Varmland, Sweden
This interesting arsenate mineral occurs here in a number of different parageneses, these being the more typical clear to pale pinkish granular masses scattered in a calcite/dolomite/hausmanite matrix, showing good fluorescence due to the carbonates present. Type locality reference material, specimens from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 10.00, 20.00 and 40.00 each. ALSO: One rare Monte Cervandone (Italy) specimen about 11x6cm @ 85.00.

TOURMALINE var: RUBELLITE- Minas Gerais, Brazil
Mine run chunks of pink tourmaline lightly scattered in bright, white massive albite comprising matrix. Not gemmy, but still colorful stuff from an undisclosed locality in this pegmatite-rich Brazilian state. Detailed analytical work was not undertaken, as tourmaline nomenclature is slowly approaching that of the amphiboles, needing multiple analytical techniques! Hefty, inexpensive samples from 5cm to 8cm across at just 20.00 and 35.00 each.

TRASKITE- Esquire #1 Claim, Rush Creek, Fresno Co., California
Minute reddish brown grains of traskite, sparsely scattered in sanbornite and quartz matrix, occasionally with other species. Stock collected by Bob Walstrom, type locality material, specimens from about 2.5cm to nearly 6cm across @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each. Surprisingly rare, with only one locality outside of California.

URANINITE var: PITCHBLENDE- White Canyon,San Juan Co., Utah
A hot specimen comprised of black, massive uraninite covering most of the surface of a solid, rock matrix. There are numerous uranium mines in the district, and sadly, we don't know the specific mine from which this burner came. Overall size is about 7x5 cm @ a very reasonably 185.00. One only.

VILLIAUMITE (Gemmy!)- Koashva Open Pit, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
This relatively recent discovery of gem-quality villiaumite was made last year, yielding superb, dark pinkish-red cleavages of the mineral, rarely found as transparent to translucent masses like these! Held up to the light, these show excellent color and clarity, suitable for rare faceting material if desired. These range from about 2.5cm to 3cm on edge, weighing from about 25g and up, priced at just 125.00, 150.00 and 200.00 each. Beautiful when back-lit!

WULFENITE with MIMETITE- Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, DUrango, Mexico
A superb TN, ex-Martin Jensen Collection #6692, originally from the Sally McQueen Collection, collected prior to 1964. The major wulfenite crystal of the group is perfect, bright yellow with no damage and flat/stacked, completely transparent, with minor mimetite scattered at one corner ofthe matrix. Excellent in all respects, overall about 2.3 cm tall @ 225.00. One only!


Another selection of interesting titles from a large library de-acquisition, typically only one of each available:

Annual New Mexico Mineral Symposium Programs
These are spiral bound booklets ranging from about 25 pages to 34 pages each, covering the years from 2003 through 2017. Each issue provides the symposium schedule over its three days, as well as a prepared synopsis of al the major lectures presented that year, including maps and images where provided. Some issues include a full list of attendees and their contact information as a separate handout. We offer a selection of four (4) different years of our choice, all for just $25.00 for the lot of four different! Limited availability.

Mineralogical Almanac
Full color editions of several of these excellent magazines, published in English in superb condition:

Mineral Collections of Russia, Parts I and II, Vol. 2 and 3 - out of print: $75.00 for the set.
Dalnegorsk- Vol.4 - out of print - $35.00
Murzinka- Vol. 5 - out of print - $35.00

Minerals of Colorado- by Edwin B. Eckel - Revised 1997
Magnificent, 665 page hardcover book describing in great detail the distribution of minerals in Colorado. Perfect condition with dust jacket, as new, with numerous color photos throughout. Priced as high as $1500 on line, our last copy is offered at the original cover price of just150.00 plus shipping.

REVIEWS in MINERALOGY- 40 different volumes!
Published by the Mineralogical Society of America, these volumes average about 400 pages each and are topical in nature, each dealing with a single subject (sulfides, micas, fluid inclusions etc.). First published as Short Course Notes and later as Reviews in Mineralogy, each volume (soft cover and about 8" x 5"), receives in-depth discussion, analyses and more by experts in each filed. These range from 30.00 to 65.00 each from MSA, but We have a SUPER OFFER of FORTY (40) DIFFERENT volumes at just $400 plus shipping for the lot (about 4 linear feet of shelf space). Only one lot available, first-come, first served for this massive discounted offer! Inquire re: shipping cost to your location.


AMETHYST- Mpumalanga, Rep So. Africa
Excellent, deep purple-hued amethyst from a South African gem dealer, here offered as a trio of faceted stones in a 3cm round, transparent gem box. Each set includes a 5mm round, skirted on each side by a 5x3mm oval. The color is intense, and each boxed set of three (3) stones is only 16.00! Limit two sets per order, please!


All clean, faceted stones of unusual minerals with carat weight and country of origin acquired last year!
Apatite 0.76 Africa electric blue oval $ 90.00
Axinite 1.5 Pakistan greenish brown teardrop $ 75.00
Grossularite 0.59 Sri Lanka apple green oval $ 59.00
Idocrase-vesuvianite 1.21 Pakistan olive green oval $ 42.00
Sunstone-Anorthite 1.35 Oregon clear triangle $ 55.00


CATALOG 22402 - Volume 51, No. 2
Our 51st. Year

ADAMITE- Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Assorted coverage of crystalline adamite samples from the famous Ojuela Mine are brightly fluorescent, and this lot has been hand-picked for that property alone, regardless of crystal size or coverage. Expect bright green (SW and lesser LW) response on all specimens, priced based on size and crystal coverage, matrix sizes ranging from 5cm to excellent 10 cm specimens @ 40.00, 65.00 and 100.00 each. Old stuff!!

BERYL- Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut
A monster beryl crystal that stands 10 cm tall and 8 cm in diameter! The sample is opaque, pale greenish to white, with very sharp hexagonal prism faces on all six sides, The top of he crystal was obviously broken off, leaving a shard about 3 cm tall above the 10 cm prism. The bottom of the crystal appears to have been trimmed with a diamond saw, allowing this 3+ pound crystal to stand upright. Sadly, teh specific quarry is not recorded, but it was someone's collection No. 13 with just "Middletown, CT" noted on an adhered label. Perhaps the largest Connecticut beryl we have ever seen, with a few mica plates protruding from opposite prism faces. A giant, offered at 200.00. One only!

BRAITSCHITE-(Ce)- Cane Creek Mine, nr. Moab, Grand Co. Utah
At the time of its discovery, this was the first REE-borate mineral ever described from a marine evaporate deposit. It's publication in American Mineralogist (AM 53, 1018) makes for fascinating reading of a new mineral description in time before Raman and other tools were commonplace. Braitschite-(Ce) occurs as minute, pink crystalline grains to 70 microns scattered through greyish anhydrite mudstone rock, or as minute inclusions in a brownish, hematite-rich halite vein that crossed the dull anhydrite. These samples are ex-Cureton, via the U.S. National Museum and Cal Tech. The species is microscopic in size, and matrix samples in either the anhydrite or halite sequences are from 1cm to 3cm @ 45.00, 75.00, and 125.00 each. Type locality material, of course!

CALCITE- nr Black Rock Desert, Humboldt Co., Nevada
Excellent, well-formed and sharp, frosty white scalenohedral calcite crystals without matrix that are singly terminated, most showing a bluish-white SW UV fluorescence AND phosphorescence, plus a pale yellowish response to LW UV! The larger crystals show the better UV responses, crystal sizes from about 2.5cm to 6cm long @ only 12.50, 20.00 and 35.00 each. Neat!

CUPROSKLODOWSKITE, URANOPHANE etc- Musonoi Mine, Kolwezi, Lualaba Prov. DR Co
This extraordinarily large and hot specimen shows modest, pale green needles and felted masses of cuprosklodowskite perched in a major 5x5 cm vug that is rimmed by dark green, micro malachite crystals, with attractive sprays of bright yellow, tiny needles of uranophane scattered about the monster specimen. A wide range of other species could be present here. Most curiously, there are chocolate brown, flattened sprays of an unknown mineral to several centimeters that we have analyzed without satisfactory result, as there are no iron-rich uranium silicate species known beyond several Bulgarian reports. We suspect these may be hematite impregnations or partial pseudomorphs after broad uranophane crystals..perhaps! Our analysis is included with the specimen which weighs an impressive 6+ pounds and measures a healthy 16 x 12 x 10 cm @ 1250.00. A really big box will be needed to ship this one - very hot, one only, and you could take a hammer to it to make hundreds of micros....!

FERRI-KATAPHORITE in FENITE- Mt. Karavai, Vishnevye Gory, Urals, Russia
This unusual amphibole occurs here as black, crudely prismatic crystalline masses scattered in a microcline-rich fenite matrix. Confirmed by Russian scientists as early as 2016 from this mineral-rich but obscure locality in the Chelyabinsk Oblast in the southern Urals, we have just a few TNs on hand @ 45.00 each.

GAZEEVITE w/ YE'ELIMITE etc.- Negev Desert, W Slope of Har Parsa, Israel
Confirmed at this CO-TYPE locality by the same authors who described it from Palestine, the mineral occurs here in a similar assemblage to the type locality, and it is similarly well-documented with a pair of color images and two SEM images as well, also with a range of identified and pinpointed associations such as ye'elimite, larnite etc. Formula: BaCa6(SiO4)2(SO4)2O - trigonal, IMA # 2015-037. Each 2cm analyzed sample is epoxy mounted and polished and offered at just 325.00 each. Only two available!

GOLD (Superb xls!)- Colorado Quartz Mine, Mariposa Co., California
A remarkable specimen comprised of three hoppered, octahedral gold crystals beautifully intergrown into a single group about 1.2 cm tall. Rich, buttery metallic hue and luster, the habit is reminiscent of Goldschmidt's illustrations Nos. 63 and 65. A superb gold specimen, pictured on our website in Photo Gallery, offered here in a black, felt-lined 3.5 cm plastic box @ 4750.00. One only!

HARKERITE- Kilbride, nr. Broadford, S. Skye, Scotland
This uncommon mineral occurs here as white masses of altered material intimately associated with calcite richly comprising matrix, some with crude octahedral outlines barely evident under magnification. Type locality material, only a few samples available, sizes ranging from about 1m to 2.5across @ 30.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each.

For micromounters, sand collectors and the curious, we stumbled upon a small E.W. Heinrich-labeled jar containing heavy mineral concentrates from the dregde jigs at Cascade, Idaho. In his classic book (Mineralogy and Geology of Radioactive Raw Materials -1958), Heinrich notes that the placers at Cascade contain monazite, zircon (FL orange), garnet, ilmenite (most prolific), magnetite, apatite, columbite-tantalite and other species. We've packaged about 40 grams of this granular concentrate into a 5.5x4cm clear display case, including a copy of Heinrich's label, for just 20.00 per case. Historically and mineralogically interesting and sure to provide fun under the scope!

ILSEMANNITE- Lucky Mc Mine, Fremont Co., Wyoming
Greenish blue, dull ilsemanite richly comprising granular matix, typical for this secondary molybdate. The material was collected from this old uranium mine by E.W. Heinrich many years ago and is offered as powdery aggregates and fragments in a 2.5cm glass vial @ 20.00, or as matrix specimens ranging from 2cm to 3.5 cm @ 30.00 and 45.00 each.

MILLERITE- Abendrothe Mine, St. Andreasberg, Germany
Metallic, dull brassy needle-like micro crystals of millerite scattered across the central portion of an oblong rock matrix. Fine micro potential on this miniature from a great, older locality! This is a numbered specimen accompanied by a J. Cilen label, a Ward's Natural Science label and a W. F. Ingram collection label. Overall size is 5x3 cm @ 75.00.

MIMETITE with GALENA etc.- Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Oshikito Reg., Namibia
Excellent, pale yellow micro crystals of mimetite are richly scattered over a matrix of altered galena and likely other sulfides. The crystals are highly lustrous and many perfectly formed prisms under teh scope, typicallly associated with micro calcites or other species. Attractive, old-time sample measures about 7 x 5 cm @ 165.00, with great micro potential as well. Attractive, one only.

MOLYBDOMENITE w/ MUNAKATAITE etc- Mt. 1004, Tolbachik Volcano, Kam. Russia
These rare minerals occur as pale blue, tiny microscopic fibers of munakataite with bright yellow, glassy molybdomenite micro crystals on black tenorite/scoria matrix. A few of the molydedomenite-dominant (only) samples may have micro linarite as well. A relatively new locality for the munakataite. From the Western paleo-fumerole field, matrix sizes average about 2.5cm @ 125.00 each, most with good micro potential as well.

NEOTOCITE w/ AZURITE etc.- Morenci, Greenlee Co., Arizona
Tiny micro bursts of azurite are lightly scattered on skeletal limonitic matrix, all showing black neotocite, likely admixed nontronite and other ugly masses. Two EDS spectra are supplied to show the compositional variation of the matrix and associations, the azurite strictly micro material. Specimens range from 3 cm to 10 cm @ just 10.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

PARAMOLYBDOMENITE (2023-025)- Mt. 1004, Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
This new species occurs as micro, bright yellow prismatic to tabular crystals on altered basalt scoria matrix. Revealed at 20x under the 'scope, the mineral formula is PbSeO3, monoclinic, IMA # 2023-025. Type locality material from the Western paleofumerole field, a dimorph of molybdomenite. Extracted from the the only known specimen, author's material, overall size averages about 1 mm mounted on 1 cm disc @ 175.00. see our image on; only a very few available!

PARAPIERROTITE- Lookout Pass, Tooele Co., Utah
Micro greyish black, semi-metallic and somewhat platy aggregates of this unusual species sparsely scattered in tough, jasperoid matrix. The actual locality is about 4 miles south of Lookout Pass. An interesting thallium mineral, accompanied by a copy of our confirming EDS spectra, matrix sizes from 2.5cm to 7cm @ 20.00, 45.00 and 75.00 each.

PEROVSKITE etc.- Iron Hill, Gunnison Co., Colorado
From the collection of an ore microscopist, we have several 3cm leucite mounts containing a solid black polished mass of perovskite ore. The literature indicates that this material came from the pyroxenite unit of the deposit, believed to host the largest titanium reserves in the U.S.. Significant REE content (predominantly Nb) has also been documented, and these polished mounts in leucite "plugs" are available at just 30.00 each.

PERRAULTITE- Dimitrievskii Q., Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine
Minute, platy orange-brown crystalline aggregates of this uncommon mineral scattered in white albite matrix. From one of the few (only 5!) known localities for this relatively rare species in the Azov Sea Region, chemically analyzed and X-rayed material. Minute powdery fragments and masses in glass vial @ 45.00; matrix specimens (all with arrows) from 1.5cm to 2.5cm @ 55.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each.

PHILIPSBURGITE- Murzinskoe Gold Deposit, Altai Krai, Russia
An interesting habit for this copper-zinc mineral, here as radiating balls comprised of densely intergrown, small platy crystals and aggregates of a dark green hue. The philipsburgite is perched in and on an altered garnet (andradite) skarn, typically with pale blue chrysocolla crusts, occasional malachite, quartz etc. Very few confirmed pecimens available, matrix sizes rnge from 3 cm to 4cm, excellent coverage with micro potential @ 125.00 each. New for the locality; see our image on

POLYLITHIONITE- Varutrask, Skelleftea, Vasterbotten, Sweden
Rich, nearly pure masses of tightly packed flakey polylithionite, one of several lithium dominant micas, largely comprising matrix. These attractive specimens of pale violet polylithionite (formerly considered lepidolite-1M) are quite representative for the species, having more color than other better known occurrences, with historical analytical data noting about 4.35 wt% Li2O, with surprisingly high 4.6 wt% rubdium/cesium as well! In 3cm to 6cm specimens @ 20.00, 30.00, and 45.00 each.

PUNINITE (IMA 2015-012)- Glavnaya Tenorotovaya fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
This rare, one-locality mineral was approved nearly 10 years ago from this Kamchatka volcano, but little has has come to market before now. We have a small lot of green aggregates of puninite, here as tiny groups averaging 1mm across mounted on adhesive disks. Formula: Na2Cu2O(SO4)3, monoclinic, IMA # 2015-012. A member of the euchlorine group, from the type (and only!) locality @ 85.00 each. See our image in

PYRARGYRITE with "ANDORITE" etc- Patriot Mine, nr. Austin, Lander Co, Nevada
Another lot from an ore microscopist's collection, we have several 3 cm polished leucite mounts containing one or more ore sections identified as containing pyrargyrite (deep-red to grey), "andorite" (which has now been split into the dimorphs senandorite and quatrandorite by the IMA), as well as a tetrahedrite group mineral as a constituent of the ore samples. The locality lies NW of Austin, and although the Reese River District area has been reasonably well documented, but the Patriot Mine is fairly obscure; the presence of "andorite" and "tetrahedrite" have not been previuously reported from the mine but known from elsewhere in teh Austin area. Only a few mounts available @ 55.00 each, perhaps unique for the locality.

QUARTZ variety AMETHYST- Rio Grande du Sol, Brazil
From the amethyst capital of the world, the many mines in this area produce an untold number of specimens and geodes each year, typically with minor celadonite on the outer surface of the basalt matrix. From a 500 lb barrel in our warehouse, we have many flats of amethyst specimens, typically 5cm to 10cm across is varying shades of purple crystals, inexpensively offered at just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each, all on relatively flat basalt matrix, priced according to size and crystal coloration. Nice for the price!

ROUAITE on CUPRITE- Tenke Mine, Lualaba, DR Congo
This rare anhydrous copper nitrate species occurs here as minute, delicate bluish-green, platy crystalline aggregates scattered in/on deep red cuprite matrix, occasionally with malachite evident as well. Moderately attractive under the microscope from the Tenke-Fungurume area,these are larger matrix samples than previously available, with dense cuprite comprising most of the samples with micro areas of rouaite (all with arrows) and potentially other species. Sizes from about 3cm to 6cm across @ just 40.00, 65.00 and 95.00 each.

SCHORL in MUSCOVITE- Hugo Mine, Pennington Co., South Dakota
Old material collected over 40 years ago, comprised here of relatively flat plates of muscovite showing teh occasional flattened tournmaline crystal section froxen therein. Likely ordinary schorl, but a few have a slightly bluish aura, suggesting perhaps elbaite or fluor-elbaite as a potential species as well. Specimens range from about 4cm to 8cm across @ just 15.00, 30.00 and 50.00 each.

TRILITHIONITE- Al Hayat Claim, Bikita, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Attractive material acquired in 1959 by Herbert Werner's mineral shop in Rialto, California, sold to me a few years ago by the late Bob Werner, his son. When first acquired, the locality was still in the country of Southern Rhodesia, later to become Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe. Labeled as "lepidolite" (no longer a valid species), we conducted an EDS analysis (copy supplied with order) to determine the Al:Si ratios to better pinpoint the material as either polylithionite or trilithionite, the latter winning the the crown. A wonderful lavemder hue, the larger specimens show excellent "ball peen" habit on the tops of columnar masses, and the material will soon be featured in a Mineral News article. Solid, exceptionally rich specimens, sizes from about 3cm to 8cm across @ 20.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each. Fine!

XENOTIME-(Y)- Kasseti, Kivu Province, (Zaire) Dem Rep of Congo
Small crude single crystals of brownish xenotime-(Y) showing good tetragonal form, all matrix free and from an an older mining venture by Sominki Mining prior to the dissolution of Zaire into its current Democratic Republic of the Congo. Specimens range from 4mm to 7mm tall @ 25.00 and 35.00 each.

ZARATITE on CHROMITE- Wood's Mine, Texas. Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
A small lot of old material comprised of rich green zaratite coating an exposed surface of massive chromite matrix. Reasonably colorful and from a classic eastern U.S. locality, specimens from about 3cm to 4cm @ just 15.00 and 25.00, depending on coverage. Limit one per order, please!


Lithographie Back Issues - We have a handful of back issues of the English versions of the Extra Lapis monographs produced by Lithographie, LLC from 2008 through 2013. All are new, softcover publications with superb color photography of specimens and localities, offered here well below publisher's cover price and current back issue prices. These average about 100 pages long, in large format and full color! FOB our warehouse:

Title Price
Garnet - Great Balls of Fire $ 28.00
Bolivia - The Height of Mineral Collecting $ 30.00
Smithsonite - Think Zinc! $ 25.00
Topaz - Perfect Cleavage $ 30.00
The San Juan Triangle of Colorado - Mountains of Minerals $ 28.00
Amethyst - Uncommon Vintage $ 30.00
Apatite - The Great Pretender $ 30.00

The Goldfields and Mineral Districts of Victoria

This is a hardcover reprint of the 1869 magnum opus by R. Brough Smyth, complete with dust jacket in mint condition. Perhaps the most ambitious and comprehensive work dedicated to an individual industry in Australia, this monster book contains 644 pages, multiple appendices, fold out maps and diagrams and full index as well. Heavy, large format, one only @ 65.00, FOB our warehouse.

Handbook of Chemical Microscopy - Volumes 1 & 2 - Complete

A classic work by E. M . Chamot and C. W. Mason (1930) in which Volume 1 deals with the principles and use of the microscope (polarizing and others) in chemistry, and Volume 2 focuses on chemical methods and inorganic quantitative analysis. Very "old school" and very useful for wet chemistry analytical methods, element detection, separations etc. You can find a full set like this on line for about $400+, and occasionally partial sets for much less, and this handsomely bound hardcover set is lightly used, has a bookplate, and is just 75.00, complete, FOB our warehouse.


CATALOG 22401 - Volume 51, No. 1
Our 51st. Year

ALABANDITE- Geo. Nolan Peg., Bikita, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Unusual specimens featured in the November, 2023 issue of Mineral News recites a story of how these three specimens might have come to be in Dr. E. W. Heinrich's collection, inaccurately labeled as the more prolific tantalite from this obscure (to me) pegmatite, the type locality for bikitaite, discovered by George Nolan. The locality was formerly known as Rhodesia, and the specimens are dark greyish black, quite dense, and show crude crystal faces, all without matrix. Each sample will include a copy of the Mineral News issue which contains the analytical data, as well as a copy of Heinrich's incorrect label. Specimens range from 3 cm to 3.5 cm @ 65.00 each; list alternates! (Note - a first-hand follow up note on the material and how Heinrich acquired it will appear in the January, 2024 issue of the same publication.)

ANHYDRITE with ANKERITE- Simplon Tunnel, Canton Valais, Switzerland
A pair of astounding TNs, both collected in the 1898-1905 period, about 9.5 km from the North portal of this classic locality. The anhydrite crystals are somewhat flattened, gemmy pale purple color, and nicely terminated. These sharp TN crystals are associated with trace quartz and minor, white ankerite crystals as well, both obtained about 25 years ago from Swiss Museums by Martin Jensen, the specimens from his private collection. No. MJ 4802 measures 1.8 x 1.2 cm @ 1500.00, and No. MJ 3917 measures 2.4 x 2.0 cm @ 2500.00. Absolutely the best!

BAIAMAREITE (IMA # 2023-044)- Sasar Mine, nr. Baia Mare, Romania
This new species occurs as thin, metallic needle-like aggregates, offered here as tiny slivers without matrix. Formula: Ag4Pb12Fe4Sb20S48, monoclinic, IMA # 2023-044, type locality and author's material as well. the Fe-analogue of uchucchacuaite. Tiny needle in capped vial @ 65.00 each.

CALCITE- O'Neal Quarry, Plymouth, Hancock Co, Illinois
Acquired about 15 years ago, these unusual calcites shown weird flattened rhombohedra, presenting as disc-shaped transparent crystals on pale liemstone matrix.`These and several others were featured in MinRec (Vol. 36 No. 5). Fairly attractive and well-documented specimens from this realtively small but significant occurrence, specimen sizes range from about 3cm to 5cm @ 10.00, 20.00 and one @ 35.00, all depending on quality, not size.

COLUMBITE-(Fe) aka NIOBITE- Tsaratanana Dist., Betsiboka, Madagascar
Many years ago, we frequently exchanged speciemns with Dr. Sainfeld (sainfeldite) at the French School of Mines in Paris. We recently uncovered an old parcel of specimens, identified in Sainfeld's hand as "Niobite". Curiosity finally boiled over, and we analyzed the samples, noting that they are columbite-(Fe), here in black, stout crude crystals averaging about 5 cm in length and without matrix. A copy of our analytical work accompanies each surprisingly heavy sample @ 125.00 each, as does a Sainfeld handwritten label. Only a few; list alternates!

COUTINHOITE- Urucum Mine, Galilela, M.G., Brazil
This relatively new species occurs as minute, pale yellow aggregates, here with little or no matrix.IMA-approved, formula: Th0.5(UO2)2Si5O13*3H2O, orthorhombic, IMA # 2003-025! Co-type material, only a few tiny pure grains available, supplied in a capsule @ 95.00 each.

EDGARBAILEYITE (TL)- Clear Creek Mine, San Benito Co., California
This rare mineral occurs here as minute, dull green masses very sparsely scattered on chert/quartz matrix, typically with red cinnabar masses and occasionally with native mercury and possibly other mercury minerals. Most of these were from Gene Foord's collection, and his notes indicate they were collected April 18, 1989, by Richard Erd, one of the authors. Forrest Cureton and others collected similar material that resides in our inventory. Lean TN samples averaging about 2cm to 3cm @ 25.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each, plus a couple larger specimens from 3cm to 5 cm @ 150.00 to 350.00 each! Sadly, they are still ugly if lipstick is added.

GREIGITE with COPIAPITE- Pereta Mine, Scansano, Tuscany, Italy
Small masses of brassy greigite scattered in matrix, typically associated with yellow copiapite and likely other sulfates from this prolific mine, the type locality for both peretaite and coquandite. Specimens are ex-Cureton, obtained by him about 30 years ago, we have a few specimens ranging from 4 cm to 7 cm, priced according to quality, @ 45,00, 65.00 and 90.00 ea.

HEMATITE "Iron Rose"- Pizzo Luccendro, Tessin, Switzerland
Superb examples of the classic "iron rose" formation, here from an excellent locality. A matrix-free, highly lustrous group of flattned crystals forming a handsome rosette about 3 cm x 2.5 cm with a delicate dusting of olive green chlorite at its center, exceptional, @ 425.00, or one other smaller but thicker rosette about 2 cm across and 1.5 cm thick, perched on transparent to translucent adularia orthoclase, also with a a light overcoat of chlorite, overall size about 5x3 cm @ 375.00 Only one of each!

HYDROXYLHERDERITE- Linopolis, Divino da Laranjeiras, MG Brazil
Single crystals and small intergrown groups of disk-shaped, flattened hydroxylherderite crystals from 1.2 cm to 2.3 cm across with minor matrix, most showing a buff to light brown color with good luster. We have a small lot of good TN (and up) samples at the ridiculously low prices of just 15.00 for the small singles, and 35.00 for the larger crystals and matrix samples to 3.5 cm!

IMAYOSHIITE w/ ROWEITE, etc.- Shijiangshan Mine, Inner Mongolia, PR China
This rare species occurs as micro, white pearly to fuzzy aggregates on matrix, associated with elongated crystals of brownish roweite and clear groups of olshansyite crystals. Trace, yellowish green hydrogarnet (andradite) is also present. The specimen has been Raman confirmed, and a copy of the spectra accompanies the specimen. Overall size is 2 cm across, a great TN with good mirco potential as well @ 425.00. List alternates!

LIMONITE pseudo @ PYRITE- Marion Co., Kentucky
From a small box of old Ward's material, these are typical limonitic pseudos after pyrite, all matrix-free and crystal forms ranging from pyritohedrons and cubes to weirdly elongated rectangular crystals. The locality is old and obscure, and we offer three different cystals, averaging 1cm to 1.5cm each @ just 12.50 per lot of three.

LIMONITE pseudo @ SIDERITE- 9 Mine, Thackeringa, N.S.W., Australia
Rusty yellow-brown slabs of solid, 2cm thickness are covered on one side with limonitic goethite pseudos after siderite. These take the form of interlocking wafers standing on end in moderate relief. Interesting material, sizes from 2.5cm to 7cm @ just 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

LIVEINGITE- Lengenbach, Binnental, Valais, Switzerland
One of the more unusual lead sulfosalt minerals from this locality, liveingite occurs as gray foliated aggregates and occasional striated prismatic crystals in sugary dolomite matrix, associated with pyrite and possibly other sulfosalts. Older material out of the Bern Museum, matrix sizes from 3cm to 6cm @ 45.00, 75.00, and 100.00.

MAGNESITE var; Bruennerite- Carmen Creek Mining Dist., Lemhi Co. Idaho
An old John Albanese specimen, likely mid-1950s based on his label address, comprised of numerous, small tan-brown globules of iron-rich magnesite scattered on one surface of a 9x6 cm rock matrix. Albanese's label notes "Carmens" as the locality, referring either to the Carmen mine, or to the Carmen Creek District, where a dozen or so mines are noted in Mindat in this Lemhi County area. Previously unreported from here, an interesting older specimen @ 55.00. One only.

MAGNETITE- Bahia, Brazil
Small, sharp octahedral crystals of matrix-free magnetite, sizes ranging from about 4 mm to 7 mm, packaged as small lots of 10 lustrous crystals at just 25.00 per lot. Cats love to play with them! Limited supply on hand!

MANJIROITE- Prompter Mine, nr Tombstone, Cochise Arizona
This sodium member of the cryptomelane group occurs as dark brownish black fibrous to crystalline masses, comprising much of each specimen, and occasionally admixed with other minerals or imbedded in massive crystalline limestone. These are typical, representative specimens, in sizes from 2cm to 8cm @ 12.50, 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

NEKOITE- Crestmore, Riverside Co., California
This relatively uncommon mineral occurs here as greyish white to snow-white finely fibrous to compact masses scattered on matrix, occasionally with other species. Type locality material, specimens with rich coverage ranging from 2.5cm to 7cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

PSEUDOMALACHITE- West Bogan Mine, nr Tottenham, NSW, Australia
Deep green botryoidal masses of confirmed pseudomalachite richly scattered on and comprising matrix. Described in Australian Mineralogist in 1978, these are quite nice for the species, but only a few left from this old and interesting find. Sizes from 2cm to 4cm @ just 15.00 and 30.00 each. Moderately attractive material!

PSEUDOMALACHITE on CHRYSOCOLLA- Mt. Glorius Mine, Cloncurry, Qnsld, Australia
Excellent, very dark green to nearly black pods and rounded crystal structures of pseudomalachite scattered over pale blue chrysocolla and quartz matrix, these from the late 1990s find. Unusual due to their isolated and free-standing habit, these are reasonably attractive as well for an unusual mineral, some with micro potential as well. Matrix sizes from 1cm to 5cm across @ 10.00. 20.00. 35.00 and 50.00 each, depending on quality and size.

QUARTZ pseudo @ GYPSUM- Crawford Dam, Crawford, Dawes Co., Nebraska
Considered a mineralogically-challenged state, Nebraska has produced few collectible specimens over the years, but these chalcedony pseudomorphs have been known for at least the last 50 years. Small but interesting specimens of opaque, beige to white chalcedony replacing disks of gypsum. Sizes average 2.5cm @ 15.00 each. Look - a pseudomrph from Nebraska!

QUARTZ with CHLORITE- Furka Pass, Canton Uri, Switzerland
A delightful quartz specimen comprised of several intergrown crystals, highlighted by a pair of 6.5 cm doubly terminated crytals and another half-dozen smaller intergrown ones forming the group. All have scant, micro green inclusions of typical chlorite throughout, but the quartz is still quite transparent. The group is detached at the bottom, and this great locality piece measures about 10 x 6x 5 cm and is offered at a very competitive price of just 395.00. One only, of course.

REALGAR etc.- Felsobanya (Baia Sprie), Maramures, Romania
An old specimen, acquired from the Natural History Museum in Vienna in 1986, and signed by the late Dr. G. Niedermayr (niedermayrite), curator at the time, and accompanied by the Museum's stamped label. The specimen shows bright red crystalline aggregates of crystalline realgar on a heavy matrix comprised of stibnite and several unidentified sulfides in rock, with small amounts of quartz, pararealgar and other minerals present. Perhaps not as aesthetic as other, more modern localities, but excellent provenance accompanies this historical locality piece that was mined for more than 600 years, size about 7x5 cm @ 200.00, with aforementioned label. One only!

RUIFRANCOITE- Proberil (Sapucaia) Mine, Galileia, Brazil
This rare species, an Fe3+ dominant member of the roscherite group, occurs here as minute, thick needles or laths forming redish brown botryoids scattered on platy white albite, occasionally with meurigite, cyrilovite and possibly other phases. Formula: Ca2[]2(Fe3+,Mn,Mg)4Be4(PO4)6(OH)4*6H2O, monoclinic, IMA #2005-061. A few specimens available from small TNs @ 75.00 each or larger matrix specimens to to 4cm, @ 200.00 and 300.00 each.

RUSAKOVITE- Balasauskandyk, Karatau, Kazakhstan
Recently uncovered: a few small matrix specimens of this rare species from the type locality, here occurring as yellow powdery masses well scattered on black shaley matrix. A strange vanadate-phosphate, specimens range from 4mm @ 55.00 each to 1.5 cm @ 100.00. All with Russian labels. List alternates!

SAFFLORITE with MAGNETITE- Olafsen Farm, Huffs Church, Berks Co., Pennsylvania
From material collected about 50 years ago, we have a few specimens of silvery metallic safflorite sparsely scattered in black, magnetite-rich matrix, here typically in thin seams in layered rock matrix. Interesting for the locality, Olafsen's Farm was generally called "Olafsen's Iron Mine". Specimens from about 2cm to 5cm across at 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

SARDASHTITE (IMA #2022-140)- Barika Dep., Sardasht, W. Azerbaijan Iran
This new sulfosalt species occurs as tiny, greyish metallic aggregates, here without matrix, individually packaaged in a small, capped vial, specimens typically about 1 mm across. Formula: Ag9Cu2.5Pb41Sb36.5As7S112 - monoclinic, IMA # 2022-140. Type locality and author's material, of course, @ 75.00 each. Limited availability!

SELSURTITE (IMA # 2022-026)- Mt. Selsurt, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
This new species is from the type locality at Mt. Flora, the northern spur of Mt. Selsurt. The mineral occurs as sharp rhombohedral crystals with minor hexagonal prisms, here as reddish-brown separate crystals. Formula: (H3O)12Na3(Mn2Ca3)(Na2Fe)Zr3[]Si[Si24O69(OH)3](OH0Cl*H2O, trigonal, IMA # 2022-026. A new eudialyte group mineral, named for the discovery locality. Author's material; sizes average about 1 cm @ 150.00 each.

SLAWSONITE- Sarusaka, Kagami Village, Kohchi, Japan
This uncommon strontium-rich feldspar occurs here as greyish white masses in seams and thin coverings over matrix, almost pearly in luster. Originally obtained from Dr. Matsubara in Japan over 35 years ago, specimens range from about 1cm to nearly 2.5cm @ 45.00 and 75.00 each. Limited availability!

STILBITE-Ca- Moore's Sta. Q., Hopewell, Mercer Co New Jersey
Moderately attractive specimens from this uncommon locality, here as delecate, pinkish-orange stilbite sheaves, soem peppered with translucent, white, micro calcite scalenohedral crystals as well. To clarify the locality, these are from the current Trap Rock Industries operation that was abondoned in 1932 and then rejuvenated in 1982. Nice specimens, all as mounted TNs to 3cm @ just 10.00 each.

TELLURITE- Mina Bambollita, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
From old material collected many years ago, we have a good selection of choice, crystallized tellurite specimens from this famous locality, most as small, yellowish orange to deeper orange, sparse crystalline aggregates lying flat or in vugs of quartz-rich matrix, all showing brilliant adamantine luster, occasionally with minor greyish metallic native tellurium as finely disseminated grains, potentially with paratellurite etc. The locality has produced many rare Te-rich phases, and who knows what else may lurk in these old specimens! Size range:2.5cm to 6cm across, offered at just 20.00, 40.00 and 65.00.

TYROLITE- Novoveska Huta, Kosice Region, Slovakia
Pearly, light bluish-green crystalline flakes and coatings of tyrolite are well-scattered over most of these specimens, some associated with other secondary copper minerals like powdery azurite or other phases. The precise locality is likely the Horny Bartolomej Mine, but these are quite old, dating prior to the Czech-Slovak breakup, and were uncovered here in the warehouse without a mine name on the old Czechoslovakian label. These make great companion pieces to tyrolite from other localities, sized nicely at 4cm to 9+cm @ just 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00 each.

URANOCIRCITE- Streuberg Q., Bergen, Vogtland, Germany
Small platy greenish yellow crystals of brilliantly fluorescent uranocircite sparsely scattered on matrix, the largest crystal group on the larger matrix specimens average about 5mm across. Old, classic material from the type locality for the species, ex-Scott Williams, Forrest Cureton and others, sizes from 2cm to 6x3cm @ 40.00, 60.00 and 95.00 each, depending on size and coverage.


REVIEWS in MINERALOGY- 40 different volumes!
Published by the Mineralogical Society of America, these volumes average about 400 pages each and are topical in nature, each dealing with a single subject (sulfides, micas, fluid inclusions etc.). First published as Short Course Notes and later as Reviews in Mineralogy, each volume (soft cover and about 8" x 5"), receives in-depth discussion, analyses and more by experts in each filed. These range from 30.00 to 65.00 each from MSA, but We have a SUPER OFFER of FORTY (40) DIFFERENT volumes at just $400 plus shipping for the lot (about 4 linear feet of shelf space). Only one lot available, first-come, first served for this massive discounted offer! Inquire re: shipping cost to your location.


All clean, transparent faceted stones of unusual minerals from a private gemstone collection acquired last year!
Apatite 0.76 Africa electric blue oval $ 90.00
Axinite 1.5 Pakistan greenish brown teardrop $ 75.00
Grossular 0.59 Sri Lanka apple green oval $ 59.00
Idocrase-vesuvianite 1.21 Pakistan olive green oval $ 42.00
Sunstone-anorthite 1.35 Oregon clear triangle $ 55.00


Park Forest, Cook Co., Illinois - ("Hammer Fall")
Perhaps one of the most famous meteorite falls of modern times, this meteorite showered the suburban village of Park Forest, Illinois, about 30 miles outside of Chicago. Pieces of the bserved fall began landing on houses and their surrounding properties on Wednesday, March 26, 2003 at approximately 11:50 PM. A bright fireball, accompanied by numerous intense sonic booms, welcomed its arrival. It is estimated that at least 900 kilograms of material entered the earth's atmosphere, with only 18 kilograms eventually recovered. Our sample is a 120 gram complete stone, with ~85% black fusion crust. It hit the roof of a house on Michael Road in Park Forest, recovered the following morning by the owner. The L5 chondrite has been shown to contain microscopic maskelynite as well as minor metallic material, and it is accompanied by a photograph of the house it hit, a map of the area, and a thick, three ring binder filled with news clippings, photographs of this meteorite itself, and prints of various websites and news sources that described the event at the time. An historic meteorite in excellent, complete form, size about 5x4 cm, 120 grams, offered at 4500.00. One only! (eBay has a similar one for 9500.00!)

For those of you who have internet access, we have just posted a number of new "for sale" specimens to the Photo Gallery page on our website ( Hit the "New Additions" button on the Photo Gallery page for a quick look. You'll find some old specimens, a few aquamarines, great Chinese octahedral pink fluorites, large moldavites, one of our new "iron roses" from a second locality plus many others. Our photo capability is limited, but these will give you some idea of the "unadvertised" items that we stumble upon here in the warehouse. Take a look and have fun!

Wrestling with ever-increasing post office fees and printing costs, we are now offering a digital version of our monthly, full color periodical, Mineral News. While hard copy subscriptions are still available ($40.00 is US, $65.00 elsewhere), our digital version (pdf via email) is just $20.00 per year, regardless of delivery address! Check out our Mineral News website ( for more information. We accept all major credit cards.

CATALOG 22307 - Volume 50, No. 7
Our 50th Year

ALLOPHANE- Santa Creu d'Olorde, Barcelona, Spain
Massive pale greenish to dark brown vitreous to greasy aggregates of allophane richly scattered in and comprising matrix. Fine for the species and locality, old material in sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

ARAGONITE- nr. Nu'uruqa, Island of Moorea, French Polynesia
As noted in teh September, 2023 issue of Mineral News, this material was recently uncovered at a surface outcrop about 3 km, SE of the village of Nu'urua, probably one of the most obscure localities we have ever offered. The specimens are interesting primarily for the locality, and we have all (but the piece illustrated in the article and shown on Mindat) of the samples collected. Clear to white crystal sheaves and masses, sizes from 2cm to 4cm @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each, and very limited supply. Who else has material from French Polynesia?

ARDENNITE-(As)- Salmchateau, near Ottre, Ardennes, Belgium
This complex manganese bearing arsenate-silicate is now known from several localities, but the type Belgian locality remains the best for the species. Fairly rich ardennite-As) occurs as orange-brown opaque columnar crystalline aggregates in milky quartz, a reasonably attractive combination. In sizes from 2cm to 4.5cm @ 25.00, 45.00, and 60.00 each.

AZURITE w/ NEOTOCITE etc.- Morenci, Greenlee Co., Arizona
Tiny micro bursts of azurite light scattered on skeletal limonitic matrix, some showing black neotocite, likely admixed nontronite and other ugly masses. Two EDS spectra are supplied to show the compositional variation of the matrix and associations, the azurite strictly micro material. Specimens range from 3 cm to 10 cm @ just 10.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

BEUDANTITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
Rich, vuggy quartz matrix specimens shot through with lustrous, dark yellowish brown micro beudantite crystals well scattered in each sample, occasionally with secondary copper minerals as well, and occasionally with weird pseudos, too. These will provide excellent mounts for the species, with a wide variety of associations as well, matrix specimens from 2cm to 5cm across @ only 10.00, 17.50, 25.00 and 35.00 each.

BOGDANOVITE- Skaergaard intrusion, Sermersooq, Greenland
This rare mineral (Au3Cu) occurs as minute placer grains admixed with bornite, ilmentite and pyroxenes, this sample a polished 2.5 cm probe mount. In addition to three (3) black and white SEM images identifying the minerals, we also provide a full color set of four (4) reflected light microscopy images, plus a complete description of the mounting and analytical techniques used in the identification of this sample. A wealth of information for this rarity, one only @ 295.00.

BOHMITE- Mas Rouge, Les Baux Province, France
Rather ugly stuff, here as massive tan to reddish masses of impure bohmite comprising this "bauxite" matrix. From the type locality and classic area for this major aluminum ore mineral, now flooded and inaccessible. Old specimens ex-Cureton stock ranging in size from about 2cm to nearly 6cm across @ 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

BRAUNITE- Mamatwan Mine, Kalahari Mn Field, South Africa
This large open pit mine lies to the south of the famous Wessels and N'Chwaning mines, producing massive braunite with lesser hausmannite, hematite and "partidgeite", the latter a discarded name for a Mn2O3 phase found in the ore. We uncovered a large hand specimen of this braunite-rich ore, acquired in 1981 and comprised of sedimentary baunite lutite that occurs as dark greyish black masses comprising matrix, occasionally with minor, thin carbonate streamers of kutnohorite/calcite. Ex-Renaud Vochten collection, noted as XRD confirmed on back of his label. A fairly obscure locality that has produced about 30 different species, the specimen is quite dense and measures about 11x7 cm @ just 55.00.

CALCITE- St. Andreasberg, Lower Saxony, Germany
An old classic specimen showing one entire side completely covered with 1 cm greyish translucent calcite crystals of many different forms and modifications, often showing hexagonal prisms. Goldschmidt has about 2500 crystal drawings in his Atlas, and it would be great fun to try and match all of the interesting forms on this hand specimen with those in his masterful work! The specimen measures a hefty 8x7 cm @ 250.00. A true classic!

CERUSSITE minor GALENA- Bunker Hill Mine, Kellogg, Shoshone Co., Idaho
An old, monster ore specimen from this famous locality, presented here as a complex ore specimen showing numerous, crude, white cerussite crytsals to 1.5cm scattered and embedded in extremely heavy rock matrix. The piece is fairly ugly but classic oxide-zone lead-rich ore specimen that weighs about 4.5 lbs and measures 14x8x8 cm @ 125.00. One only.

CHIOLITE- Ivigtut, Greenland
White to colorless vitreous masses of this unusual species scattered in matrix. Rarely available today, this specimen measures about 3cm across @ 30.00. Larger samples available: please inquire!

COOMBSITE- Watson's Beach, So.Eastern Otago, New Zealand
Pale brown streamers of this rare species sparsely scattered in pink rhodonite matrix. The Mn-analog of zussmanite from the type locality, of course, provided by one of the authors years ago! Small sliced blocks of author's material, from 1.5cm to nearly 3cm long @ 65.00, 95.00 and 125.00 each.

CUPROTUNGSTITE- Crystal Peak, Sierra Co., California
Green resinous masses of cuprotungstite well scattered over matrix. These are colorful specimens, some associated with milky quartz. Formerly called "cuproscheelite", the material often has brightly fluorescent (SW UV) (yellowish white) scheelite present as an associated mineral on many samples. Uncommon and neat stuff, 1cm to nearly 2.5cm @ 20.00 and 30.00 each.

FLUORITE- Heights Mine, Westgate, Co. Durham, England
Another old classic, this one showing translucent to transparent greenish-grey fluorite cubes to 1.5cm fully covering the top surface of this cabinet specimen. There are just two dings on the crystallized surface, and the crystals are brilliantly fluorescent (best LW UV) an intense bluish-white in keeping with the mineral's name! Ex-Eburno Collection, generously
sized at 12x9 cm and a steal @ just 150.00. One only!

HETEROGENITE- Naganobori Mine, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Among the ugliest of minerals, heterogenite occurs here as black crusts locally scattered on massive rock cobbles. Certainly unattractive but from an obscure locality operated for cobalt during WWII. Specimens average 5cm across @ just 20.00 each. A bargain, but Ugh!

HYDROTALCITE-2H in LIZARDITE- Snarum, Modum, Buskerud, Norway
Pearly, white foliated masses of waxy hydrotalcite-2H richly scattered in pale yellow-green lizardite matrix (XRD-confirmed), occasionally associated with crude black "martite" aggregates as well. Excellent locality material, old Cureton stock, specimens from about 2.5cm to 5cm across @ 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

IRANITE with WULFENITE- Chapacase Mine, Tocopilla, Chile
his uncommon mineral occurs here as small, dark brown platy masses in and on matrix, made attractive only by its sparse association with minute, deep red chromian wulfenite and occasionally cerussite and/or mimetite as well. Only a few specimens on hand from this locality (also called the Santa Ana Mine), sizes from about 2.5cm to 5cm @ 35.00 and 55.00 each. One larger sitting above a seam of metallic galena among wulfenite and white polyhalite, 7.5 x 5 cm @ 100.00.

JUNGITE- Hagendorf, Bavaria, Germany
Old material from the Hagendorf south pegmatite, this uncommon phosphate occurs as minute, pale yellow flakes and aggregates sparsely scattered on small (to 3 mm) matrix. One of thirty (30!) type locality minerals that occurs among more than 200 species at this prolific locality, known for its unusual phosphates when viewed under magnification. Several small matrix samples on hand @ just 25.00 each.

KENNYGAYITE (IMA 2022-032)- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
Another new mineral from this prolific locality, kennygayite occurs here as minute, butterfly-twinned micros sparsely scattered in matrix. Named for the recently deceased geologist, Kenny Gay, a long-time customer and avid collector of NC minerals. Author's material, TNs @ 250.00 each. Only a few on hand!

KOBEITE-(Y)- Kobe Village, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Small black needles of kobeite-(Y) scattered in a pinkish feldspar matrix. Rarely available from the type locality, these are very old samples from the Mecke Collection. Small 2mm to 4mm matrix fragments @ 40.00 and 55.00 each,

MAGNETITE- Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil
A fascinating assortment of magnetite crystals: We have complete, well-formed octahedrons of brown-tinted black crystals of magnetite without matrix, either as single crystals 1.5cm, some showing slightly convex or hopper development, or more often as twins or crystal pairings. Neat stuff, found over 25 years ago, sizes from about 1cm to 1.5 cm @ 15.00 and 20.00 each, depending on quality.

MANGAN-FLUORAPATITE- Strickland Quarry, nr. Portland, COnnecticut
Crude masses of dull manganese-rich fluorapatite scattered in matrix, some with associated pegmatite minerals such as albite, almandine, muscovite etc. Best observed under UV light (fluorescent dull orange-yellow), coverage ranging from modest on the larger specimens to rich on teh smaller ones. These are ex-Jack Baum former NJ Zinc mineralogist who held many positions in the Franklin mineral community. The pegmatite, where I collected many times as a teenager, is now reclaimed and under a golf course, while the pit is flooded and inaccessible. Specimens range from about 3cm to 7cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Old stuff!

METASWITZERITE- Foote Mine, King's Mountain, North Carolina
Bladed aggregates and micro crystals of bronze colored metaswitzerite lying flat on matrix. Unusual material from this older prolific mine, matrix sizes from 1.5cm to 6cm @ 20.00, 30.00, 45.00 and 75.00 each, depending on quality.

MOTUKOREAITE- Motukorea, Waitemata Harbor, New Zealand
Certainly one of the more odd mineral occurances. motukoreaite, from the Brown's Island type locality, has an extremely complex sodium magnesium aluminum carbonate sulfate composition, and occurs as a tan, fine grained cement component of a conglomerate rock. We estimate that the motukoreaite constitutes about 25% of the matrix! Representative and rare, in sizes from small vials filled with type locality material @ 35.00, or crude matrix specimens from 1.5 to nearly 3cm @ 45.00, 60.00 and 75.00 each.

MURDOCHIE- Mt. 1004, Tolbachik Volcano, Russia
A small but interesting find from the western paleofumerole field in Kamchatka, murdochite occurs here as steel-grey microcrystaline crusts overlaying thin colorless opal encrustations over tenorite-rich basaltic scoria. Only a few small samples on hand, sizes from about 1.5cm to 3cm across @ 55.00 and 75.00 each. Great locality material!

PAUTOVITE- Palitra Pegmatite, Lovozero Massif, Russia
This rare species occurs as nearly black, extremely tiny (0.1mm) elongated aggregates, the "larger" samples embedded in the very rare white belovite-(Ce) as minor matrix. Formula: CsFe2S3, the cesium analog of rasvumite. IMA #2004-005, author's studied material from the one and only holotype specimen! You'll need 20x to see these small mounted samples, available @ 125.00 without matrix, or as "larger" but still very tiny specs @ 175.00 each.

PROSOPITE- Ivigtut, Greenland
Greyish-violet masses of this unusual mineral richly scattered in matrix, often with cryolite and occasionally thomsenolite micro crystals. Classic locality material from a European museum, sizes range from about 2 cm to 3cm across @ 40.00 and 60.00 each

PSEUDOBOLEITE- Santa Catalina Mine, Sierra Gorda, Chile
Minute, electric blue druses of this uncommon mineral richly scattered over rock matrix. The specimens show good color and vitreous flashes from the drusy crystalline coverage that extends over each matrix specimen. Some samples may have associated atacamite as well. From an older lot, specimens from about 1.5cm to nearly 5cm across offered at just 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each, some of the better samples with modest micro potential as well.

PSEUDOBROOKITE etc.- Wannenkopf Quarry, nr. Ochetendung, Germany
Acquired in 1980 by the late Kay Robertson, pseudobrrokite from this locality occurs as very tiny, brilliantly lustrous, elongated black micro crystals perched in basaltic voids. Several unidentified pyroxenes or other micros may be present in these small TN specimens, good locality material, at just 15.00 each. Only a few on hand.

QUARTZ variety SMOKY- Piz Cavardiras, Graubunden, Switzerland
There is no smoky quartz finer than that from the Swiss Alps, here as transparent, pale brown single crystals without matrix, acquired from a strahler in 1998. This single crystal is 3cm tall, no matrix, and all with sharp faces and excellent single terminations. High quality thumbnail, Ex-Jensem Collection @ 85.00.

RHODOCHROSITE- Oberneisen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germnay
A very old specimen, ex-A.E. Seamn Museum, accompanied by its old cardboard label that specifies "Oberneisen, Diez, Nassau, Germnay" as the locality, a later Museum label as "Nassau, Germany", neither of which is entirely correct in today's world. he late Gilbert Gauthier would buy all of my German rhodos every year in Tucson, and we have virtually none left today! The rhodochrosite occurs as small, deep pink, vitreous plates and scalenohedrons to 3mm+, running through the sample in an exposed seam presented through two faces of the hard, limonite matrix, each seam about 3cm long and 5mm wide. Very difficult to find today in the mineral market, the piece is only moderately attractive but excellent for Obberneisen (perhaps Rothenberg Mine?), overall size is 4x3.5cm @ just 95.00. One only, with a pair of labels.

SERENDIBITE- Tayozhnoe, Aldan, South Yakutia, Russia
Dark blue masses of serendibite richly scattered in matrix, here from a 2001 find that is far superior to the type locality material! Some of this has cabbing potential as well and is quite unusual for an uncommon mineral! Specimen sizes average about 2cm @ 40.00 each.

STILPNOMELANE- Sterling Mine, Antwerp, Jefferson Co New York
Erroneously removed on Mindat from its reported occurrence here at the Sterling Mine, we have four mounted specimens from an old micromount collection that display rich, golden brown platy ggregates of stipnomelane covering matrix. Chemical variation is common as noted in the 1984 MR article, but this well-known locality has some of the richest stilpnomelane specimens ever found. Only four available @ 25.00 each.

STRANSKIITE- Tsumeb, Namibia
Minute, pale blue fragments of stranskiite, some in minor quartz with schultenite. A rare species from this prolific locality, each specimen a tiny (<1mm) fragment in capsule @ 30.00, matrix pieces to 0.3cm @ 55.00.

STUTZITE- No. 2 Level, Rex Mine, Boulder Co., Colorado
An uncommon silver-telluride mineral, stutzite occurs as dark grey metallic masses in matrix. We have an ore microscopy confirmed sample, the end cut of a thin section, ex-Martin Jensen thumbnail collection #3477. originally acquired in 1996 from a well-known Colorado geologist, only one available, about 1 cm cut face @ 275.00.

SWITZERITE w/ ROCKBRIDGEITE- Cigana Mine, Conselheiro Pena, M.G., Brazil
A small find of excellent micro switzerite from 2013, here as coppery brownish-red to nearly colorless crusts of rhomb-like, lamellar crystals in vugs of deep greenish-black rockbridgeite. Only a very few small specimens with good micro potential on hand, matrix sizes from about 1.2cm to 2cm across @ 45.00 and 65.00 each, depending on quality, these samples confirmed by a prolific Russian mineralogist in 2013.

TYROLITE- Gold Chain Mine, Mammoth, Juab Co., Utah
Fine radiating micro aggregates and flattened crystal sprays of rich, greenish blue tyrolite nicely scattered in vugs and exposed seams on quartz-rich matrix. Some of the finest we've seen from the locality, these are 2cm to 4cm specimens, very reasonably priced @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each, depending on quality and overall size/coverage. Good micro potential on better pieces!

WURTZITE- Siglo XX Mine, Llallagua, Bolivia
A variety of specimens from this old, prolific mine, typically as botryoidal knoby specimens or as rich aggregates, most specimens in the 3.5cm size range, priced at just 55.00 each.


Another small selection of books from our extensive holdings, note that all are hardcover (some specially bound) and in excellent condition, as-new. We list Amazon's lowest price as well for comparison:
Title Author Date Pages Our Price Amazon
Minerals of Colorado Edwin B. Eckel 1997 665 $250 $977
Collecting Arizona Terry C. Wallace Ed. 2012 363 $50 $70
Encyclopedia of Mineral Names Blackburn, Dennen 1997 358 $60 $112
Uruguay Amethyst Reinhard Balzer 2008 303 $120 $295
Handbook for a Week of Maine Minerals 2nd Ed Neil A. Wintringham 1955 176 $40 na
Hunting Dinosaurs Louie Psihoyos 1994 267 $20 $25
Catalogue: Mineral Names & Synonyms 3rd Ed T. Egleston (1892 reprnt) 1988 379 $35 na
The Miners Robert Wallace 1976 240 $15 $15
Minerals of Nevada Castor, Ferdock 2004 512 $75 $75
New Minerals 1995-1999 J.A.Mandarino 2001 279 $35 na


Tourmaline- Various localities in Brazil
A rather interesting lot of facetted tourmaline, these primarily in pale golden honey to rich cognac brown colors, with the occasional green or pinkish stone sometimes seen in larger lots as well. Chemically, these range from dravite to uvite to elbaite, and probably contain other tourmaline species as well, but each stone would have to be individually analyzed to pinpoint the exact tourmaline group member! These have been gleened from Bahia as well as predominantly Minas Gerais mines, and we offer several different lots made up of cut stones that are clean, good commercial quality ovals and average about a half carat each. Small lot of 10 carats @ 25.00 per lot; 25 carats @ 60.00 per lot; or our BEST BUY: 50 carats @ just 100.00 per lot! Compare these prices!

Gemstone Rarities
From a substantial collection of excellent gemstones, we offer a few in this month's list that are attractive, clean and of excellent quality for the mineral, all one-of-a-kind:

CLINOZOISITE - 0.30 ct elongated green baguette- Pakistan @ 35.00
SPINEL - 3.10 ct cushion -Myanmar - beautiful pinkish red @ 575.00
TOPAZ - 3.23 ct pear - Mexico - honey brown @ 65.00.


A quality reprint from a 19th century German nature encyclopedia, depicting 9 "peculiar crystals" of various minerals (quartz, gold, sulfur etc). that show strange twinning, odd habits, hillocks on crystal faces etc.), printed on acid-free, 110 lb. heavy white cardstock in original white on black background format, captions in German. Size is standard 8.5" x 11" and suitable for framing, just 10.00 each with any mineral order.


Another quality reprint from a 19th century German encyclopedia (this one is from Bibliograph. Institut Leipzig) depicting six (6) enlargements of various rock thin sections, some under polarized light, some to show fluid structure etc. printed on acid-free, 110 lb. heavy white cardstock in original full color format, captions in German. Size is standard 8.5" x 11" and suitable for framing, just 15.00 each with any mineral order.


CATALOG 22306 - Volume 50, No. 6
Our 50th Year

ALBITE var: PERICLINE- Tyrol, Austria
A large, old specimen, acquired by the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum (DM 7132) many years ago. The feldspar crystals completely cover the top shistose matrix surface, most about 1cm tall, up-standing, with a few slightly larger, all showing a pleasing white to beige hue. A few twins were also spotted! The specimen was apparently professionally prepared, carefully cut on the bottom so the crystallized side faces up. Overall size about 12x9 cm @ just 75.00. From a classic area of Austria, with old cardboard label.

ALUMOAKERMANITE- Patyn Mt., Tashtagol, So. Siberia, Russia
This rare species occurs as dark grey, massive granular aggregates largely comprising matrix, occasionally with trace calcite and pyrrhotite inclusions. Surprisingly rich samples from this previously unreported locality, confirmed at Moscow State University, sizes typically in the 1.5cm size range at just 85.00 each. Only a few available!

ANGLESITE on CEUSSITE- Broken Hill, Yancowinna Co., NSW, Australia
A cabinet specimen comprised of white, bladed cerussite to 3 cm tall completely covered with highly vitreous anglesite druses and crystals to 6mm long, completely comprising the entire specimen. Moderately attractive assemblage from an excellent, older locality, the specimen measures about 11x6cm, a steal at just 300.00. Compare this price!

ARSENIOSIDERITE- Sioux Ajax Mine, Mammoth, Juab Co., Utah
Thumbnails of this interesting species lightly scattered on matrix, collected here in the late 1970s. Only a few specimens on hand, 2cm to 3.5cm @ 10.00 and 20.00 each. Uncommon locality!

CAPRANICAITE- Capranica, Viterbo, Lazio, Italy
A tiny colorless, crude crystal perched on a biotitic mica in a crudely crystallized sanidine matrix. From the type locality for the species, IAM-approved and publsihed about a dozen years ago. Small matrix specimen about 1 cm across @ 125.00.

COOPERITE w/ SPERRYLITE etc.- Philipp Massif, Kamchatka, Russia
A tiny grain of sperrylite and major isoferroplatium mounted in a 0.5cm probe mount, accompanied by two SEM backscatter images and an X-ray spectra for the confirmed inclusions of cooperite, analytically identified in the specimen! From Pt-rich placers of this prolific area, only one, suberbly documented sample on hand @ 245.00. Found in 2010; one only and none found since from this deposit!

CRISTOBALITE in OBSIDIAN- San Andreas, Jalisco, Mexico
Greyish white radiaiting masses to 1 cm across richly scattered in black obsidian. The radiating sprays are embedded in the matrix, and they are largely cristobalite, possibly with minor admixed tridymite, both silica polymorphs, as well as minor amounts of feldspar. Surprisingly widespread in the U.S. and elsewhere, these are our first from Mexico, open nodules ranging from 5cm to 8cm across with varying sizes of crystobalite inclusions at just 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00 each.

DEPMEIERITE- Karnasurt Mine, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
This rare species occurs as colorless aggregates, offered here as small, relatively pure masses. First found underground by mine geologists in association with minor natrolite in a hyperagpaitic hydrothermal vein more than 35 years ago, and only in a single specimen (!!), this uncommon cancrinite-group mineral was subsequently approved about a dozen years ago. Formula: Na8[Al6Si6O24](PO4,CO3)1-x*3H2O - hexagonal, the PO4-dominant analog of cancrinite, vishnevite, hydroxycancrinite and kyanoxalite. IMA #2009-075, named for German crystallographer W.H. Depmeier (b.1944), only a few small samples on hand averaging 0.4cm across @ 145.00 each from author's studied material! List alternates!

DIAMOND (Ballas Crystal)- Vaal River, Northern Cape Province, Rep So. Africa
Unlike the dark rounded crystals from elsewhere in South Africa, these older samples (ex-David New) occur as pale grey balls of natural diamond, well-rounded and without matrix, averaging about 2.3 carats (!!) each and about 6mm ion diameter @ just 125.00 each. Old stock - compare pricing!

DZHALINDITE- Dzhalinden Deposit, Khingan Range, Russia
Extremely tiny orange-brown grains of this rare mineral very sparsely scattered on greyish, powdery aggregates of altered, spherulitic cassiterite and kaolinite, occasionally with very tiny metallic specks of indite. Small powdery masses in a capsule @ 35.00 each.

ENSTATITE- Benbow Mine, Stillwater Co., Montana
Rich, massive orthopyroxene (enstatite) well scattered and sometimes largely comprising harzburgite matrix. The enstatite shows excellent schiller (variety bronzite), and there may be minor dark olivine etc. scattered in the samples. A good end-member standard, specimens range from about 4cm to 7cm across @ 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

This uncommon pyroxene occurs here as greyish brown, somewhat lath-like aggregates scattered in norite matrix, often with minor plagioclase as well. Originally described as "orthoferrosilite", this name was subsequently replaced by the preferred pyroxene nomenclature. Decidedly ugly but missing from many reference collections, specimens ex-Van King Collection from about 2cm to nearly 7cm @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each.

GADOLINITE-(Y)- As, Evje og Hornnes, Agder, Norway
Unusual partial single crystals without matrix, each showing at least two sharp faces of uncommon well-crystallized gadolinite-(Y). From an excllent locality, these average about 1.5cm across and are offered at just 40.00 each. Only a few!

GUGIAITE- Dugdu Alkaline Complex, Tuva, Russia
From a rare confirmed occurrence of this uncommon Ca-Be-silicate, these are small (1mm) colorless lamellar grains of nearly pure material with little or no matrix. Rarely available, the species easily escapes detection and is offered here as single grains at 55.00 each. List alternates - only a few of these confirmed Siberian samples on hand!

GYPSUM- Selmun, Mellieha, Northern Region, Malta
From this tiny island nation, we have a few thumbnail specimens of platy to tabular grayish gypsum, perched on a massive gypsum-rich clay matrix, with the crystals reaching 6mm or so. While not particularly attractive, they do have a bright blue-white fluorescent response (LW UV), and who has a mineral from Malta?? Sizes average 2.5 - 3cm @ just 15.00 each.

HANKSITE- Searles Lake, San Bernadino Co., California
Excellent single crystals of dipyramidal hanksite without matrix, ranging from transparent to greyish translucent specimens. Fine for the species and from teh type locality as well, we have a large lot from an old hoard that are also quite fluorescent (LW-bluish), crystals and groups from 1.5 to 7cm across @ 12.50, 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each. One monster group, perhaps the largest we have seen with crystals to 7cm across, overall 20x14cm @ 250.00. One only!

JASMUNDITE- Bellerberg, Eifel Volcanics Field, Germany
Small brown to greenish-brown masses of this rare species sparsely scattered in typical Bellerberg matrix. Type locality material, rarely offered, only a few small thumbnails available, overall sizes averaging 1.2cm to 2.5cm @ 35.00 and 55.00 each, depending on size and coverage.

JOLIOTITE- Uranus Mine, Kleinruckerswalde, Saxony, Germany
This rare uranium carbonate mineral occurs here as tiny, orange-yellow micro crystals and aggregates perched on one edge of its host rock matrix. From XRD and EDS-confirmed material, a single 1.5cm specimen is on hand@ 175.00.

JORDISITE- Campo do Agostinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Dull grey to bluish-grey colloidal masses of this uncommon mineral thinly scattered in/on matrix. Old material originally obtained in an exchange with Dr. Sainfeld at the Ffrench School of Mines back in the 1970s. The material is quite ugly, much like the oxide ilsemennnite it vaguely resembles. Only a few specimen on hand, average ~4 cm across @ 45.00 each.

LIBETHENITE w/ ATACAMITE etc.- La Farola Mine, Tierra Amarilla, Chile
Hefty cabinet specimens showing tiny, medium green, micro needle-like crystals of libethenite, surrounded at several areas with very dark green, tiny prismatic crystals of atacamite. At one edge of the larger sample, dark green balls of tiny clustered dioptase crystals are present as well. A wonderful, association combination of copper minerals from the classic atacamite locality, overall specimen sizes from 9x7 cm @ 75.00 to a much richer 12x11cm @ just 125.00. Could yield many neat micros if you dared to trim these!

MAGNESITE variety PINOLITE- Sunk, Hohentauern, Styria, Austria
Unusual greyish white formations of magnesite crystals appearing in nearly black, graphite-rich dolomitic matrix, showing the classic, elongated "pinoli nut" habit. Striking material, similar to what we described from British Columbia in our Mineral News article last year, offered here as carefully slabbed specimens with one side lightly polished to best show the habit, ranging from 5cm to 12cm across @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. Quite nice!

MAGNETITE etc.- Carlton Quarry, Chester, Windsor Co, Vermont
Collected by the late G. Fred Lincks many years ago, these samples were apparently retained for the small but well formed magnetite octahedrons to 4mm that were scattered about in a chloritic, shistose matrix. Analytical work shows minor talc and anthophyllite needles (and possibly its dimorph cummingtonite), admixed within the matrix. Specimens range from about 4cm to 8cm across @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

OFFRETITE- Mt. Semiol, Loire, Rhone-Alpes, France
Tiny barrel-shaped to elongated micro crystals of transparent to translucent offretite scattered in vugs in basaltic matrix, these from the type locality for this zeolite species. Old classic material occasionally with minor calcite, some micro potential upon trimming and study under the 'scope. Ex-French School of MInes, obtained from Dr. Sainfeld (sainfeldite) nearly 40 years ago, sizes from about 2.5cm to 6cm across @ just 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each.

PRETULITE- Hollkogel, Fischbacher Alpen,Styria Austria
This relatively rare scandium phosphate occurs as minute transparent to pale brownish-lilac crystal sections and/or inclusions in and around massive pale blue lazulite in quartz matrix. Visible in thin section (or occasionally by its dull orange SW fluorescence, or by crystals in better specimens), these pretulite samples are author's co-type material from the 1995 find, and are available in small matrix specimens averaging 1cm of relatively pure material @ 60.00 each.

QUARTZ GEODES (FL)- Los Choyas, Aldama Muni., Chihuahua, Mexico
Hand selected geode halves from a large lot, nicely polished and showing interesting fluorescent patterns in the delicate grey to white or brown rim banding surrounding the central void. These offer a bright green (SW UV) pattern, as well as a subtle (LW UV) pale cream-colored dispaly. The specimens are nicely polished geode halves, ranging from 6cm to 7cm across @ just 20.00 and 25.00 each, depending on UV response and size.

RHABDOPHANE-(Ce)- Majuba Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
Of the more than 100 different species found at this prolific locality, rhabdophane-(Ce) is among the rarest. It occurred here in a single spot at Crosscut 216, associated with tiny anatase crystals and minor schorl in pale sericite. The mineral lines tiny, rounded cavities as radiaiting, elongated greysih to transparent needles, this specimen collected in 1991 by Martin Jensen (jensenite) who subsequent wrote the MinRec article updating the Majuba Hill species list in 1993. A 2cm thumbnail is on hand, collected by him, offered at 150.00.

RAMMELSBERGITE, SILVER, ETC.- Coleman Twp., Cobalt-Gowganda, Ont., Canada
A large ore sample, face sliced and polished, showing minute silvery-white masses of rammelsbergite well scattered in the specimen, with minor nickeline, native silver and larger, striking chalcopyrite brassy veins comprising matrix. The back of the sample shows the rammelsbergite in very tiny micro crystals in rich veinlets running across the piece, the specific mine name unknown. A handsome ore specimen nicely prepped, polished face about 11x8 cm @ 150.00. One only!

RHODOCHROSITE- Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Choice specimens of pale brownish pink rhodochrosite, here as somewhat flattened rhombohedral crystals to 2cm with minor matrix, forming moderately attractive singles and groups with some also showing trigonal color zoning. Excellent for the locality, specimens ranging from 2.5cm to 4cm tall @ 50.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each.

ROMANECHITE- Fourth Payday Mine, Sierra Co., New Mexico
A relatively new locality for the species that we first confirmed in 2016, located within the Burnt Cabin Flat area of the Taylor Peak quadrangle in Sierra County. The original find of the specimens was thought to be botryoidal cassiterite because of its very high density and rich luster, but XRD and EDS confirmed romanechite as the species, here as rich, black botryoids of nearly pure material. Moderately attractive for a black species, we have a selection of solid and very heavy botryoidal samples ranging from about 3cm to 7cm across at just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each, a few larger @ 85.00.

ROZENITE w/ SZOMOLNOKITE- La Bade, Collandres, Cantal, France
White crusty masses of this iron sulfate mineral lightly scattered on matrix. Some of the rozenite is associated with micro gypsum crystals lightly spotting the surface, most with yellowish with szomolnokite etc.. Ex-BRGM material originally obtained from Dr. Sainfeld in 1985, great locality but ugly specimens of this rarely offered mineral! In sizes from 1cm to 4cm at 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

SCHORL with ALMANDINE etc.- Bennett Quarry, Buckfield, Oxford Co Maine
Old pegamtite material collected many years ago and just recently analyzed in our SEM/EDS lab. The tourmaline (schorl) occurs as crude, black masses well-scattered in matrix, typically associated with a pale pinkish-red garnet that dances between almandine and spessartine in composition, but most being manganoan almandine. We will include copies of our analytical work for both species upon request! Typical quartz, feldspar etc are present in these old samples as well, offered in generous sizes from 5cm to 12cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Not very pretty, but well-studied material from a classic Maine pegmatite and feldspar locality, first mined in 1916!

TOKYOITE- Gambatesa Mine, Graveglia, Genova, Italy
This rare occurs as minute, dark red crystalline spots and aggregates very sparsely scattered in braunite ore matrix. Ideal formula: Ba2Mn3+(VO4)2(OH); IMA #2003-036. Far superior to the Japanese material which was essentially in submicroscopic grains invisible to the eye! Ex-Roberto Allori (alloriite), only a few samples on hand, sizes from 1.5cm to 2.4cm with one or more arrows @ 95.00 and 125.00 each, depending on coverage.

VOLTAITE etc.- Vulcano Is, Lipari, Eolie Islands, Italy
From the eruption of 1926, we have several old, cork-stoppered, glass vials containing black voltaite and typically other admixed sulfates. A color photocopy of a decrepit Ward's Natura Science label providing date and locality provenance accompanies each sample, available as a few small masses in a 1 cm wide glass tube @ 10.00, or a richly filled 3x2 cm large vial @ 25.00, Limited availability.

WICKSITE-LIKE MINERAL UM1985-09- Bull Moose Mine, Custer Co.,, South Dakota
This still-valid but un-named mineral occurs here as a dull green coating on barbosalite, first discovered by Willard Roberts in 1959 and subsequently published by Peacor, Dunn et al in 1985 in Canadian Mineralogist (Vol. 23, pp. 247-249). At the time, inability to adequately solve the structure led the authors to confirm its occurrence without naming the species. It is still carried by the IMA as UM 1985-09, a complex Mn-Fe-Na-Ca phosphate. We have a few specimens, originally obtained from one of the authors, sizes from 2cm to 6cm across @ 25.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each.

WULFENITE- Chapacase Mine, Tocopilla, Chile
Bright red pyramidal and/or tabular mucro crystals of chromian wulfenite forming druses and rich coatings, some individual crystals to several millimeters tall perched on buff colored matrix. The locality is known today as Santa Ana Mine, and an assortment of white crusts are also evident on most of these colorful specimens, typically yielding polyhalite and/or humberstonite, and micro yellowish-orange mimetite is occasionally present as well. Overall sizes from about 4cm up to 12cm across @ 20.00, 40.00, 75.00, 125.00 and 350.00, depending on size and coverage! Great locality material and an unusual habit and color for the species!


Van King's magnum opus was published in two volumes, but most collectors only acquired Volume 1, the Mineralogy, since Volume 2 was a more historical treatment of the mining history, gems, geology and meteorites of Maine. We have acquired two softcover editions of Volume 2, complete with color plates and in overall fine condition. This large-format volume (11" x 8") has over 520 pages, many maps, illustrations and images (most black and white in addition to the special color plates), yours for just 35.00 each, plus shipping.

HANDBOOK OF MINERALOGY- Full Set by Richard Bideaux et al
Our last full set of five volumes (= 6 books) of this mineralogical masterpiece, providing the most comprehensive, one page per mineral species treatment of any hardcopy publication available today. This hardcover bound, lightly used but rarely opened set is in excellent condition, the same superior work we use daily in our laboratory Only one complete set available @ 600.00 plus shipping; don't miss the last one we have in stock.

ROCK FORMING MINERALS- Deer, Howie & Zussman
The magnum opus of geochemistry/mineralogy as it pertains to rock forming minerals! This is the complete, eleven (11) volume set of the classic work, not the Introduction (1 volume) nor the old five (5) volume set, but rather the latest, complete works entailing all nine volumes devoted to silicates, as well as the two volumes devoted to non-silicates such as oxides, hydroxides and sulfides. This is a NEW set, all hardcover bound, retailing for $1375, our net price: $1100 plus shipping. Requires about 18 inches of shelf space; one set only!


We have acquired a large, specialized collection of faceted fluorites from a wide range of localities, including South America, the Middle East, China and Africa (no US). There are several different colors and many interesting cuts, and each faceted stone is gemmy, transparent and comes labeled as to carat weight and country of origin. We have three different lots available, and multiple lots of each are on hand:

1) Small stones: ~50 carats, 9 stones, 2-8 carats each @ $300.00/lot.
2) Medium stones: ~75 carats, 7 stones, 9-15 carats each @ $375.00/lot.
3) Large stones: ~100 carats, 5 stones, 15-30 carats each @ $450.00/lot.
A few larger stones (>30 carats) are on hand and individually priced. Please inquire. This is a great opportunity to build a new, specialized collection for one of the world's most popular minerals!


SCORIA- Black Ridge, Washington Co., Utah
This igneous rock is highly vesicular, with rounded and elongated voids, here a deep red-brown in color. Most scoria samples are essentially a glass, with much silica and Ca-K-Na oxide constituents. We have searched the vugs for mineralization, but there is little to point to in this relatively light-weight rock, Specimens on hand from about 4cm to 6cm across @ just 15.00 and 25.00 per specimen.


LED UV Flashlight w/ Charger- 365nm
While many minerals fluoresce better under SW than LW ultraviolet, we weres amazed by the brilliant response of these Convoy-S2+ (6 watt) units! You will see remarkably bright, unexpected results, far better than we have found with significantly more costly, higher wattage LW units. These have reawakened our interest in fluorescent minerals, and these will not disappoint! The S-2+ (6 watt) unit is a hand-held, metal flashlight-style patented device, and it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, as well as a USB charger. Don't be confused by the cheap knockoffs, ordinary flashlights and other junk on the market, as these are the genuine, tested S2+ UV units manufactured for Way Too Cool, the UV specialists! We have validated the superb 365nm output with our in-house Laser Raman spectrometer, and you cannot get a better UV device for the price at just 69.00 per set, plus shipping.

ULTRASONIC CLEANERS - TS-6000 by Raytech Industries

The new TS-6000 digital ultrasonic cleaners are now in stock and ready for shipment. Powerful cleaning for tiny voids and crevices in specimens, this industrial grade unit has a 6.3 quart capacity (6000 ml) and larger tank size than cheaper models, with internal basket capacity of 32.3 x 20.3 x 9.9 cm. Includes two ultrasonic transduceres with independent control circuits, two built-in ceramic heaters, 2 color LED display, 5 timed cleaning cycles (1 minute to 30 minutes), a pre-clean de-gasing function to remove trapped air bubbles in your samples, an internal cooling fan and a built in drain for easy clean up. One year complete warranty. Stainless steel tank can accommodate multiple cleaning solutions. For the ultimate prep lab for your specimens, the unit is just $389.95 plus shipping (weight ~16 lbs.) while our current supply lasts.

CATALOG 22305 - Volume 50, No. 5
Our 50th Year

ANGLESITE on CERUSSITE- Broken Hill, N.S.W., Australia
An interesting and moderately attractive specimen comprised of thin, cross-hatching blades of cerussite standing to 3cm tall, fully covered with micro transparent anglesite crystal druses, all sitting on a sliver of ore matrix. Ex-Rob Sielecki (sieleckiite), overall size about 5x4 cm @ just 85.00. One only!

AUTUNITE/META-AUTUNUTE- Rosario Dist, Punilla, Cordoba Prov Argentina
Rarely-offered locality samples of small, platy yellow-green autunite (likely meta-sutunite) sparsely scattered on pinkish, pegmatite matrix, all specimens showing modest fluorescence under both SW and LW UV. Although there are several mines in the area reported in 1950s literature, these old samples were only designated as within the Rosario District of Argentina. Generous 6 cm specimens @ 55.00 each. Only three available.

BORNITE- Gunung Bijih, Irian Jaya, Mimika,PNG Indonesia
From one of the more obscure parts of the world in Papua New Guinea, these are old ore samples that were collected in the 1970s and analyzed in our laboratory over 20 years ago, consisting of rich metallic masses of iridescent bornite, some with admixed chalcopyrite and potentially other sulfides. The deposit was discovered in the mid-1930s at an elevation of ~3600 meters (~11,700 feet), eventually to be incorporated in the Grasberg area of the Ertsberg Complex, now the largest gold mien in the world! Great locality pieces, sizes from 2cm to 4.5cm @ 12.50, 20.00 and 35.00 each, accompanied by a copy of our old analytical documentation.

CALCITE w/ MARCASITE etc.- Conco Mine, N. Aurora, Kane Co., Illinois
An excellent lot of attractive, large scalenohedral calcite crystal groups from this remarkable one-time find in 2020.. The locality was featured in an excellent Rocks & Minerals article in 2012 (Vol. 87, pg 116-125) by Freiberg and Rakovan, and we confess that thie lot of specimens we obtained from a Wisconsin collector are certainly fine for the locality. Many crystals show micro inclusions of marcasite and/or pyrite, and all specimens are quite attractive. Specimen sizes are in generous groups from about 6cm to 10cm across @ just 50.00, 75.00,100.00 and 150.00 each, depending on size and quality. Great stuff!

CAMINITE in ANHYDRITE- E.Pacific Rim, 21 degrees North, Pacific Ocean
This rarely offered species occurs here at the type locality as minute white masses admixed and included in greyish anhydrite. Old Cureton stock originally obtained from the authors, This is type locality (west of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean) material, small aggregates in a capsule @ 40.00 each.

CASSITERITE var: WOOD TIN- 4th Payday Mine, Burnt Crk, Sierra C New Mexico
This heretofore obscure and undocumented locality lies within the Taylor Creek Tin District near Burnt Cabin Flat. The wood tin occurs as brown, somewhat rounded and occasionally botryoidal masses, rather ugly before polishing, consisting of cassiterite and typically minor hematite, although a few samples have a slight magnetic response. These are unpolished, small nodules, ranging in size from about 2cm to 4cm across @ just 7.50, 12.50 and 20.00 each.

CHAMOSITE with ALBITE- nr. Robinson Pass, White Pine Co., Nevada
Tiny, dark greenish black chamosite richly scattered on quartz matrix, many with excellent, micro white albite crystals nicely scattered on top. Quite attractive under the 'scope, only a few TNs on hand @ 20.00 each.

CYANOTRICHITE- Qinlong Mine, Dachang, Guizhou Prov. PR China
The finest example of the species we have ever had the pleasure to own, this superb specimen shows numerous, pale blue balls of acicular crystals of cyantrichite to 1 cm across, partially covering and nicely perched on one face of this generous, 9x6 cm matrix specimen. One only, undamaged, @ 1500.00. Certainly the best!

DIAMOND- Vaal River, Northern Cape Provice, Rep So. Africa
From an old lot recently discovered in the warehouse, these are small, pale tan to white, transparent micro crystals averaging 2 to 3 mm each, typically as flattened trigons, rounded dodecahedrons etc. We off a selection of four (4) different crystals, nicely boxed, at just 45.00 per lot. Limit one per order, please.

DUMORTIERITE- Clip, Silver Mining Dist., La Paz Co Arizona
The dark blue-violet cast and silky lustre of these masses of dumortierite make them suitable for polishing. The original locality, often noted as "Clip, Yuma Co." in the early 1900's was prior to splitting of Yuma Co. into Lap Paz Co. to the north, and Yuma Co .to the south. Today, Clip is a ghost town with virtually nothing standing, having officially "died" in 1888. An unusual color for the species, old stuff, sizes from 2cm to 5cm @ only 6.00, 10.00, 17.50 and 25.00 each.

EPIDOTE- Shaft 10, Quabbin Aqueduct, Hardwick Massachusetts
A collection oddity, here from one of the shafts of the second longest underground aqueduct tunnels in the world (almost 25 miles long!). The specimen consists of a granite matrix, overlain by brilliant, micro epidote crystal druses fully covering the top surface. The specimen measures about 6x2.5cm @ 35.00. One only!

FLUORITE (PINKISH RED!!)- Huanggangliang Mine #6,Inner Mongola PR China
Featured in the August, 2019 issue of Mineral News, we have a modest selection of high-end, pale red (!!!) fluorites from this locality. All are octahedral in habit, typically as sharp single crystals (average 2cm to 3.5 cm!!), often with smaller crystals growing on one or more surfaces, some with minor matrix and groups that range from 2.5cm to wonderful 6cm tall, price @ 500.00, 750.00, 1000.00, 1250.00, 1500.00 and 2000.00 each, all about half the prices paid in China in 2019! In addition, we have one particularly large 8x7cm partial octrahedron with several smaller ones on opposite faces @ 4000.00. Also on hand - one small French pink fluorite thumbnail from Chamonix, nice intergrown octahedral habit and color, smaller than the above at about 1.5cm @ 525.00

GALKHAITE- North Pit, Getchell Mine, Nevada
Sharp, deep red to nearly black, tiny micro cubes of this rare species scattered in vugs and on matrix, some with pale lavender fluorite and occasional orange-red realgar, or with minor white stilbite. Superb for the species with excellent micro potential, matrix sizes from 1.5cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 45.00, 65.00 and 85.00 each, priced based on quality/ size.

GEDRITE - ANTHOPHYLLITE- Fishtail Lake, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
A pair of relatively large specimens, both ex-E.W. Heinrich and accompanied by his label identifying the gedrite. Mindat indicates this "cordierite-garent-gedrite (anthonphyllite) rocks and associated gneisses...(here) are the first noted occurrence of cordierite in Canada and of gedrite in N. America". The amphibole is nearly black and is well scattered as radiating sprays to several cm across. Nomenclature changes since these samples were collected by Heinrich make amphibole identifications difficult without structural work as well as chemistry, and these certainly look like every other confirmed gedrite encountered. The "smaller " of the tw osamples is 11 x 7 cm and shows minor garnets as well, @ 55.00; the larger sample, 12 x 11 cm is also much richer and is available @ 75.00; both with Heinrich's personal label!

HODRUSITE- Rosalia Vein, Banska Hodrusa, Slovakia
Steely grey masses of this unusual Cu-Bi-S mineral scattered in rock matrix, most with brassy chalcopyrite, quartz and possibly other phases. Old specimens from the type locality area, sizes from 2.5cm to nearly 6cm across @ 15.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each

HOPEITE - Broken Hill Mine (ex-N.Rhodesia), Zambia
Fine micro crystals of chisel-shaped pale brownish stout hopeite, some matrix samples scattered over altered sheaves of tarbuttite (some pseudomorphous after hemimorphite) and rock, occasionally with minor smithsonite matrix. Classic material, only a few specimens available, from single 6mm groups without matrix @ just 15.00, or as matrix specimens from 2cm to 3cm @ 35.00 and 50.00 each.

KVANEFJELDITE- Mt. Kedykverpakhk, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
Tiny single grains of pure, pale pink kvanefjeldite mounted on adhesive disks, from only the second known world occurrence of this rare mineral, and the first outside of the type locality in Greenland. From a noted Russian mineralogist, only a few confirmed micro grains are on hand @ 120.00 each. List alternates!

MALACHITE pseduo @ AZURITE- Whim Creek Copper Mine, Karratha, WA Australia
Typical green malachite replacing numerous blocky azurite crystals (to 1.4cm) fully scattered on one surface of a hefty, limonite-tenorite matrix, the bottom (ugly side) of the specimen showing a few tiny malachite sprays and needles. From the original finds circa 2006-2007, rich coverage, ex-Martin Rosser specimen, overall size about 10x8 cm @ 265.00. One only!

QUARTZ var: AGATE NODULES- Los Choyas, Aldama Muni., Chihuahua, Mexico
About 60 years ago, I got hooked on collecting and began hoarding intriguing agates and geodes, that passion eventually growing into systematic mineralogy. However, the beauty of agate nodules, with interesting patterns, occasional geode forms and many potential inclusions has stayed with me. I have many polished nodules of the well-

known Las Choyas agates and geodes, most in the 6cm to 7cm diameter size, occasionally as chalcedony-rich geodes as well, and here offer a selection of good polished nodules @ just 20.00 per polished half, or 35.00 for matched pairs. Pretty stuff that got me started a long time ago!

REALGAR on CALCITE- White Caps Mine, Nye Co., Nevada
An excellent, sharp, deep red, unaltered, 7 mm realgar crystal perched in a surrounding white calcite matrix, showing excellent habit and color. The sample was colleced by Martin Jensen on a sub-level stope about 30 feet below the 310' level in the east ore body. From his private thumbnail collection, #5970, at just 125.00. One only!

ROUAITE- Murzinskoe Au Deposit, Altai Krai, Russia
This relatively rare copper mineral occurs here as pale blue crusts that consist of tiny lamellar crystals, typically in exposed seams or cracks in partially oxidized chalcopyrite ore. Sizes range from about 2cm to 2.5cm, all with arrows, @ 95.00 and 125.00 each, depending on size/coverage. Only a few available!

SIDERITE with NATIVE COPPER- Ray, Pinal Co., Arizona
Weird, murky green siderite balls and dumbell-shaped sheaves a few millimeters across, lightly scattered on quartz/rock matrix, all with small but excellent arborescent masses and/or spinel twinned spears of native copper, some piercing the siderite or showing a variety of forms on the same specimen. Old material acquired over 40 years ago, these are unusual specimens likely confined to a single occurrence, and not found in the usual Arizona literature from this defunct locality. Specimens range in size from about 2cm to 4cm across @ just 10,00, 20.00 and 30.00 each, most suitable for micros as well!

SILVER- Uranium Mine #7, Trebsko, Pribram, Czech Republic
Weird, spongy-black metallic masses of micro druses of native silver in seams and masses on etched carbonate matrix, the better specimens potentially with acanthite or other metallic minerals. Likely early 1970s vintage from one of our many trips to CSSR, specimens range from about 2.5cm to nearly 4cm @ 35.00 and 50.00 each, depending on coverage. Nice older stuff!

SIMPSONITE- Alto do Giz, Equador, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Small vitreous aggregates of tan simpsonite in and comprising matrix. Classic locality material that also flouresces blue-white under SW-UV. Small specimens averaging 4mm to 7mm, ex- Luis Menezes @ 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each. Marge and Homer would be proud!

SMITHSONITE- Silver Bill Mine, Gleeson, Cochise C Arizona
From an old lot of 1970s vintage recently uncovered, clear to pale greyish drusy micro rhombs of smithsonite well-scattered in exposed seams and on matrix, teh better samples with minor rosasite balls and possibly other species. Good coverage and will yield excellent micromounts, matrix specimens from 3cm to 5.5 cm @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each. Old stuff!

SPODUMENE- Resplendor, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Gemmy, transparent elongated crystal sections of very pale yellow spodumene without matrix. These are suitable for cutting and were recently acquired in an older collection of gem materials. Specimens range from about 3.5cm to 7cm long, weights ranging from about 75 cts to 150 cts at just 35.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each.

TOPAZ with MUSCOVITE- Trumbull, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
A surprisingly heavy hand specimen comprised of a white, non-descript topaz core, nicely surrounded by thick, platy masses of silvery muscovite. An old A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum specimen (DM 9462) likely from one of the early Long Hill properties, and the DM number suggests a 1930's acquisition period. Not pretty but quite unusual morphology for topaz, overall size about 8x8x6 cm @ 65.00.

VERPLANCKITE- Esquire #7, Big Creek, Fresno Co., California
Pale yellowish to brown subhedral aggregates of verplanckite richly scattered in sanbornite matrix, occasionally with pyrrhotite and other species. Type locality material, sizes from 2cm to 8cm @ 8.50, 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

WAVELLITE w/AMBLYGONITE &TURQUOISE- Montebras, Creuse, Nouv-Aquitaine, France
A small lot obtained many years ago from Dr. Sainfeld (sainfeldite) at the School of Mines in Paris, wavellite occurs here as typical white to tan botroyoids or minute glassy sheaves perched on massive amblygonite-montebrasite, often with sparsely scattered pale bluish masses of turquoise. Most unusual is the uncommon fluorescence (green, SW>LW) UV shown by the wavellite from this, the type locality, for montebrasite and morinite. Only a few specimens on hand, average about 4cm across @ 35.00 each. List alternates!

WILLEMITE with EPIDOTE- Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, Sussex Co New Jersey
A moderately large specimen showing excellent, bright green fluorescence (SW>LW UV), dominated by willemite but with a couple of other minor LW reactions evident. The epidote occurs primarily as micro druses and films, and like many FROG specimens, you will find unknowns under the 'scope as well. The piece is a very hefty 14 x 6 cm, ex-John MacDonald specimen, @ just 55.00.

WILLHENDERSONITE- San Venanzo Quarry, Terni, Umbria, Italy
Tiny white spheres of willhendersonite (1-2mm) copiously dot a basaltic matrix on these samples from the type locality for this species. Good micro potential. Overall sizes from 1cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each.

WILUITE- Vilyui River, nr. Chernyshevsk,Sakha Russia
This relatively uncommon species occurs as sharp, dark green, tetragonal single crystals without matrix, all showing good prism faces and these being doubly terminated as well. Most crystals will show 2 tetragonal prisms {100} and {110}, dipyramid {111} and pinacoid {001} faces! A member of the vesuvianite group, well-formed and moderately attractive, sizes from 1.4cm to nearly 2.5cm @ 45.00, 60.00 and 75.00 each. Type locality specimens!

ZERAVSHANITE- Dara-I-Pioz, Alaiskii Range, Tadjikistan
Another rare species from this prolific area, here as minute grains mounted in a 2cm probe mount, accompanied by an SEM backscatter image and X-ray spectra. IMA #2003-034, a new Cs-Zr silicate and a new structural type! Formula: Cs4Na2Zr3Si18O45*2H2O; author's material from the type locality, only a few available @ 145.00 each.


Jay Lininger's MATRIX magazine was published irregularly over a sixteen (16) year period in 49 issues of varying size, numbering and content, resulting in 12 volumes. It developed an avid following among collectors and mineral historians alike, and some volumes had four issues, some six, and several years were never indexed at all. We have taken on the task of completely indexing the entire run of 49 issues, now available in a cumulative hard copy of more than 25 pages that details every subject, mineral and locality given mention in those issues! Available exclusively from us for just 20.00 with any mineral order. If you missed this excellent publication, we can also provide back issues as a complete run of all 49 individual issues @ 240.00 plus shipping, including our exclusive index at no extra charge. Note that a couple of issues may be full color reprints with full content, and these are the last of our available complete sets, these at less than 5.00 an issue when purchased as a complete collection!


FLUORITE- Non-Illinois, Worldwide Localities
We continue to liquidate therge fluorite collection fluorite collection of Joseph Eburno of Wisconsin. He collected fluorites from around the world, ammasing nearly 300 different localities of his favorite mineral. Most are crystallized and associations, when present, will be typical for the locality. Since we are awash in obscure fluorite localities now, we are making a special offer of 8 different fluorites from 8 different localities, and NONE are from Illinois. Each specimen measures from 3cm to 7cm across, and there will be a wide range of colors and habits as well. Our price: just 150.00 per lot, less than 20.00 each! Multiple lots ordered at the same time will not have duplicates, and each sample is labeled, of course. No killers here, but typical samples from uncommon places! Eight (8) for 150.00 per lot!

GYPSUM - Various localities Worldwide
One of the more interesting and diverse minerals found in nature, we have several hundred different gypsum specmens in our inventory, many from old collections and obscure localities, as well as those from well-known deposits that fill the mineral literature. Some are massive, some are well crystallized, all are individually labeled and will often include old institutional of collector labels. We offer a special collection of twelve (12) different gypsum specimens for just 99.00 per lot, generously sized samples ranging from 4cm to 10cm in size. A remarkably economical and diverse collection, limit one per order, please!

SAN RAFAEL MINE - San Rafael Mine, Nye Co., Nevada
We have many specimens on hand from our research work on this locality that resulted in the publication of the Rocks and Minerals article in 2010 that we happily co-authored. While the stock lasts, we offer a lot of ten (10) specimens from the locality, with sizes ranging from 2.5cm to 4cm across, most with good micro crystals from a wide range of species. The locality has produced nearly 70 different minerals, and we are certain you will find some interesting species such as wulfenite, mimetite, segnitite, adamite and others. You can expect some duplication in each lot of ten (10) specimens, but you can't beat our price of just 75.00 per lot, and we'll even throw in a signed color copy of our article at no extra charge upon request!


CITRINE- Laboratory Grown
These are brilliant, laboratory grown citrine samples that have been facet cut into fine, 25x18mm fancy ovals, all showing absolute clarity and superb, rich deep yellow-orange color! These average about 28 carats each and sell for about 20% of the cost of their natural counterparts at just 40.00 each! Large, quite magnificent faceted stones; matched pairs are just 75.00/pair, all less costly than 10 years ago!!!

TSAVORITE (GROSSULAR) - Merelani, Arusha, Tanzania
Excellent, clean bright green tsavorite faceted stones, here as calibrated 5x3mm ovals showing fine color and careful cutting. Judging from the rough crystals we have in stock, finding rough clean enough to facet is certainly a challenge! We offer 5x3mm ovals of this rare garnet variety @ just 40.00 each, or a lot of three for 100.00. Limited availability!


BASALTIC LAVA - Silvestri Craters, Mt. Etna, Nicolosi, Sicily, Italy
Interesting brownish-black volcanic lava found at ~6400 foot elevation from the pyroclastic cone along a radial fracture on the south side of Mt. Etna. The eruption of 1892 was responsible for theses weird specimens, primarily basaltic lava with bubbly texture and with occasional glassy phenocrysts seen under the 'scope. Sizes from about 4cm to 8cm across @ 20.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each; only a few on hand!

CATALOG 22304 - Volume 50, No. 4
Our 50th Year

ADAMITE- San Rafael Mine, Lodi District, Nevada
Weirdly colored, somewhat greyish balls of adamite scattered in brown gossan matrix, some showing oddly fluid forms and cauliflower-like globules tucked in exposed seams. Unlike the cuprian adamites from the locality, these are brightly fluorescent under both LW and SW UV, showing an intense green response. These also have good micro potential, matrix sizes from about 2cm to 5cm across @ just 5.00, 12.50, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

ALMANDINE- Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut
An interesting miniature showing mulitple trapezeohedral garnet crystals to 3mm well-scattered and exposed on a greyish schist matrix. Vintage is sometime in the early 1980s, but the specific mine is unknown. A moderately cute specimen from an eastern US locality, overall about 5cm across @ just 25.00.

ANKERITE with CALCITE- Freiberg, Saxony, Germany
An old specimen, ex-Michigan College of Mines (circa 1897-1926) and with their label, shows several water-clear calcite crystals to 1cm perched on the surface of small but fully scattered brownish-tan ankerite wedges. A wonderful reference specimen, enhanced by the presence of the calcites, overall size about 5cm across @ 45.00. One only!

ARSENOPYRITE- Panasquiera Mine, Beira Baxia, Portugal
A superb, elongated crystal of remarkable quality, nicely terminated and showing three closely joined crystals, all with excellent prism faces as well, each about 3.5cm tall and no matrix. A very classy Jensen Collection specimen (MJ 1197) acquired in 1988, and offered at just 175.00. Very fine sample from a classic locality!

BARYLITE-10- Yukspor Mt., Khibiny, Kola, Russia
Approved as a new species (clinobarylite) in 2002, this monoclinic polytype of barylite occurs as transparent lamellar to flattened prismatic aggregates to 1cm or more scattered in matrix. Formula: BaBe2Si2)7 - monoclinic. Originally IMA #2002-015;, later renamed as a the monoclinic polytype of barylite in 2014, this is author's material and surprisingly readily evident for the mineral, matrix specimens from about 2.5cm to 4.5cm @ 125.00, 150.00 and 175.00 each. If you missed these before, this is your last opportunity with only a few available!

BERAUNITE var: ELEONORITE- Mont des-Groseillers, Blaton, Belgium
Approved as a species in 2015, eleonorite had previously be known as "oxibraunite", and now has been redefined simply as a synonym of beraunite. That said, we have a couple of small, slab-like samples showing really superb radiating, needle-like sprays of micro, golden brownish "eleonorite" lying flat on a 3.5 cm matrix @ 40.00 each. Very limited availability!

CALDERONITE- C and B Mine, nr. Christmas, Gila Co Arizona
Among the best of the few U.S. occurrences of this anhydrous Pb-Fe vanadate mineral, the dangerous C and B Mine has yielded good micro crystals of orange-red calderonite in the past. Although micro in size, the crystals are prolific on these samples, and all are relatively rich in coverage. Specimens range from 2cm to nearly 5cm across @ 15.00, 30.00, and 55.00 each. Limited availability!

CHLORARGYRITE variety EMBOLITE- Broken Hill, N.S.W., Australia
The bromian-rich variety of chlorargyrite (embolite) occurs here as tiny, multi-isometric formed crystals perched on gossan matrix, many associated with brilliant but massive blue azurite and possibly other species. Old Hatfield Goudey (goudeyite) specimens with his label, micro material typically around 1 cm and packaged in a standard micro box, and surprisingly good under the scope. Only a few available @ just 25.00 each.

CLAUSTHALITE etc.- Eskaborn Adit, Tilkerode, Saxony, Germany
This uncommon mineral occurs as greyish black metallic masses scattered in ferroan calcite matrix, typically with minor admixed tiemannite, eskebornite and possibly other phases. Cursory analytical work by us (SEM/EDS spectra supplied) suggests most of the metallic material is clausthalite, but a half dozen great rarities occurred in this assemblage, all requiring polished section work which we do not have the time to prepare. Rough matrix samples, old material ex-Michigan Mining College, only a few specimens available, sizes about 2 to 5cm across @ 25.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each, with analysis.

COLLINSITE- Tip Top Mine, Custer Co., South Dakota
An older specimen acquired from the Steve and Janet Cares (caresite) in 1983, collinsite occurs here as translucent sprays of elongated crystals lying flat on matrix. Moderately good coverage for this uncommon member of the fairfieldite group, overall size about 4cm across @ 40.00. One only.

CONICHALCITE with CALCITE- Gold Hill, Tooele Co., Utah
From outside the glory hole, deep green botryoids and masses of chonicalcite are scattered over pale rock matrix, most with attractive druses and overgrowths of white to water-clear calcite, these likely from the 30' level and collected in the 1980s, with other associations possible. Specimens range from about 3cm to 7cm @ just 5.00, 10.00 and 20.00 each - a steal for these colorful specimens!

CURIENITE- Rio Giulis, Condino, Trento Prov., Italy
This uncommon hydrated lead-uranium-vanadate occurs here as microscopic, pale yellow crusts sparsely scattered on matrix. You will need magnification on these, and nearly 50 different species are known from the locality, last prospected in 1958. A few smallTNs on hand @ just 45.00 each.

DOLOMITE- Aughamore Quarry, Sligo County, Ireland
Pleasing pale pinkish-white curved rhombs of dolomite richly scattered over matrix, crystals to 1cm or more, some with minor quartz and/or chalcopyrite. Excellent locality material with full coverage, reasonably priced 5cm specimens @ 20.00 each. Great locality material!

ESQUIREITE (IMA 2014-066)- Esquire No. 1 Claim, Rush Creek, California
This prolific barium rich deposit in Frsno County continues to yield interesting species! Esquireite, a new hydrous barium silicate occurs as a low-temperature alteration product of sanbornite, found as microscopic, colorless, rectangular, pearly blades on altered cleavage surfaces and fractures of massive sanbornite. Formula: BaSi6O13*7H2O, monoclinic, IMA #2014-066. Author's material, specimens from early 2cm to 3cm across, priced according to richness @ 75.00, 100.00, and 125.00 ea.

FABRITZITE (IMA 2020-040)- Damianos Mine, Dimoliaki, Lavrion, Greece
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs here as extremely tiny, colorless, slightly thicker, hexagonal crystals as epitaxial overgrowth on thinner tzeferisite crystals, perched among yellow greenockite on a schist/marble breccia matrix. Formula: Zn9(SO4)2(OH)2*6H2O, trigonal, IMA # 2020-040. Easily overlooked, the specimens range for 3cm to 4cm across @ 175.00 each. Only a few available!

FLUORAPATITE- Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
An old specimen, ex-J. Cilen Colelction, comprised of a crude, elongated dark blue, Mn-rich fluorapatite crystal section about 5cm long and 2cm wide, perched in fluoresccent calcite with patches of brilliantly fluorescent willemite as well. Cilen acquired the piece about 40 years ago, and overall specimen size is a generous 9 x 6 x 4 cm @ 85.00. One only, with Cilen label as well!

FLUORITE- Trollers Gill, North Yorkshire, England
From a moderately obscure locality, this is a relatively large fluorite specimen comprised of large intergrown cubes to 4.5cm on edge, showing pale grey to colorless tansparent to translucent crystals, some with minor zoning. The piece is brilliantly fluorescent (both LW and lesser SW) blue-white, and the overall specimen size is 14 x 10 x 5 cm @ just 325.00. A steal for a decent English fluorite, a more full locality description for Tollers Gill noted as Skyreholme, High and Low Bishopside, Harrowgate, but too much to fit on our label! Ex-J. Eburno Collection.

GALENA with CALCITE etc.- Bohutin, Pribram, Bohemia, Czech Republic
An old specimen comprised of small galena crystals to and aggregates to 1 cm well-scattered on a silicified limestone matrix, with many micro disk-shaped crystals of calcite, ranging from clear to slightly pinkish in color. The bottom of the sample shows another galena vein, here with tiny, deep red sphalerites. Likely from the Rimbaba Mine, but the Czech National Museum label that accompanies the piece only indicates Bohutin. Overall size about 10x7 cm @ just 125.00. One only, with Museum label

GALENA with PYRITE- Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co., Kansas
From the heyday of Tri-State mining, a small but remarkable galena specimen comprised of several beautifully intergrown crystals to 1.2cm that show fine growth hillocks of tiny cubes on the faces of the larger crystals, On the bottom of one cube, tiny pyrites are present in the form of perfect little cubic crystals as well, and the specimen is a small but aesthetic 3cm display piece @ 50.00 from this classic locality. One only!

GALENA with SIDERITE, FELDSPAR- Killareny Pegmatite, Wausau, Wisconsin
An historic specimen, collected November 27, 1940 by Franklin G. Pardee, co-author of the famous book "Excamination and Valuation of Mineral Property" (1949), who subsequently supplied the specimen to Wyllys A. Seaman, who succeeded his father A.E. Seaman (seamanite) as curator of the Museum of the same name at Michigan Tech. The specimen is a rather large but ugly hand specimen, comprised of crude alkaline feldspar, massive siderite and a 2.5cm patch of massive galena, with several smaller galena crystals in vugs of surrounding quartz and feldspar, likely with other species as well requiring microscopic study. The obscure locality is not recorded in Mindat, adding some further reason for greater study! The piece measures a hefty 10x8x6 cm @ 125.00, with W.A. Seaman's personal collection label (citing the Pardee provenance) included. One only, of course.

GILLESPITE w/ CELSIAN etc.- Big Creek, Rush Creek Dep, Fresno Co California
Old material collected many years ago, here comprised of dark red streamers and platy aggregates of gillespite scattered in celsian matrix, often with quartz, sanbornite and likely other disseminated species. Specimen sizes range from about 2.5cm to nearly 6cm across @ 12.50, 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each. Brighter and more colorful material from Mexico also available at similar size/ prices; please inquire!

GOLD- Baixao Mandancaru Claim, Paranita, Brazil
Another small lot of attractive native gold specimens from an uncommon Mato Grosso locality, presented here as compact frothy masses and crude wires comprising each specimen, Average size just above 1 cm, priced at 150.00 to 175.00 each, nicely presented in a black, glass-topped Bates box.

GYPSUM variety bronze SELENITE- Intersection of I-29 and I-94, Fargo North
One of the very few North Dakota specimens in our expansive inventory, this one uncovered in the bottom sediments of Lake Agassiz that were disrupted by the excavations for footings of a 1200 foot bridge that connected I-29 and I-94 in Fargo. Very similar to the Winnepeg specimens in Manitoba, this honey-colored nodule of attractive radiating plates measures about 4cm across @ just 38.00. Rare locality!

HAUSMANNITE with BRAUNITE- Bengal Mine, Stambaugh, Iron Co., Michigan
An old A.E. Seaman Museum specimen, comprised of densely backed crystalline hausmannite admixed with braunite, certainly a pair of typically rather ugly black minerals! These Mn-rich species can be seen as micro crystals and aggregated masses under the 'scope in this cabinet specimen which also shows a major vug about 2cm across, as well as an adhered label and the old cardboard label from Michigan Tec as well. A hefty 10x8cm specimen @ 55.00. One only!

HERBERTSMITHITE- San Francisco Mine, Sierra Gorda, Chile
This rare species occurs as deep green, vitreous micro crystals and aggregates scattered on pale rock matrix. Formula: Cu3Zn(OH)6Cl2 - rhombohedral. Approved (IMA#2003-041) and published (see MinMag, 6/04, Vol. 68 pp 527-539). Moderately colorful for a new species, occasionally associated with other secondary copper minerals. Now found in a number of places, when first discovered its unusual physical properties made it behave as a new type of matter! We have a only a handful of specimens, much with micro potential, matrix sizes from about 1.5cm to nearly 3cm across @ 35.00, 50.00, 75.00 and 95.00 each.

HIBBINGITE- 900' L. Drill Core, Duluth Complex, Minnesota
This relatively rare species, a divalent iron hydroxychloride, occurs in drill core sections as sparse, clear to pale green grains, occasionally red when oxidized, in a partially serpentinized troctolitic rock. Formula: Fe2(OH)3Cl; matrix sections from numbered drill cores from the type locality find, sizes from 2.5 to 5cm @ 75.00, 125.00 and 150.00 each.

JOHANNITE with CHALCANTHITE etc- Blue Lizard Mine, San Juan Co., Utah
A moderately large specimen comprised of granular sulfate and rock matrix, shot through with delicate blue, glassy chalcanthite and much green johannite, some of which is microscopically crystallized in tiny bundles. Very sparse, yellowish natrozippeite occurs on the sample, and a number of other pale green rarities are suspected but unanalyzed by us. Has spotty fluorescence, and the specimen was collected in 2014 and is fairly large, measuring about 14 x 6 cm and easily trimmed if desired, at 175.00. Very mildly radioactive. One only!

MESOLITE- Fassarfell, Berufjord, Iceland
White radiating needles and compact aggregates of mesolite fully lining large exposed seams and/or comprising matrix, some with the occasional stilbite evident as well. Most are iron-stained at their tips from this interesting locality. Our analyzed specimens range from about 4cm to 7cm across @ 25.00 35.00 and 45.00 each, accompanied by copies of our SEM/EDS analytical work.

MUIRITE- Big Creek, Fresno Co., California
Minute, pale orange grains of this rare mineral sparsely disseminated in granular sanbornite matrix, occasionally with minor pyrrhotite and possibly other rare barium minerals. Matrix sizes from 2cm to 7cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each.

ORPIMENT with BARITE- Quiruvilca Mine, La Libertad, Peru
Attractive specimens of orange, lozenge-like, intergrown crystals of orpiment fully covering a thin sufide matrix, most associated with tabular white barite plates lightly scattered across the orpiment crystals. The locality is quite famous and was featured in Mineralogicla Record a number of times from the 1980s forward. These attractive, well-crystallized specimens average about 3cm tall and are just 30.00 each!

PERRYITE- Mount Egerton Meteorite, Gascoyne River, W.A. Australia
This extremely rare mineral, an iron-nickel-phosphate-silicate occurs as minute lamellar networks scattered in kamachite. Found in the Mount Egerton meteorite, we have one tiny kamachite speck in a 5mm probe mount and accompanied by a complete quantitative analysis and two SEM images pinpointing perryite! A superbly documented rarity @ 275.00. One only!

PHLOGOPITE- Cranberry Lake, Byram Twp., Sussex Co., New Jersey
From one of the very few New Jersey localities known for uranium mineralization, this specimen is ex-Howard Moore collection and is a flat plate measuring a large 11x10 cm, likely from the old BEMCO prospect. The "mica group" reported for the locality likely includes at least three or four different members of the group, but they have been poorly studied as the adit has been backfilled and the raise sealed with steel bars, now part of Allamuchy State Park. One large specimen @ just 30.00, with Moore's label.

PICROPHARMACOLITE, REALGAR etc- White Caps Mine, Manhattan, Nye Co. Nevada
An exceptional lot of rich, handsome specimens from this prolific mine, the picropharmacolite occurs as tiny, white spiney balls of acicular crystals to several millimeters across, well-scattered on matrix, typically over a pale orange-red druse of realgar and occasionally with transparent gypsum, yellow sulfur and/or white globular pharmacolite. A relatively new mineral for the locality, SEM/EDS verified, and with great micro potential as well. Overall matrix sizes range from about 3cm to 10cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00, 40.00, 65.00 and 100.00 each. Superb!

QUARTZ - LAKE SUPERIOR AGATE- Various Localities in Wisconsin and Michigan
Held in great esteem by lapidary artists, Lake Superior Agate has tight, very attractive banding in brownish-red nodules. Difficult to find today, we have acquired an old hoard of these fine agates, and we hand select for best banding in this offer. Specimens from tiny 1cm nodules to nearly 3cm across at just 3.00, 10.00 and 15.00 each.

RHODOCROSITE on MANGANITE- Hotazel Mine, Kuruman, No. Cape Prov Rep So Afri
A rich, raspberry red group of drusy rhodochrosites in rounded balls perched on black manganite matrix from this famous locality! Acquired in 1989 by Martin Jensen (jensenite) via Joe Leising (leisingite) and one of the classy Jensen Collection of thumbnails (MJ 2011). Attractive and gemmy little specimen, lots of sparkle, about 2.5cm @ 225.00. One only!

SCAPOLITE- Castione, Switzerland
Elongated, blocky, prismatic crystals of tan-pink scapolite are partially exposed in a quartz matrix. A representative sample for the species and accompanied by a label from the collection of E. Wm. Heinrich, former professor at Michigan Technological University and author of the Mineralogy of Michigan and many other titles. A "hand sample" sized specimen measuring 8x7 centimeters and priced at just 48.00.

STIBARSEN var. ALLEMONTITE- Trebsko, Pribram, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Dull grey metallic masses of stibarsen, as veins either exposed or running through matrix, most showing typical rounded concentric shell habit of the formerly named allemontite variety. Good locality material, sizes from 2.5cm to large 8cm specimens @ 15.00, 30.00, 50.00 and 85.00 each.

THAUMASITE etc.- Bawana Mine, Beaver Co., Utah
Rather ugly masses of white, somewhat powdery thaumasite masses well-scattered in seams and on matrix, typically associated with vesuvianite and trace sulfides at this locality. Some have tiny dots of powellite/scheelite that are only evident under UV, the locality better known for the copper silicates that were first found there. Collected in the 1970s by the late Conoco geologist
Robert E. Jenkins, specimens range from about 2.5 to 6cm at just 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

THERMONATRITE- Mt. Koashva, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
White massive thermonatrite as powdery masses, some potentially with trace amounts of the typical admixed associations from the locality (pectolite, aegirine, villiaumite etc). X-Ray and IR-spectra confirmed material, small quantities in a vial @ 25.00.

TOBELITE- Tobe, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
This uncommon species occurs as non-descript, white to beige clay-like masses comprising matrix. Classic locality for the species and relatively pure, small specimens from about 0.5cm to nearly 2.5cm across @ 25.00, 50.00, 75.00 and 125.00 each.

TULAMEENITE- Epilchik River placer, Kamchatka, Russia
This very rare Pt2CuFe mineral occurs here as microscopic inclusions in isoferroplatinium (Pt3Fe), with tiny (Os,Ir) iridosmine (=native osmium with minor iridium) as well. From an obscure locality, this tiny speck is in a 2.5cm probe mount, with complete microprobe chemistry and two SEM images accompanying it, Elegantly documented, one only, @ 245.00.

WHELANITE- Bawana Mine, Beaver Co., Utah
From the TYPE LOCALITY for this approved (1977) and finally published (2012) species, we have a small selection of specimens from the original find, here occurring as pale blue powdery druses and sprays scattered on matrix. Likely the longest
"approved and unpublished" mineral ever (see Mineral News (2013) VOl. 29, No. 3), sizes range from 1.5cm to nearly 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each. While not as prolific as the Christmas Mine material, the type locality samples are difficult to locate today.

WULFENITE- Ahumada Mine, Los Lamentos,Chihuahua Mexico
Wonderful butter-scotch orange tabular crystals of wulfenite to 8mm nicely perched on limonitic and white calcite matrix, these from the early 1970s from this famous locality. Attractive thumbnails recently uncovered in our warehouse, buried there since 1974. Gemmy and attractive little specimens averaging 2.5cm @ just 25.00 each. Nice! Also on hand: Many 2mm to 4mm tabular crystals of wulfenite cover an unusually light and porous limonitic matrix, these are a resinous dull yellow color. Many cerussite crystals are also present. 13cm by 9cm @ 40.00. And best of all: One superb, fully covered large matrix sample with attractive orange, butter-scotch crystals covering a 12x10cm plate @ 1250.00.

ZINKENITE w/ JAMESONITE etc.- San Francisco Mine, Poopo, Oruro, Bolivia
Rich, metallic ore specimens consisting of nearly black sphalerite intergrown with flattened aggregates of grey, metallic, somewhat platy zinkenite and bright needle-like sprays of jamesonite lying flat in much of the samples. Older material acquired about 30 years ago and only recently analytically confirmed, and we supply three typical analyses (one for each species- worth about 150.00 in our lab costs!) with every specimen. Samples range in size from 3cm to nearly 9cm across, quite rich, at 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 75.00 each. Heavy!


Title Author Year Binding Pages Price $
World Directory of Mineral Collections IMA 1994 HC 292 $ 30.00
Opals Fred Ward 1997 SC 64 $ 15.00
Gems & Minerals -Earth Treasures from the Royal Ontario Museum Kimberly Tait 2011 HC 255 $ 35.00
Mining Industry of N Carolina 1946-1953 Div. Min. Res. 1955 HC 99 $ 25.00
Iron Ores in W. N. Carolina - NC Geo Sur Bull 31 W.S. Bailey 1925 HC 76 $ 20.00

Ore Dep Virginia Dist. VA & NC Bull XIV F.B.Laney 1917 HC 176 $ 30.00
Tungsten, Rare & Radio Gold Placer Dep of AZ Bull 148,160-163 +MAPS Eldred W. Wilson 1941, 1952, 1953 HC 20 $ 15.00
World Directory of Mineral Collections IMA 1977 HC 200+ $ 25.00
Publications of the Geological Survey 1962-1970 USDOI 1972 HC 586 $ 45.00
X-Ray Crystallography M. J. Buerger 1942 HC 531 $ 38.00
Frog Lamps 1529-1979 Wendell E. Wilson 1981 SC 110 $ 25.00
Early Underground Mine Lamps - from antiquity to Arizona Henry A. Pohs 1989 SC 108 $ 20.00
Rockhounds & Arizona Minerals A. L. Flagg 1944 HC 82 $ 12.00
Appendix to Chemical Index of Miinerals Max H. Hey 1963 HC 135 SET
Chemical Index of Minerals Max H. Hey 1962 HC 728 $ 48.00
Tungstend Dep of Vance Co. NC & Mecklenburg Co. VA Bull 948-A +maps G.H. Espenshade 1947 HC 17 $ 25.00
Ore Dep Freeland-Lamartine Dist, CO Bull 1032-B Harrison & Wells 1956 HC 127 $ 25.00
Gold & Silver Bull 470-B J.S.Diller et al 1911 HC 122 $ 25.00
New Hampshire Mines & Mineral Localities P. Morrill 1960 HC 46 $ 22.00


FLUORITES- Non-Illinois, Worldwide Localities
We recently had the good fortune to acquire the worldwide fluorite collection of Joseph Eburno of Wisconsin. He collected fluorites from around the world, amassing nearly 300 different localities of his favorite mineral. Most are crystallized and associations, when present, will be typical for the locality. Since we are awash in obscure fluorite localities now, we are making a special offer of 8 different fluorites from 8 different localities, and NONE are from Illinois. Each specimen measures from 3cm to 7cm across, and there will be a wide range of colors and habits as well. Our price: just 150.00 per lot, less than 20.00 each! Multiple lots ordered at the same time will not have duplicates, and each sample is labelled, of course. No killers here, but typical samples from uncommon places! That's 8 different @ just 150.00!


As featured in the April, 2023 issue of Mineral News, we have the last few known invitations to the 1972 opening of the Royal Ontario Museum's "Nature's Biographer" gala. The cover of fold out postcard-type invitation featured an image of diamond trigons as seen through a Francon-Yamamoto differential interference device, the image taken by famous medical and mineral photographer Julius Weber, early photo contributor for Mineralogical Record and the co-author of the first edition of the Encyclopedia of Minerals (Roberts, Rapp and Weber, 1974), in which the diamond trigon image also appeared. We will include a copy of the Mineral News article with each invitation as well, all for just 20.00 each with any mineral order - an uncommon piece of history!


ONE OF A KIND COLLECTOR STONES of unusual minerals that are seldom facetted. Only one of each available, and an opportunity to acquire some unique rarities in cut stones, offered here:

Amblygonite (clear) Brazil 1.50 carats square @ 75.00
Cobaltocalcite (pink) Morocco 0.34 carats rectangle @ 45.00
Kornerupine (golden) Sri Lanka 2.46 carats oval @ 65.00
Rhodochrosite (pink) Peru 0.83 carats oval @ 60.00
Sinhalite (golden) Sri Lanka 0.85 carats round @ 135.00


A set of four different faceted zircons from Cambodia, sizes ranging from 1.19 carats to 2.54 carats, each sporting a different color (clear, golden champagne, aqua blue and greenish blue) and all in fully faceted cuts (rounds, ovals, trillion etc.) that are good, eye-clean stones, each in its own round gem case! Our recent purchase of a major gemstone collection enables us to offer this wonderful, collector-made collection, total carat weight = 6.68 cts @ just 240.00 for the set. For the advanced collector, we also have a stunning 2.12 carat gem blue oval @ 212.00, and a 4.58 carat oval of superb golden brown color @ 298.00, all FOB our warehouse. (Note: although not determined, we assume most modern gemstones have been heat treated.)

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CATALOG 22303 - Volume 50, No. 3
Our 50th Year

AMBER- nr. Klaipeda, Klaipeda County, Lithuania
Small, pale yellowish orange masses of amber without matrix, acquired from this coastal area of the Baltic Sea. These are typically rounded and appear polished, ranging from transparent to translucent, and all of good color. Specimens average 1.5cm to 2cm @ just 10.00 and 15.00 each, handsomely presented in a glass-topped Bates box.

ANDORITE w/ JAMESONITE etc.- Veta Potosi, Cerro Rico, Potosi, Bolivia
Minute metallic crystals (!!) of andorite perched in vugs in heavy sulfide ore matrix, associated with rod-like crystals of jamesonite as well as minor aresenopyrite, stannite, and possibly other species. Rare at the locality and reasonably well crystallized, we have only two hand specimens available, sizes averaging about 7x6 cm @ 95.00 each. List alternates!

BARITE- Unspecified locality in Cuba
A great locality specimen consisting of a crude, single crystal of doubly terminated barite without matrix. This old piece shows some bruising and is mostly translucent with some transparent areas. Ex-G. Dick and G. Hodson collections, circa 1939, size 7x4.5cm @ 40.00.

BERAUNITE var: ELEONORITE- Mont des-Groseillers, Blaton, Belgium
Approved as a species in 2015, eleonorite had previously be known as "oxibraunite", and now has been redefined simply as a synonym of beraunite. That said, we have a couple of small, slab-like samples showing really superb radiaiting, needle-like sprays of micro, golden brownish "eleonorite" lying flat on a 3.5 cm matrix @ 40.00 each. Very limited availability - please list alternates!

CATAPLEIITE- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Minute pseudo-hexagonal platy crystals and groups of catapleiite richly scattered in seams and on matrix, associated with a variety of other species. Good micro potential, from small TNs to nearly 4cm @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each. Extraordinary pseudomorphs of this mineral are listed below!

CATAPLEIITE pseudo @ EUDIALYTE- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
From an exceptional lot of fascinating, well-crystallized Mont St. Hilaire material from the old Poudrette Quarry, we have acquired over 100 fine thumbnail specimens showing these superb pseudomorphs, with most of the better specimens mounted on clear leucite squares. Catapleiite is normally thin, platy and often transparent to white, but these specimens show minutely reticulated catapleiite replacing a dull-lustered pinkish-brown eudialyte group phase, all in sharp trigonal crystals that appear almost garnet-like in habit, very similar to Goldschmidt's illustrated figures 11 and 13 for eudialyte. These have been erroneously called pseudos after fluorite in the past, and the associated minerals on all of these make for exceptional specimens themselves. We have spotted superb, deep red manganoneptunite, spears of aegirine, pink serandite, occasional white tablets of eudidymite, bladed rhodochrosite etc., all in perfect, micro crystals nicely isolated on the larger pseudomorphed crystals. Delightful specimens ranging in size from 1cm to 2cm, priced according to size, associations and overall aesthetics, at just 40.00, 55.00, 75.00, 85.00, 100.00, 125.00 and 150.00 each, with associations identified for each specimen. Weird and quite attractive little gems; don't miss these!

CHRYSOTILE with ZINCITE etc.- Mill Site, Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
Tiny radiaitiung sprays of crysotile lying flat on zincite-rich matrix. Small (we have marked with arrows) laths collected over 35 years ago (precisely on May 4, 1985) from teh original mill site with distinctive fluorescent willemite and rich zincite grains among the black franklinite masses. Identified as the polytype "clinochrysotile" by the late Dr. Pete J. Dunn, only four specimens are on hand, sizes average about 5cm across @ just 20.00 each, all with modest micro potential.

ELBAITE "Cats Eye"- Marilac, Minas Gerais, Brazil
A fine "catseye" tourmaline crystal showing an excellent chatoyancy and bi-color band from pale to dark green. This heavily striated crystal is nicely terminated with complex needles at one end, and cross-hatching prisms at the other; quite attractive and lustrous, weighing over 165g, (almost 6oz!). This stout crystal is about 5.5x4cm @ just 150.00.

FLUORITE w/ SPHALERITE etc.- Lime Crest Quarry, Sussex Co., New Jersey
From material collected in the 1990s, we have several large samples of the well-known, white Franklin marble in which there are scattered pods of massive, transparent to bluish-purple fluorite, typically intergrown with calcite, olive-brown sphalerite, and occasioanlly with minor galena, graphite and possibly other phases. Interesting for the locality, generously size specimens from 5cm to 10cm @ just 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each, one monster 16x8cm @ 75.00. List alternates!

GOLD- Baixao Mandancaru Claim, Paranita, Brazil
Another small lot of attractive native gold specimens from an uncommon Mato Grosso locality, presented here as compact frothy masses and crude wires comprising each specimen, Average size just above 1 cm, priced at 150.00 to 175.00 each, nicely presented in a black, glass-topped Bates box.

GYPSUM var. SELENITE- Batova Lemotka, Slovakia
A single, slightly curved crystal prism of selenite, silky white, not terminated and with the sides heavily striated. Translucent overall, has the appearance of tightly packed bundle of acicular crystals. Size is 12 cm x 5 cm @ 35.00. Great locality piece!

HEULANDITE-Ca- Nasik, Marharashtra, India
A fine group of deep, chocolate-brown, adamantine huelandite crystals without matrix, showing an unusual color intensity and very lustrous, curved crystal faces throughout! The only piece of this unusual color depth found in a huge zeolite lot acquired circa 1995, overall size is about 6x3x2cm @ 295.00. A unique specimen!

HILARIONITE (IMA #2011-089)- Hilarion Mine, Kamariza, Laurion, Greece
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs as small, pale yellowish to greenish spherules and aggregates to 1mm scattered on brownish oxidized ore matrix. Formula: Fe3+2(SO4)(AsO4)(OH)*6H2O - monoclinic, IMA #2011-089, structurally related to kankite. Only a very few samples available, all as matrix specimens from about 3mm up to 1.5cm @ 100.00 and 175.00 each, depending on size/coverage, all with modest micro potential as well!

LANARKITE etc.- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
This small but prolific locality has yielded many interesting species, including 14 new minerals to science. Among the 55+ confirmed species, rich associations have been found, as evidenced here: lanarkite occurs as minute, somewhat columnar and obscure micro crystals and aggregates on both galena and sphalerite matrix samples, here as micro samples with the new mineral redmondite @ 125.00, or with cherokeeite @ 150.00, or other rarities such as steverustite @ 175.00. Limited availability, so please list alternates!

LIKASITE- Murzinskoe gold deposit, Altai Krai, Russia
Small, bright blue spherical aggregates and crusts filling cavities within a partially oxidized chalcopyrite ore. Some samples show minor malachite as well, and the locality has yielded nearly fifty (50) different species from gold and copper mining operations. This copper nitrate is best known from the Congo, but these are fairly colorful under the scope and from an excellent locality, average sizxe about 3cm @ 85.00 each.

MARGAROSANITE, CALCITE etc.- Jacobsberg, Nordmark Dist., Varmland Sweden
A rather ugly rock comprised of densely packed biotitic mica and other phases, showing a non-descript patch of nicely fluorescent (SW blue-white) margarosanite plume about 3x2cm, with a similarly sized calcite (SW red-orange) mass perched at the opposite end of the piece. There are other crusty white phases on the same surface as well, but none are fluorescent, however. One specimen only, size about 6x6cm @ 125.00.

MIXITE- Boss Tweed Mine, Tintic, Juab Co., Utah
An older specimen originally provided by Bill Roberts (robertsite etc.) from the South Dakota School of Mines fame. The piece shows several areas of tiny, bright green needle-like clusters of mixite perched on quartz-rich matrix, offering good micromount potential as well. The original W.L. Roberts label accompanies this 5cm x 3.5 cm specimen @ 40.00.

MUNAKATAITE- Mt.1004, Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatk Russia
Tiny, pale blue radiaiting needles and tufts of this rare and attractive micro mineral scattered in cavities of blue chrysocolla that comprises the matrix. A rare combination of elements (Pb,Cu,Se) as an anhydrous sulfate, these collected from the obscure Western paleofumerole field at this prolific volcano. Specimens average 1.5cm @ 125.00 each. List alternates!

PARADAMITE with LEGRANDITE- Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Excellent golden yellow triclinic crystals of the rare mineral paradamite forming four globular balls on limonitic matrix, associated with superb, glassy flattened sprays of legrandite crystals as well! The specimen was pictured in Mineralogical Record [figure 118, page 80 of V.34 No. 5 (2003)], ex-Marty Zinn, ex-Martin Jenesen Collection. An outstanding thumbnail specimen about 3cm tall @ 3500.00. One only, probably the best TN I have ever seen!

PICROPHARMACOLITE- Salsigne, Aude, Occitanie, France
Radiating tufts of white capillary crystals and radiating balls of picropharmacolite perched in a dark vesicular matrix. Excellent
and moderately attractive samples of this species with terrific micro potential, all quite old and rich, ex-BRGM. Overall sizes range from about 2cm up to generous 8cm samples containing numerous vugs, offered at 25.00, 40.00, 65.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each. Nice!

RODDERITE with FERROSILITE etc.- Iodake Volcano, Iojima, Kagoshima, Japan
Rather non-descript, pale bluish grey granular masses of rodderite scattered in matrix, typically with darker green ferrosilite, and all scattered throughout granular white to colorless tridymite matrix. Not particularly attractive but an interesting locality for all three species, specimen sizes from 2cm to 4cm across at just 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each.

SCAPOLITE- Castione, Switzerland
Elongated, blocky, prismatic crystals of tan-pink scapolite are partially exposed in a quartz matrix. A representative sample for
the species and accompanied by a label from the collection of E. Wm. Heinrich, former professor at Michigan Technological University and author of the Mineralogy of Michigan and many other titles. A "hand sample" sized specimen measuring 8x7 centimeters and priced at just 48.00.

STERCORITE with MOHNITE- Punta Lobos, Iquique, Tarapaca, Chile
Rather ugly material composed on colorless stercorite scattered in/on sulfate matrix, typically with tan to brownish masses of mohnite. Both minerals are uncommon and are water soluble as many Chilean sulfates are, so care in storage is recommended.
Specimens from this guano deposit range from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 35.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each. Only a few on hand!

STIBNITE in QUARTZ- Comstock Mining District, Storey Co. Nevada
Old material obtained by Forrest Cureton in the early 1980s, here as tiny, thin, elongated metallic grey stibnite needles sparsely scattered in transparent to translucent singly terminated quartz crystals and groups. Perhaps from the Flowery Lode (?), although the mineral has not been reported from there in Minerals of Nevada. Quartz specimens more recently collected there show trace evidence of the grey, metallic inclusions in some samples as well, giving greater credence to the precise area near Virginia City that likely produced the samples. Another possible locality is the California Mine, also in the District near Virginia City, but no evidence of this appeared on Cureton's label. Individual crystals range from 2cm to 5cm tall, priced according to the ease of visibility of the stibnite and clarity of the quartz, @ 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

STILBITE on CALCITE- Bergen Hill, Hudson Co., New Jersey
An old specimen comprised of numerous, small (5mm) white stilbite crystals and sheaves fully covering both sides of a diabase and calcite matrix. Likely from one of the many old railroad tunnels extending through this Hudson-Bergen Counties ridge, the specimen has two previous numbers (but just one unattributed label). Overall size about 11x8x4cm @ just 95.00 from an old-time location.

TEKTITE variety INDOCHINITE- Nong District, Savannkhat Province, Laos
While the debate continues about extraterrestrial vs. impact projectiles, tektites are essentially a natural glass that show a variety of shapes, flow lines and other characteristics of flight. Unlike those from China and Thailand, these are distinctly greysih rather than black, and they have considerably more translucency at the edges than their common counterparts. We have a small lot available, and unlike the coveted moldavites (of which we have many), they are relatively inexpensive, with sizes ranging from 1.5 cm to 3.5 cm @ just 5.00, 7.50, 10.00 and 15.00 each, or a lot of four (4) different for just 30.00! Excellent locality stuff.

THOMSONITE- Pusty Usti u Decin, Czech Republic
Two vugs on opposite sides of the specimen are lined with spherical translucent white crystalline balls of thomsonite. A very nice example of this more unusual zeolite mineral. Great locality piece, the vugs average 3 cm across, in a 9 cm by 8 cm sized specimen, at just 40.00.

TILLEYITE- Crestmore Quarry, Riverside Co., California
White masses of tilleyite with bluish calcite and gehlenite matrix, occasionally with minor greenish vesuvianite as well. An uncommon mineral from this classic locality, specimens range from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ 8.50, 15.00, 30.00, 45.00 each, plus a few larger 9cm to 12cm @ 75.00 and 100.00 each. Old stuff, type locality specimens!

TREMOLITE-ACTINOLITE- Paakkila Mine, Tuusniemi, N. Savonia Finland
A tall, columnar example of greyish tremolite as flattened, elongated rods, showing assocaited actinolite that has altered to a fibrous, brownish asbestiform surface, with minor talc and vermiculite at the base of the specimen. Ex-Rosenbroek and originally labelled simply as actinolite due to the fibrous nature of portions of the piece, the specimen is 17x7cm @ 75.00; the best we have seen from this uncommon locality!

TZEFERISITE (IMA 2022-094)- Damianos Mine, Dimoliaki, Lavrion, Greece
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute, highly vitreous, colorless, thin hexagonal plates scattered on yellow greenockite, typically associated with gypsum and overalying a schist/marble matrix. Formula: CaZn8(SO4)2(OH)12Cl2(H2O)9, trigonal, IMA #2022-094. I had analyzed this phase from Italy some 25 years ago (see EJM (1998) 10, 223-230), but it was rejecyed by the IMA as anthropogenic due to its Etruscan slag provenance. Now found naturally, I am pleased to offer material from the late Fritz Schreiber collection, specimens from small TNs to 4.5cm @ 45.00, 65.00, 95.00 and 125.00 each, depending on coverage and quality. One monster 10 x 6 cm specimen @ 395.00. List alternates!

VARISCITE- Lucin, Box Elder Co., Utah
Prized as a great lapidary material, these dense, solid masses of green variscite occur as streamers, pods and veins in a greyish chert matrix. The color can range from pale green to a more intense darker green, with specimen sizes ranging from about 2cm to 6cm across @ just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each. Colorful!

ZAVALIAITE with LITHIOPHILITE- La Empleada Peg., Coronel Pringles, Argentin
This uncommon San Luis Department phosphate occurs as vitreous, colorless exsolution lamellae over brownish-red masses of lithiophilite in feldspar/rock matrix. Type locality material, and the only known occurrence for the species! Rarely offered, specimens from about 2cm to 3.5cm across @ 25.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.


A small collection of seven decorative patches from mineral clubs in the eastern US and Canada. Part of an exchange prgram circa 1986-1990 conducted by the late Mitch Portnoy, then President of the NY Mineralogical Club and editor of Mineral News. All are colorful and range from 8cm to 10cm in diameter @ 35.00 for the lot. One only!

Perhaps one of the best known mining companies, Phelps Dodge was commonly associated with its operations at Bisbee and elsewhere in Arizona, but it also had extensive properties in New Mexico. Founded in 1834, it became the largest publically traded copper mining company in the world when acquired by Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold in 2007. We recently located an old stash of Phelps Dodge Stock Certificates, these noted as interim shares issued in 1929 when the company offered a 4:1 split to its stockholders, only months before the market crash that led to the Great Depression. An orange-hued certificate was used for 100 share blocks, and a more rare, green certificate was used for smaller holdings. While we have seen these offered for as much as 30.00 each, we will send you one of each type for just 20.00 a pair! All are cancelled and are in generally good condition, showing normal wear. A neat piece of history!


From the excess stock of the Julius Weber/Lou Perloff Collections that we purchased many years ago, we have about 1500 new black top with black bottom standard micro boxes. Needing to make a little room, we are offering them at a reduced price of just 35.00 per 100, FOB our warehouse. Order in multiples of 100, please, and get 'em while they last!

An assortment of five (5) different steel dental picks, ideal for careful cleaning of mineral specimens that removes debris, mud-filled pockets, surface crud and other materials that render field collected specimens as unattractive before proper preparation. All are new, unused and in variety of point types and angles to get into the most difficult spots. While our supply lasts: five (5) different for just 12.50, includes soft plastic cases.

MICROMOUNT PLIERS- Pinching Hand Trimmer
These are very handy, four inch steel pincers that we have found very useful in trimming small samples for micromounting. The cutting heads of these pliers open to about 1cm, with opposing cutting heads measuring 1.5cm across. The steel has a Vickers hardness about 640, suitable for trimming gossan and other less-dense samples, easily taking "small bites" to remove edges and unwanted matrix when trimming and mounting. We were able to secure a small stock of these double leaf spring-equipped pincer-type pliers, all with coated handles, at just 12.00 each.


From our extensive library of mineralogy-related titles, we offer another small selection here. All are first-come, first served, and these are one-of-a-kind, so list alternates if possible:

Title Author Year Cover Pages Price
50-Year History of the Tucson Mineral Show Bob Jones/ Mineralogical Record 2004 SC 183 $ 20.00
Diamonds 2nd Ed. Eric Bruton 1978 HC 532 $ 32.00

Franklin Mineral Digest Vol. 1-2 1958-1959 compilation 1958 HC $ 45.00
Franklin-Sterling Hill Orebodies Proceedings May 1990 Lehigh University & Frog Min. Soc. 1990 HC 118 $ 35.00
Gem & Crystal Treasures Peter Bancroft ~1984 HC 476 $ 38.00
Gemstones of North America Vol. II John Sinkankas 1976 HC 494 $ 45.00
Gold and Silver in the West T.H. Watkins 1971 HC 287 $ 30.00
Journal of the Czech Geo. Soc. - Jachymov Issue 1 compilation 1997 SC 132 2 Vol set only @
Journal of the Czech Geo. Soc. - Jachymov Issue 2 compilation 2003 SC 230 $ 65.00

Mineralogical Record Index Vols 1-25 1970-1994 Clopton & Wilson 1995 HC 312 $ 25.00
Mineralogy of Michigan 2nd Ed E.W.Heinrich 2004 HC 251 $ 45.00
Publications of the Bureau of Mines 1910-1960 Hazel J.Stratton 1960 HC 826 $ 55.00
Publications of the Geological Survey 1879-1961 compilation 1972 HC 457 $ 35.00
Quartz Harold L. Dibble 2002 SC 100 $ 10.00

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CATALOG 22302 - Volume 50, No. 2
Our 50th Year

ALTHAUSITE- Overntjern Quarry, Modum, Viken, Norway
Somewhat dull, faintly reddish-brown aggregates of althausite scattered a silvery grey, talc + magnesite matrix. More distinctive than the nearby type locality (see below), we have a reasonable selection of this uncommon phosphate collected by the late Claus Hedegaard, with specimens from 2.5cm to 7cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.
From the type locality at the nearby Tingelstadtjern Quarry, we have a few TNs in which the althausite is decidedly grey and embedded in a greenish-yellow serpentine matrix @ 25.00 each. One 6cm sample @ 65.00, and one 8cm sample @ 95.00.

AURICHALCITE- 79 Mine, nr. Hayden, Gila County, Arizona
Exceptionally attractive material collected in 1967 and 1968, we offer a good selection of bright blue, acicular aurichalcite needles and crystals richly scattered on matrix, occasionally with minor calcite, hemimorphite or other phases. No longer available, these old samples are colorful and well formed, sizes ranging from about 2.5cm to 5cm @ 10.00, 20.00 and 45.00 ea

BARITE on CALCITE- Elk Creek, Meade Co., South Dakota
From the classic U.S. locality for these excellent, deep golden brown, transparent pyramidal barite crystals, we recently acquired some single crystals and excellent matrix specimens, showing superb, gemmy, transparency, nicely prepped and occasionally with the contact points at the rear and/or base of the specimens, all quite reasonably priced as TNs to miniatures from 2cm to 4cm @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each; larger matrix samples on pleasing yellowish gold calcite crystals, from 5cm to 10cm and varying degrees of quality barite @ 50.00, 100.00, 150.00, 200.00 and a few higher. Inquire! Really attractive material, among the best we have had from the recent mining operation!

BERYL var: AQUAMARINE- Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Single crystals of hexagonal, prismatic beryl, all transparent and showing a pale greenish-blue hue, similar to typical "hiddenite" spodumene colors. These matrix-free crystals show sharp prism faces and are singly terminated, sizes range from 1.5cm to 2.2cm @ just 20.00 and 30.00 each. Nice for the price!

CACOXENITE- Rosbach vor der Hohe, Wetterkreis, Germany
A large matrix specimen of dull brownish yellow radiating botryoids of cacoxenite richly scttered on limonitic rock. While there is some modest micro potential in the piece, it is especially desirable for the locality. Overall size is about 9x7cm @ 95.00.

CALCITE- Iceberg Pit, Harding Mine, Taos Co. New Mexico
Translucent to transparent rhombohedral cleavages from this obscure area of the mine, more famous for its rose muscovite, microlite and spodumene. Mining operations in 1939 produced about 850 lbs. of optical quality calcite from the Iceberg Pit. Historically interesting material, collected many years ago by Forrest Cureton and myself during one of our historic trips! Clean chunks and cleavages from about 3cm to 7cm @ 7.50, 12.50 and 20.00 each.

CORUNDUM (RUBY) in FUCHSITE- Cascade Canyon, San Bernadino Co., California
Small red corundum crystals embedded in fiercely tough, pale green fuchsite/granitic rock matrix. The ruby is brilliantly fluorescent under LW UV, and these would make a welcomed addition to any fluorescent collector as well. Specimens from 2.5cm to 8cm across @ just 8.50, 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each, and up for a few larger as well (please inquire).

CUPROCHEROKEEITE (2022-086)- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
This NEW SPPECIES occurs as very tiny, pale blue clusters of bladed crystals and/or aggregates scattered on matrix. Formula: [Pb8Zn3Cu2+(OH)16](SO4)4*4H2O, monoclinic, IMA No. 2022-086. Author's material, and priced according to quality and associations of other new or rare species, all as small TNs to 1.5cm @ 150.00, 200.00 and 300.00 each, all with arrows.

CUPRODOBROVOLSKYITE (2022-061)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Kamchatka, Russia
This NEW SPECIES occurs as rich, light blue to nearly white botryoidal crusts well-scattered on matrix, most specimens associated with bright green euchlorine. Formula: Na4Cu(SO4)3, trigonal, IMA No. 2022-061, the copper analog of dobrovolskyite. Type locality material, of course, matrix sizes range from 1.4cm to 2.2cm across @ 175.00 and 225.00 each. See our image on

DIAMOND- Carnot River, Bangui Region, Central Afr Rep
A highly unusual complex crystal that shows a mildly pinkish tan color without matrix, comprised of what appears to be a pair of stacked octahedrons that have been twisted, rotated and then offset, with an underside "hollow" showing numerous trigons across the entire angular complex crystal! An uncommon color for this off-beat locality, overall size about 5x4x3mm, weight about 0.46 carats, potentially a superb micro if you are so inclined, at just 200.00. One only!

DIOPTASE w/ CHRYSOCOLLA etc.- Blue Bell Mine, Zzyzx, San Bernadino Co., California
From a 2008 field trip, these are tiny, glassy green to greenish blue micro crystals of dioptase lightly scattered on matrix, typically associated with chrysocolla, hemimorphite and possibly other phases. Our February, 2023 article in Mineral News pictures typical specimens, and matrix sizes range from about 2cm up to 6cm across @ very reasonable 10.00, 15.00, 20.00, 30.00, and 45.00 each, depending on size/coverage. All will require some magnification, but all are colorful with a variety of associations!

DIVERSILITE-(Ce)- Yukspor Mt., Khibiny, Kola, Russia
This rare species occurs as peach to yellowish tan plates and pearly masses to 2mm perched in vugs and exposed seams in matrix. A K-Na-Ba-REE titanium silicate, offered here in matrix specimens from 1.5cm to 2.5cm @ 125.00, 150.00 and 175.00 each depending on size and coverage.

ERICSSONITE- Langban, Varmland, Sweden
Old classic specimens comprised of densely packed rhodonite & schefferite/hausmannite skarn matrix, with small areas of dark reddish black platy aggregates of ericssonite, with intergrown "orthoericssonite" scattered in matrix as well. The later has been relegated to polytype status, formally named ericssonite-2O, while ericssonite is the 2M polytpe, now all considered a single phase within the ericssonite group. Only a few available, sizes in the 2cm to 4cm range @ 35.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each for the richest. Type locality, of course, and ex-Cureton!

GOETHITE pseudo @ ANKERITE- Escherhorn, Unteraar, Bern, Switzerland
Three small specimens from the collection of the late Kay Robertson, here offered as rounded nodules of goethite psuedomorph after ankerite, locally called "Aldergagel" (Eagle Droppings) for obvious reasons. The locality information on Kay's labels was always precise and she travelled widely, but we were unable to find significant mention of this place in Mindat. Perhaps unique among collections, we have only three of these, averaging about 1.5cm across, at 20.00 each, accompanied by a copy of Kay's label.

GORDAITE- San Francisco Mine, Sierra Gorda, Chile
This rare species occurs as pale green to white pearly micaceous flakes, some dotted with minute amounts of other secondary copper minerals in and on rock matrix. Type locality material, specimens available as small single flakes about 2.5mm across @ 35.00; a few matrix specimens from 2cm to excellent 5cm(!!) across @ 45.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each, priced according to quality and size. From the original find in 1996, and the best we've seen!

GORGEYITE- Inder Salt Dome, Atyrau Region, Kazakhstan
Pale brownish crude single crystals without matrix, these showing a few modest crystal faces and colored by an unknown inclusion. Ex-Fersman Museum specimens, rare stuff from the classic locality, sizes from 1cm to 2.5 cm @ 45, 65.00 and 95.00 each. One larger about 5cm across @ 200.00; list alternates!

HAIWEEITE- Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Excellent micro sprays and aggreates of lemon yellow haiweeite scattered on pegmatite matrix, some with minor, glassy, darker yellow needle-like uranophane, nearly black fluorite, transparent albite etc. X-ray and IR spectroscopy-identified, most with fine micro potential and good SW and LW green fluorescence. From the find of 1995 at this excellent locality, sizes from single balls in capsules @ 20.00 to matrix specimens of 1.5cm to 5cm across @ 45.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each, depending on coverage and size; ex-Luis Menezes material.

HEMIMORPHITE- Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, Sussex Co New Jersey
An interesting miniature comprised of white, botryoidal hemimorphite completely covering thin rock matrix, with evidence of concentric banding seen from the side of the specimen. The underside shows many micro crystals that are considerably more transparent than the opaque surface botryoidal mass, and the surface is mildly fluorescent under both SW and LW. Size about 5.5x3cm @ 45.00. One only.

HIELSCHERITE (IMA #2011-037)- Graulay, Hillesheim, Eifel, Germany
This rare species occurs as very tiny, hair-like colorless crystals up to 0.2mm long, here from the type (and only) locality. Author's specimens, often found in minute, subparallel aggregates. Formula: Ca2Si(SO4)(SO3)(OH)6*11H2O - hexagonal, IMA #2011-037. Named for amateur minerlaogist and collector Klaus Hielscher (b.1957). A member of the ettringite group and an analog of thaumasite. Caveat Emptor: A sulfate-bearing variety of thaumasite (with SO3<CO3) is widespread at the locality, but hielscherite is rare! Only a few tiny samples on hand, each in a vial @ 125.00 each, portion of the TYPE!!

IODARGYRITE with CERUSSITE etc- Kintore Opencut, Broken Hill, NSW, Australi
Small, somewhat brownish micro crystals and aggregates of iodargyrite sparsely scattered and surrounded by flat black botryoids of Mn-oxides, with later white, elongated cerussite micros well-scattered throughout the specimen. An interesting association piece from a well-known locality, specimen size about 5x4.5 cm @ 85.00. One only!

KLYUCHEVSKITE- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Another rare species from this famous Kamchatka volcano, here as minute, dark green prismatic to elongated/acicular crystals reaching up to 1mm on very minor matrix. The mineral is typically associated with bright green euchlorine, and it is considerably more rare than its isostructural counterpart, alumoklyuchevskite. Only a few tiny samples on hand @ 135.00 each.

LACROIXITE in BERLINITE- Rusororo Pegmatite, Ngororero Dist., Rwanda
One of the primary phosphate minerals from this exceptional locality, lacroixite is found as very pale translucent blue to slightly greenish-blue masses intimately associated with transparent berlinite and typically included darker blue scorzalite comprising matrix. A good reference on this specific occurrence is noted in a 1989 article in Canadain Mineralogist (Vol. 27, pg 211-19). Old Cureton material, sizes from about 0.6cm to 1.5cm @ 25.00, 40.00, and 75.00 each.

LAIHUNITE- Kamitaga, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan
This rare mineral occurs here as minute brownish black stubby aggregates sparsely scattered in white, sugary rock matrix. An uncommon olivine group mineral offered as small reference specimens, overall matrix sizes ranging from about 0.7cm to 2cm @ 20.00, 40.00 and 75.00 each.

MESOLITE- Fassarfell, Berufjord, Iceland
White radiating needles and compact aggregates of mesolite fully lining large exposed seams and/or comprising matrix, some with the occasional stilbite evident as well. Most are iron-stained at their tips from this interesting locality. Our analyzed specimens range from about 4cm to 7cm across @ 25.00 35.00 and 45.00 each, accompanied by copies of our SEM/EDS analytical work.

NIOBOIXIOLITE-(Mn2+) (2021-050a)- Sosedka pegmatite, Malkhan, Siberia, Russi
This NEW SPECIES occurs as brownish black, coarsely prismatic aggregates and grains to a couple of millimeters, frequently with silvery, metallic bismuthinite in white albite matrix. The mineral is the niobian analog of ixiolite-(Mn2+). Specimens range from about 2.5cm to 4cm across @ 160.00 and 200.00 each. See our image on

ORTHOCLASE w/ SMOKEY QUARTZ- Galenstock, Canton Uri, Switzerland
An attractive hand specimen of small white, tabular stacked orthoclase crystals (var: adularia) richly scattered on matrix, with several small, transparent smokey quartz crystals to 1.5 cm protruding from the granitic matrix. A classy Swiss piece measuring 6.5 x 5cm @ 75.00. Nice!

PELLYITE- Esquire #8, Big Creek, Fresno Co., California
Dark brown masses of pellyite in matrix, occasionally with other rare barium minerals. An unusual species, these from the most prolific of the few localities we have in stock, matrix sizes from about 1.5cm to 3cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, depending on richness.

PILIPENKOITE (IMA 2022-017)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Yet another new mineral from the prolific Tolbachik volcano, precisely from the Second scoria cone of the Northern breakthrough of the Great Tolbachik fissue eruption. The mineral forms tiny, sky blue crusts, often on dark blue bradaczekite and always associated with overlaying, needle-like, black tenorite crystals on white sanidine! Formula: KCu(AsO4)*H2O, monoclinic, IMA No. 2022-017. Type locality material, named for Pavel Pilipenko (1877-1940) specialist in studies of the mineralogy of Siberia. Specimens range from about 2cm to 3.5cm @ 195.00 and 250.00, depending on coverage. See our image on

PYROCHLORE var. "KOPPITE"- Voigtsberg, Breisgau, Germany
Small dark red-brown crystals of pyrochlore (var. koppite) about 1mm in size sparsely occuring in grey matrix. One crystal pyramid is indicated by an arrow pinpointing the mineral. This is an old numbered specimen accompanied by a Schortmann's Minerals label; a great locality piece! Overall size is 5.5x5x3.5cm @ 40.00.

QUARTZ (Japan Law Twin)- Washington Camp, Santa Cruz Co., Arizona
We recently uncovered a few more thumbnails from the collection of Scott Williams, here as nicely twinned translucent quartz in classic Japan Law twins, most with little or no matrix. Interesting, very flat crystals with a distinctive twin line, all nicely mounted in standard Perky (TN) boxes @ just 25.00 and 35.00 each, depending on quality/size.

ROEDDERITE- Nickenich, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Superb micro crystals of somewhat elongated greenish-yellow roedderite richly scattered in vuggy matrix. Very small but unusually well-developed crystals, small matrix sizes up to 1cm @ 45.00 each. Nice, but only three available!

ROSSITE with METAROSSITE- Arrowhead Prospect, San Miguel Co., Colorado
Rossite is a yellowish, hydrous calcium vanadate that richly coats these samples, and it reversibly alters to metarossite that appears similar but with a somewhat duller luster than its rossite predecessor. Described in 1959 from this, the type locality for both species, we have a handful of specimens collected about 25 years ago. Sizes range from about 2cm to 6cm across @ 20.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each.

SIDERITE- Roxbury Iron Mine, Litchfield Co., Connecticut
From an old, classic Dana locality, we have rich cleavage masses of relatively pure, brown siderite completely comprising matrix. Once easily collected, the material has disappeared rapidly over the years, these collected circa 1967. Specimens from about 2cm to 6cm @ just 8.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each. Occasionally larger samples available, from 10x6 cm and larger at commensurately higher cost. Please inquire.

STILBITE-Ca variety "Puflerite"- Pulfer Loch, Kastelruth, Trentino, Italy
An old specimen comprised of glassy, translucent balls of micro stilbite-Ca in a large exposed seam. The unique and unusual habit of the material was identified as prehnite in 1852, later as thomsonite (1866) and finally confirmed as stilbite-Ca. The locality is now in a national park and collecting is forbidden, the piece is accompanied by an old Shortmann's label, and measures about 6x4cm @ 55.00. From a classic Alpine locality, one only!

SULFUR- Steamboat Springs, Washoe Co., Nevada
Rich, bright yellow, crude crystals, masses and druses of native sulfur perched in/on white silaceous sinter matrix. Old and colorful material, these collected in 1970 (and still wrapped in newspaper from then) by the late Ted Morley of Piedmont Minerals. Specimens range in size from about 2.5cm to 7cm, priced according to size and quality at just 7.50, 12.50, 20.00 and 30.00 each, with a few higher. Please inquire.

TILASITE- H.J. Winch Mine, Rambhapur, Jhabur, India
A very old specimen, originally collected from this prolific Central India region by E.J. Beer in 1924, comprised of a rather fine-grained pegmatitic matrix largely of feldspar and quartz, with obvious blue-black amphiboles (species status a mess to determine!) and very pale and quite small blebs and tiny masses of yellowish to yellowish green tilasite very sparsely scattered about the piece. If we had more time and patience, perhaps some very exotic amphibole discoveries are contained in this one, overall size about 7x6cm @ 85.00; via-E.S. Treseder Collection, circa 1970. Will need your microscope on this one!

TOWNENDITE- Karnasurt Mine, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
Originally found in Greenland, little or no material ever made it to the mineral market. A newly confirmed discovery from the Karnasurt Mine is now established as only the second world occurrence of the mineral, here as fairly obvious, pale lilac masses scattered in sodalite/microcline matrix, occasionally with dark aegirine as well and occasional villiaumite. Long term exposure to moisture of the hyperalkalinr matrix will form tiny, white efflorescent masses of thermonatriter seen on soem samples. Specimens range from about 2cm to 3cm across @ 150.00 and 195.00 each.

URANINITE etc.- Ruggles Mine, North Grafton, New Hampshire
Classic specimens that are remarkably hot for their size, typical as massive pegmatitic masses that enclose several black, dendritic uraninite pods, these accompanied by brightly fluorescent meta-autunite, dull yellow phosphuranylite, occasional organge-hued "gummite" and small mica sheaves in feldspar/quartz matrix. Very old material, overall sizes from about 2.5cm to 5cm @ 25.00 and 40.00, rich 8x6cm chunks @ 150.00.

VALLERIITE- Pima Mine, Pima Co., Arizona
Dark bronzy masses of this odd sulfide-hydroxide mineral are fairly well distributed as thin exsolution plates and films in these specimens. Valleriite, iron sulfide magnesium hydroxide, occurs here as platy masses intermixed with magnetite in rock, likely of hydrothermal origin. Good representation for this unusual mineral, although not very photogenic, sizes from 2cm to nearly 5cm at just 15.00, 30.00, and 45.00 each.


YEAR of CRYSTALLOGRAPHY COVERS- Postmarked January 1, 2014 New York City
The year 2014 was the Internation Year of Crystallography, and we had a number of exclusive, commemorative covers prepared. All have been postmarked by the US Postal Service with a special New York Mineralogical Club postmark of January 1, 2014 in New York City, and each envelope shows the Club's logo and the IYC logo in red as well. Most covers are franked with a variety of mineral-related stamps as listed here:

Item 1a and 1b: Cover franked with a 2013 Medal of Honor stamp @ 5.00 each (There are two different covers available.)
Item 2: Shows the 1974 (10 cent) U.S. diamond-shaped block of 4 mineral stamps, plus an old (6 cent) stamp @ 7.50 each
Item 3: Shows one of the second group (29 cent) of U.S. mineral stamps, accompanied by a 17 cent stamp @ 6.00 each
Item 3a: One of each of item #3 (all 4 different) @ 20.00 per set (save 4.00)
Item 4: One 2013 coal miner stamp @ 6.00 each
Item 5: One specially produced Nikischerite stamp with one 10 cent mineral stamp @ 7.50 each
Item 5a: Set of four different Item #5s @ 25.00-save 5.00!
tem 6: A complete set of all of the above, a total of 15 different covers @ just 75.00!
Color images are in the April, 2014 of Mineral News!


A few more from our extensive mineralogical library, here as title, author(s) date, hard or soft cover, # pages and price:

Rock Forming Minerals Volume Three Sheet Silicates Deere, Howie, Zussman 1962 HC 270 $40
Rock Forming Minerals Volume Four Framework Silicates Deere, Howie, Zussman 1962 HC 435 $55
Rock Forming Minerals Volume Five Non-Silicates Deere, Howie, Zussman 1962 HC 371 $45
Die Mineralien der Eifelvulkane Gerhard Hentschel 1983 SC 152 $20
Rivista Mineralogica Italiana 1-1997 Gruppo Mineralogico 1997 SC 112 $10
The Henkel Glossary of Fluorescent Minerals Vol. 15 Fluorescent Mineral Society 1988-1989 SC 91 $25
Ultraviolet Guide to Minerals Sterling Gleason 1972 SC 244 $35
Die Mineralien des Binntales Naturhistorisches Museum 1978 SC 143 $20
Micromounters of New England North East Meeting Program Books 1982-1992 (11 issues) Micromounters of New England 1982-1992 SC $15
Fluorescence - Gems and Minerals Under Ultraviolet Light Manuel Robbins 1994 HC 374 $40
The Collector's Book of Fluorescent Minerals Manuel Robbins 1983 HC 289 $35
Handbook for a Week with Maine Minerals 1955 2nd Ed. Neil A. Wintringham 1955 HC 176 $30
Oxidized Zinc Deposits if the United States A. Heyt et al 1962-1964 HC $30
USGS Bulletin 530 - Contributions to Economic Geology - Part I. Metals and non-Metals USGS 1911-1913 HC 400 $25
Mineral Localities of South Carolina (1958 reprint) Earle Sloan 1908 HC 506 $35
Useful Minerals of the United States USGS Bull. 624 Shrader, Stone, Sanford 1917 HC 412 $25
The Enrichment of Ore Deposits USGS Bull. 625 William Harvey Emmons 1917 HC 530 $30

CATALOG 22301 - Volume 50, No. 1
Our 50th Year

ARGUTITE- Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia
A very rare germanium mineral from Tsumeb, here as minute inclusions in massive ore of Zn-rich tennantite and chalcocite. Mineralanalytik Services confirmed the sample via EDS, XRD and Raman, and the small ore sample mearsures about 5 mm across @ 150.00.

AURICUPRIDE- Karabasch, Ural, Russia
This rare species occurs here as golden metallic masses sparsely scattered in rock matrix, all specimens with arrows and the better samples visible without magnification! A rare, Cu3Au phase from one of the few known localities for the species. Specimen sizes range from about 3cm to nearly 6cm across at just 45.00, 65.00 and 85.00 each.

AZURITE with MALACHITE- Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
Dark blue drusy azurite scattered in seams and vugs on brown limonitic matrix, many associated with lesser, deep green malachite or possibly other species. From an uncommon locality prospected by the Japanese in WWII, we have a few specimens of apparently hypergene copper minerals, some with fair micro potential showing bladed groups, specimen sizes from about 3cm to 7cm @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each, most suitable for trimming into micromounts. A few larger, inquire.

BERYL variety EMERALD- Muzo, Boyaca Department, Colombia
From as recent acquisition, we have a suite of minatures from the famous Muzo emeerald mines, each with one or more dark green, translucent to transparent hexagonal emerald crystals perched on matrix, some with minor pyrite, and all are representative and modestly attractive. Crystals are generally stout, averaging 1 cm or more, and a few are thin, and glassy, up to 1.7cm long. Matrix sizes are consistently in the 3.5cm to 4cm size range at 175.00, 250.00 and 300.00 each. Nice!

DATOLITE variety BAKERITE- Corkscrew Canyon, Death Valley, California
Pure white porcelaneous masses of bakerite, one of the primary boron minerals from this region known for its borates and high day-time temperatures. Bakerite is a complex borate-silicate of the gadolinite supergroup, now considered a microcrystalline, boron-rich variety of datolite by the IMA. From the first reported locality for bakerite, offered here as solid, chalky white chunks from 3cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00, and 55.00 each.

DIAMOND- Buriti Claim, Coromandel, M.G., Brazil
A single specimen, here as a small (5mm) rounded and transparent modified dodecahedral crystal without matrix from this relatively new alluvial locality in Minas Gerais, not yet recorded in Mindat. The crystal weighs just under a half carat and is offered at just 95.00. One only!

FERRI-AKASAKAITE-(Ce)- Keseboi Mine, Amai, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden
This relatively new mineral occurs here as tiny, dark brown to nearly black crystalline aggregates sparsely scattered in calcite-rich ore matrix. A member of the allanite group (epidote supergroup), IMA 2018-087, here as TNs averaging about 2cm across @ 75.00 each. From one of the two known world localities, only a few on hand!

FLUOR-BUERGERITE- Mexquitic de Carmona-San Luis Potosi Mexico
A redefined tourmaline species, here as bronze to brown, somewhat chatoyant crystals, either as small sinle crystals and sections with little or no matrix (3mm to 6mm) @ 15.00, 20.00 and 25.00 each; or as small TN specimens with a few tiny crystals on matrix, overall 1.5cm to nearly 2cm @ 30.00 and 35.00 each. Type locality material.

FUCHSITE included QUARTZ- Bahia, Brazil
Often used as a lapidary material, quartz with green fuchsite (a Cr-rich variety of muscovite) inclusions is commonly called "aventurine". These specimens are a pleasing, pale green color of microcrystalline, dense and very tenacious quartz, here in hefty chunks from 6x5x4 cm to 8x6x5 cm @ just 15.00 and 20.00 each. Colorful!

GOLD- Pista de Cabeca, Alta Floresta, Brazil
From one of the many Mato Grosso gold localities we have in stock, these are from the Cabeva Claims in the Amazon, here as brilliant, golden metallic native gold without matrix, all showing some degree of crystallization but mildly waterworn. Attractive specimens, ranging from about 1.3cm to 1.6cm across, priced to sell at just 175.00, 200.00 and 225.00 each. Only a few of these available.

GROSSULAR with HELVINE- Victorio District, Luna Co., New Mexico
Unusual, white to cream colored micro grossular garnet crystals scattered in seams and vugs on matrix. Most are associated with tiny intergrown diamond-shaped, pale helvine crystals as well, all perched on quartz/feldspar/calcite matrix with other potential species possible. Only a few specimens on hand, typical matrix size averages 5cm across @ just 35.00 each, all with good micro potential. (Also available, a few red-brown micro helvine crystals without evident grossular perched on dark, 4.5 cm matrix @ just 30.00 each.) All neat micro potential!

HANNEBACHITE- Hannebacher Ley, Eifel, Germany
This unusual species occurs as small, clear elongated crystals to 1.5mm in vugs and seams in tough, greyish black matrix. Although the coverage is lean in these specimens, they are reasonably well crystallized with good micro potential, and are from the 1983 find. Specimens average from about 2cm to nearly 6cm @ 25.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

HEYROVSKYITE- Reward Prospects, Lander Co., Nevada
An unusual locality for this species, occurring as greyish metallic masses scattered in rock matrix, occasionally with visually similar native bismuth. Not pretty, but rarely offered material with overall sizes from 3cm to 6cm across 25.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each, ex-Cureton.

JUANGODOYITE- Mina Santa Rosa, Iquique, Chile
This relatively rare mineral occurs as attractive, powder blue rod like aggregates and minute crystals perched on matrix, occasionally with pale green tabular crusts of chalconatronite as well. Formula: Na2Cu(CO3)2, monoclinic, IMA # 2004-036. type locality material and moderately colorful with some micro potential on the better pieces, specimens from about 2cm to nearly 5cm across @ 65.00, 95.00 and 135.00 each, depending on size and coverage.

KOBOKOBOITE- Kobokobo Pegmatite, So. Kivu, DR Congo
This rare mineral occurs as minute, pearly white crusts and masses scattered on matrix, first found in the 1960s but not described and named until 2009 for here, the type locality. The pegmatite has over 50 confirmed minerals, with 13 (!!) of them noted as type locality species. An uncommon phosphate from a prolific, former Zaire locality, only a few TNs on hand at 65.00 each.

LAVOISIERITE (IMA 2012-009)- Punta Gensane, Torino, Piedmont, Italy
This unusual species occurs as densely intergrown, pale coppery colored fibrous aggregates richly perched on matrix, typically associated with underlying braunite and/or minute pinkish-red piemontite masses. The complex formula is: Mn2+8[Al10(Mn3+Mg0][Si11P]O44(OH)12, orthorhombic, IMA # 2012-009. The name is a digression from the expected IMA nomenclature rules based on structural relationships (here to the ardennites), but we are happy to see the father of modern chemistry suitably honored. Only a few available, sizes from about 2.5cm to 4cm @ 45.00, 60.00 and 75.00 each. Type locality, of course!

MILARITE with SIDERITE- 475 Level, Valencia Mine, Guanajuato, Mexico
It is uncommon to know the exact place in a mine where a specimen originated, but we have it for this one! The precise location (too long to fit on our label) is the 475 level, Elefante-Jaule Stope, Valencia Mine etc., written on the back of an old Scott Williams label (presumably by Scott) that accompanies the sample. The milarite is a subtle greenish-yellow, sparesely scattered on one end of a drusy, finely crystallized quartz matrix, with a half dozen light brown siderite rhombs to 1.4cm delicately perched about the quartz crystals. A moderately attractive specimen and excellent association piece with fine provenance, overall size about 14x8 cm @ 125.00. Nice!

MOLDAVITE (Tektite)_- Locenice, Bohemia, Czechia
The rest of our moldavite shipment from Czechia has arrived! As noted elsewhere, prices have soared in recent years for these oddities, a result of meteoritic strikes that have sent groundmass into the atmosphere, returning it as tektite-like fused glasses of a very pleasing green color that is unique and well documented in several areas of central Europe. We now have a significant number of moldavites on hand, sizes from perhaps a centimeter up to 5cm, all gemmy and quite transparent when backlit, prices ranging from 25.00 up to 1150.00 each. We would be happy to send a snapshot via email of moldavites in your price range upon request, many in the 200.00 to 700.00 size/quality bracket. Choice specimens!

NATALYITE- Kosmozero, Zaonezhskiy Pen., Karelia Russia
Unusual, monomineralic dark brownish green fibrous rods of this rare vanadium-rich silicate with little or no matrix, carefully placed in clear capsules and averaging a healthy 4mm long. These are from a new occurrence for the species within the Kosmozero U-V occurrence, also on the same peninsula that yielded the type material for this weird pyroxene. Only a few specimens on hand @ 55.00 each.

NSUTITE- Bihain, Vielsalm, Belgium
Old Cureton material comprised of earthy, greyish-black nsutite, an uncommon manganese mineral, comprising matrix. Only a few on hand, sizes from about 1cm to 2cm @ 20.00 and 35.00 each.

ORTHOCLASE variety ADULARIA- Schollenenschlucht, Canton Uri, Switzerland
A wonderful miniature of adularia crystals, forming a well-crystallized grouping of greyish-white, monoclinic crystals to 2 cm that are typically a low termaperature, well-ordered orthoclase in composition and structure, here with a light dusting of pleasing, pale green clinochlore. The locality (Schollenen Gorge) provides access to the famous St. Gotthard Pass, one of the premier Swiss specimen areas. The sample measures 3.5 x 2 cm, quite attractive, at 35.00. One only!

PARGASITE with PHLOGOPITE- Limberg Quarry, Pargas, SW Finalnd, Finland
An ancient specimen from the type locality area, pargasite was described in 1814 from Pargas! The specimen shows a number of black aggregates of pargasite with a few well-defined crystals to 1 cm scattered in/on calcite matrix, this sample with a large, well-formed columnar crystal of phlogopite that is nearly 4cm tall at one edge of the sample. The piece is accompanied by an 1800's-vintage label from the mineral collection of the University of Helsinki. A large and classic specimen, overall about 11x7x6 cm @ 300.00, with large, old label!

PETZITE- Rex Mine, Gold Hill District, Colorado
Typical high grade ore samples of this silver gold telluride, although lean in appearance unless viewed inder the 'scope. Petzite is found as a fine grained, grey to black material richly distributed through a rusty quartz matrix, possibly associated with gold and/or minor galena. Sizes from about 1cm to 1.5cm, priced according to coverage and associations @ 25.00 and 40.00 each.

PLANERITE- Mauldin Mt., Montgomery Co., Arkansas
A rare member of the turquiose group, planerite occurs as green botyroids nearly completely covering one side of a cherty matrix. Passably attractive as cabinet specimens and potential micro material as well. In sizes from 3.5cm to 8cm @ 30.00, 55.00, and 75.00 each.

PYRARGYRITE w/ GALENA etc.- Highland Bell Mine, B.C., Canada
From an old stock, we have several relatively large chunks of silver-lead ore, consisting primarily of massive galena in rock, typically with minor pyrite and a host of unattractive, massive silver minerals. Probe work shows pyrargyrite to be quite prolific but largely unimpressive in small scattered and disseminated masses, and the locality has produced much acanthite, sternbergite, freibergite and other silver-rich species as well. Only a few ore specimens on hand, sizes from 4cm @ 35.00, 8cm @ 75.00. Heavy!

PYROLUSITE- Taylor Mine, Alberta, Baraga Co., Michigan
Excellent, silvery grey sprays of radiating pyrolusite richly scattered on matrix, these rivaling the old Moroccan material of the 1970s. Rather attractive for a typically ugly species, these are rich examples ranging in size from about 3cm to large 10cm groups @ just 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each. Nice!

RUTILE in QUARTZ- Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil
We just stumbled across an old lot of rutilated quartz from the famous Novo Horizonte locality, these as translucent, massive quartz with varying degrees of visible, golden rutile needles embedded therein. A few have small patches of platy hematite, and
all are priced according to the visibility and coverage of the rutile needles, sizes from about 3cm to 4.5cm, inexpensively offered at just 7.50, 10.00 and 12.50 each. If you are of the lapidary persuasion, get a bunch!

SCHMITTERITE w/ EMMONSITE- Mina Bambollita, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
Old material obtained from Miguel Romero many years ago, these matrix specimens show micro balls, fingers or dull scattered masses of green emmonsite sparsely scattered on matrix, each with a micro splash of bright yellowish orange schmitterite! Some specimens may contain other tellurium species as well, sizes from2.5cm to 6cm @ 45.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each, depending on quality, not size.

SCHNEIDERHOHNITE- Urucum, nr. Galileia, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Excellent micro crystals of black schneiderhohnite well scattered in large exposed seams and vugs in matrix. Rich material for an uncommon phase, specimen sizes range from 1cm to nearly 2cm @ 40.00 and 65.00 each.

SCHREYERITE- Satra Mine, Finspang, Ostergotland, Sweden
This rare species occurs here as submicroscopic inclusions in sulfide ore specimens, ex-Cureton and Wilke material identified by microprobe in polished sections, and noted in Hans Wilke's monumental work on Swedish minerals. The locality, also the type for benevidesite and vuorelaineite, ceased mining operations prior to 1920, and we have just a few small samples on hand, sizes from about 0.8cm to 3cm across @ 35.00, 55.00, 85.00 and 125.00 each. Rare, old stuff!

SHUMWAYITE (IMA 2015-058)- Giveaway-Simplot Mine, San Juan Co., Utah
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs as minute white to yellowish coatings and fracture-fillings, brilliantly fluorescent (green SW) and lightly scattered on matrix. Formula: (UO2)2(SO4)2*5H2O - monoclinic, IMA #2015-058. Author's material and a rare uranium mineral from the co-type locality. Specimens range from about 2cm @ 100.00 to a 5cm specimen @ 250.00.

SHUMWAYITE (IMA 2015-058)- Green Lizard Mine, San Juan Co., Utah
From the other co-type locality, we have a few TN sized specimens of this rare fluorescent (green) uranium mineral on matrix. Both localities for the species (IMA 2015-058) were described as co-types, and the samples from this locality are similar in appearance with slightly better coverage, 2.5-3cm @ 150.00 each. Only three on hand!

SILVER- Mann Mine, Gowganda, Ontario, Canada
Recently uncovered from material we obtained years ago from the Julius Weber collection, these are interesting thumbnails that show dark grey natrive silver in arborescent and dendritic groups, some with a little matrix and some likely with minute acanthite overgrowths. Vintage is unknown, but the mine was discovered in 1908 and operated sporadically. The locality had produced over 200,000 ounces of silver during operations. Also known as the Manridge or Mannridge Mine, these TNs range from 1.5cm to 2.5cm @ just 25.00 and 40.00 each, depending on size. (And yes, you could probably clean these if so inclined to show brilliant silvery luster!)

SILVER with COPPER- Keeweenaw Peninsula, Michigan
A classic Upper Peninsula silver-copper specimen, comprised of a rich, matrix free large mass of solid, native copper, with hnumerous "b;obs" and masses of greish native silver nicely scattered about the specimen. Originally acquired by Dutch mineral dealer H. Rozenbroek from the Quincy Mine gift shop over a quarter century ago, perhaps indicating the specific min from which the specimen was harvested. A great, classic "halfbreed" piece, overall about 7.5 x 5 cm, weighing over 240 grams (about 8.5 oz), a steal @ just 495.00 and quite aesthetic!

SWEDENBORGITE- Langban, nr. Filipstad, Varmland, Sweden
White prismatic micro aggregates of swedenborgite are sparsely scattered through a matrix of hausmannite, calcite and other minerals. This uncommon mineral is most easily detected by its bright blue SW UV fluorescent response! A rather rare type-locality mineral and unusual fluorescent species, sizes from about 2cm to nearly 6cm across @ 45.00, 75.00 and 150.00 each. From the type (and only) locality!

TREMOLITE- Miners Bay, Haliburton Co., Ontario, Canada
From material we first offered almost 40 years ago, these are dark green, analyzed tremolite specimens comprised of columnar, single prisms, all without matrix. Because of their dark green color, these often attributed as "actinolite", but they are clearly tremolitee with a bit of Fe found. The crystals range from about 1.5cm to 3.5cm tall, priced according to quality and size @ 8.00, 12.50, and 20.00 each, all with a copy of our analytical work.

WOLLASTONITE- Crown Point, Essex Co., New York
An old Michigan College of Mines specimen (circa 1897-1927) comprised of massive, white wollastonite, accompanied by lesser, dark diopside grains and possibly other minerals. Three old labels indicate Crown Point as the locality, but the more likely source is the nearby Willsboro Mine. Specimen size is 9x6 cm @ 45.00, with labels.

YUKONITE- Venus Mine, near Carcross, Yukon, Canada
This calcium iron arsenate mineral occurs as dark reddish brown resinous chips and masses in limonite. Type locality material, and quite good for the species. Offered as several mm-sized, pure fragments in a vial @ 25.00 each, or as one 5cm matrix specimen @ 150.00.

ZABUYELITE in SPODUMENE- Tanco Mine, Bernic Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Submicroscopic tetragonal crystals of zabuyelite are found in fluid inclusions in these massive spodumene specimens. Studied material, type locality, white cleavable masses from 1.5cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 40.00, and 65.00 each.


Colorado Mining - A Photographic History by Duane A. Smith
A large format hardcover book of 176 pages, filled with black and white images of historical mining localities and scenes, depicting the 1850s and later in the Colorado mining towns and booms throughout the state's prolific early mining activities.
Dust jacket has a small tear (upper right) but otherwise in fine condition, one only, at 30.00.

Miscellaneous Publications - Below at $10.00 each, or three for $25.00 (list alternates, please!)
These are all soft cover books, vintages from early 1960s to 2000, page counts varying from 22 to 288, most published by State Geological Surveys or USGS, sizes from 6x9" to 9x11"; details available upon request, only one copy of each is available:

Ground-Water Resources of Socorro County, New Mexico
Hydrologic Framework of the Great Basin Region of Nevada, Utah, and Adjacent States
Geochemistry and Isotope Hydrology of Representative Aquifers in the Great Basin Region of New Ada, Utah, and Adjacent States
Major Mines of Nevada 1999 - Mineral Industries in Nevada's Economy
The geology of the Organ Mountains
Common Methods of Measuring Water As Practiced In Western States
General Introduction and Hydrologic Definitions
Constant-Head Pumping Test of a Multiaquifer Well to Determine Characteristics of Individual Aquifers
Geochemistry of Spring Water, Southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado
Availability of Geological and Geophysical Data for the Eastern Half of the U.S. Geological Survey's Southwestern Alluvial Basins Regional Aquifer Study
Hydrogeologic Framework of the Northern Albuquerque Basin
Geology of the South Mountains, Central Arizona - Bull. 195
Pluvial Lakes and Estimated Pluvial Climates of Nevada - Bull. 94
Pluvial Lakes and Estimated Pluvial Climates of Nevada - Bull. 94
Geology and Hydrology of Selected Playas in Western United States
Geology and Production of Middle Tertiary Mineral Districts in Arizona
The Hydrology and Mineralogy of Deep Springs Lake, Inyo County, California
Distribution and Genesis of Authigenic Silicate Minerals In Tuffs of Pleistocene Lake Tecopa, Inyo County, California
Diagenesis of Tuffs in the Barstow Foundation, Mud Hills, San Bernardino County, California
Zeolites and Associated Authigenic Silicate Minerals in Tuffaceous Rocks of the Big Sandy Formation, Mohave County, Arizona
Subsurface Stratiography and Geochemistry of Late Quaternary Evaporites, Searles Lake, California
Core KM-3, a Surface-to-Bedrock Record of Late Cenozoic Sedimentation in Searles Valley, California
Clay Mineralogy of Pleistocene Lake Tecopa, Inyo County, California

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CATALOG 22207 - Volume 49, No. 7
Our 49th Year!

AMBER- Pomeranian Volvodeship, Poland
These are rounded nodules of typical Baltic amber, here as amber-colored (what else?) masses that are translucent and quite attractive with backlighting. Likely from the Gdansk costal area, sizes from 1.5cm to 3cm across @ just 8.50, 12.50 and 17.50

AMBLYGONITE- Mt. Rubellite Quarry, Hebron, Maine
Large masses of pearly white to grey amblygonite cleavages comprising matrix. Relatively pure material from an old and prolific locality, one of the few studied that was NOT montebrasite! Matrix sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00.

AMPHIBOLE variety ASBESTOS- nr. Morganton, Caldwell Co., North Carolina
An old specimen, ex-Michigan Mining School (circa 1885-1896), completely comprised of a greyish, somewhat slippery asbestiform rock. Precise species undetermined, perhaps anthophyllite, and several unnamed prospects in the area were the probable source of the amphibole from about 130+ years ago, and samples from the locality are likely unavailable today in any major private collection. Overall size a chunky 7x5 cm, with a pair of old labels @ 55.00. One only.

BAKAKINITE (IMA 2022-046)- Arsenatnaya fumerole, Kamchatka, Russia
Another NEW SPECIES from this prolific Tolbachik volcano, here as tiny, greyish white to pale yellowish, thin crusts of bakakinite intergrown with svabite on white, tiny crystals of anhydrite in vugs on matrix. Formula: Ca2V2O7, triclinic, IMA No. 2022-046. Typical associations may include an orange garnet in the berzeliite-schaeferite series, yellow-brown diopside and/or black hematite. Specimens range from about 1cm to 3cm across, all with author's arrows, @ 125.00, 175.00 and 225.00.

BARYLITE- Letitia Lake, Labrador, NF, Canada
Representative pinkish crystalline masses of barylite, a barium beryllium silicate, richly scattered thtough contrasting dark brown matrix. Good reference material for this usually indistinct species. Sizes 1cm to nearly 2cm @ 25.00, 35.00, and 50.00.

BAVSIITE (IMA #2014-019)- Gun Claim, Wilson Lake, Yukon, Canada
A rare species, here as extremely tiny, dark blue crystalline aggregates very sparsely scattered in white celsian-witherite matrix, occasionally with equally small, greenish suzukiite. Formula: Ba2V2O2[Si4O12], tetragonal, IMA #2014-019. Type locality material, of course, only three small specimens about 2cm across @ 185.00 each. List alternates!

BERYL variety EMERALD- Spruce Pine, Mitchell Co., North Carolina
A typical sample of quartz, black tourmaline and muscovite, showing a few small, bright green aggregates of emerald frozen in
the quartz area of the sample. Ex-E. Lambert Collection, a saw-cut sliced slab, size about 5x3cm @ just 35.00.

BITYITE- Harding Mine, Taos Co., New Mexico
This uncommon "brittle mica" occurs here as tiny, transparent, flattened plates richly scattered in matrix, typically with associated schorl, dark muscovite and possibly other minerals. Mildly fluorescent under SW and MW UV, only a few 2.5cm specimens on hand @ 25.00 each, and several larger samples to nearly 5cm @ 60.00 each.

BOBCOOKITE (IMA #2014-030)- Blue Lizard Mine, San Juan Co., Utah
This rare species occurs as minute, pale glassy green crystalline masses nicely scattered over punky sulfate matrix, typically associated with boyleite/rozenite and occasionally with halotrichite or chalcanthite as well. Formula noted as: NaAl(UO2)2(SO4)4*18H2O, triclinic, IMA # 2014-030. The mineral is nicely fluorescent (bright green SW/LW UV) and specimens average 2-2.5cm @ 95.00!

BOLTWOODITE- Goanikontes Claim, Arandis, Erongo, Namibia
Deep yellow sprays and dense tufts of this moderately attractive K-Na uranyl silicate on calcite and rock matrix, a member of the uranophane group. This locality has produced the finest examples of the mineral despite its worldwide occurrences, and specimens range from superb TNs with striking micro potential @ 75.00, to larger matrix specimens of 3cm to 5cm across @ 85.00 and 125.00.

BRUCITE- Crestmore Quarry, Riverside Co., California
Small tan colored rounded crystals of brucite to several millimeters in length, here richly scattered in bluish calcite matrix. An excellent and well-documented occurrence, specimens from about 2.5cm to 7cm across @ 12.50, 20.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each.
BURKEITE with HALITE- Searles Lake, San Bernadino Co., California
Minute white aggregates of this uncommon mineral nicely scattered over slightly pinkish halite matrix, occasionally with larger halite translucent to colorless cubic crystals as well. Only a few specimens on hand, sizes range from 2.5cm to 3.5cm @ 20.00 and 35.00 each.

CHLORARGYRITE (Bromian)- Blue Bell Mine, San Bernadino Co., California
An interesting occurrence of pale yellowish-green, waxy micro crystals and aggregates of this uncommon silver mineral scattered on limonitic matrix. Collected about 15 years ago from this prolific deposit, our recent analytical work shows the material to be highly bromian-rich, but not quite reaching bromargyrite in any of our analyses. Over 100 different species occur here, and there is a wide variety of potential micro associations on these specimens. Matrix sizes range from about 2cm to 5cm across at just 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each, depending on size/coverage/associations. A copy of our analytical work accompanies each specimen, and the material will soon be described further in a Mineral News article.

COOKEITE pseudo @ SPODUMENE- Golconda Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Clear to tan balls of cookeite completely replacing and then leaving casts of elongated spodumene crystals. Excellent examples, oddly attractive, sizes from 3.5cm to a long 10cm specimen @ 30.00, 45.00 and 75.00.

CUMMINGTONITE- Homestake Mine, Lawrence Co., South Dakota
Greyish black, needle-like fibrous sprays of cummingtonite frozen in matrix, here from the famous gold mining property in the Lead Mining District. This asbestiform specimen is quite rich and measures a fairly large 10x6cm, priced at 55.00. Only one

DIAMOND- Matheus Claim, Chaveslandia, M.G., Brazil
We recently acquired a modest lot of diamonds from a number of different localities in Brazil, this particular lot from a new locality not yet listed in Mindat. Small transparent crystals, mostly as rounded dodecahedrons but possibly other forms, sizes from 2mm to 3mm across @ just 30.00 and 45.00 each. Several other new Brazilian localities on hand -Inquire!

DONPEACORITE- ZCA #4 Mine, Balmat, New York
This Mn member of the pyroxene group, one of the more uncommon orthopyroxenes, occurs as orange-red crystalline nearly pure aggregates, associated with dark brown braunite and possibly spots of fluorescent turneaurite. This St. Lawrence Co. locality is the first for donpeacorite, in sizes from 2cm to 7cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00, 60.00, and 75.00 each. Colorful material!

DUMONTITE with DEWINDTITE- St Barbe Vein, Les Montmins, Allier France
From a 2004 find, these two rare species occur as minute orange masses (dumontite) filling voids, associated with bright yellow dewindtite, often with micro green metatorbernite and possibly other phases. A rare assemblage, the species have been confirmed by both chemistry (EDS) and structure (XRD), and are available as matrix samples about 2cm @ 150.00 each. Rare!

DURANUSITE with REALGAR- L'Eguisse Mine, Duranus, Cote d'Azur France
Old stock acquired variously from Dick Gaines, Gene Foord, Jack Parnau and the French School of Mines (BRGM) Dr. Paul Sainfeld in the mid-1970s, duranusite is an obscure and ugly arsenic sulfide mineral, forming very tiny (0.2mm) greyish black masses sparsely scattered in calcite veins and silaceous limestone matrix, typically with realgar and/or pararealgar evident. Serious magnification or polished sections best for viewing, specimens from about 2cm to 2.5cm (Gaines, BRGM) @ 55.00 each, a few larger to 6cm (Parnau and Foord) @ 195.00, all with copies of their respective labels.

FLUORITE- Xianghualing Ore field, Linwu, Hunan PR China
China continues to produce varied specimens of multi-colored fluorite from this famous ore field. Our latest shipment had a small, hand-picked assortment of sea-blue chunks, many with a slightly greenish cast and typically overlaying pale purple material as well. These are quite transparent and superb when back-lit, and one can expect to see a range different shades in virtually every specimen! These are not particularly well-crystallized specimens, but crystal faces are evident throughout each sample. Sizes range from about 4.5cm to 7cm across @ 75.00 and 150.00 each, one larger 12x7cm sample @ 395.00.

GOLD (Native)- Fanado Claims, Chapada do Norte, MG, Brazil
Wonderfully convulted native gold specimens from this prolific area, these among several relatively new Brazilian localities for gold specimens recently added to our inventory. Mildly crystallized and rounded from alluvial action, the specimens are matrix free and average just over 1.5cm and nearly 3.5g in weight, offered at a modest premium over spot at just 275.00 each.

GYROLITE etc.- Malad Quarry, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Pale creamy white balls of gyrolite with just a very slight hint of color, typically sitting with crystallized hydroxyrapaophyliite-(K) and occasionally tiny needles of scolecite as well. Rather attractive and quite rich, samples about 3cm across @ just 30.00.

HUBNERITE- Adams Mine, San Juan Co., Colorado
From a large, old collection, we have several samples of brilliant brownish red to bronze colored hubnerite crystals richly scattered in and on matrix, the better specimens with free-standing crystals to a couple of centimeters nicely radiating from matirx and in exposed seams. Priced according to quality and size, specimens range from about 2cm to 6cm across @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00, 75.00 and 125.00 each, depending on coverage. One monster specimen about 14x9 cm @ 350.00. Excellent!

HUEMULITE- The Fish, Eureka Co., Nevada
From an old hoard of Cureton material recently uncovered, this uncommon vanadate occurs as dull yellowish crusts and filmy coatings well scattered on matrix. Described in 1965 from Argentina, it has been found in few places since it's initial discovery, offered here as matrix specimens from 2cm to 4cm across @ just 20.00 and 40.00, a few large 7cm samples @ 80.00 each.

INDIGIRITE- Sarylakh Au-Sb Deposit, Indigirka R Russia
This exceptionally rare carbonate occurs here at the type locality as extremely tiny (under 1mm) white masses originally found as interstitial fillings in siltstone at Mine #1 of the deposit. Named for the nearby Indigirka river basin, this is from the first confirmed material from a dozen years ago that we have on hand from the type locality for the species. Several very tiny, pure white masses in a vial @ 75.00 each. List alternates!

KAPELLASITE- Juliushutte, Astfeld, Lower Saxony, Germany
This rare species occurs here as minute acicular sprays of pale blue crystals scattered in vugs in matrix. Formula: Cu3Zn(OH)6Cl2, trigonal, IMA # 2005-009. Moderately attractive material with good micro potential as well, these from the second known locality as described in its original publication in Min Mag in 2006. A few specimens available, sizes from about 1.2cm to 2.5cm @ 45.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each.

KYANITE with PYROPHYLLITE- Graves Mountain, Lincoln Co., Georgia
Pale bluish aggregates of kyanite richly scattered in matrix, typically associated with waxy, platy masses of pyrophyllite and occasionally with dark brown, bladed and iron stained barite and possibly other species. Only a few specimens on hand, ex- E.W. Heinrich Collection, sizes from 6cm to 9cm across @ 30.00 and 45.00 each. One larger specimen with small, pale blue kyanite aggregates scattered in a different, pale-colored, sandy matrix with no other discernable associations, also ex-E.W. Heinrich, 13x8cm @ 55.00; one only!

LAUMONTITE variety LEONHARDITE- Pine Creek Mine, nr Bishop, Inyo Co. Califo
Unusual and fairly delicate aggregates and radiating crystals of laumontite to a couple of centimeters completely comprising matrix, some with a minute drusy calcite overgrowth. Quite attractive and from a very old stock recently uncovered, groups range from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00 each.

LORENZENITE- Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Remarkably different in color and habit from lorenzenite found at other localities, at MSH (Poudrette Quarry) it occurs as attractive pale lavender to grey acicular crystal sprays scattered over a vuggy matrix. While enjoyable to behold, this lorenzenite is especially nice under the microscope! Matrix sizes from TNs to 4cm @ 20.00, 45.00 and 75.00 each, depending on coverage. Old stuff! Please list alternates!

MALACHITE- Lottery Mine, White Pine Co., Nevada
From an obscure locality, these are small green tufts of malachite scattered on limonitic, somewhat vesicular matrix, some of the larger specimens with small pods of white, globular "cave calcite". The Lottery Mine name appears in the local tax records, but nowhere else! Specimens show moderately good color contrasts and range from about 2.5cm to 10cm across @ just 10.00, 25.00 and 50.00 each.

MANGANESE NODULE- Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone, Pacific Ocean
These strange manganese nodules were harvested from the extreme depth of ~15,000 feet(!!) in this famous Pacific Ocean fracture zone many years ago as part of an undersea exploration project. XRD work (compliments of the late Dr. Pete Dunn at the Smithsonian years ago) has shown both birnessite & todorokite and potentially other Mn-rich phases largely comprising these bizarre specimens. We have a good selection of sizes ranging from about 2cm to nearly 6cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 and 65.00 each.

MASUTOMILITE- Hisu Kawa Mine, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Translucent micaceous platelets of nearly pure masutomilite without matrix, some with minor staining. An extremely rare mica
group mineral, obtained by Forrest Cureton many years ago from a Japanese scientist. Available as small fragment in a 2cm vial just 25.00 each.

MASUYITE with URANINITE- Rabbit Lake Mine, Saskatchewan, Canada
Old Cureton material from this Athabasca Basin deposit, here as dull orange masses of masuyite lightly scattered on matrix, most with black uraninite and other unidentified secondary uranium minerals in varying shades of yellow. Moderately radioactive, and only a few individual specimens on hand, small fragments about 1cm @ 35.00.

MOLDAVITE (Tektite)_- Locenice, Bohemia, Czechia
Prices have soared in recent years for these oddities, their formation a result of meteoritic strikes that have sent groundmass into the atmosphere, returning it as tektite-like fused glasses of a very pleasing green color that is unique and well documented in several areas of central Europe. We have a significant number of moldavites on hand, sizes from perhaps a centimeter up to 5cm, prices ranging from 25.00 up to 1150.00 each. We would be happy to send a snapshot via email of moldavites in your price range upon request, many in the 200.00 to 700.00 size/quality bracket.

MUSCOVITE- Whispering Pines Quarry, Paris, Maine
This Oxford Co., quarry has been worked sporadically since its discovery in the 1920s. We have a few modest specimens of rich muscovite "books" with minor pegmatite attached. Sizes of each "book" run about 4cm across @ just 8.00 each. Old stuff, and just a few on hand!

NORBERGITE- Farber Quarry, Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
Old material, here as grains and small pods of brownish yellow norbergite scattered in non-fluorescent calcite matrix, some assicated with small grains of graphite, pyrite etc. Unlike chondrodite, none show the yellow fluorescence typical of specimens labelled as norbergite-chondrodite from Franklin. Analyzed in our lab, these show significant fluorine content indicative of the norbergite member of the series. Matrix sizes from 3.5cm to 8cm across @ 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each, all with a copy of our analysis.

PECORAITE- Otway Prospect, Nullagine, W.A., Australia
Pale green masses of this unusual kaolinite-serpentine group mineral richly covering matrix, here from one of the better known localities for the species. Obtained many years ago and occasionally associated with visually indistinguishable admixed otwayite, specimen sizes range from about 1 cm to 2 cm @ 15.00 and 25.00 each.

PHOSPHOVANADYLITE-Ca- South Rasmussen Ridge Mine, Caribou Co. Idaho
This rare phosphate, the calcium analog of phosphovanadylite-Ba occurs here at the type locality as minute, vitreous greenish blue aggregates lightly scattered on matrix. Approved about 10 years ago, very little material has reached the market. Note that the material will darken in sunlight within a year, so a dark storage environment is recommended. We have only two TNs in the 2.5cm size range @ 150.00 each.

This rare Ca-Mg uranyl carbonate occurs here in excellent micro crystals of silky, pale greenish yellow needle-like tufts and monoclinic laths richly scattered on matrix, nicely fluorescent and suitable for superb micromounting material as well. A common association includes somewhat globular, yellowish, more sparsely scattered schrockingerite that shows a more intense, bright green fluorescent response as well. Only a few samples on hand, a 2.5cm TN @ 100.00, and a rich 5x3 matrix specimen @ 295.00. List alternates!

RIEBECKITE var: CROCIDOLITE- Bechuanaland, (ex-South Africa) Botswana
This old specimen is comprised of a solid mass of blue, elongated fibrous aggregates (variety crocidolite), present in a thick seam with sandwiching matrix. Old material, ex-famous mineralogist E.W. Heinrich collection, apparently collected prior to 1966 when the area became independent Botswana. Specimen size about 10x5cm and certainly asbestiform in habit, actually quite attractive, chatoyant blue, at just 75.00, with Heinrich label.

SCHUBNELITE- Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
A second world locality for this rare species, schubnelite occurs as minute, orange-brown to chocolate brown crystalline aggregates and tiny crystals, considerably more colorful than type locality material, and notable by its high, adamantine luster, though thinly scattered on matrix. Under substantial magnification, the superior luster of these extremely small aggregates will differentiate them from the surrounding fervanite, with which it is commonly associated. Specimen sizes range from 4cm to 6cm with various associations 200.00 and 300.00 each, depending on coverage and quality. Rare!

SCHUMACHERITE- Pucher Shaft, Scheeberg, Saxony, Germany
Minute yellowish balls and aggregates of this rare species sparsely scattered on matrix, possibly with other phases. Difficult to obtain, some of these fine, type locality pieces will yield some hi-mag micro's as well. A few choice, rich mounted samples, ex-Weber/Perloff Collection, @ just 60.00 each!

SCORODITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
From our research material used for the June, 2012 Mineral News article on the Black Pine Mine, we have a selected a small supply of scorodite specimens from this prolific (and now reclaimed) locality. This interesting arsenate occurs as tiny micro crystals with a barely perceptible blue hue (much like Magagascar celestine), typically perched in vugs of massive quartz matrix with scattered sulfides, sometimes associated with beudantite, carminite or other species. Select specimens, most with micro potential, matrix sizes from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 15.00, 25.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each, depending on quality and associations.

SVEITE- Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brazil
This rare and very ugly mineral occurs here as minute, white globular masses, occasionally with minor niter or rarely covering tiny quartz aggregates. The occurrence was described and presented at the July, 2022 IMA meeting in Lyon, France, and the locality is only one of a handful worldwide. Very tiny aggregates from one of the authors, ranging from 0.5mm to 2.5mm offered at just 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each. Missing from many reference collections due to its rarity and highly hydroscopic nature, we provide the samples in closed vials, of course.

SYNCHYSITE-(Ce)- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Dark brown plates of minute synchesite-(Ce) crystals sparsely scattered on the faces of large greyish brown siderite rhombs, some with other associated species. Excellent reference material, obtained in 1983. Matrix sizes from about 2cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

TOPAZ- Jomar Claim, Medina, Minas Gerais, Brazil
An attractive lot of colorless to slightly pale bluish topaz from a previously unreported locality, here as convoluted, naturally hydrotermally etched floaters and clusters without matrix. These are quite gemmy groups occasionally showing stacked crystal faces, with sizes ranging from 2cm to 3.5cm @ just 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each, with one 5.5cm tall group @ 100.00.

TRIPLITE- nr. Dassau, Shigar, Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan
An unusual occurrence of rather gemmy triplite, here as deep reddish brown, glassy nodules. Although fairly small (1.2cm to 1.4cm), this Mn and F rich phosphate has apparent gem potential as well as interesting mineral sample potential. Likely from the Namlook Mine, but unconfirmed, only five available @ just 25.00 each. Great with back lighting!

ZANAZZIITE- Lavra da Ihla, Itinga, Minas Gerais Brazil
This unusual phosphate occurs as greyish-green balls to several millimeters perched on matrix, typically associated with well formed micro eosphorite crystals and occasionally other species such as wardite, collinsite etc. Type locality material with modest micro potential as well, overall sizes from 1.8cm to nearly 3cm @ just 30.00, 45.00 and 60.00, ex-Luis Menezes.


Buckwheat Micros- Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, Sussex Co. New Jersey
From old material collected in the Fall of 1985 by Ed Wilk, we have a modest lot of micro specimens from this famous locality. Still wrapped in tissue from 1985, we will randomly select wrapped specimens, most in the 2cm size range, and offer them as a lot at just 10 for 30.00. These are unopened, most not individually labelled, some with arrows etc. as originally prepared, 10 specimens for 30.00; 20 specimens for 50.00! Expect duplication, but hours of fun under the 'scope. The locality has produced about 90 different species!


From a dealer's stock, we offer 100 DIFFERENT worldwide postage stamps, each depicting an extinct prehistoric animal! A very colorful and diverse selection, no duplication, all lightly cancelled to order and in excellent condition. The price: just 12.00 per lot with any mineral order, less than half standard catalog value!


The Mineral Collector - This delightful publication ran from 1894 through 1909, and included article from a host of well-known collectors of the day. Rarely found intact today, the late Jay Lininger (Matrix Magazine) prepared a facsimile reprint of all fifteen volumes, subsequently hardcover bound in deep green buckram and gold stamped spines, presented here as a full 15 volume set. I will include my personal copy of the index that was produced by John Betts back in 1997 as part of the set, offered here at just 300.00 for the entire set plus postage. Please inquire for shipping cost to your address.

The Picking Table - The journal of the Franklin Ogdensburg Mineralogical Society, here as a complete 50 year set, from its very beginning in 1960 through 2009! Handsomely bound in heavy blue buckram boards, stitched, and gold stamped spines in five volumes that cover the entire 50 year period! Early editions of the PT were simple, type-written affairs, nicely reproduced here, and followed by the full color issues through 2009, all in this 5-volume set. Heavy, only one bound set available for sale @ 495.00 plus shipping! Please inquire for shipping cost to your address.

CATALOG 22206 - Volume 49, No.6
Our 49th Year

ACANTHITE on NATIVE SILVER- Hongda Mine, Lingqui, Shanxi, PR China
An exceptional specimen comprised of thick, curved native silver masses and "ramshorns", all fully encrusted with rich, metallic greyish black acanthite crystals. While individual acanthites are quite small, the specimen presents nicely and measures 8.5 x 6 x 3 cm, weighing a hefty 250 g! The small cabinet specimen is priced (take a deep breathe!) at 3500.00. Needless to say, one only!

BATISITE- Murunskii Massif, Aldan Shield, Russia
Dark brown flattened crystals and aggregates of this moderately rare mineral forms somewhat flattened crystals scattered on white feldspar matrix, typically with black magnesio-arfvedsonite ggregates as well. Superb for the species, sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm across @ 45.00, 75.00 and 125.00 each.

BERYL variety EMERALD- Little Switzerland, Mitchell Co., North Carolina
Small, bright green emeralds, typically as partial crystals or aggregates, lightly scattered in quartz matrix and associated with prolific, thin crystals of black (schorl) tourmaline. There are numerous prospects in the area, some attributed simply to "Spruce Pine", and these are Ex-Florence Mecke Collection who was active from the 1930s to late 1960s. Specimens average about 4cm across @ 50.00 each.

CHEROKEEITE (IMA 2022-016)- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
A recently approved NEW SPECIES from this prolific locality, presented here in several habits, either as tiny crystals with wedge-shaped terminations, more typically as spherical masses of complex intergrowths. Color is typically colorless to grey, but has also been confirmed in pale blue or pale pink bladed crystals as well. Formula:[Pb2Zn(OH)4](SO4) - monoclinic - IMA # 2022- 016). Author's material from the type locality, Small TNs to a few 3cm samples, all with arrows, @ 100.00, 150.00, 250.00, 300.00 and 400.00 each, depending on quality.

CLINOZOISITE- Hunting Hill Quarry, Rockville, Maryland
From an uncommon eastern U.S. locality, we have uncovered several well-crystallized specimens of rod-like, pale, yellowish-green crystals of clinozoisite well scattered on matrix. Excellent matrix specimens with good coverage and crystals to 1cm tall, often with minor, calcite. Habits are clearly elongated, with matrix sizes from 3cm to 6cm across @ 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each, each supplied with a copy of our EDS analysis completed in 2011.

CUPRIAN DESCLOIZITE- Whale Mine, Goodsprings Dis, Clark C Nevada
From material collected years ago, we have a few specimens of black, micro-crystallized flattened spears of orthorhombic copper-rich descloizite (an anhydrous lead-zinc vanadate) scattered on matrix. Originally supplied to us a mottramite, our analytical work (copy supplied) shows that these are actually Zn-dominant descloizite with a high, but subordinate, Cu content. Quite good for micromounting and TNs, the locality was last mined circa 1943. Fairly obscure locality, specimens from about 2cm to 5cm across @ just 12.50, 20.000 and 25.00 each.

DATOLITE- Westfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts
Clear to pale green crystals of datolite richly scattered or comprising matrix. A classic eastern U.S. locality, these collected many years ago by G. Fred Lincks. Overall group sizes from 3cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 & 65.00. A few larger to 12cm @ 125.00; inquire!

DYPINGITE- Brosso Mine, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
We recently uncovered some fairly large specimens of older material that are richly covered in white balls of dypingite. In cross section, the tiny balls show a pearly, radiating cross section, and these would supply numerous excellent micromounts if trimmed. One old label suggests these were collected at the 375 meter level, but it does not specifiy which side (Salvere or Fortune) of the mine. Rich specimens, sizes from about 5cm to 10cm across @ 25.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each depending on size/coverage.

FINESCREEKITE (IMA 2022-030)- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
Another NEW SPECIES from this small but prolific locality, here as minute, rounded colorless to very pale yellowish stacked plates on altered sulfide matrix. Highly lustrous twins are typical, Formula [Pb4(OH)4](S2O3)2 - orthorhombic - IMA # 2022-030. Author's material from the type locality, only one TN available with arrows at 375.00
FLUORO-RICHTERITE- Wilberforce, Haliburton Co., Ont., Canada
Thick, columnar crystal sections of this interesting and complex amphibole without matrix, surprisingly lareg and relatively pure material collected in the distant past from an old University collection. The specimens show excellent, elogated prism faces and are otherwise unterminated, crystal sections 3cm to 5cm tall at just 15.00 and 25.00 each.

GIACOVAZZOITE (IMA 2018-165)- Monte Arsiccio Mine, Tuscany, Italy
This relatively NEW SPECIES occurs here as minute, orange-brown crystalline aggregates and tiny, barrel-shaped prismatic crystals sparsely scattered in a punky, sulfate-rich matrix. Formula: K5Fe3+3O(SO4)6*10H2O, monoclinic, IMA # 2018-165. Type locality material, TN sizes to 2.5cm across @ 125.00 each, some with modest micro potential.

HEULANDITE-Ca- Prospect Park, Passaic Co., New Jersey
An old-time specimen from the H.E. Moore Collection, acquired by him in 1950 from this once-prolific locality. The specimen is comprised of thousands of heulandite-Ca crystals that range from 2mm to 4mm long, richly comprising a vuggy and convoluted cabinet specimen. A few small (5-7mm) honey-colored stilbite-Ca crystals are lightly perched on the pearly heulandite-Ca sample as well, and overall size is a generous 10x7 cm @ just 48.00. One only!

HOGTUVAITE- Bordvedaga, Hogtuva, Rana, Norway
Dark grey to nearly black needles and flattened sprays of hogtuvaite (1-2cm in length) pierce a whitish matrix of phenakite-gneiss that also bears some biotite and possibly other phases. Rich specimens from the type locality for the species, 2.5cm to large 11cm specimens @ 20.00, 40.00, 65.00 and 95.00 each. Rich!

HUTCHINSONITE w/ ORPIMENT etc.- Quiruvilca Mine, La Libertad, Peru
Some old-time material from the late 1970s comprised of small (to 4mm) metallic crystals of reddish black hutinsonite nicely scattered with deep orange orpiment the latter as tiny crystallized masses fully covering one surface of these handsome matrix specimens, some with small, clear tabular barite crystals etc. Great micro potential as well, two sizes on hand from 5cm to 10cm across @ 85.00 and 175.00 each

ILMAJOKITE-(Ce)- Yubileinaya Pegmatite, Mt. Karasurt, Russia
A rare mineral from the Lovozero Massif, discovered in the early 1970's and has never been found anywhere else in the world since! Reported to be the third-most complex structure among all known mineral species, this pale yellowish material is very sparsely scattered on matrix, typically with white natrolite and occasionally with red eudialyte and possibly other species on the "larger" specimens. Not much to look at, small fragments in a capsule @ 45.00; a couple of matrix specimens: 1.2cm @ 125.00, 2.5cm @ 200.00 each. Very limited availability.!

KYANITE- Tunnel Pegmatite, Rabun Co., Georgia
An unusual locality specimen, comprised of a crude, single kyanite crystal that is dark blue but iron-stained, collected by E.W. Heinrich. The locality is not listed in Mindat and likely is representative of the kyanite-rich, Laurel Creek Complex area. Only two crystals on hand, about 5cm x 1.5cm @ 40.00 each.

MAGGANASITE (IMA 2021-112)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
Another NEW SPECIES from this well-known Kamchatka volcano, here as very small (to 0.5mm) of reddish brown to golden brown crude prismatic crystals on brown scoria matrix. Formula: CuFe3+O(AsO4)3 - triclinic, IMA # 2012-112. Some of the better specimens are associated with green lammerite or rarely, yellowish paralammerite, and most typically have minor black hematite, white sanidine and colorless, micro prismatic langbeinite as well, Author's material, sizes from 1.5cm to 2.5cm @ 150.00 and 200.00 each.

MALACHITE pseudo @ AZURITE- Sir Dominick Mine, Arkaroola, S.A., Australia
Dark green malachite richly covers these samples, here as wedge shaped to radiating lath like pseudomorphs after azurite crystals. This material was described in a 1980 article in Mineralogical Record (Vol. 11 No. 2, sadly in black and white). Colorful stuff with moderately good psuedomorphic azurite habit, overall sizes from 2cm to 4cm across @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Relatively inexpensive and neat stuff!

MOLYBDENITE- Knabenheiem nr. Flekkefiord, Norway
Old material from this famous Dana locality, collected by Dr. E. Wm. Heinrich many years ago prior to his subsequent editorship of American Mineralogist! Small greyish plates of molybdendite are well scattered in matrix, some with micro potential as well, with specimen sizes from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each. Photocopy of Heinrich label accompanies each sample!

NOONKANBAHITE- Tausonitovaya Gorka, Murunskii Massif, Russia
This rare species occurs as yellowish brown lamellar crystals to several mm across, scattered in a greenish aegirine-kalsilite rock matrix. This old name was retained and recent structural studies from this (the type) locality revealed its unique nature as a new species. Formula: BaKNaTi2(Si4O12)O2 - orthorhombic, IMA #2009-059. The Ba-analog of shcherbakovite and the K-analog of batisite. Specimens range from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 75.00, 100.00 and 175.00 for the richest, all depending on size and coverage.

PARSETTENSITE- Parsettens Alp, Oberhalbstein, Switzerland
From the Grisons Canton type locality for both parsettensite and associated tinzenite and sursassite, parsettensite occurs as scattered reddish-brown to brown masses in quartz, typically with minor hematite or orange brown crystalline tinzenite. Good quality specimens, sizes from 2cm to 7cm at 35.00, 65.00, 90.00 and 125.00 each, most obtained years ago from the Natural History Museum in Bern. List alternates.

PICKERINGITE (Zn-Co Rich)- Chocolate Drop Mine, San Juan Co., Utah
Exceptionally attractive, bright pink intergrowths of elongated, fibrous pickeringite comprising entire specimens. Each sample is accompanied by a copy of our analytical work, the confirming X-ray spectra shows minor Zn and Co (likely responsible for the great color!) in these samples. Erroneously sold elsewhere as wupatkiite (its not!), and the lead article in the September, 2022 Mineral News provides additional details. Delicate material, carefully packaged to withstand the USPS, in specimen sizes from 2cm to 7cm across @ 25.00, 50.00, 75.00 and 100.00 each, depending on quality and size. Wonderful for the species!

RAUVITE with MONTROSEITE- Opera Box Mine, Montrose Co., Colorado
Highly lustrous, minute balls and tiny aggregates of black rauvite scattered in granular montroseite matrix, occasionally
with other lesser secondary uranium and/or vanadium minerals evident in some specimens. A relatively uncommon mineral that begs for more study, specimens range from about 2.5cm to 5cm specimens @ 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00, with a couple to nearly 8cm @ 95.00 each. List alternates!

REINHARDBRAUNSITE- Bellerberg, Rheinland-Palatinate, Germany
This uncommon member of the humite group occurs as very small pinkish masses scattered in matrix, typically associated with brownmillerite or possibly other phases. Once called calciochondrodite, the species was named about 40 years ago to honor Reinhard Brauns, a famous mineralogist in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Specimens range from about 1cm up to nearly 3cm @ 30.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each. Limit one per order, please.

ROSICKYITE- Pacific Drill Hole, Ventura Co., California
Sharp, yellow transparent micro crystals of rosickyite richly scattered over the surface of a brown shale matrix. Old stuff and good micro material as well, these from a drill core in the Pacific Ocean extracted off the coast of Ventura County. Sizes from 1.5 to nearly 3cm @ 10.00, 17.50 and 30.00 each.

SARKINITE- Harstigen, Varmland, Sweden
A single specimen comprised of typical manganese ore material, showing very tiny, drusy crystals of pinkish sarkinite on an exposed fracture surface, associated with rather ugly, brownish caryopilite as well. An old speimen, size about 7x5cm @ 85.00, type locality material!

SURSASSITE- Strategic Mine, Woodstock, N.B., Canada
This uncommon mineral occurs here as orange-brown, somewhat fibrous masses in thin seams running through dense, dark brown manganese ore matrix. From the only known Canadian locality, specimens are moderately rich and quite obvious, sizes from 2.5cm to 4.5cm @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

TAKEDAITE- Fuka, Bicchu-cho, Okayama Pref., Japan
This relatively new mineral, a calcium borate, [Ca3B2O6] occurs as greyish white dense aggregates of minute grains, often with intermixed calcite and an unidentified minor borate mineral impurity, comprising matrix. From the type locality for the species in the underground workings, suprisingly large, analyzed (XRD/IRS) specimens from about 1.4cm to 3.5cm specimens @ 35.00, 55.00 and 80.00 each; remarkable 6cm specimens @ 150.00 each. Only a few!

TALC- Huntley Mine, Lodi District, Nye Co. Nevada
Slick, pearly white, greasy masses of richly scattered talc largely comprising these interesting locality specimens. Smaller samples are relatively clean, while the larger ones often have altered feldspar matrix associated. Specimens range from about 2.5cm to 7cm across @ 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each. Slippery stuff from an obscure locality; pure material suitable for analytical standards @ $0.50 per gram.!

TENORITE- Algomah Mine, nr Mass, Ontonagon Co. Michigan
Black masses of tenorite scattered in brownish-red, copper ore rock matrix, most specimens with apparent malachite and possibly other secondary copper minerals. Last producing circa 1914, material from this old property has yielded some interesting cutting material, micros etc. Specimens range from about 2cm-4cm @ just 8.00, 12.50, and 20.00 each; a few to nearly 6cm across @ 40.00 each.

VANDENBRANDEITE- Musonoi Extension, Katanga(Shaba), Dem Rep Congo
A selection of half a dozen excellent vandenbrandeite specimens, most from the Vandall King uranium collection, here showing well formed, dark greenish black vandenbrandeite crystals to several millimeters isolated and in small groups on uranium-rich, digenite ore matrix, occasionally associated with other uranium minerals such as kasolite, soddyite, cuprosklodowskite etc.. Fine for the species from this prolific (formerly Zaire) locality, some with good micro potential as well, specimens from 2cm to 5cm priced according to quality @ 50.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each.

VILLIAUMITE- Khibiny Massif, Murmnask Oblast, Kola, Russia
Another excellent crystallized example of the mineral, here as a very dark red, blocky sample of virtually pure villiaumite comprsing matrix. Likely from the Koashva Open Pit, the specimen was acquired in 2004 and measures a monsterous 6.5x5x4 cm specimen at 450.00 on hand. One only.

WARDITE- Rapid Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada
Clear to pale greenish-grey tetragonal crystals (some to 1cm !!) and lustrous aggregates scattered on gossan martix from this excellent locality, more precisely designated as Stoneman Camp. These are not mine-run specimens, but rather are select, well-crystallized wardite specimens from this challenging collecting area, largely accessible by helicopter or small plane only a couple of months of the year. Matrix sizes range from about 3cm to 5cm across, priced according to quality, @ 30.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each. Excellent for the price!

WULFENITE etc.- Blue Bell Mine, Zzyzx, San Bernadino California
This prolific mine had been worked since 1885, and it currently boasts over 100 different minerals including five type species. We have several flats of assorted material collected there in 2008, and we have set aside a handful of micro wulfenite specimens from that lot. The crystals are very small, platy yellow to slightly orange in color, generally lean on matrix surface and potentially associated with other phases. Fairly ugly in hand specimens, but worthwhile searching under the 'scope! Specimens range from about 4cm to 7cm @ just 7.50, 12.50 and 20.00 each. Cheap!

WURTZITE- Merelani, Arusha, Tanzania
From the 2012 find, these are deep red to red-brown, somewhat tabular aggregates and cleavahes of X-ray confirmed wurtzite, the dimorph of sphalerite. These are matrix-free, pure and solid, and are highly unusual for the locality, and the first (and only!) confirmed find of the mineral in Tanzania! XRD data shows that these are the 4H polytype of the mineral! Sizes are small but pure with a wonderful red dark color, ranging from about 5mm to nearly 15mm across @ 20.00, 40.00, 60.00 and 95.00 each. Exceptional find from ten years ago!

ZINCOCHENITE (IMA 2022-025)- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
This NEW SPECIES is the Zn-analog of chenite, occurring here at the type locality as minute, very pale blue to colorless tabular crystals in tight groups on matrix. Formula: Pb4Zn(OH)6(SO4)2 - triclinic, IMA # 2022-025, author's material. Small specimens with arrows, ranging from about 1cm to 1.5cm priced according to quality at 150.00 and 200.00 each. Only a few available!


American Mineralogist- Vol. 107, No. 7-8 (2022)
If you have ever wondered what geological scientists do these days, this current issue of the American Mineralogist will tell you in astounding detail! In addition to full-length descriptions of the new minerals pliniusite (a natural tertiary solid solution phase with svabite and fluorapatite) and heamanite-(Ce) (a new perovskite supergroup mineral found in Canadian diamonds), there are abstracts of nearly a dozen other new minerals, and over 400 pages (!!) of experimental and investigative articles on a very wide range of mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry topics. Dr. Robert Hazen's proposed mineral evolution perspective is among the significant articles, as is his article of "lumping and splitting" minerals into a new classification scheme based on paragenetic modes of formation. There are roughly three dozen articles to contemplate in this volume, and while MSA membership (and six issues of the American Mineralogist) costs $175.00 for individuals, you can have this remarkable individual publication for just 20.00 plus shipping to whet your appetite for more about earth and planetary materials research!

Maine Feldspar Families and Feuds
An excellent, 300-page hardcover book filled with historical work involving Oxford County, describing and intertwining its minerals, miners and mining stories, and filled with both saints and scoundrels who developed many mineralogically notable localities in Maine. Originally 49.95, reduced to just 25.00 each plus shipping.

Mineralogy of Franklin &- Ogdensburg, New Jersey
The very last available stock of this new, full color work, printed in three hardcover volumes and numbering over 1400 pages! There are approximately 4500 (!!) color images, and of the 406 known species at the locality, 404 are pictured in multiple images, averaging about 10 images per mineral. This was a lengthy project that I am honored to say I helped edit (even got my name on the covers and spines!). All of the 125 fluorescent minerals from the locality are also illustrated in both white light as well as UV (often at various wavelengths), and this is the perfect, full color companion to Pete Dunn's earlier 2-volume hardcover technical work (which we also have in stock). A very weighty set (about 18 pounds unboxed), available @ 195.00 per set, plus 26.00 shipping in USA, total: $221.00 net. Virginia residents: add sales tax. Foreign customers, please inquire for shipping costs!

Nature's Garden of Crystals
A remarkable collection of absolutely breath-taking, colorful and well-crystallized specimens, taken from the collections and inventories of a dozen top collectors and dealers! The classic "coffee-table" book, this is a hardcover, ~425 page accumulation of some of the most colorful and exquisite specimens in private hands today. About 700 full color images, all of excellent quality, will "Wow" you throughout. The book measures 8.5" x 11", weighs over 4 pounds, and is reduced to just 25.00 plus shipping in the USA. The very last of our stock!

Hard cover bound volumes No. 32, 33 and 34 (years of 1909, 1910 and 1911) from this famous French mineralogical society that was founded in 1878. Difficult to find any longer, we have a small lot of these three years, all publish more than 110 years ago. The books are in fair shape, with wear at the top and bottom edges of the covers, that have gold leaf stampings. About 1300 pages in total, library bound, the set, in French: 100.00 plus shipping.


We stumbled across these recently, all from 1934 punched proof sheets of various denomination bond coupons of the Companhia de Diamantes de Angola organization, the Portugese-sponsored group that ran the diamond production and mining operations in Angola from the 1800's until Angolan independance. We offer a nice block of four attached and nicely engraved warrants, overall size about 18cm x 6cm, at just 10.00 per block, 2 blocks of different colors and denominations @ 20.00, or complete warrants with 30 coupons measuring 37cm x 29cm @ just 60.00. Neat, historical diamond mining related ephemera!

CIGARETTE CARDS- Circa 1930's: Various Brands from Germany
When we buy a collection, we buy everything. Sometimes, this includes things we have no idea what to do with. Uncovered recently: another lot of many hundreds of these once popular and apparently highly collectible "cigarette cards", typically provided one card per pack as a "bonus" to the buyer. All the cards we have here are from a variety of German cigarette brands, most from the 1930's, and each card depicts a scene from a specific topic: castles, industries, military scenes, flags, coats of arms, native dress, far away places, flora and fauna etc.. Most are in color, some appear to be actual black and white photos, all are imprinted on reverse. We are not going to sort these and wish to just blow them out at inexpensive large lots as follows: 100 cards @ 30; 250 cards @ 65.00; Best deal: 500 cards @ just 100.00, each lot with little or no duplication!

The October issue of Mineral News will have a short article about Australia's Gold Fever stamps and First Day Covers, issued in 1990. We have a small stock of these on hand. Each cover has all five mining stamps, cancelled with the crossed pick & shovel motif in Ballarat, Victoria on May 16, 1990. Interesting tidbits of history and philatelic art at just 6.00 each, AND we will include a FREE "Boomtown" Australian FDC with its five different stamps from the July 12, 1990 issue as well, at no additional charge. What a deal!


From the depths of our gemstone stock, we have assembled a few sets of five different colored sapphires, most in good quality oval facetted stones, all eye clean and showing distinctive colors, typically showing pink, pale green, blue, orange and yellow hues. This quality normally sells in the $300 to $400 per carat range, but we are blowing them out at about $100 a carat, with our five stone assortments ranging from approximately 2.5 to 3.0 carats per lot at just 250.00, 275.00 and 300.00 per boxed set! Add these excellent, gemmy stones to your gem collection at a great bargain price! Only a few sets available and all subject to prior sale.

TOPAZ - Brazil
Some years ago, we purchased a substantial lot of Brazilian gemstones, and we are offering portions of the lode once again. These are mostly colorless, called "white" topaz, in a wide range of sizes and shapes, all faceted and of good commercial quality used in jewelry repair and small settings, typically valued at up to $5.00 a carat. Colorless topaz was an early diamond substitute before the creation of Cubic Zirconia (CZ) and similar man-made stones. Some of these may show minor inclusions, occasional abrasions etc., but the vast majority are eye-clean and attractive. To move these quickly, we are offering medium-sized lots of assorted cuts and shapes for less than 75 cents a carat, a special offer of 50 carats for just 35.00 per lot, averaging about 30 to 40 stones per lot. A steal!


CATALOG 22205 - Volume 49, No.5
Our 49th Year

ALMANDINE var: PYRALMANDINE- Fazenda Rodolita, Peixe, Tocantins, Brazil
Crude rounded crystals and masses of deep red garnet without matrix. Our EDS work shsows it is primarily almandine, but with a minor pyrope composition. Some call this "rhodolite", but it is more properly "pyralmandine" in composition. The chunks were intended as faceting material, and the crude masses range from about 100 carats to 200 carats each (2cm to 3cm), with the larger ones showing some occasional rounded, crystal faces. Cheap enough to tumble or try your hand at faceting, specimens are only 5.00, 7.50 and 10.00 each, or get a small lot of 1000 carats (5-7 samples) for just 25.00 per lot. Interesting locality material, SEM analysis included!

ARAGONITE (multiple generation)- Stevenson-Bennett Mine, Dona Ana Co. New M
Found carefully wrapped in an old King Edward cigar box (the cigars were 6 cents each at the time!), we recently uncovered a small lot of interesting aragonite specimens from this old U.S. locality, here as somewhat pearly white botryoids with an additional generation of spikey, transparent aragonite needles nicely perched over them and on thin matrix. The samples are mildly fluorescent under both SW (green) and LW (yellow) UV. The locality was first discovered in the 1870s, and it has a long & rich specimen history as well. Only a few samples on hand, these ranging from about 2.5cm to 4cm across @ just 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each. Moderately attractive, too!

ARAGONITE/CALCITE SEPTARIAN- Betsiboka Region, Madagascar
Unusual septarian nodules containing dark brownish calcite crystal druses filling voids and seams in an aragonite-rich matrix. These specimens have been native-cobbed, shaped and polished to resemble smooth egg-like structures, locally marketed as "Dragon's Eggs". Interesting specimens, sizes from about 6cm to 12cm tall @ 50.00, 80.00, 125.00 and 200.00 each. A few larger, to 20cm @ 350.00. Interesting decorator items with a mineral theme!

BARITE with SULFUR- Tarnobrzeg, Subcarpathian Volvodeship, Poland
Moderately attractive, tan to greyish white bladed barite crystals fully covering or comprising matrix, typically with small masses of bright yellow native sulfur. A well-known locality, we obtained these in early 1989, and just recent uncovered here once again. Specimens are well-crystallized and range from about 4cm to 6cm across, priced at 20.00, 30.00 and 40.00 each, depending on quality and size.

BIXBYITE-(Mn)- Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah
Sharp crystals of adamantine, black bixbyite-(Mn), most sitting on a greyish rhyolite matrixix. From the type locality for the Mn-dominant species, individual crystals range from about 3mm to nearly 6mm across(!!) some with minor octahedral modifications, and occasionally with minor topaz evident as well. Matrix specimens range from about 2cm to 5cm across, priced according to quality, size and associations @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each. Only a few larger crystals available!

CALCITE (Cobaltoan)- Kolwezi, Lualaba, DR Congo
Attractive, small bright pink to darker pink vitreous crystals richly scattered as colorful druses on dolomitic rock matrix. Our analytical work shows that the material has a moderately high Mg content, thus leaning towards the border between cobaltoan dolomite and cobaltoan calcite. Pretty material, some with tiny malachite masses, sizes from about 2.5cm to nearly 7cm across @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

CERUSSITE- Daoping Mine, Guangxi Zhuang, PR China
From a recent find, these are thick, reticulated groups of flattened cerussite crystals forming oddly-shaped rosettes and smaller, elongated blades with little or no matrix. Interesting and moderately unusual for the larger samples, specimens range from white TNs @ 35.00, to larger 3cm to 4.5cm @ 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each.

CORONADITE- Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
Rather ugly stuff, composed of brownish black masses of coronadite richly scattered in hard and brittle limonitic matrix, typically admixed with other, similarly ugly, oxide phases. Collected by Forrest Cureton many years ago during one of his Australian journeys, we have a small selection of fairly rich (but very ugly) samples from 2.5cm to nearly 10cm across @ just 12.50, 25.00, 40.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each.

CORUNDUM w/ "Smaragdite Amphibole"- Buck Creek, Clay Co., North Carolina
Small red splashes of corundum variety ruby lightly scattered in dense, medium green admixed amphibole (smaragdite) matrix. Some have called this zoisite (incorrectly, despite its resemblance to Tanzanian material), but XRD confirms it as an amphibole, with EDS suggesting a possible iron-deficient, potassic-chloropargasite or edenitic composition instead! Rather than spend our short lives figuring out amphibole nomenclature, we'll just provide copies of the analytical details and dump it on you, free with each specimen that measures 3cm to 5cm across @ just 20.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each.

ERIONITE-K- Chase Creek, nr. Falkland, B.C., Canada
Microscopic prismatic crystals of white erionite-K line elliptical vesicles in dark tan to black matrix. Overall appearance attractive due to contrasting color of the stretched bubbles, some with good micro potential. Sizes from 2.5cm to nearly 4cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

FERRIERITE-Mg- Kamloops Lake, British Columbia, Canada
The most common end-member composition of this zeolite mineral, ferrierite-(Mg) occurs as colorless to slightly orange-hued, micro divergent radial aggregates lining an opal-like chalcedony matrix. These range from more-or-less solid pieces to odd looking convoluted vuggy masses, all with good micro potential, and from the type locality for the species. Well formed and passably attractive, in sizes from small micros as crystallized rims on chalcedony to 7mm @ 10.00, to more solid masses of 2cm up to 4cm across @ 35.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each.

FERRIHOLLANDITE- Mt. Sorharas, Ultevis, Lappland, Sweden
Excellent specimens from one of the best localities for this recently redefined barium bearing mineral. Ferrihollandite occurs here as small crystal prisms, sprays, and elongated crystalline cleavages, all richly distributed throught quartz matrix, possibly associated with piemontite or other phases. Samples from 2.5cm to 8cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

FLUORITE- Xianghualing Ore field, Linwu, Hunan, PR China
China continues to produce varied specimens of multi-colored fluorite from this famous ore field. Our latest shipment had a small, hand-picked assortment of sea-blue chunks, many with a slightly greenish cast and typically overlaying pale purple material as well. These are quite transparent and superb when back-lit, and one can expect to see a range different shades in virtually every specimen! These are not particularly well-crystallized specimens, but crystal faces are evident throughout each sample. Sizes range from about 4.5cm to 7cm across @ 75.00 and 150.00 each, one larger 12x7cm sample @ 395.00.

FLUORITE with GALENA, SIDERITE- Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom
A marvelous, old cabinet specimen, ex-Robert Hesse Collection (1894-1984, assistant curator at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia) and obtained by him in a trade with the University of Pennsylvania in 1941! Later acquired by Dick Hauck and sold to Dr. Eugene Sensel (1911-2000) prior to his death. The specimen shows sharp, colorless to pale yellowish cubic fluorite crystals to 2cm richly scattered across the entire top of this large specimen, rimmed by platy aggregates of pale brown siderite with small galena crystals protruding from the siderite. Brilliantly fluorescent, of course, and a classic example from a locality. Overall 13x8x6 cm @ just 650.00 and likely worth considerably more today!

GOETHITE ps @ ANKERITE on QUARTZ- Aiguille D'Arves, Savoie, France
Dark brownish balls to 5mm of goethite pseudomorphing groups of ankerite globules nicely scattered over transparent quartz crystals and groups. An unusual locality and pseudomorph, matrix sizes from 2.5cm to 7cm @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each.

GOLD- Fraser River, nr.Lytton, B.C., Canada
Small placer nuggets of native gold, collected circa 1951, and recently found in an old collection in our warehouse. The village of Lytton was completed destroyed by a wildfire in June, 2021. The specimens are leafy or typically flattened and somewhat rounded, and our EDS work (copy supplied) shows 3% to 4% silver as well. Sizes about 3mm to 4mm across @ just 35.00 to 50.00 each. Old stuff!

HAYWOODITE (IMA 2021-115)- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
This new species occurs as minute, colorless to pale pinkish pseudohexagonal stacked tablets or tiny barrel-shaped prisms sparsely scattered on galena-ricj matrix. Formula: [Pb(H2O)10][Zn12(OH)20(H2O0(SO4)3] - triclinic, IMA 2021-115. Author's material from teh type locality, with a wide range of associated rare species on the better specimens, small fragments to TNs priced according to coverage and associations @ 200.00, 280.00. List alternates!

IMOGOLITE- Fukaiwa, Nanuma-shi, Tochigi Pref., Japan
Each specimen of this rarity is comprised of beige to tan masses of altered, pumice-like imogolite comprising matrix from this unusual locality. Dull luster and aesthetically challenged (ie. ugly!), pieces are contained in capsules and are from 2mm to 4mm across @ 20.00, 30.00, and 40.00 each depending on size.

JUANITAITE- Gold Hill Mine, Tooele Co., Utah
This relatively rare species occurs as small, yellow-green micro rosettes and druses sparsely scattered in vugs and exposed seams on matrix, some associated with needle-like blue connellite, or fine tyrolite, or occasionally other species. Most of this material was collected on the 150 level over 25 years ago and was subsequently named for its discoverer, the late Juanita Curtis. Modest micro potential as well, matrix sizes from about 2cm to nearly 6cm @ just 40.00, 65.00, 85.00 and 100.00 each, depending on quality/size.

JUANITE with CEBOLLITE- Iron Hill, Gunnison Co., Colorado
From the type locality for both species, acquired from Forrest Cureton in 1987, each of these rarities occur as white to pale greenish submicroscopic, fibrous aggregates sparsely scattered in uncompahgrite rock, typically with melilite, perovskite, pyroxenes and other ugly species. Both are difficult to distinguish or observe unless a thin section is prepared, and both are grandfathered but questionable species today. Specimens from about 1.5cm to 4cm across @ 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each. Limited stock!

KLEBERITE- Konigshain-Wiederau, Saxony, Germnay
A moderately rare mineral with only four known localities, of which all are considered cotypes for the species. It occurs in alluvial sands as minute red-brown to brown grains, an apparent alteration product of ilmenite. First published in 1960 but not IMA approved until 2012 after further study. Ex-Cureton material, a few tiny grains in a vial @ 25.00 each.

LEIGHTONITE- Chuquicamata, Chile
Pale blue to blue-green aggregates of this rare species occurring as seams or patches running through matrix or as nicely exposed, rich crystalline aggregates protruding from rock, occasionally with minor atacamite. Old material no longer available on the market, lean material in matrix sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00, and 35.00 each; also superbly rich samples from 3cm to 7cm @ 50.00, 75.00, 125.00, 250.00, and 375.00 depending on quality and degree of crystallization.

MAGNANELLIITE (IMA 2019-010)- Monte Arsiccio Mine, Tuscany, Italy
This new species occurs as micro, yellow to yellowish orange vitreous crystals in vugs, typically associated with alum-(K) and possibly other species. From the type locality which has produced nine other new minerals, these are moderately attractive under the 'scope. Formula: K3Fe3+2(SO4)4(OH)(H2O)2, monoclinic, IMA 2019-010. Only a few 2.5cm specimens on hand @ 95.00 each. List alternates!

MCGOVERNITE- Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
A manganese silicate arsenate, mcgovernite occurs as brassy submetallic micaceous flakes and aggregates scattered on exposed seams of typical franklinite-willemite-zincite-calcite ore material. Small but relatively rich specimens, 1cm to 3.5cm @ only 20.00, 35.00, and 55.00 each, depending on coverage and size, and one superb, rich 12x8cm cabinet specimen @ 295.00. List alternates!

PEKOVITE- Dara-i-Pioz, Alaiskii range, Tadjikistan
This rare species occurs as minute colorless grains in matrix, these in prepared 2cm probe mounts and accompanied by at least one SEM image and an X-ray spectra. The formula: SrB2Si2O8, the Sr-analog of danburite and maleevite, named for prolific Russian mineralogist and author Igor V. Pekov. IMA #2003-035, type locality material and author's studied specimens, only a few available @ 155.00 each.

PHARMACOSIDERITE- Copper Stope, Majuba Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
From the an old hoard, we have a few rather fine pharmacosiderite specimens that show excellent micro green cubes of the mineral nicely scattered in exposed seams and vugs. All are quite attractive under the 'scope, and some of the better samples may be associated with other species as well. We have only a few of these, all with good micro potential, sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 10.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, depending on quality and size.

QUARTZ (Smoky), MICROCLINE etc- Hurricane Mt., N. Conway, Carroll Co New Ha
Coarse granitic matrix comprised primarily of microcline, quartz and minor mica shows small, terminated smoky quartz crystals to 1 cm lightly scattered over typically crystallized feldspar. Collected in 1965, the material has occasionally yielded micro zircons, astrophyllite, assorted amphiboles and other species upon trimming. Specimens range from about 3cm to 7cm across at just 5.00, 12.50 and 20.00 each, all with small terminated smokies.

QUARTZ var: AMETHYST- Guanajuato Municiality, Gto., Mexico
airly large specimens of delicate, amethystine-hued quartz in small crystals and druses fully covering one surface of these older, silica-rich matrix specimens. Originally in the stock of Hamel Mining & Minerals circa 1970s vintage, and recently unearthed here, these are colorful but not spectacular, overall sizes average 10 cm across @ just 20.00 each, cheaper than the more common Brazilian material.

QUARTZ w/ TOURMALINE inclusions- Jenipapo Distrist, Itinga, M.G., Brazil
Unusual, fine-grained massive blue quartz comprising matrix. The bluish color is teh result of minute tourmaline inclusions (we believe olenite rather than elbaite), but we are unable to properly quantify or differentiate the two via EDS alone. A tough and durable material, likely suitable for lapidary work, and the very tiny crystals can often be seen under 40x magnification. Specimens from small 2.5cm pieces to chunky 8cm hand samples at just 7.50, 20.00 and 40.00 each.

SCOLECITE- Arkaroola, Flinders Ranges, S.A., Australia
A small lot of white, elongated fibrous scolecite, closely packed and intergrown in matrix, occasionally with minor stilbite. This material was originally labelled as pectolite (which it absolutely resembles), and it laid unnocticed in our warehouse for decades. We recently ran a quick EDS analysis and confirmed that it is, indeed, scolecite, and in an interesting pectolite-like habit. Specimens from 2.5cm to 5cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00, each accompanied by a copy of our analytical work. Neat locality material!

SELENIUM- Homestake Mine, Ambrosia Lake Dist. New Mexico
Native selenium occurs as dull greyish, somewhat fibrous masses scattered in and on sandstone matrix. From one of the more prolific localities in the Poison Springs area, we have matrix specimens from about 2cm to nearly 5cm across @ 35.00, 45.00, 60.00 and 75.00 each, priced according to richness, not size.

SILLIMANITE w/ GARNET in GNEISS- Deep River, Middlesex Co., Connecticut
A very old specimen, ex-Michigan College of Mines (1897-1927) from this obscure locality. here as a gneissic hand specimen with tiny garnets and minute, greyish, elongated or convoluted sillimanite sparsely scattered throughout. Two old labels accompany the piece, otherwise ugly, 8x6cm @ 55.00. One only! Mindat does not list sillimanite from the locality, and we can see why!

TINCALCONITE pseudo @ BORAX- New Pit, Boron, Kern Co., California
Old material supplied many years ago by mine manager Jim Minette, these are solid white masses of tincalconite that have replaced borax, some better samples showing borax morphology as well. Specimens are quite pure, sizes ranging from 1.5cm to nearly 5cm across @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each, depending on quality.

TREMOLITE with CHRYSOTILE- Easton, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania
Greyish white, somewhat brittle tremolite comprising matrix, typically with intergrown, fibrous chrysotile. These samples are likely from the Chestnut Hill area to the north of Easton, and specimens are typically stiff, elongated aggregates from 2.5cm to 7cm long @ just 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

TURQUOISE- Los Cerrillos, Santa Fe Co., New Mexico
Wonderful "robin's-egg blue" massive turquoise nicely comprising matrix, typically with little or no trachyte rock matrix from this classic locality. These are from small opened nodules, revealing their pleasing color. Ex-Michigan College of Mines material, specimens measure from 1.5cm to 2.5cm across @ just 12.50 and 20.00 each. Difficult to get the real "stuff" these days.

WENDWILSONITE- Aghbar, Zagora Prov., Draa-Tafilalet Morocco
Attractive, deep red-purple, stout crystals to 4mm of wendwilsonite richly scattered in an exposed seam in matrix, Excellent coverage and a copy of our confirming analytical work is included. The Mg-analog of roselite, gemmy and colorful, overall sizes about 3.5cm to 4cm across @ 350.00. Excellent, confirmed material!

ZANAZZIITE- Lavra da Ihla, Itinga, Minas Gerais Brazil
This unusual phosphate occurs as greyish-green balls to several millimeters perched on matrix, typically associated with well-formed micro eosphorite crystals and occasionally other species such as wardite, collinsite etc. Type locality material with modest micro potential as well, overall sizes from 1.8cm to nearly 3cm @ just 30.00, 45.00 and 60.00 each, all ex-Luis Menezes.

ZEUNERITE-METAZEUNERITE- Majuba Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
From an old hoard, fairly good specimens of small, flattened radiating plates of medium green zeunerite/metazeunerite sparsely scattered in exposed seams on matrix. The crystals extend to 6mm across, and they are highly lustrous against the dull, greyish rhyolite porphyry matrix, some with associated scorodite as well. These were likely collected many years ago from the base of the Copper Stope where the mineral was once found. Only a few specimens on hand, sizes ranging from about 2cm to 9cm, priced according to quality @ 15.00, 30.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each, some with good micro potential as well!


PETRIFIED WASP NEST- Pleistocene Period, Streaky Bay, S.A., Australia
A strange mineral oddity: petrified nests of the Leptopis duponti wasp, Pleistocene in age and comprised of dense, buff-colored rocky material. Collected years ago at this Eyre Peninsula locality, these are thick, egg-shaped in habit, about 5cm long, and quite unusual @ only 20.00 each. Only a few on hand!

CATALOG 22204 - Volume 49, No.4
Our 49th Year

AEGIRINE etc.- Laven Island, Langesundfjorden, Norway
This prolific pyroxene occurs here as dark greenish to nearly black elongated crystal sections frozen in nepheline/feldspar matrix, occasionally with other species present. Much of our material was collected by E.W. Heinrich, famous geologist and mineralogist who travelled the world. The white matrix often brightly fluorescent (red SW UV), and a copy of Heinrich's label accompanies each specimen. Sizes range from about 4cm to 8cm across at just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

ARSENTSUMEBITE- Ten Strike Mine, Klondyke, Graham Co., Arizona
A long story about this find will appear in Mineral News soon. Suffice to say that it is analyzed material (a copy of our analysis accompanies each sample), and the mineral occurs as micro green botryoids scattered on matrix. There is modest micro potential here, and the samples are from just the second reported occurrence in Arizona. Specimen sizes range from about 3cm to 7cm across with varying coverage, priced at just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

BOTALLACKITE- Santo Domingo Mine, Tocopilla, Chile
From an older find (2007) in this Antofagasta Province copper locality, botallackite occurs here as pale greenish blue radiating aggregates and sheaf-like micro crystals sparsely scattered on matrix. Requires some magnification to appreciate, but these are among the first (?) botallackite specimens confirmed from a South American locality, and happily, they are not a slag mineral here! Sizes range from 2cm to 4cm @ only 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

CALCITE- Sampson Mine, St. Andreasberg,Saxony Germany
An excellent TN specimen displaying a sharp, distinctly hexagonal single crystal without matrix with transparent to translucent clarity. The pinacoid termination is opaque white, and the prism faces are lustrous and sharp, with a rhombohedral cleavage line evident on two faces. The specimen was originally acquired from Dr. Hail Sarp in 2003 at the Natural History Museum in Geneva, Switzerland, accompanied by a very old label. Ex-Jensen Collection, attractive, underpriced @ 325.00. One only!

CALCITE in MARBLE- Tate, Pickens Co., Georgia
A couple of old, interior marble samples, one surface fully polished with beveled edges, the reverse side with adhered labels from "Geo. B. Sickels & Co.", finishers of Georgia Marbles. The company was apparently bought out in 1916-1917, suggesting the vintage of the pieces. The fairly large samples are ex-E.W. Heinrich, famous geologist and mineralogist, and they are accompanied by his labels as well. Each polished sample measures about 19x9x0.7cm @ 35.00 each, and all have a broken corner. Interesting historical artifacts of the Georgia marble industry from Heinrich's extensive collections.

CARYOCHROITE- Umbozero Mine, Alluaiv Mt., Kola, Russia
Another relatively rare species from the Lovozero Massif, here as nearly monomineral masses of this dark brown, nafertisite-like material, some with long slender embedded elpidite crystals. From the type locality in the Elpiditivoye pegmatite, formula: (Na,Sr)3(Fe3+,Mg)10[Ti2Si12O37](O,OH)9*8H2O. IMA #2005-031, author's studied material, rich samples from about 2cm to nearly 4cm across at 60.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each.

CHERALITE- Uranium King Mine, Encampment, Wyoming
Nearly pure masses of multicolored buff to dark brown cheralite. This Carbon County occurance is quite different from the type locality in India, and these are opaque masses of this complex, thorium rich phosphate. Rarely available, sizes from 1cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 30.00, 50.00, and 75.00.

CHILDRENITE- George & Charlotte Mine, Devon, England
Minute crystals of resinous, brick red childrenite partially coat 4mm quartz crystals on ore specimens from this Tavistock area mine, the type locality for the species! Excellent older material with modest micro potential as well, sizes range from about 2cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

CHLORARGYRITE- Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
A dendritic greyish mass of chlorargyrite from the classic locality! The chlorargyrite forms either solid lattice-works, or small yellowish crystals on coronadite/limonitic matrix, most with typical dark olive green and metallic grey luster.
Exceptionally rich samples, sizes from 1.5cm to 6cm @ 40.00, 75.00 and 150.00 each. Only a few on hand - list alternates, please!

DAUBREEITE- Constancia Mine, Tanza, Potosi, Bolivia
This unusual bismuth mineral occurs as dull yellowish masses sparsely scattered on matrix, here from the type locality for the species. Old Cureton stock, only a few small samples available from 3mm to 6mm @ 20.00 and 35.00 each, one larger matrix sample 2.5cm @ 125.00.

ELYITE etc.- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
Pale purple, tiny tufted sprays and fibers of elyite scattered in ore matrix, most associated with white needles of sidpietersite or tabular bechererite crystals. All samples have arrows pinpointing the micro sprays, overall sizes averaging about 1.5 cm across @ 100.00, 125.00 and 150.00 each, depending on associations and coverage, all with modest micro potential as well.

EMELEUSITE- Igdlutalik, Greenland
This rare species occurs as minute transparent to buff colored drusy crystals nicely scattered in matrix. A rare Na-Li-Fe silicate and member of the osumilite group. Classic locality and rarely available fro sale, sizes range from 1cm to 1.5cm @ 55.00 and 75.00 each.

ERYTHRITE- Santa Alicia Mine, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico
Rich magenta needles and tufted sprays of erythrite scattered on matrix in mine run quality. From the classic Mexican locality, these are nicely sized and potentially make good micros as well. Quite colorful, matrix sizes from 3cm to 5cm @ 10.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each based on coverage/quality.

FASSINAITE- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
Tiny white to colorless crystal groups and sprays of this rare lead thiosulfate-carbonate mineral perched in exposed vugs on ore matrix. Each specimen is in a 2.5x2cm box with an arrow pinpointing the species, and overall matrix sizes average about 2cm across @ 125.00 each. Only the second known U.S. occurrence for the mineral!

GIBBSITE with LITHIOPHORITE- Queen City Mn Prospect, Nye Co., Nevada
Opaque, off-white cherty masses of gibbsite are the primary matrix mineral in these decidedly ugly specimens, with black lithiophorite appearing as spots and small masses scattered about the porcelaneous gibbsite. Recently described in Mineral News (2017, Vol. 33, #2), the material is weakly fluorescent (SW - green), perhaps it's only redeeming characteristic other than it represents one of the few reported occurrence of lithiophorite in the state, and the only Nye County occurrence of gibbsite! Likely one of the ugliest (but still interesting) mineral combinations
of all time, offered here in sizes from 3cm to 7cm @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

GOETHITE included AMETHYST- Ametista do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Pale amethyst quartz crysdtals richly covering matrix, these with excellent, micro sprays and tufts of golden to brown goethite scattered in the transparent quartz. Older material and suitable for trimming and fine micromounts, some of the larger samples with underlying, pale bluish-grey chalcedony, all inexpensively offered in sizes from about 3cm to 7cm across at just 5.00, 10.00 and 15.00 each, depending on inclusion quality and coverage.

HESSITE- Bambollita Mine, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
This uncommon species occurs here as rather finely disseminated greyish grains in white quartz matrix, some occasionally associated with minor secondary tellurium minerals. Lean specimens but an interesting assemblage from a well-known deposit, sizes range from about 2cm to nearly 7cm @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each, depending on coverage.

HETAEROLITE v: HYDROHEATEROLITE- Leadville, Lake Co., Colorado
From an old flat originally supplied by Forrest Cureton many years ago, we have a modest selection of black, somewhat botryoidal hydrohetaerolite masses richly scattered on matrix, occasionally with aragonite or possibly other species. The better samples often have a vitreous luster, while most will also have a rather dull, flat black coating of chalcophanite. Lately considered to be a discredited variety of hetaerolite, there are variations in XRD results but redefined spinel groupings in 2019 have confirmed its varietal status. Specimens from 2.5cm to 8x5cm samples are 8.50, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

LAZURITE- Cascade Canyon, San Bernadino Co., California
Dark blue masses of granular lapis lazuli bands richly scattered in matrix, typically with tiny specks of pyrite in a tough, quartzite/limestone matrix. Fairly colorful material, dense chunks about 6cm across @ 35.00 each, or as large diamond-sawn slabs about 18x12x0.7 cm @ 45.00 each. Limited availability!

LEITEITE- Tsumeb, Otavi, Namibia
Clear, colorless pearly thin cleavage plates and crystalline fibers of this rare Tsumeb mineral, occurring as pure masses without matrix. Leiteite, from the type locality for the species, is available in 0.5 to 1.5 cm sizes @ 45.00, 75.00 and 125.00 each.

MAGNETITE variety LOADSTONE- Iron Mountain, Iron Co., Utah
Massive magnetite (variety lodestone) that is naturally magnetic occurs here as dark brownish black chunks of ore comprising matrix. Collected by the late Ted Morley in the 1960s, we will even include some iron filings that add some interest to these weird specimens. Sizes from about 3cm to 8cm @ 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. Heavy!

MAHNERTITE- Fenugu Sibiri Mine, Sardinia, Italy
A rare hydrous Na-Cu arsenate-chloride species, here from one of the few confirmed localities. It occurs as excellent, pale blue botryoids well-scattered on matrix, and quite attractive under magnification. Described in 1994 for the late Volker Mahnert of the Swiss Natural; History Museum, only one small (~1cm) micro available @ 145.00.

METAVIVIANITE- Stoneman Camp, Rapid Creek, Y.T., Canada
Deep greenish, tabular aggregates of metavivianite as paramorphs after vivianite, here from a well known and prolific phosphate mineral locality. The metavivianite occurs as green micaceous nearly pure masses without much matrix, numerous small fragments in a capsule @ 10.00, larger single plates from 1cm to 1.5cm @ 20.00 and 30.00 each. A dimorph of ferrostrunite and isostructural with symplesite.

MUSCOVITE var; DAMOURITE- Halsjoberg, Torsby, Varmland, Sweden
A small lot of these old very old muscovite specimens, noted as the resinous to greasy variety "damourite". All are accompanied by Michigan College of Mines labels, vintage 1897-1927, noted with the former "Horrsjoberg, Wermland" locality, and a few are also with original handwritten Krantz labels with the same designation. Interesting historical locality samples, all relatively ugly, averaging about 5x3 cm @ 25.00 each.

PARATACAMAITE w/ PSEUDOBOLEITE- La Compania Mine, Sierra Gorda, Chile
Interesting micro material consisting of tiny, greenish black paratacamite crystals and aggregates scattered on rock matrix, most with tiny, blue micro crystals and druses of pseudoboleite as well. Both species confirmed in our lab, and copies of X-ray spectra provided. Collected over 15 years ago, matrix sizes range from about 2.5cm to 6cm across at 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each, depending on coverage and quality.

PYRITE- Merelani Hills, Simanjiro, Manyara, Tanzania
Very unusual single crystals of pyrite showing multiple crystal faces (cube, pyritohedron, octahedron, diploid and/or
trapezeohedron and other forms, best described as "pseudo-icosahedral" in habit. Most are matrix-free except for
the occasional underlying graphite on some samples, and they are fairly large in size, and all show typical detachments on the underside of each crystal. These range from about 4cm to 5.5cm (!!) single crystals and are very reasonably priced at just 40.00 and 50.00 each depending on quality/size. Very unusual!

PYROLUSITE- Urkut Mine, Csarda Hill, Veszprem, Hungary
Densely packed, rich manganese ore consisting primarily of pyrolusite as minute aggregates and occsionally with black, platy cryptomelane and other Mn-rich species. Uncommonly offered locality specimens in generous sizes averaging about 6cm across at just 20.00 each, collected over 30 years ago.

ROSASITE (NICKELOAN)- Km3 Pit, Lavrion, East Attica, Greece
Some years ago, we dubiously acquired a small lot of "glaukosphaerite" from a German dealer from this prolific locality. Aware that the species has been largely mis-identified from here, we finally ran the micro green botryoids in our SEM/EDS lab, and as expected, they were confirmed as nickeloan rosasite. So here they are: dark green balls scattered in vugs in matrix, occasionally with micro crystals of smithsonite and/or other species. Decent micro potential if you care to trim these down, specimens from about 3cm to 7cm across at just 10.00, 15.00 and 25.00, each with a copy of our confirming analysis.

SCORDARIITE (IMA 2019-010)- Monte Arsiccio Mine, Tuscany, Italy
This relatively new species occurs as minute, yellowish to slightly brownish, thin stacked plates, perched in alum-(K) matrix. The mineral has a shape vitreous luster, and other associated species from this prolific locality (70 species, 10 new types) are possible. IMA 2019-010, moderately attractive under the 'scope, and all with fine micro potential as well. Sizes average about 2.5cm @ 95.00 each. Limit one per order, please.

SEMSEYITE ps @ PYRRHOTITE etc.- Cavnic (Kapnic), Maramures, Romania
A large and impressive specimen comprised of greyish black, striated semesyite pseudomorphing platy pyrrhotite, with much crystallized black sphalerite covering the entire specimen. There is minor galena and a central grouping of small white quartz crystals to finish off the piece, and the underside shows some carbonates and thin, very pale pink rhodochrosite bands of little consequence to the overall specimen. Surface size is a generous 15x12 cm @ 350.00. Ex-Dudas Collection. Heavy!

SEPIOLITE variety QUINCYITE- Quincy-sur-Cher, Bourges, France
Very strange, rather stiff but still flexible fibrous masses and curled leathery aggregates of crude, white sepiolite from this classic French locality. Very old material collected many years ago, referenced in Lacroix's Mineralogie de la Francais et de Territoires. Specimens are 1.5cm in a vial @ 10.00, or 5cm to 8cm thick, elongated fibrous masses @ 65.00 and 85.00 each. Very pure, weird stuff!

SIDERITE, MUSCOVITE, RUTILE etc- Rist Mine, Hiddenite, Alexander Co. North
A large cabinet specimen comprised of a 2cm rhombohedral crystal of pale tan, translucent siderite, perched on the edge of a large, scattered grouping of up-standing hexagonal muscovite crystals to 2cm, accompanied by several 1.5cm translucent dolomite crystals, along with minor albite and trace rutile. An attractive mineral group that is an impressive 17cm x 8cm, quite attractive, and just 375.00, its original price when we acquired it over 20 years ago!

STURMANITE- N'Chwaning Mines, Kuruman, No. Cape, South Africa
A wonderful cabinet specimen of this uncommon mineral, here as numerous, stout, opaque-yellow hexagonal crystals (the largest 1.5cm long), well scattered on dark, Mn-rich matrix, much of it coated with micro drusy calcite crystals and possibly other species. At one edge, the underlying alteration zone shows dull white micro crystals of an unknown mineral, possibly altered charlesite(?). An interesting and relatively large, older specimen, overall about 16cm x 9cm @ 450.00.

TITANITE- Morafeno, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar
An interesting lot of rather large, opaque brown titanite crystals, similar to those seen from Nevada and elsewhere. The crystals are available as individuals or small groups of crystals, singles reaching 5cm on edge, most with minor white matrix and more typically in the 2.5cm size range, and these are rarely complete. All show good prism faces, some interesting twins and intergrowths, most with glassy, minutely pock-marked faces throughout. Interesting specimens, overall sizes from 2cm to 5cm as singles or groups @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 depending on quality and size, with singles generally better than groups. Please specify!

TREMOLITE variety HEXAGONITE- nr. Balmat, St. Lawrence Co., New York
Vitreous aggregates and crystal sections of colorful, lilac hexagonite variety of tremolite richly comprising matrix, these collected by G.F. Lincks many years ago. Specimen sizes from 2.5 to 5cm, most relatively flat, @ 7.50, 12.50 and 17.50 each, and all with an attractive, delicate hue. Larger samples up to 16 x 5cm @ 55.00, 65.00 and 75.00 each. Nice!

VANADIOCARPHOLITE- Molinello Mine, Graveglia, Genova, Italy
This rare mineral occurs as minute, beige to golden acicular needle-like crystals perched in thin seams and voids on fossilized wood matrix, typically with pale green volborthite as well. IMA-approved (#2003-055), this is type locality material with good micro potential as well, specimen sizes from 1.2cm to 2cm @ 135.00 each. Only a few available!

WHITLOCKITE- Palermo #1, North Groton, New Hampshire
From one of the early finds at this, the type locality, we have a small lot of rather unappealing, granular white whitlockite scattered in/on matrix comprised largely of quartz and siderite. Specimens range from about 2cm to nearly 6cm across at just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, a much sought-after type locality phosphate.

ZINKENITE with BERTHIERITE etc.- Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, Sussex Co New J
A pair of large, greyish calcite masses, each lightly embedded with pale red-orange realgar grains, accompanied by very tiny, thin metallic streamers of elongated berthierite and zinkenite scattered in several areas of each specimen. Occasional platy molybdenite, as well as small masses of arsenopyrite and pyrite, have also been observed in these samples, and the literature reports seligmanite and baumhauerite, which I have not been able to verify as yet. Rare at the locality, sizes from 2.5cm to 6cm @ 45.00, 75.00 and 100.00 each.


TEKTITE var: INDOOCHINITE- Khon Kaen Province, Thailand
Weird terrestrial/extraterrestrial natural glass from the prolific tektite belt of the Indochina peninsula that stretches across Southeast Asia. These pitted, dark greenish brown glass nodules appear nearly black, typically with pock-marked exteriors. The two schools of thought about their origin involves either earth material thrust into the atmosphere by large meteorite or asteroid strikes, returning to earth in this melted, flown form, or actual extraterrestrial projectiles lacking all metal content, some opining that they are lunar in origin. In either case, these oddities are often sold by the gram, but we have a large lot from our meteorite supply days offered here inexpensively as rounded masses from 2.5 to 3cm @ just 8.50 each, or as odd, elongated, tear-shaped or bar-like forms to 6cm long @ just 20.00 each.

CATALOG 22203 - Volume 49, No. 3
Our 49th Year

ALTAITE- Hilltop Mine, Dona Ana Co., New Mexico
This unusual lead-telluride occurs as brilliant metallic streamers scattered through rock matrix, occasionally with other tellurium minerals. Available as rough matrix samples from 1cm to nearly 6cm across @ 25.00, 45.00, 75.00 and 100.00 each according to coverage; EDS confirmed and copy of analysis supplied!

AZURITE- Peacock Mine, nr. Leadore, Lemhi Co, Idaho
There is much confusion about this obscure locality, not to be confused (and a specimen erroneously pictured from there in Mindat) with a mine of the same name in Adams Co., however. Soon to be featured in an article in Mineral News, we have a small stash of quite fine azurite, either as rich, drusy crystals coating matrix in attractive botryoids, or as striking coatings/replacements of unknown stalactitic precursors. We had two sources for the specimens, both likely collected in the 1950s, as no material has been found on the dumps or elsewhere in many years, perhaps hinting that the locality is actually the nearby Iron Dyke Mine. (However, what is on a dump today does not necessarily reflect what was underground 70 years ago!) Handsome botryoidal specimens averaging about 9x6cm are 200.00 each. Wonderful old stuff; read the story in the April 2022 issue of Mineral News!!

BARITE with INCLUSIONS- Regent Mine, Mineral Co., Nevada
Transparent, well-formed, tabular crystals of barite to 1cm nicely scattered on matrix, a few with very sparse, micro inclusions of a fibrous yellow-orange mineral purported to be wakabayashilite. In the past, we have found orpiment, realgar and possibly other species in these included crystals, but we have not destroyed any from this old batch to confirm the literature reports of wakabayashilite which is likely present. Modestly attractive specimens for this common mineral, sizes from TN to nearly 6cm across @ just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

BISMUTH (Native)- Schneeberg, Saxony, Germany
Old specimens from various collections, going as far back as material acquired from Krantz by the Michigan College of Mines, comprised of dense, massive ore with minute brilliant aggregates of native bismuth well scattered throughout, often associated with nickel-skutterudite masses and possibly minor secondary alterations. A group of representative old classic specimens, sizes from about 3cm to 6cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 55.00 each.

CALCITE- Jebel Hafeet, nr. Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, U. A. Emirates
From a highly unusual and never-before reported locality, we have several scalenohedral calcite crystals of translucent to slightly tan coloration (due to coatings and inclusions), all showing reasonably good crystallographic form. Featured in our Mineral News article in the March, 2022 issue and consequently added to Mindat, singles range from 2cm to 6cm tall @ just 10.00, 20.0-0 and 35.00 each. A few matrix specimens from 8cm across @ 40.00 and 60.00 each. Modest quality but superb locality specimens, likely to never be seen again!

CALOMEL- Cahill Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada
Like most calomel specimens, these are rather lean, greyish white to slightly yellowish flattened aggregates always associated with minor red cinnabar and occasionally microscopic mercury on matrix. Best located via LW UV fluorescent response, these are old Cureton material collected many years ago, specimens from 2.5 cm to 5cm across @ 35.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each.

CHRYSOBERYL- Carnaiba, nr. Senhor do Bonfim, Brazil
Exceptionally unusual flattened dark greenish-black opaque chrysoberyl sixlings exposed from a dense biotite schist matrix. This is an oddly twinned, matrix free small specimen with several individual crystals to 2cm tall intergrown on very minor matrix, acquired in 1995 and no longer readily available. These were called alexandrite in the past from this Bahia locality, but in my opinion, the crystals are so dark and opaque that the typical color change effect of alexandrite is not evident under normally available lighting conditions. Only one good crystal group
available, about 2.5 x 2.5cm @ 200.00. List alternates!

CREASEYITE- Mammoth-St. Anthony, nr. Tiger, Arizona
This relative rare species occurs as sparse, pale green crusty aggregates and minutely fibrous masses on matrix, some associated with punky micro wulfenite and other secondary minerals. From the famous Collins Vein, the TYPE LOCALITY, specimens range from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each, depending on quality, some with micro potential as well. Similar material from Gold Point, Esmeralda Co., Nevada is also on hand, at same sizes/prices.

CREEDITE- Aguiles Serdan, Chihuahua, Mexico
Water clear to very pale lilac steeply pyramidal crystals and groups of well formed creedite crystals (2mm to 5mm) perched on matrix, some associated with minor sphalerite, gypsum etc. Excellent, representative specimens obtained in 1984 from the West Camp (likely Potosi Mine) of this Santa Eulalia find. Group sizes range from 2cm to about 5cm @ just 12.50, 20.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each. Old stuff from the famous find, most with good micro potential as well!

CUPRITE with CHALCOALUMITE- Lavender Pit, Bisbee, Cochise Co., Arizona
An old specimen, ex-mineral dealer H. Rozenbroek, of a classic, rich cuprite specimen from Bisbee! The cuprite forms reddish-black crude crystals and aggregates richly comprising much of this heavy specimen, with pale bluish-green chalcoalumite masses filling many voids in the convoluted surface of the piece. This monster specimen weighs over a kilo and measures about 11x10x5 cm, low-priced at just 325.00. One only!

DIAMOND- Dudno Region, Lunda Province, Angola
These transparent to translucent octahedral floater crystals of colorless to very pale brown, fully transparent diamonds come from a great locality. Complete crystals, most having slightly rounded edges and possibly some etching on the faces under magnification. An uncommon locality that is rarely offered today, sizes from about 2mm to 3mm across for just 20.00 and 25.00 each, or a lot of 3 different crystals for just 65.00.

DIAMOND (FL)- Premier Mine, nr. Pretoria, Guateng, Rep So Africa
Small but perfectly clear, gemmy octahedrons without matrix, most in the 7 to 10 point size range, averaging about 2x2mm in size. While about 20% to 30% of diamonds may show some fluorescence, it is fairly unusual property that is not easily observed in many cases. These are brightly fluorescent (blue white) and were hand-picked many years ago by David New in Antwerp. We have a few on hand from this famous locality at just 30.00 each, limit 2 per order, please.

EDDAVIDITE (IMA 2018-010)- Southwest Mine, Bisbee, Cochise Co., Arizona
We have analyzed a number of old specimens from this locality in our inventory, finding a handful of confirmed eddavidite samples as micro crystals perched on a gossan matrix, some with trace malachite, minor calcite or other species. The mineral occurs as tiny, very sharp, black cubic crystals well-scattered on matrix, some with octahedral modifications seen under the SEM. Formula: Pb2Cu12O15Br2, isometric, IMA 2018-010, the Br analog of murdochite. Each specimen is accompanied by our confirming Br>Cl analysis, specimens from about 3cm to 9cm across @ 45.00, 75.00, 125.00 and 200.00 each.

ELBAITE var: RUBELLITE- Kamdesh Distist, Nuristan, Afghanistan
Small single crystals of pale pink elbaite (variety rubellite) without matrix, all quite transparent, singly terminated, a with good prism faces as well. The color tends to darken slightly closer to the termination. Possibly from the Paprok locality, but this older lot was simply noted as "Kamdesh, Nuristan". Moderately attractive single crystals, sizes range from 1.5 to 2cm @ 30.00 and 35.00 each.

FERRORHODONITE- Broken Hill, N.S.W., Australia
This relatively new species was approved in 2016 and represents the Fe-rich mineral in the rhodonite group. We have had samples on hand from the type locality for some time, but only recently have we analyzed and confirmed the Fe content that matches the approved mineral. Specimens are relatively pure cleavages of a pleasing pinkish-red hue, sizes ranging from about 2cm to 4cm across, all supplied with a copy of our confirming analytical data, at just 30.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

GOLD- Edie Creek, nr. Wau, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
We stumbled across a small lot of small gold specimens among material from Hatfield Goudey's (goudeyite) stock. The mines here operated extensively in the 1920s and 1930s, dwindling thereafter, and the small, relatively pure specimens are flattened and alluvial, most averaging 5 to 9 mm in length. and all are matrix free. Great locality stuff at just 40.00 and 65.00 each, and gold values are climbing!

GOYAZITE- Lengenbach Q., Binnental, Valais, Switzerland
Sharp, nearly transparent microcrystals of orange-brown goyazite are scattered on a typical, sugary dolomititic Lengenbach matrix. Often distinguished by the pinkish-amber to orange color, goyazite may be associated with barite, sphalerite, rarely dravite, or the usual assortment of sulfides. From the Bern Museum of Natural History, only two specimens available, sizes average 6x4cm @ 150.00 each, both with good micro potential.

HYDROREDMONDITE (2021-073)- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
This NEW SPECIES occurs as transparent, adamantine micro druses and prismatic to bladed crystals in vugs within a granular galena-sphalerite-chalcopyrite ore. Formula: [Pb8O2Zn(OH)6](S2O3)4*2H2O, monoclinic, IMA 2021-073. The mineral is a new structural type, Strunz 7.JA, thiosulfates of Pb). There are 14 other potential new species at this, the type locality! Author's material, all with arrows and modest micro potential, overall sizes from 1.5cm to 3cm across @ 125.00, 175.00, 250.00 and 325.00, based on quality and associations.

KRENNERITE- Ajax Mine, Cripple Creek, Teller Co Colorado
Masses and occasional micro striated crystal sections of krennerite are moderately distributed through the typical purple fluorite and quartz matrix for which this district is known, now hard to obtain as most of this rich ore material went to the crusher. Not especially rich, but good representative samples from this famous area. Possibly associated with other tellurides and/or pyrite, sizes from 1cm to 4cm @ 25.00, 50.00, 75.00 and 95.00 each, depending on richness.

MALACHITE etc. (polished)- Likasi, Kambove, Haut-Katanga, DR Congo
Our last African shipment contained a good lot of well-polished, somewhat flat, botryoidal malachite specimens. These are surprisingly attractive, with concentric bands, eyes, convoluted rings etc, all beautifully polished and occasionally with minor blue chrysocolla in matrix sizes from about 4cm to 8cm across at just 15.00, 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each. Colorful and very nice display specimens!

MUSCOVITE crystals!- Hiddenite, Alexander Co., North Carolina
Excellent crystals of elongated, columnar, hexagonal muscovite to 5mm well scattered in groups and comprising matrix, many showing modest transparency and superb form under the scope! From an old stash of Hamel Mining & Minerals stock, these are inexpensive TNs and excellent for the species, most wil fine micro potential as well. Sizes average 2.5cm across at just 7.50 each!

NIKSERGIEVITE- Tekeli Pb-Zn Mine, Almaty Region, Kazakhstan
This relatively rare species occurs as monomineralic grains and platy aggregates averaging about 1mm across, somewhat pearly white in luster and color. Formula: (Ba,Ca)2Al3(Si,Al)4O10(CO3)(OH)6*nH2O - monoclinic. Author's studied material from the type (and only) locality for the species, IMA #2002-036, only a few boxed grains
available @ 125.00 each.

POUGHITE- Bambollita Mine, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
Dull yellowish to tan masses of this relatively ugly species scattered on matrix, occasionally with other secondary tellurium minerals. From a recently uncovered old lot, matrix sizes from lower grade 2cm pieces to richer 6cm pieces @ 25.00, 40.00, 65.00 and 100.00 each, each with a photocopy of Fred Pough's original label. How he hated the mineral for being so ugly he once told me!

QUARTZ var: Blue Chalcedony- Ngabu Village, Chikwawa, Malawi
From an off-beat locality, we have a few, pale blue chalcedony geode-like formations that have small, drusy quartz crystals perched in their centers, surrounded by the bluish agate. Fairly attractive and relatively cheap from this weird locality. Sizes average about 3cm to 5cm across @ just 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00 each. Moderately attractive!

QUARTZ variety JASPER- East Java Province, Indonesia
We recently acquired whole nodules of jasper from this unusual locality, and subsequent slicing and gentle polishing shows moderately colorful bands of tan, brown, grey, yellow and pinkish hues throughout. We offer matched pairs of lightly polished nodules, ranging in size from about 6x5cm to 8x6cm surfaces, generally weighing from about 300 grams to nearly a kilo per pair, priced at just 25.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 65.00 per matched pair, depending on size and quality!

SANBORNITE- Esquire #1 Mi., Rush Crk, Fresno Co California
Rich, pearly masses of nearly pure, translucent platy sanbornite comprising matrix. Collected over fifty years ago, these are exceptionally rich specimens, overall sizes ranging from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ just 10.00, 20.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each.

SELENIUM- Desert Peak, Churchill Co., Nevada
Dull, earthy masses of greyish to brownish minute masses of native selenium very sparsely scattered on matrix. Truly ugly but from an uncommon locality. Ex-Cureton, specimens from about 1.5cm to 3cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

SPESSARTINE- Slagle Mine, Franklin-Sylva District, North Carolina
This Macon County locality consisted of a number of Slagle prospects detailed in the 1968 USGS Professional Paper 577, contributed to by E.W. Heinrich and others. These garnet specimens were his (copy of label supplied and our confirming analysis as well), and the samples are being written up in an article in Mineral News. They occur as sharp, dark brown crystal faces and intergrown sections protruding from matrix, and the locality is certainly an old and obscure one, likely collected by Heinrich as part of his survey work for both USGS PP 577 and his own American Mineralogist article (Vol. 50, October, pg 1765). Only three specimens available, sizes from 3.5cm to 4cm across @ 55.00 each, about the cost of our analytical work!

SPHAEROBERTRANDITE- Senigschorr Mt., Lovozero Massif, Russia
This valid species is offered as small spherules and micro disk-shaped radiating clusters within epididymite matrix, occasionally with micro crystalized epididymite as well! Formula: Be3SiO4(OH)2, monoclinic, P21/C, first described in 1957 but ruled by the IMA hierarchy as a valid species in 2003. These are neotype specimens, sizes range from about 2cm to 3cm @ 100.00, 125.00 and 150.00 each, depending on quality. Only a few available!

STIBNITE- Post/Betze Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
Fine, steely grey elongated needle-like crystals and aggregates of stibnite in vugs and as free-standing groups on rock, some with platy, transparent barite crystals as well. An interesting find from about 25 years ago, most with micro potential as well, matrix sizes from 2cm to 7cm @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

STICHTITE- Stichtite Hill, Dundas, Zeehan Dist. Tasmania
Rich, deep lilac-purple masses of stichtite generously scattered throughout matrix, most with minor green serpentine in association. Very colorful, classic material, collected by Forrest Cureton many years ago from the type locality! Matrix sizes from 2.5cm to 6cm @ 12.50, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. A few larger - please inquire!

SULFATOREDMONDITE (2021-089)- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
Yet another NEW SPCIES from this chemically-weird locality, here as tiny wedge-shaped and stout colorless prisims with adamantine luster in sulfide/quartz matrix. Formula: [Pb8O2Zn(OH)6](SO4)4*6H2O, monoclinic, IMA # 2021-089. Author's material with modest micro potential, occasionally with other secondary species @ 150.00, 200.00 and one @ 300.00.

SYNCHYSITE-(Y) (DOVERITE)- Scrub Oaks Mine, nr Dover, Morris Co New Jersey
Dark brick red masses of synchysite-(y) speckle a matrix of dark greyish black magnetite ore on these massive granular samples from the type locality. The mineral was originally called "doverite" due to the Mine Hill Borough's proximity to the adjacent town of Dover. Collected by yours truly over 40 years ago while residing nearby! Sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 10.00, 15.00, 30.00, and 45.00. A few larger samples available to 15cm @ 85.00. Impossible to find this type locality material today!

TELLURIUM etc.- Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
Silvery-grey masses and tiny platy aggregates of native tellurium scattered in matrix, some with lightly associated films of chalky tellurite/paratellurite on matrix. At one time, the material was abundant, but availability has declined considerably in recent years. Over 80 different species occur here, including 16 type species, and rarities may be found in unanlayzed matrix samples! Specimens from 2cm to 8cm across @ 20.00, 35.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each, depending on coverage and size.

TSUMOITE- Sylvanite District, Hidalgo Co., New Mexico
Tiny microscopic silvery grains and submicroscopic inclusions scattered in quartz matrix of this rare bismuth telluride, originally found here (labelled as "near Hachita") by the late Dr. Sidney Williams. Later, the locality was listed by Bideaux et al simply as "Sylvanite". Lean specimens with sizes from 1.5cm to 3cm @ 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each. List alternates!

VLASOVITE in EUDIALYTE- Kipawa Complex, Villedieu, Quebec, Canada
The last of this significantly fluorescent mineral, occurring as relatively large, tan colored pods to 1.3cm across scattered in bright pink, attractive eudialyte matrix. The vlasovite shows an excellent cream colored fluorescence under SW UV, and these representative samples range from 2cm to 3.5cm @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. A very few larger samples in feldspar to 125.00 are on hand; please inquire!

WILLEMITE (xls)- Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, Sussex Co New Jersey
An old lot of curious willemite crystals, originally obtained from Frank Z. Edwards in 1964. Their color is best described as greyish brown, pale tan in thin section, and all are brightly fluorescent. The crystal habit is crudely pyramidal, typically with rounded edges, and just really odd for the mineral. Matrix-free, sizes range from 1.2cm to 2.5cm tall @ just 8.50, 12.50 and 25.00 each, depending on habit and size. Strange stuff!

YARROWITE w/ SPIONKOPITE- Yarrow Creek, Alberta, Canada
Type locality for this species and the associated spionkopite, both copper sulfides, spionkopite and yarrowite occur as intermixed dark blue to black metallic grains thickly scattered through quartzite rock, with secondary copper minerals in evidence. Representative, rare type locality material, from 1.5cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 40.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each, depending on size and coverage.

YAVAPAIITE- United Verde Mi, Jerome, Yavapai Co Arizona
Translucent, pale tan to pinkish, very tiny glassy grains of this unusual species admixed with minor rock in a tiny vial. From the mine fire reported to have begun in 1894, this material was originally supplied by Scott Williams from material he collected in 1941 that also yielded the type specimen. Tiny but a rarely offered, a scarce mineral @ 25.00 per vial.


HOMESTAKE MINING CO: SHARP BITS - An in-house publication of the Homestake Mining Company, typically heralding underground mining, safety awards, experimental methods, and general news about the Company and the miners who worked for them. These small format, soft cover booklets were published in Lead, South Dakota and later in San Francisco, California, and they are filled with images from the early 1900s to 1970. A little treasure trove of predominantly black & white photos and publicity shots, we offer a small lot of seven (7) different issues (circa 1965-1970) for just 35.00 for the lot!

FOR ADDITIONAL BOOKS see the book listing on our website.


TRANSPORTATION STOCKS- A variety of railroad and aviation stock certificates gleaned from a large collection of ephemera are available, all showing different colors, denominations and vingnets. The companies are defunct, and all certificates are previously owned and cancelled, We offer a lot of ten (10) different for just 40.00, most nicely engraved and interesting historical items! Limit one lot per customer, please.

EMPIRE EXHIBITION- in SOUTH AFRICA of 1936 - This booklet was a major information source for our Mineral News article in the February, 2022 issue on this well-known South Africa exhibition in 1936. Rarely found today, the catalogue was prepared by the Transvall Chamber of Mines and provided much detail about the mining exhibitions, dioramas and major works prepared for the event. We have decided to sell our only copy of this rare booklet (32 pages) we had acquired at auction some time ago, and will include a free copy of the Mineral News issue as well, if requested. Size is a compact 18x12 cm and in fine condition, offered at just 55.00 with any mineral order. Very difficult to find today after 86 years!


CABOCHON COLLECTION- Various Localities Worldwide
Another recent collection purchase included a large number of cabochons, most calibrated in sizes ranging from 12mm up to 40x30mm in a wide variety of materials including tigereye, arious agates, rhodonite and many more. We've seen some of the larger ones retailing for 15.00 or more each, but this is not our niche and would like to move these quickly. To that end, we offer a large assortment of cabs, a total of 60 pieces in all sizes that retail in excess of 350.00 for just 99.00 per lot! Great for jewelry makers and collectors alike. What a deal!

WEBSITE NEW ARRIVALS - We have added about 75 specimens to our website, found in the Photo Gallery section. All are pictured, sizes and prices as well as localities are provided, and prices range from $10 to $2750. Check them out at your leisure, and order in your usual manner by name and specimen number. Cut and paste the link:

CATALOG 22202 - Volume 49, No. 2
Our 49th Year

AZURITE- Kambove District, Haut-Katanga, Dem Rep Congo
We recently uncovered a couple of flats of mine-run azurites from this prolific area. After cleaning, we find that they are deep blue platy masses largely comprising matrix and forming flattened and radiating aggregates, occasionally with minor malachite or druses of later(?) azurite as well. You'll have to use your ultrasonic cleaners, water guns and other devices of mineral torture on these, but they are inexpensive as mine-run stock in sizes from 2cm to 5cm @ at just 10.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each.

BADDELEYITE- Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Unusually large masses of nearly pure massive baddeleyite without matrix, here showing typical greyish to brownish black color and submetallic luster from this prolific locality. Surprisingly heavy for their size, specimen sizes range from about 2cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each. A few larger samples with crude crystal faces to 6+cm across, ex-E.W. Heinrich @ with his label @ 125.00!

BECHERERITE- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
Tiny, colorless to pale blue transparent barrel-shaped microscopic crystals of this uncommon Zn-Cu-(OH)-SiO-SO species in vugs of granular galena-sphalerite ore. One of many unusual species found here, and only the second known U.S. occurrence after the type locality in Arizona. Specimens range from about 1cm to 2cm across, all with arrows, at 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each, depending on quality and associations.

CALCIOVEATCHITE (IMA 2020-011)- Nepskoe Deposit, Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia
A NEW SPECIES from the type locality, here as small (1mm+) slender single crystals without matrix, originally obtained from a drill core by dissolving the host sylvinite matrix in water. Formula: SrCaB11O16(OH)5*5H2O, monoclinic, IMA 2020-011, the SrCa ordered analog of veatchite. Author's material, each crystal is in a 2cm capped vial @ 135.00 each. Limited availability!

CARROLLITE on CALCITE- Kamoya, Kambove Dist., Haut-Katanga, Dem Rep Congo
Surprisingly large, near-complete silvery-metallic crystal of carrolite perched on calcite matrix. The crystal measures about 1.7cm (!!) across, nicely perched, and showing sharp, octahedral faces and modifications with high luster. Likely from the the prolific Kamoya South II Mine, Overall matrix sizes average 2.5 cm @ 125.00 each.

CLINOZOISITE- Hunting Hill Quarry, Rockville, Maryland
From an uncommon eastern U.S. locality, we have a few small specimens of rod-like, pale mottled greenish opaque crystals of clinozoisite to 2cm tall with little or no matrix, occasionally with minor, calcite-rich matrix. Habits are clearly elongated but typically intergrown, crystals from 1cm to 2.3cm @ 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00 each, depending on size, each supplied with a copy of our EDS analysis.

DRAVITE- nr. Goma, North-Kivu, Dem Rep Congo
We recently acquired several surprising large dravite tourmaline crystals from an area near Goma, close to the border with Rwanda. EDS and XRD confirmed the species, and the crystals are doubly-terminated "floaters", opaque dark brown to black, and quite heavy. All show good prism faces and pyramidal terminations, overall sizes range from about 8x7x7cm to 9x8x8cm, and weighing about 850 to 1100 grams each(!!) at just 175.00 each.

ENSTATITE var: HYPERSTHENE- Summit Rock, Klamath Co., Oregon
Exceptionally nice micro crystals of rich browm, glassy hypersthene crystals to 2mm tall richly scattered in vuggy andesitic rock matrix, some with ilmenite, hematite, acicular fluorapatite and possibly other micro species. Now generally regarded as a ferroan enstatite, the name "hypersthene" is now used as a generic mid-member name in the enstatite-ferrosilite series of pyroxenes. Specimens will yield many, many micro's, overall sizes from about 3cm to 7cm across @ 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

FENGCHENGITE- Mica Mine, Kovdor, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
This rare mineral has been found here, only the second world occurrence for the species. We have only a few small brownish red grains available without matrix, originally from a Russian mineralogist and offered as single aggregates in a 2cm screw-top vial @ 95.00 each. Please list alternates!
FERGUSONITE-(Y)- J.G.Gole Quarry, Murchison, Ontario, Canada
Thick brownish black masses of fergusonite-(Y) richly comprising matrix, occasionally with minor samarskite and/or zircon as well. Analyzed material from this well documented find in the late 1970's, sizes from 1.5cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, all with copies of our early analytical work showing Gd and Er content!

FRIEDRICHITE in FLUORITE- Sandia Mountains, Bernalillo Co., New Mexico
Highly unusual, tiny microscopic inclusions of this Pb-Cu-Bi-S mineral sparsely scattered in clear to greyish-green fluorite that has been polished to better identify the elongated needles of friedrichite, some with white coatings of cerussite and occasional chalcopyrite as well. Identification via XRD and EDS at the Canadian Museum of Nature, only a few specimens on hand, all with arrows, sizes from about 2.5cm to 4cm @ 45.00 and 75.00 each, depending on number and/or quality of the friedrichite inclusions.

GILLULYITE- Barrick Gold Mine, Mercur, Utah
From the Lulu Cut at the South Mercur Pit at this Tooele Co. locality, gillulyite is a relatively rare described thallium
bearing arsenic sulfide mineral, found as deep red crystalline masses sparsely scattered through barite and often associated with orpiment. Rare and from the type locality, offered as small fragments in a capsule @ 25.00.

GLADITE- Albigna Glacier, Grishun, Switzerland
Small greyish black metallic masses of this rare Pb-Cu-Bi-sulfide scattered in quartz matrix, some with minor biotite in thin seams and sometimes associated with other phases such as bismutite etc. An uncommon mineral, and microprobe data shows it to be occasionally Fe-rich as well, available in matrix sizes from about 2cm to nearly 6cm @ 20.00, 45.00, and 75.00 each.

GOLD (Native)- Arrowtown, Otago Region, New Zealand
From an uncommon locality, we have acquired a few samples of native gold, all ex-Rozenbroek Collection, and obtained by him over 25 years ago at the locality. We offer multiple small placer nuggets in a vial @ 50.00 per vial,

KRAUSKOPFITE- Rush Creek, Fresno County, California
Pearly white to chalky krauskopfite fills seams and forms scales over tan matrix. Best pieces show flattened acicular development. These are from the type locality for this species, and sizes range from 1.5cm to 5cm @ 10.00, 15.00, 25.00, and 40.00 each, depending on size and coverage.

KYANITE- Karoi District, Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
My first kyanite specimens from here were from Dr. Sainfeld (sainfeldite) at the French School of Mines, when the country was still known as Rhodesia. The kyanite crystals are dark blue and generally opaque, and the habit is thick and elongated, and quite solid, unlike much Brazilian material. Terminations are indistinct, and the crystal sections range from about 4cm to 6cm tall at just 15.00 and 20.00 each. Uncommon locality material!

LIBETHENITE - Lubietova, (Libethen), Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Small but well formed crystals of libethenite, deep olive green and glassy, lie scattered and concentrated primarily in small vuggy areas with quartz. Collected decades ago by a Czech geologist from the type locality for libethenite, the locality is now known as the Podlipa Deposit. Old material from this historic locality, some associated with minor secondary minerals, all with good micro potential as well, sizes from 4cm to 8cm @ 25.00, 45.00, and 65.00 each.

LITIDIONITE etc.- Arsenatnaya fumerole, Tolbachik, Kamchatka, Russia
Russian scientists continue to describe a wealth of new and unusual species from this prolific Kamchatka volcano. Litidionite occurs here as minute, very pale blue crusts on scoria, typically with tiny, elongated crystals (!!) of tenorite, minor sylvite and occasionally unidentified mixtures of copper arsenates. Only the third locality in the world for this rare species, sizes average 1.5cm to 2cm across @ 125.00 each, all with arrows and micro potential.

MALACHITE (fibrous)- Mindingi Mine, Haut-Katanga, Dem Rep Congo
As featured in the December, 2018 issue of Mineral News, we have a modest stock of excellent, fibrous malachite from this exotic locality. A wide range of cross-hatching, densely packed fibrous malachite crystals typifies this attractive material, occasionally with heterogenite but generally matrix-free. The radiating needles will often show modest chatoyancy as well, far more interesting the botryoidal material. Specimens range from about 2.5cm to nearly 8cm across @ 10.00, 25.00, 55.00, 95.00 and 150.00 each. Attractive!

MEURIGITE-K- Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
Published as one of the four original localities for the species, meurigite from the co-type Gold Quarry is found as moderate coverage of pale yellow tufts, spheres, and coatings of acicular microcrystals, associated with fluellite, etc., and was later classified as meurigite-K. There are many associations at the locality, and these make interesting micromounting material as well. Sizes from 3cm to 8cm @ 25.00, 45.00, and 65.00 each.

MEURIGITE-Na- Tom's Phosphate Quarry, Kapunda, S.A., Australia
This interesting species was described in 2007 and occurs here as hemispheres of micro, needle-like crystals in yellowish balls nicely scattered on brown gossan matrix, accompanied by numerous other phosphate minerals. IMA #2007-024, the Na-analog of the earlier described meurigite-K. A small selection of moderately rich samples on hand, matrix sizes from about 3cm to 6cm across @ 45.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each, depending on coverage, and all with micro potential as well.

OBERTIITE- Bellerberg, Eifel Mts., Germany
This rare mineral occurs here at the type locality as pale pink, thin prismatic micro crystals and/or divergent needle-like groups perched on matrix. Excellent micro potential on each sample, some with tridymite and other phases, the verified species has seen little distribution in the commercial market since its approval in 1998. A moderately unusual amphibole group member, we have several ex-Horvath Collection specimens of superb quality, matrix sizes ranging from about 7mm to 1cm @ 95.00 each.

PARATOBERMORITE (IMA 2020-100)- Southern Pit, Bazhenovskoe, Asbest, Russia
This NEW SPECIES occurs as tiny, colorless to white prismatic crystals richly scattered on colorless grossular/prehnite matrix. Unlike other tobermorite-group minerals, these are visible, well terminated crystals! Formula: Ca4(Al0.5Si0.5)2Si4O16()H)*2H2O*(Ca3H2O), monoclinic, IMA No. 2020-100. Small TNs from the type locality @ 150.00 each, all with good micro potential as well!

PARGASITE- Pargas, Southwest Finland, Finalnd
Old specimens from the type locality for the species, pargasite occurs here as greenish black small crystals frozen in marble matrix. We have two grades of specimens, either as 4-7cm samples with pargasite shot through matrix @ 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each, or as superb, old classic material consisting of stout pargasite crystals comprising matrix, smallest groups with 2cm to 4cm crystals(!!), ex-E.W. Heinrich material noted as "Simonby, Pargas" sizes range from about 4cm to 6cm @ 150.00 each.

PETROLEUM variety BITUMEN- Cumberland Mine, Smith Co., Tennessee
Although known from the Elmwood Mine, this is the first (?) reported specimen of natural petroleum/hydrocarbon (variety bitumen) from the Cumberland Mine. It occurs as small, black, viscous balls to 6mm in an exposed seam of sphalerite on limestone, with strontian-rich barite at the back of the piece. Professionally trimmed, the specimen displays well and stands upright (see our image on, with one side view exposing tiny, gemmy, pale brown sphalerite crystals as well. Only one available, size about 8x6cm @ 150.00. Carefully preserved and perhaps unique for the Cumberland.

PHILIPSBURGITE (TL)- Black Pine Mine, nr. Philipsburg, Montana
Recently uncovered in our warehouse, a flat of excellent, emerald-green micro crystals of philipsburgite scattered over quartz matrix, typically showing finely bladed micro crystals and rosettes! The crystals are typically overgrown with minute quartz druses, making colorful, pale green vitreous balls, sometimes associated with pale green duftite, malachite etc. Matrix sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00, 65.00 and 100.00 each for the most aesthetic. Also available: One top specimen, a 7x5cm sample has a full coverage face of deep greenish blue philipsburgite balls liberally coating quartz @ 450.00, certainly the best we have ever offered! Superb type-locality material, and all with micro potential as well!

REDMONDITE (IMA 2021-072)- Redmond Mine, Haywood Co., North Carolina
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute, generally colorless equant crystals in vugs within granular galena-sphalerite ore. Formula: [Pb8O2Zn(OH)6](S2O3)4, monoclinic, IMA 2021-072. There are at least 14 (!!) other potentially new sulfate and thio-sulfate minerals observed in this assemblage. Author's material, all with arrows and modest micro potential at higher magnifications, specimens from 1cm to 2.5cm, priced according to quality and/or associations @ 125.00, 175.00, 200.00, and 350.00 each.

RHODONITE- Chimbonila District, Niassa Prov., Mozambique
Very colorful, deep pinkish-red glassy cleavages and masses of rhodonite comprising matrix! From an unusual locality rarely offered, these are likely from the Meponda occurrence, which is just across Lake Malawi from the Malawi border. Attractive and quite pretty, relatively pure specimens from 2cm to 5cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

SCORZALITE with TOURMALINE- Chandlers Mill, Newport, Sullivan Co., New Hampshire
An interesting specimen from an old locality, also with much confusion regarding its naming. Scorzalite occurs here as dark blue masses, once thought to be lazulute, lightly scattered in a white pegmatite matrix, showing small crystals of black tourmaline (assumed to be schorl). The original specimen came from Willard L. Roberts, famous mineralogist and Professor from the South Dakota School of Mines and for whom the minerals robertsite and pararobertsite were named. The Roberts label accompanies the piece, and it, too, mis-identifies the scorzalite as lazulite, and unfortunately uses the "Smith Mine, Chandlers Mills" as the locality. A long and detailed treatise on Mindat confirms that "Smith Mine: is an incorrect reference (to the landowners' name), as two other Smith mining operations were active in the area. Overall 8x6cm @ 55.00.

SELENIUM- Kladno (Schoeller) Mine, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Old material, here as nearly black powdery aggregates on matrix, collected many years ago when the locality was known as the Schoeller Mine. Small samples from about 2cm to 4cm across @ 40.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each, acquired years ago during one of our eastern European trips, and only a few on hand.

TRASKITE- Esquire #1 Mine, Rush Creek, California
Minute reddish brown grains of traskite, sparsely scattered in sanbornite and quartz matrix, occasionally with other species such as macdonaldite, titantaramellite and others. Old Cureton stock, type locality material, specimens from about 2.5cm to nearly 6cm across @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each.

TUSCANITE- Sacrofano Caldera, Rome Province, Italy
Colorless to greyish white micro intergrown lath-like aggregates and isolated rod-like crystals of tuscanite sparsely scattered in matrix. An interesting species and samples that will yield good micros, rarely offered any longer from this classic locality. Old stuff, specimens from 2.5cm to 5cm across @ just 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

VARISCITE- De Linde Mine, Avant, Arkansas
Bright, bubbly green balls of variscite richly scattered in seams and on matrix, many with flattened sprays of minor wavellite. Old, choice material from the early 70's, most with good micro potential, matrix sizes from about 2.5 to 8cm @ 5.00, 8.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Attractive and colorful stuff!

WHITEITE-(MnMnMn)- Foote Mine, Kings Mt., Cleveland Co. North Carolina
Excellent, colorless to pale brown, tiny rod-like crystals in sugary aggregates perched in vugs in pegmatitic matrix. Recently approved (IMA 2021-049), the mineral is the rarest of the whiteite supergroup. Only a few specimens on hand from the type locality, all author's material with modest micro potential and occasionally with whiteite-(CaMnMn) and/or mangangordonite, matrix sizes range from about 2cm @ 200.00.


ANACONDA- by Isaac Marcosson Circa 1957
A "vanity publication" on behalf of Anaconda, once the most prolific copper mining companies the world! This interesting account presents the history of this epic industrial giant and the people that pioneered the development of this monolithic company, recalling such huge, mineralogically famous operations as Butte, Chuquicamata, Yerington, Grants and others. Published in 1957, this yellowed 370 page hardcover book has about 40 pages of old black & white photos and includes the illustrated but worn paper wrap @ 20.00. Only a few available.

We have located another copy of this Special Report No. 14 of the Geological Survey of Alabama, published in 1926 and reprinted in I979, with over 300 pages and many black and white images of fossils and stratigraphic photographs, with nearly 100 plates, two fold outs etc.. The book is softcover, perfect bound and in surprisingly good condition for its age, about 9"x 6" format @ just 30.00.

Some old publications about Connecticut geology and/or mineralogy gleaned from our library. Condition is varied on these, reflected in the prices. All are first-come, first-served, FOB our warehouse:
Title Author pages Cover Price
Clay & Clay Industries of CT Loughlin, G.F. (State Geol. Bulletin No. 4) 121 HC $ 8.00
Connecticut Mines & Minerals Hiller, J. (1971) 64 SC $ 5.00
Flow of Time in the CT Valley (1942) Baib, G.W. (Includes Massachusetts) 129 HC $ 10.00
Flow of Time in the CT Valley (1963) Baib, G.W. (Includes Massachusetts) 143 HC $ 12.00
Geology of Stonington, Middletown, New Haven State Geol. Bulletins 29, 33, 47 (bound) 290 HC $ 30.00
Glacial Geologyu of CT Flint, R.F (State Geol. Bulletin No. 47) 300 HC $ 18.00
Images of Connecticut Mining Pawlowski, J.A. 128 SC $ 15.00
List of Publications - 1968 State Geological Survey 19 SC $ 3.00
List of Publications - 1972 State Geological Survey 20 SC $ 3.00
List of Publications - 1979 State Geological Survey 25 SC $ 4.00
Lithology of Connecticut Barrell, J. (State Geol. Bulletin No. 13 ) 210 SC $ 15.00
The Face of Connecticut Bell, M. (State Geol. Bulletin No. 110 ) 196 SC $ 15.00
The Granites of Connecticut Dale, T.N. (USGS. Bulletin No. 484) 137 SC $ 15.00
The Minerals of Conencticut Schairer, J.F. (State Geol. Bulletin No. 51 ) 130 SC $ 20.00


AMMONITE - CLEONICERAS - Ambarimaninga, Madagascar
These are colorful and brilliantly polished Cleoniceras (species) ammonite fossils of the Hoplitidae family, approximately 110 million years old. Professionally prepared, these show glassy, brown to tan hues throughoutout, all with excellent suture patterns evident, some with minor iridescent shell remnants at the umbilicus. Attractive and complete specimens, both sides polished, sizes range from about 4cm to 12cm across at 20.00, 35.00, 65.00, 85.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each, all of high quality and depending on size.

FOSSIL FISH COLLECTION- Various Localities in Wyoming
We offer an interesting collection of three different fossil fish species, all found in Sweetwater and Lincoln counties of Wyoming, well known for their excellent fish fossils! Sizes of each specimen will be a minimum of 8cm across, ranging up to 15cm, each fully identified and typically with multiple partials in every specimen, all generously sized at just 100.00 per lot.


BERYL variety EMERALD - Brazil
These are small, gemmy green faceted stones from Brazil, typically used in repairs and side stones in larger settings. We offer a small lot of ten (10) stones in the 1.5-2mm size range, TWC about half a carat for each parcel, and these are typical commercial grade, oiled stones with good color at an excellent price! Each lot packaged in a glass-topped Bates box at just 35.00 per lot of 10 faceted stones!

Delicious, deep pink, transparent gemmy quartz faceted stones that have undergone molecular deposition (Azotic) treatment to permanently color the samples this hot pink hue while still maintaining the full, gemmy transparency! Available as 15x12 mm expertly faceted pear shapes, clean and striking, at just 20.00 each, or matched pairs at just 35.00 a pair. Limited availability!

CATALOG 22201 - Volume 49, No. 1

ALMANDINE- Bella Vista claims, Mitkof Island, Alaska
Collected by the claim holder of this interesting locality in the Alexander Archipelago, these are nicely formed, deep red almandine garnet crystals in dense schist matrix. The crystals (1 cm) are generally smaller than the Wrangell Island samples, but with quite sharp dodecahedral faces and modifications. Matrix sizes range from 5cm to 6cm @ just 10.00 each. Excellent locality!

AMPHIBOLE variety ASBESTOS- Loudon County, Virginia
A very old "box of asbestos" of fibrous amphibole, ex-Michigan Mining School (1885) and accompanied by their label, a succeeding one from the Michigan College of Mines (1897) and an early caligraphic label, likely 1870s vintage of unknown origin. We dated 1870s as we have several other samples of identical handwriting, some pinpointing 1876 as the acquisition date. The specimen was apparently donated by N.W.N. Noland, a Major in the Confederate army and graduate of the University of Virginia law school who would later become the general agent of the Virginia Bureau of Immigration. The material is soft, loose and fibrous, beige in color, and covers the bottom half of an 11x7x3 cm box. We'll include a copy of Noland's obituary and all the old labels at just 60.00 for this historic lot, locality noted as "Virginia Marble Quarries, Loudon Co., Va.".

BARITE with INCLUSIONS- Regent Mine, Mineral Co., Nevada
Transparent tabular crystals of well-formed barite to 1cm nicely scattered on matrix, a few with very sparse, micro inclusions of a fibrous yellow-orange mineral purported to be wakabayashilite. In the past, we have found orpiment, realgar and possibly other species in these included crystals, but we have not destroyed any from this old batch to confirm the literature reports of wakabayashilite. Modestly attractive specimens for this common mineral, sizes from TN to about 6cm across @ just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

CALCITE (FL)- Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
Combination specimens of massive salmon-pink and white calcite nicely intergrown and comprising matrix, all with excellent, uniform bright orange-red (SW UV) fluorescent response, some with trace (FL-green SW) willemite. Tiny specks of other unidentified phases are evident, and the material was collected almost 40 years ago from the famous mill site in Franklin. Specimens from about 4x2cm to 7x6cm @ just 5.00, 10.00 and 20.00.

CARLETONITE- Poudrette Quarry, M.S.H., Quebec, Canada
Attractive, pale to dark blue carletonite single crystal sections and cleavages without matrix, hand-selected from a large lot acquired by Forrest Cureton over 40 years ago. Reasonably good color, sizes from 6mm to 12mm across @ just 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00 each, depending on quality/size. Type locality material!

CESIODYMITE (IMA 2015-002)- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Tolbachik, Russia
A relatively new species from its type locality in Kamchatka, the mineral occurs as crudely prismatic to thickly tabular light green tiny crystals to 0.1mm, or occasionally as irregular grains, typically associated with euchlorine. Formula: CsKCu5O(SO4)5, triclinic, IMA #2015-002. The mineral is named for its cesium content and the Greek for "twin brother", in allusion to it being a Cs-K-ordered analog of cryptochalcite, K2Cu5O(SO4)5. Very tiny samples mounted on adhesive stubs @ 150.00 each. List alternates!

CHALCEDONY var: CONDOR AGATE- Andes Mountains, Mendoza Province, Argentina
Perhaps the most beautiful of South American agates, "Condor Agate" shows excellent banding of reds, browns, yellows and blues in very attractive fortifications and splashes. The actual beds are some 6000 feet above sea level in a Cretaceous rhyolite, these specimens collected many years ago. We have a small lot of superb, hand-polished polished nodule halves in which the uncut rough currently brings as much as $100 a pound (!!). Handsome specimens, typically 3.5cm to 6.5cm across @ 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each. Great old-time stuff!

CHALCOPHYLLITE- Majuba Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
Small platy crystals of blue-green chalcophyllite nicely scattered in vugs and in exposed seams on matrix. Classic U.S. locality material with excellent micro potential, we have colorful matrix specimens from 2cm to 6cm @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each, depending on size and coverage. Excellent for the locality and species!

CINNABAR- Clear Creek Claims, San Benito Co., California
Tiny drusy aggregates of bright red cinnabar light scattered on matrix, some producing some interesting micros. The locality is known for its many mercury-rich rarities among the 50 different minerals reported there. Specimens average 2.5cm to 3cm across @ just 5.00 each!

CORUNDUM in ANORTHITE- Barsooka River, Kyschtymsk, Ural, Russia
An old Michigan College of Mines specimen, sporting a rather ugly but large 3.5cm crude greyish-blue to nearly black corundum crystal of imperfect, nearly equi-dimensional habit, surrounded by white anorhtite in a hard biotitic matrix. An earlier label suggest mid-1870s acquisition based on others we have seen with identical handwriting. The current name for the area is Kyshtym, site of a hidden nuclear disaster in 1957 within Chelyabinsk Oblast that was not revealed until 1980. A large and quite ugly specimen from an obscure locality, overall size about 10x7x6 cm with three old labels @ 100.00.

ELBAITE ("Watermelon")- Aricanga Mine, Sao Jose de Safira, Brazil
Recently acquired from the mine owner, a modest lot of watermelon tourmaline crystals without matrix, these showing excellent green color with a core or thick band of pink as well. The crystals are singly terminated and range from 2cm to 3cm tall, all with excellent color and less expensive than typically seen here in the U.S.. These attractive specimens weigh from about 28 cts to 57 cts. each, offered at 350.00, 400.00. 450.00 and one at 685.00. List alternates!

FLUORAPOPHYLLITE-(Na)- Molibden Mine, Tyrnyauz, Caucasus, Russia
The most unusual of the fluorapophyllite group, this Na-dominant mineral was found at this new locality in the late 1980s, but only recently confirmed as the Na member of the group. It occurs as small (2-3mm) colorless single crystals without matrix, most showing good tetragonal dipyramidal habit. Only a few on hand from this molybdenum mine in the Baksan Valley @ 95.00 each crystal.

FORSTERITE variety PERIDOT- Sapat, Kohisthan, NW Frontier, Pakistan
Good quality single crystals of apple-green peridot without matrix, all showing good prism faces and a sharp single termination. Selected from a large lot of cutting material, these are quite fine as thumbnails or some as cutting rough, sizes from 0.8cm to 2.7cm tall @ only 35.00, 45.00 and 55.00 each..

GAIDONNAYITE- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Named for the famous Canadian mineralogist, the mineral occurs as rounded to almost blocky microcrystals and aggregates, varying from translucent pale yellow to gray to nearly opaque, scattered in matrix. Occasionally exhibits fluorescence as well. Old stuff, type locality of course, most with decent micro potential as well, 1cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 35.00, and 55.00 each.

GRIMALDIITE- Yuzhno-Saranovskoe Deposit, Perm Krai, Russia
This deposit near the Laki train station has produced a number of interesting minerals, perhaps best known for the bright green uvarovite garnets found in the area in the past. Grimaldiite occurs here as tiny, bronze to nearly black, lustrous lamellar aggregates on matrix, some with micro uvarovite as well. A rare mineral, matrix sizes from 1.5cm to 2cm @ 145.00, some with modest micro potential under the 'scope as well.

GRUNERITE- Villa Real, Tras os Montes, Portugal
A typical in appearance but less common member of the amphibole group, grunerite occurs as dark green prismatic crystal aggregates constituting most of these specimens. Each is provided with a copy of our in-house EDS spectra from 1998 confirming the Fe-Si-O composition of the mineral. Sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. Excellent locality material!

HEMATITE-(Scalenohedron!)- Arzanah Island, nr. Abu-Dhabi, Untd Arab Emirate
Very weird habit for hematite, here as small euhedral scalenohedral crystals without matrix, similar in form to Goldschmidt's illustration No. 33 and modified No. 118. Collected in the early 1980s from this obscure and unusual locality by a oil worker near the Straits of Hormuz, XRD-confirmed and with no evidence of pseudomorphing. Very interesting morphology, good micro single crystals from 5mm to 1cm @ 15.00, 20.00 and 25.00 each, with the smaller ones unmounted, the better ones nicely mounted in an MM box. Rare habit and locality specimens!

LUN'OKITE- Voron'i Tundra, Kola Pen., Murmansk, Russia
Old Cureton materila from the type locality for the species, this rare phosphate occurs as minute, colorless to white platy aggregates, occasionally with associated mitridatite and/or albite and other phases. Only a few available as single crystal grains in a vial @ 45.00, or as tiny matrix samples @ 65.00.

METEORITE- Sikhote Alin, Maritime Territory, Russia
From the classic and fabled meteorite fall of February 12, 1947, we have a number of professionally prepared small meteorites from this gigantic occurrence! A type II AB iron (coarse octahedrite), this is one of the most famous extraterrestrial artifacts, offered here as black, convoluted metallic masses, ranging in size from 1.5cm to 2.5cm across @ just 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00 each. These make interesting but inexpensive surprise gifts, too, so get a bunch!

MOLYBDENITE (Rhenian)- Childs-Adwinkle Mine, Pinal Co., Arizona
From material collected about 35 years ago, we have a modest lot of molybdenite specimens, here as small, grey metallic plates perched on smaller quartz crystals and rock matrix from this old Copper Creek locality that was mined in the 1930s. The material was once considered among the highest rhenium-containing molybdenites (up to 580 ppm) ever found, making for the interesting variety "Rhenian Molybdenite". A few have sparse, non-descript pale coatings of secondary copper minerals as well. Specimens are generally lean but sizes range from about 2.5cm to 10cm across @ just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each.

MOTTRAMITE pseudo @ WULFENITE- Total Wreck Mine, Pima Co., Arizona
Greyish black brittle masses of somewhat iridescent, brilliant micro mottramite crystals richly scattered and covering matrix, a few occasionally as incrustation pseudomorphous after 1cm or larger wulfenite plates. From the original find in the 1960's, we have a few specimens without the pseudos but often with colorless calcite crystals from 2.5cm to 10cm @ 10.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 75.00 each; the incrustation pseudomprphs range from 3cm to nearly 6cm samples @ 40.00, 55.00, and 80.00 each. Decent micro potential on all!

MUSCOVITE (ROSE)- Harding Mine, Taos Co., New Mexico
From the famous locality that produced so many delightful, pink platy muscovite specimens incorrectly labelled as lepidolite, we have a large selection of samples showing this colorful mica well scattered in white platy albite (variety clevelandite) matrix, occasionally with minor spodumene or other phases. Much of this was collected by Ted Morley in the 1950's and 60's, and sizes range from about 2cm up to 10cm, mine-run material reasonably priced at just 5.00, 10.00, 17.50 and 25.00 each.

OPAL (Gemmy!)- South Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Gem quality opal has been coming out of Ethiopia for several years, and you can find tiny bits at mineral shows for about $8/gram. Often called "Welo" opal, these show some good transparency with associated rich firey areas as well, rather attractive and competitively priced for larger samples @ roughly $10 per gram (not the $25/g you will see from cutting rough suppliers for this size!) Specimens ranges from about 2.5cm to 4cm across (!!), weights from about 9 grams to more than 45 grams, @ 95.00, 150.00, 250.00 and 450.00 each, with some variation in between. Don't get a tiny bit, get a specimen you can see!

PATYNITE- Patyn Mt., Tashtagol, Kemerovo, Russia
This relatively new species was found about a dozen years ago but only recently IMA-approved (2019-018). It occurs here as rich, colorless to greyish elongated coarse crystals in this southern Siberian type locality. Formula: NaKCa4(Si9O23), triclinic, and a new structural type. Rich specimens about 1.5-2cm @ 135.00 each.

PETERSITE-(Y) (TL)- Laurel Hill, Secaucus, Hudson Co., New Jersey
From the discoverer's find in 1981, we have mounted specimens (by Nick Facciolla) from the original material subsequently described the following year by Peacor and Dunn! These occur as extremely small, yellowish green micro crystals in tiny groups and small isolated clusters, typically scattered over botryoidal malachite and/or corroded chalcopyrite. All are in micro boxes and priced according to the number of clusters and quality of same, matrix typically 4mm to 7mm @ 45.00, 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each. Perhaps the last available world supply of the species from the type locality, but you will need some serious magnification on these!

RAMDOHRITE- Chocaya-Animas Mine, Potosi, Bolivia
Extremely tiny, longitudinally striated prismatic crystals of this rare mineral embedded in pyrite/stannite masses, occasionally with tetrahedrite-freibergite group series phases as well, ex-Alfredo Petrov. Small masses scattered in a vial @ 45.00 each - fun to hunt for micros!

SCHORL- Bierman Pegmatite, Bethel, Connecticut
An old specimen, ex-Cilen Collection via the Franklin Mineral Museum, here as elongated black tourmaline (schorl) crystals to 6cm long frozen in micaceous rock matrix. One edge has a small, reattached crystal, but the largest ones are intact and form much of the specimen. Both labels included, overall size about 8x6cm @ 75.00. A wonderful locality piece but one only available!

SELENIUM- 400 level, Vulcan Mine, Gunnison Co. Colorado
Relatively pure, greyish black powdery masses of selenium originally harvested from the 400 level of the mine in 1925! Known more for tellurides, the material is ex-David New and may be from assay concentrates rather than in-situ collected sample, a generous supply in 2cm glass vial @ 45.00 each.

SILVER- Rochester Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
Minute flattened platelets and streamers of bright native silver sparsely scattered in white, cherty kaolinite-like matrix, or as micro, nearly black wirey masses on iron-stained drusy quartz. From an obscure locality, we have a few modest specimens from 1.5cm to 2.5cm @ 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00 each. Ugly stuff, some with decent micro potential and from an uncommon locality, collected about 25 years ago!

SMITHSONITE w/ "CALAMINE"- Masua, Inglesias, Sardinia, Italy
A weird old specimen from one of the classic European localities! A strange, convoluted mass with numerous exposed seams and voids offering brownish, botryoidal smithsonite, along with small crystalline groups of hemimorphite crystals. Ex-A.E. Seaman Museum, and accompanied by their old cardboard display label, easily considered a classic "dry bone" ore specimen that measures a hefty 11x7x6cm @ 85.00. One only!

TOPAZ- nr. Dassu, Shigar, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
A superb single crystal without matrix, show a perfect pinacoid termination and gem quality transparency, all with an fine, champagne colored hue throughout. Prism faces are also excellent, as are all the well-developed vicinal faces completely surrounding the crystal. Acquired in 2005 for $1K, this gem-quality crystal stands 2.5cm tall and 1.7cm wide, offered at just 1250.00. One only!

UKLONSKOVITE- Cetine Mine, Siena, Italy
From one of the few known localities for the species, this secondary sulfate mineral occurs as colorless to white prismatic minute crystals on matrix. Uklonskovite may be associated with other rare sulfates and tufts of white gypsum crystals. Obtained from the late Dr. Giancarlo Brizzi (brizziite) some years ago, we have a few capsules at 20.00 each, or matrix specimens from 1cm to 4cm @ 25.00, 35.00, and 50.00.

VEENITE- Taylor Pit, Madoc, Ontario, Canada
Micro silvery grey crystalline aggregates of this rare species sparsely scattered in/on marble matrix. Collected in 1966 by Steacy and Moyd (steacyite, moydite), we offer pure crystallized specimens from 1mm to 4mm individually x-rayed and probed in 1cm probe mounts @ 40.00 and 60.00 each, or as matrix specimens from 1cm to 5cm @ 45.00, 65.00, 85.00 and 125.00 each. Rare, and from the type locality!

WHITLOCKITE- Tip Top Mine, Custer Co., South Dakota
Minute vitreous micro crystals of whitlockite scattered over quartz matrix, some with minor carbonate-hydroxylapatite as well. From one of the classic localities for the species, old material from Bill Roberts' time at the School of Mines, coverage will range from lean to very rich, all reflected in the price. Overall matrix sizes run from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 25.00, 45.00, and 75.00 each, depending on coverage.

WULFENITE- Fourth of July Tunnel, Eureka Co., Nevada
From the many sub-localities noted at Prospect Ridge, we happily add an uncommon listing for wulfenite, here as tiny, very thin, water-clear to gossan-encrusted tabular crystals well-scattered on limonitic matrix, largely un-reported from the area. Excellent micro potential on these, and matrix sizes range from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 10.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each, with a few larger: please inquire. Not pretty without the 'scope!

YTTROTANTALITE-(Y)- Hoeydalen, Toerdal, Telemark, Norway
This rare mineral occurs here small, as dark brown, glassy aggregates and partial crystals, lightly scattered in thin seams and pods in white albite matrix. Unusual stuff found in 2009, specimen sizes ranging from about 3cm to 4cm @ 45.00 and 60.00 each.

YUGAWARALITE- Wolf Point, Colwitz Co. Washington
Collected in 2002 by the late Rudy Tschernich (tschernichite) from the Mount Saint Helens tree farm at the 200/237 Road quarry, these are TN sized specimens showing good micro crystals of colorless, somewhat tabular and elongated crystals of this uncommon zeolite perched in vugs in brownish basalt matrix. Excellent micromount potential, these select specimens average about 2cm across @ just 20.00 each.

ZARATITE- Lord Brassy Mine, Tasmania, Australia
Bright green crystalline encrustations of zaratite on serpentinite matrix. Nice examples of this colorful nickel carbonate from a classic locality, in sizes from 2cm to 6cm at 10.00, 15.00, 25.00, and 40.00, acquired many years ago during Forrest Cureton's excursion to Australia and Borneo.


ASSORTED MINERALS - Various Localities
These lots are from an exceptionally large collection of mainly eastern U.S. minerals with occasionally other localities that had resided in a N.Y. university holding for some time. We need room to for new arrivals and are blowing out the collection in lots of twenty (20) specimens for just 125.00 per lot plus shipping. Prolific localities are represented, with no exact duplication in each collection, and no specimen smaller than about 4cm, some up to 6cm or more overall. Expect mostly common minerals, often ugly, but many collected in the 1940s, 1950s and later, all individually labeled. Each lot of 20 is just 125.00 plus shipping, and we will try to provide NO duplication among multiple lots purchased at the same time! A fast and economical way to build a reference collection!

FOSSIL COLLECTION- Pierre Shale, Pennington Co., South Dakota
We stumbled across a box load of these interesting fossils, but confess to being deficient in paleo knowledge beyond some very basic identifications. These are from the Upper Cretaceous, probably ~65 million years old, and they represent a range of ammonites, bacculites, scaphites and possibly others, all presenting as pearly white to nearly black, lustrous and often slightly iridescent specimens in and out of matrix. The locality is near Box Elder Creek, better known to mineral collectors for its excellent brown barites, and we wish to move these quickly. Hence, the following offer: four fossil specimens in generous sizes averaging 4cm to 8cm across @ just 50.00 per lot, with precise ID work up to you. Note: Our shipping minimum on these lots will run 16.00 or more due to size/weight of the specimens!


Mining Stocks- Syndicate Mines Company - Oklahoma
We have a couple of cancelled stock certificates from this Tri-State company, all issued in 1906-1907, elaborate gold-hued border with excellent vignette of miners working underground with mine candles. Expect some tattered edges, but these are interesting and can be matted and framed. Limit one per customer, please, at 15.00 each. A few unissued as well, same vignette and price. Please specify if you have a preference.


CHAROITE w/ TINAKSITE EGG- Chara/Tokko Rivers, Murunskii Massif Russia
A unique display item, a wonderful, deep lilac charoite egg nearly 6cm tall, showing excellent, silky chatoyancy, with a few small areas of honey-colored tinaksite inclusions, as well as minor quartz and black aegirine. Only one available, about 135 grams, at just 200.00, with antique brass stand included.

Excellent, fire opal inlay in black base matrix, artistically presenting a superb butterfly mosaic. Calibrated at a standard 18x13mm, these make interesting works of art using precious Australian opal, nicely presented in a glass-topped Bates box. Only a few available @ 30.00 each. Pretty stuff!


We will try to offer a modest selection of titles from our extensive book inventory with each mineral list. Virtually all of those listed here are new copies. We present author, title, brief description, year of publication, type of cover (soft-SC, hard-HC, spiral bound etc.) and number of pages and price. See the first segment of the list in the attached spreadsheet. All are offered first-come, first served basis and shipping is extra. Where possible please list alternates



CATALOG 22106 - Volume XLVIII, No.6

ACANTHITE on FLUORITE- Moldava, Teplice District, Czech Republic
Old material collected many years ago by a Czech geologist, comprised primarily of massive fluorite with lesser calcite and quartz, upon which small, grey-black aggregates of metallic acanthite are scattered, some with decent micro potential as well. Some secondary copper arsenate minerals occasionally present as well, specimens average 6 cm across @ just 45.00 each. Limit one per customer, please.

ALUM-(Na)- Vulcano, Lipari Isl., Sicily, Italy
Old Cureton stock comprised of tiny colorless to white, glassy aggregates sparsely scattered in a 3cm corked glass vial. Ugly stuff but rarely offered at just 15.00 per vial.

AMBER- Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia
An off-beat locality for this relatively young amber, typically just 20 to 30 million years old, here as dark brown to orange-brown masses comprising matrix, many still showing elongated inclusions of replace, pale colored wood texture. We have not found any insects yet, but the material is certainly interesting and brilliantly fluorescent (blue-white, LW and SW UV) as well. Size range from 2.5cm to 6cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00, and 35.00.

BARITE- Cartersville, Bartow Co.,Georgia
An old lot of greyish barite crystals in typical "spearpoints" on little matrix. A label in the flat indicated "Centerville, Georgia", but by comparison to other specimens in our inventory, it was clear these were from the Cartersville Mining District. Vintage is probably 1960s or 1970s, and the crystals are somewhat flat, opaque, but in decent upstanding groups that make for good reference specimens. Most specimens have 1cm to 2.5 cm crude crystals, overall in the 4cm to 5 cm matrix size range at just 20.00 each, one exceptional, large group, ex-Mecke Collection, about (x6cm with crystals to 5cm tall @ 95.00. One only of the latter!

BAYLDONITE- Loman Mine, Mineral Co., Nevada
Micro, medium green botryoids of vitreous bayldonite sparsely scattered on matrix, typically with dull, earthy yellowish masses of a Pb-Sb-oxide that is likely oxyplumboromeite or a similar phase. An obscure locality near the former Simon Mine in the Bell Mining District, specimens from about 2cm to 4cm @ 8.50, 12.50 and 20.00 each, some with micro potential as well.

CALCITE- Tonglushan Mine, Daye, Hubei, China
Featured in the September 2021 issue of Mineral News, we have an excellent selection of what we consider among the finest calcite examples China has produced to date. Specimens show large (to 9cm) scalenohedral, slightly lavender-hued crystals on matrix, some doubkly terminated, or wildly striated, deliciously transparent equant contact twinned crystals to 7cm, excluding matrix! All are undamaged and very aesthetic, high-end specimens, sizes from 6cm to 10cm across, not cheap, at 600.00 to 2500.00 each! Check out the article for images, and specific inquiries invited.

CHALCEDONY pseudo @ ARAGONITE- Rancho Coyamito, Sierra del Gallego Mexico
Among the most famous of Chihuahua agates, the Coyamitos rarely show elongated "bars" of aragonite that have been replaced by the chalcedony, displaying "fingers" that reach into the agate core. Depending on how the agates are cut, they can appear as occasional "eyes" as well. We have several very colorful, expertly polished, end-cut nodular specimens showing the pseudomorphs, sizes from about 7cm wide to 11cm wide @ just 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each, others selling these for $150 to $2500!
If you prefer smaller, finely banded Coyamitos without the pseudos, we have many polished nodular halves, most with deep red, brown, grey and/or white concentric banding and occasional quartz centers, very attractive and very reasonable for this quality of complete halves, sizes from about 2.5cm to 4.5cm across @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each, very far below the $100 to $500 prices elsewhere! Wonderful old stuff, and we can even supply an assortment of five polished halves for just 100.00!

CHALCEDONY pseudo @ RHIZOLITHS- Central Java, Indonesia
Weird stuff, here as stalactitic fingers of chalcedony, all with hollow centers often purported to be pseudomorphs after fossil bamboo wood. Colors tend to be pale cream to light brownish, and these are lightly tumbled polished, most showing interesting external ridges and forms with varying sizes of the columnar central voids. We've seen them offered simply as "stalactites", as well as pseudos after fossil bamboo, but they are likely after earlier cores of iron oxide rhizoliths. These range from about 2.5cm to 6cm in length with varying thickness and weight, specimens priced at 30.00, 40.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each.

CLINOBISVANITE- Linka Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
This uncommon bismuth vanadate occurs here a brightly colored yellowish orange masses scattered on rock matrix, occasionally with other secondary bismuth minerals. Both chemically and structurally confirmed, we have a modest supply of specimens from about 2cm up to nearly 4.5cm across @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each, depending on richness.

DIAMOND - Macle Twin- Oranjemund, Orange River, Namibia
After combing through our extensive inventory of diamond crystals, we have located several gemmy, transparent white macle twins from this prolific area that borders South Africa. These transparent crystals have the shape of an equilateral triangle, rather flat in aspect, but all quite clean and gemmy. Good examples of these interesting crystallographic habits are on hand, the best one illustrated in the October, 2021 issue of Mineral News, a gemmy 1.43 cts, 8x6x3mm @ 745.00. Also one smaller: 0.81 cts 7x6x2mm @ 480.00

DOMEYKITE variety MOHAWKITE- Mohawk Mine, Keeweenaw Co., Michigan
Mohawkite is a complex mixture of copper arsenides that are primarily domeykite, algodonite, rarely paxite and As-rich copper that form rich metallic masses in exceptionally dense matrix specimens, occasionally with potential rammerlsbergite and other phases. Rarities such as jeankempite and others have not (yet) been confirmed in the few specimens we have studied, but "hope springs eternal." Small but heavy specimens first acquired prior to 1959, ranging from about 2cm to 5cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each from this classic locality for which the mixture assemblage was named.

DUMORTIERITE in QUARTZ xls- Vaca Morta Quarry, Boquira, Bahia, Brazil
Excellent, bright blue needles and sparys of dumortierite included in transparent, terminated quartz crystals. Specimens range from 1cm mounted micros to 2.5cm thumbnails, all with fine color and crystal form. An interesting and uncommon inclusion, these first hitting the market in 2015 and now disappearing. Mounted 1cm micros @ 30.00 and 35.00 each, thumbnails @ 35.00 and 45.00 each, all depending on aesthetics. Pretty stuff, and one source claims these are blue dravite crystals, but we are sticking with dumoretierite!

FLUORLUANSHIWEIITE IMA 2019-053- Shuk-Byul Peg. Sangilen Uppland,Tuva Russi
This NEW SPECIES presnts as rich, pale pink to lavender micaceous platy lamellar aggregates on greyish quartz matrix. Formula: KLiAl1.5(Si3.5Al0.5)O10F2 - monoclinic, a new member of the mica group, IMA #2019-053, the fluorine analogue of luanshiweiite. Second world occurrence, rich specimens 2.5cm across @ 95.00 .

FORMANITE-(Y)- Cooglegone, Western Australia, Australia
This rather non-descript mineral occurs here as dull brownish masses richly scattered in and comprising matrix. Very old material from the original find at the type locality, specimens average about 2-3mm @ 25.00 each.

GEARKSUTITE- Skunk Mine, Jamestown D, Boulder Co. Colorado
A obscure locality not present in Mindat, gearksutite occurs here as dull, greyish-white masses lightly scattered in an argillaceous granodiorite matrix. We acquired these sometime prior to 1980, and just stumbled across them here in the warehouse. Distressingly unappealing but interesting nonetheless for the locality, sizes from 1cm to 5cm @ just 7.50, 15.00 and 30.00 each. If someone has a very old edition of Minerals of Colorado, perhaps it can be found therein.

GEDRITE- Skisshyttan, Dalarna, Sweden
From a well known locality for the species, gedrite occurs here as black, radiaiting aggregates well-scattered in matrix. The material is known for the metavulcanite rock matrix, reported to be 1.7 billion years old! Specimens range in size from 2cm to 6cm across at just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each, all with good coverage.

GISMONDINE-Ca- Osa Quarry, Roma, Italy
White to colorless gismondine-Ca crystals (1-3mm), some occurring with tiny spheres of phillipsite in small but attractive specimens. These have had some great micro potential due to the potential presence of ludwigite and aschcroftine found in some examples after trimming (but not found in these, unfortunately)! Specimens from 2cm to 4cm @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00.

HELVITE- Discovery Gulch, Sierra Co., New Mexico
Dark brownish, glassy crystalline aggregates and masses of richly scattered helvite in matrix from this well known Iron Mountain No. 2 District. Once cited as "far more abundant here than in any other locality so far reported in America" when discovered in 1941; we have a few old specimens likely collected from the 1942 USGS excavations, ranging in size from about 2cm to nearly 6cm across @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00, and 60.00.

KAERSUTITE- near Hoover Dam, Mojave Co., Arizona
One of the few titanium bearing amphibole minerals, kaersutite occurs as greenish black glassy crystals frozen in camptonite rock matrix, with occasional prism faces evident. First described from the area around 1950, these are reasonably priced specimens with moderate coverage, 3cm to nearly 6cm @ 15.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

KELLYITE w/ ALLEGHANYITE- Bald Knob, nr. Sparta, Alleghany Co North Carolin
Moderately rare, tiny yellow-brown micro platelets of kellyite, variously admixed with pinkish alleghanyite, sonolite, and galaxite as typical assocaitions. Author's material and type locality for both kellyite and alleghanyite, lean but quite good for the species, samples measuring 1.5cm to 3.5cm @ 20.00, 30.00, and 45.00

LAURIONITE- Pacha Limani area, Lavrion, Attika, Greece
Excellent millimeter or smaller sized crysals of laurionite, colorless and transparent, as individuals and groups in vugs in the ancient slag this locality is famous for. Good micro material, and may be associated with phosgenite, aragonite etc. In matrix sizes from 2.5cm to early 4cm @ 35.00, 55.00, and 75.00 each, depending on quality.

MAGNESIOFERRITE- Langban, Varmland, Sweden
Minute, sharp black octahedral micro crystals and aggregates richly scattered in fluorescent (SW=hot pink) matrix, possibly with other phases. Old material from this classic locality, matrix sizes from 2cm to nearly 5cm @ 35.00, 55.00 and 80.00 each, with a copy of our confirming EDS analysis.

MANGANOBADALOVITE IMA 2020-035- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Kamchatka, Russia
Yet another NEW SPECICES from the remarkable Tolbachik volcano, here as minute, reddish-brown to yellowish-brown coarse crystals, often associated with black, platy hematite. Formula: Na2Mn(MgFe3+)(AsO4)3 -monoclinic, IMA # 2020-035. A new member of the alluaudite supergroup, very tiny crystal groups from the type (and only) occurrence, offered in a capsule @ 150.00 each.

NATROJAROSITE with JAROSITE- Jean Baptist Mine, Kamariza, Lavrion Greece
Rich crusts of drusy, honey-yellow lustrous crystals to 1mmscattered on gossan matrix, all moderately zoned and disclosing natrojarosite (Na>K) as well as jarosite (K>Na) in atomic proportions. An interesting locality from an analytically confirmed find of about 10 years ago, specimens with good micro potential ranging from about 2cm to 4cm across @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each.

ONORATOITE- Cetine Mine, Siena Prov., Tuscany, Italy
Unusually well crystallized specimens consisting of a small, white radiating spray of needle-like crystals of onoratoite perched on a dark greyish matrix. Type locality material, collected in the to early 1970s. An uncommon Sb8Cl2O11 phase, average sizes from 2.5cm to 3.5cm @ 25.00 and 45.00 each.

PENFIELDITE with PSEUDOBOLEITE- Margarita Mine, Sierra Gorda, Chile
Older material collected over 20 years ago at this prolific lead-producing mine, penfiledite occurs here as aggregates and rarely elongated micro crystals perched on matrix, typically with blue pseudoboleite, galena and possibly other species. The specimens are quite rich regardless of degree of crystalization, as evidenced by the wide coverage seen under SW UV in which the penfieldite fluoresces bright yellow-orange. Only a few samples on hand, sizes from about 2cm to 7cm across @ 25.00, 45.00, 75.00 and 100.00 each.

PROUSTITE etc.- Freiberg, Saxony, Germany
An old specimen, ex-Krantz, ex-Thurston, ex-Cilen collections, comprised of a heavy hand specimen of typical Freiberg ore, here with several tiny areas of deep red proustite aggregates, associated with massive native arsenic, calcite and likely other phases. We have pinpointed (our usual copper arrows) a few areas on different sides of the speicemsn to help viewing under the 'scope, and the specimen is about 7x6x3.5 cm @ 125.00, with a bunch of old labels, too.

RHABDOBORITE-(Mo) IMA 2019-114- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Kamchatka, Russia
This NEW SPECIES, occurs here at the type locality as minute aggregates of acicular prismastic crystals, sometimes with colorless to white anhydrite. Formula: Mg12Mo6+1.33O6(BO3)6F2 - hexagonal, IMA # 2019-114. A microscopic companion to the (V) and (W) dominant species from the same locality, tiny crystals mounted on 1cm adhesive disks @ 165.00 each. The only known mineral with essential Bo and Mo.

RHODESITE- nr. Trinity River, Trinity Co., California
This uncommon species occurs here as white, somewhat pearly fibrous compact masses and veinlets in and on volcanic rock matrix. Associations at the locality include mountainite and possibly other phases, specimens weakly fluorescent (blue-white) with sizes from about 1cm to 7cm @ 20.00, 40.00 65.00, 95.00 and 125.00 each. Old stock, ex-Cureton, from near the east fork of the Trinity.

RICHELSDORFITE- Burrus Mine, nr. Reno, Washoe Co., Nevada
Excellent neon-blue, spongy crystalline aggregates and stacked tabular crystal aggregates of richelsdorfite scattered in vugs and in matrix, typically with malachite, chrysocolla and possibly other species. Old material collected many years ago from this now-sealed silver mine. Fine for the species, good micro potential on the better pieces, and matrix sizes from 1.5cm to nearly 5cm @ 10.00, 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00 each.

RYABCHIKOVITE - IMA 2021-011- Arsenatnaya Fumerole, Kamchatka, Russia
Another NEW SPECIES from the prolific Tolbachik volcano, a unique occurrence of the first copper pyroxene! The mineral occurs as minute, epitaxial crusts on grey diopside, typically with micro black, platy hematite as well. Formula: CuMgSi2O6, monoclinic, IMA # 2021-011. The diopside crystals as vey small (~1mm) and are offered in a 2cm screw-top vial; you will need your microscope on these, and only a few available, author's material, @ 195.00 each. Type locality, of course!

SAPOZHNIKOVITE IMA 2021-030- Mt. Karnasurt, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
This NEW SPECIES occurs as colorless to white equant grains to 2mm scattered in massive nepheline syenite matrix. Associations include alkal feldspars, aegirine etc. The mineral is Na8(Al6Si6O12(HS)2, cubic, IMA # 2021-030. The mineral is strongly fluorescent (bright orange) under LW UV fluorescent, weakly yellow-orange under SE-UV. Specimens average 1-1.5cm @ 135.00 each.

SCHEELITE- Chashan Mine, Linwu, Hunan, China
Attractive, transparent to cloudy white tetragonal crystals and groups of scheelite to 1cm are richly scattered over the surface of a dense limestone matrix. The crystals are well-formed and undamaged, and all are brilliantly fluorescent (blue-white, SW UV) as well. Excellent specimens, sizes from about 2.5cm to nearly 7cm across @ 100.00, 150.00 and 350.00 each, all pictured on our website in the "More Best of China" section. List alternates!

SHUISKITE-(Cr) - IMA #2019-117- Glavnoe Saranovskoe,Sarany,Perm Krai Russia
The NEW SPECIES occurs as very tiny prismatic crystals without matrix, presented in a 2cm screw-top vial. This is the richest chromium member of the pumpellyite group, and it shows an interesting color change as well. Formula: Ca2CrCr2[SiO4][Si2O6(OH)](OH)2O, monoclinic, IMA # 2019-117.The crystals are green under daylight, and greyish purple under incandescent light, much like alexandrite. Sizes average <1mm @ 165.00 each, and you will need magnification on these!

SODDYITE- Musonoi, Katanga, (ex-Shaba, Zaire) Dem Rep Congo
Old specimens comprised of deep yellow soddyite richly scattered in seams and exposed vugs in/on uraniferous rock, occasionally with minor malachite and/or other uranium species, most from the collection of uranium expert Eric Quinter. Classic material from this prolific uranium-producing locality, these good quality specimens range from 2.5cm to 5cm across @ 125.00 and 250.00 each. Hot stuff!

STELLERITE- Malmberget, Gallivare, Norbotten, Sweden
Attractive, orange-hued balls of radiating stellerite crystal groups on matrix, comprised of pinkish microcline, shot through with a number of black, iron-rich veins and masses. Moderately attractive material, specimens from 3cm to 6cm across @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each; one larger but leaner 10x7 cm specimen @ 65.00. List alternates.

STEPHANITE with POLYBASITE- Champion Mine, Deer Lodge Co., Montana
From an old locality, we offered these more than 20 years ago and promptly lost them in our old warehouse in New York. Recently relocated, these had been analytically confirmed, although still quite ugly as thin metallic grey intergrowths and disseminated masses of these two unusual silver-antimony sulfides in a quartz-rich matrix, occasionally with pyrite and possibly other phases. Matrix sizes from about 2.5cm to 6cm across @ 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each, priced according to richness, not necessarily overall size.

VUONNEMITE- Poudrette Q., Mont St. Hilaire, Que. Canada
This uncommon mineral occurs here as tiny, pale yellowish crystals and aggregates sparsely scttered in matrix, occasionally with steenstrupine or possibly other species. Old material from the Van Velthuizen find of the 1980s at this prolific locality, all specimens with arrows, overall sizes from about 2.5cm to 6cm @ 30.00, 55.00 and 85.00; one 11x7cm specimen @ 200.00.

WAVELLITE- Milina, Olesna, Beroun District, Czech Republic
From another relatively obscure phosphate locality, these wavellites form translucent to pearly white, very thin flattened sprays on exposed seams on sedimentary rock matrix. Representative material, generally pleasing in appearance, priced according to quality, larger matrix sizes from 4cm to 9cm @ only 15.00, 30.00, and 55.00 each. Nice older stuff from a Czech geologist!

WEEKSITE- Anderson Mine, Yavapai Co., Arizona
Bright yellow masses of minute, drusy weeksite scattered in seams and on chalcedony matrix, some with minor carnotite or other admixed secondary uranium minerals. Colorful material, matrix sizes from 2.5cm to 6cm @ 12.50, 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

WULFENITE- San Francisco Mine, Cucurpe, Sonora Mexico
From an old hoard, we have located a colorful lot of translucent to transparent, butter-scotch yellow tabular wulfenite crystals to 1.5cm scattered on matrix in colorful and reasonably attractive groups. Many have micro yellow mimetite associated as well, and these modern classics range from about 3cm to 6cm across @ 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each, depending on quality. Expect some bruising despite being packed in soap powder for more than 40 years!


Copper Range Company - Annual Reports - Michigan
We have an assortment of 29 different annual reports of the Copper Range Company that operated in Michigan's copper country, also owning at various times the Champion Copper Company, Copper Range Railroad Company, Baltic Mine, White Pine Mine etc. The reports are generally soft-cover and range between 1902 and 1954, and a few have b/w images of properties. One of the founders of Paine-Webber (William A. Paine) was among the many presidents, and there is a load of interesting reading in these reports. Take the lot of 29 different for just 75.00 plus postage!


The fiber optics industry has spawned many interesting artifacts, and these cat's eye (aka "fiber eye") cabochons are an outgrowth of the technology. All are precision cut 25x18 mm ovals, and they were produced in variety of attractive, translucent colors, each showing excellent chatoyancy in the form of a longitudinal line. We have seen these for silly prices passed off as genuine stones, but we offer a set of six different colors for just 25.00 a set! Kinda cool....

ELBAITE TOURMALINE- Minas Gerais, Brazil
A wonderful selection of deep green, fully transparent faceted tourmaline, these primarily in free-form elongated baguette shapes, varying in size from about 8x2mm to 12x4mm, weighing from about 0.5 carats to 1.3 carats each. We have assembled a few choice lots of 8 stones, averaging a little over 6 carats in total weight, at just 55.00 per lot - less than 10.00 per carat!

Attractive, pinkish-red tourmaline (elbaite variety rubellite) in faceted 8x6mm calibrated ovals. These average about 1.3 carats each and are offered at a bargain price of just 20.00 per stone, or three nicely boxed and matched for just 50.00 per lot! Limited stock, so order early.

UVITE TOURMALINE- Brumado, Bahia, Brazil
Excellent, honey colored to root-beer brown transparent faceted uvite tourmalines, these as well-cut and fairly clean trillion shapes. Excellent transparency, these are likely heat treated (as are most commercial stones these days) and the sizes range from about 5mm to 9mm, weights in the 1 carat to nearly 3 carat range at just 15.00, 30.00 and 50.00 each. A few matched pairs at two times the single stone price are available.


CATALOG 22105 - Volume XLVIII, No.5

ARSENOPYRITE with QUARTZ etc.- Noche Buena, Zacatecas, Mexico
From material obtained in the late 1960s, largely comprised of silvery-grey wedge-shaped crystals of arsenopyrite to 5mm or more, well scattered on matrix. The most common association is micro, elongated quartz crystals, occasionally minor pyrite and/or other sulfides. Specimens from 3cm to 7cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. Neat old stuff, ex-Cureton.

ATACAMITE- Mina La Farola. Atacama, Chile
Old specimens obtained from Al McGuinnessite and others many years ago, presented here as attractive, dark green rod-like micro crystals of this interesting copper mineral perched on matrix, occasionally associated with other copper minerals. While we have the species from many other localities in Australia and elsewhere, few compare to these in richness and coverage, many with good micro potential as well! Analytically confirmed (copy supplied), and SEM studies have found microscopic dioptase, pseudomalachite and others. Specimens range from about 2.5cm to 7cm @ 15.00, 30.00, and 45.00 each.

AVOGADRITE- Mt. Vesuvius (eruption of 1926), Italy
This extremely rare volcanic sublimate, a boron fluoride mineral, avogadrite occurs as powdery orange-yellow opaque masses with minor matrix. Type locality, of course, from the 1926 eruption, small grains @ 55.00 each.

BOULANGERITE- Noche Buena, Zacatecas, Mexico
Slender, steely-grey needle-like crystals and hairs of boulangerite on matrix, occasionally with minor pyrite. These are ex- A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum stock, early 1970's vintage often sold as jamesonite, but XRD work by John White on material from this specific locality determined most of it is, indeed, boulangerite. RIch specimens, sizes from about 2.5cm to 6cm across @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each; one rather flat, fully covered 12x8cm specimen @ 95.00. List alternates!

CAYSICHITE-(Y)- Ploskaya Mt., Keivy, Kola Peninsula Russia
This uncommon mineral occurs here as minute, snow white spherulitic pods in yellowish to violet grey yttrian fluorite, often with albite and occasionally minor amazonite and quartz. An interesting assemblage from this 2004 discovery, specimens from about 1.8cm up to nearly 4cm across @ 25.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each.

CINNABAR in OPAL- Glass Buttes, Lake Co., Oregon
Interesting samples of massive, cream to grey hued opal with orange-red inclusions of cinnbar scattered throughout the opal. Colorful material, these samples were collected nearly 40 years ago in this remote area, and specimens range from 2.5cm to nearly 7cm across at just 7.50, 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

DURANGITE- Unnamed Prospect, Sierra Co., New Mexico
Orange micro crystals of durangite are liberally scattered throughout a matrix which also shows micro crystals of reddish brown cassiterite, black hematite, and possibly other species. Good micro potential on the better pieces from this Taylor Creek Tin Mining District locality, matrix sizes from 2cm to 5cm @ 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 to 5cm or so, then 6cm - 8cm @ 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 for the larger, richer specimens.

DYMKOVITE- Belorechenskoye, Northern Caucasus, Russia
This rare species occurs as minute (~0.5mm) yellow grains and crusty aggregates on dolomite, presented here as tiny mounts on 1.25cm adhesive disks. A weird uranyl-arsenite, formula: Ni(UO2)2(As3+O3)2*7H2O, monoclinic. Dymkovite is the Ni-dominant analog of seelite and is named in honor of Russian mineralogist Yuriy Maksimovich Dymkov (b. 1926), specialist in uranium mineralogy. Exceedingly rare, type locality material, of course, IMA #2010-087, only two available @ 145.00 each.

EPISTILBITE- Kosmos, Lewis Co., Washington
A moderately unusual zeolite, epistilbite occurs here as white, translucent mm-sized sharp blocky crystal groupings in small vugs scattered in basalt, possibly associated with other zeolites. Old material, ex-Rudy Tschnerich. Nice micro material, overall sizes are 1cm and 4.5cm @ 15.00 and 45.00 each.

ERDITE- Coyote Peak, Humboldt Co., California
Coyote Peak is a mineralogically unique occurrence of unusual sulfide minerals, erdite being a hydrated sodium iron sulfide. Erdite is found as minute, sparse dark red-brown to coppery-red masses and aggregates scattered through rock matrix, associated with pyrrhotite and other sulfides, and likely to include many of the other rarities known from the locality! Named for the late Dick Erd, USGS mineralogist, we have only a few samples, portions of the co-type specimens, in sizes from 2.5cm to 6cm @ 75.00, 125.00, 175.00 and 250.00.. The very last of this material; list alternates!

ERIONITE- Ash Meadows Dep., Shoshone, Inyo Co. California
An older specimen, ex-A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum, presented as rather chalky, beige erionite (cation undetermined) completely comprising matrix. The locality is rather obscure, extracted from the USGS Minerals Resources system of 2005. The material appears identical to that of the Eastgate deposit across the border in Churchill County, Nevada. Specimens from both localities on hand, average about 4cm across @ 30.00 each.

FLUORITE on QUARTZ (REPAIRED)- Dongshan Mine, Chenzhou, Hunan Prov. PR China
A tasty morsel of a high quality thumbnail, here as a completely transparent, very slightly green 1cm fluorite cube grown into and on top of the tip of a nicely terminated, stubby 2.5cm quartz point. Although not evident, we believe this specimen has been expertly repaired have labelled it as such. A very handsome combination of early (1986) Chinese material, ex-Jensen Collection #3243, overall 3.5x2cm @ 200.00.

GEOCRONITE- Kilbrecken Mine, County Claire, Ireland
Grey metallic masses of this sulfosalt scattered in matrix, most associated with minor sphalerite. Named for the Greek words for antimony and lead, these are rather ugly samples from an old Dana locality. Sizes from about 2 cm to 5 cm at 15.00, 30.00, and 50.00 each.

GRICEITE- Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
This uncommon lithium fluoride occurs as minute, milky white micro crystals scattered in/on matrix, typically associated with quartz, steenstrupine, eudialyte etc. rock matrix. Obtained in 1987 from one of the authors, we have a number of good specimens on hand, sizes ranging from about 2cm up to large 9cm samples @ 45.00, 60.00, 95.00 and 150.00 each.

IRIDIUM var: RUTHENOSMIRIDIUM- Trinity River, Trinity Co., California
A small, flattened, silvery placer grain from the well-known PGM placer deposits of the Trinity River. The grain has been analyzed and has a confirmed Ir-Os-Ru composition with lesser Fe present, typical for the locality. Once its own species, ruthenosmiridium is now considered an Ru-rich variety of native iridium. Our EDS analysis accompanies the 1.5 mm specimen @ 95.00.

KASOLITE- Penn Haven Jct, Jim Thorpe, Carbon Co., Pennsylvania
Dull yellowish to orange-yellow filmy crusts of this uncommon uranium mineral sparsely scattered on dark graywacke sandstone conglomerate matrix. Collected in the early 1970s from the west shore of the Lehigh River, uranium deposits in the area have been known as early as 1874 and were eventually surveyed by the USGS for the Atomic Energy Commission in 1954 during the blossoming "nuclear age". While far from attractive, these are interesting locality pieces that are only mildly hot, with sizes ranging from 2.5cm to 4cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

LONDONITE- nr. Mt. Bity, Antandrokomby, Madagascar
This rare mineral occurs as pale yellow, dodecahedral single crystals without matrix, the cesium-analog of rhodizite. We have only a handful of analytically confirmed specimens, each accompanied by its own EDS analysis with X-ray spectra, showing Cs>K dominance! After analyzing many, many samples, this is it! If you purchased a "londonite" without an analysis, we'll bet you have a rhodizite instead, as these are visually indistinguishable phases! Crystals range from about 3mm to 5mm across @ 95.00 and 115.00 each, depending on size. Note: These are individually analyzed samples with corresponding EDS data for Cs:K proportions!

MELANOPHLOGITE- Mt. Hamilton, Santa Clara Co., California
An enigmatic silica polymorph, melanophlogite is reported to be cubic SiO2 containing essential hydrocarbons. We have a few samples of melanophlogite as very tiny, crude crystals, associated with opalescent botryoids and crusts of chalcedony, often with miniscule overgrowths of melanophlogite on metamorphosed serpentine rock matrix. Featured in Mineralogical Record (Vol. 33 #3), these are mostly water clear, extremely small cubic crystals, also fluorescent (LW UV) yellow as well, specimens from 2.5cm to 4cm @ 20. 30.00 and 45.00 each.

NEPHELINE etc.- Egan Chute, Dungannon Twp., Ontario, Canada
Rather nondescript, greyish white nepheline masses largely comprising matrix, occasionally with minor "biotite". Collected by E.W. Heinrich, some of the specimens show a small and dull, scattered orange fluorescence under LW UV, likely from included sodalite or other phase. Specimens range from 2cm to 4.5cm @ just 5.00, 10.00 and 20.00 each; a few larger to 8+cm @ 45.00 each.

OSMIUM var: IRIDOSMINE- Trinity River, Trinity Co., California
Another analyzed placer nugget from this prolific PGM locality, here confirmed as an Os-Ir-Ru phase with Fe detected as well, formerly known as the species iridosmine, the name now relegated to native osmium with significant, but lesser, iridium present. The 1.5 mm specimen accompanied by EDS analyticals @ 100.00.

PARASTERRYITE etc.- Pollone Mine, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
This rare silver-lead-antimony sulfosalt occurs here at its type locality as minute, slender, metallic, orhtorhombic needle-like crystals in white, dolomitic matrix. Under maginfication, the micro crystals are longitudinally striated, whereas the more common sterryite (monoclinic and very similar structurally and chemically with a bit of copper in its composition) found in these specimens is more typically flattened and without striations. Specimens average about 4cm across @ just 75.00 each.

PECTOLITE variety LARIMAR- Los Checheses, Barahona Province, Dominican Republic
From a large lot of material collected in 1976 at the locality by well-known gem expert Joel Arem, we have reference specimens of this strange material, here as pale blue masses and fibrous, radiaiting veinlets of copper-rich pectolite lightly scattered in a rather ugly, greyish and punky limestone matrix. We've analyzed the material (it is, indeed, pectolite), and even polished a few samples for ourselves (they improve dramatically with cutting and polishing), but these are essentially weird geological reference pieces of this unique material known only from this locality, sizes from about 2cm to about 4.5cm @ just 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each.

SEAMANITE- Chicagon Mine, Iron Co., Michigan
Type locality material for this rather rare species, here as tiny, slender orthorhombic crystals without matrix. The crystals tend to have a very pale rose to yellowish hue but are completely transparent and quite sharp, and these will be a challenge for micromounters! Sizes average about 3 mm long @ only 25.00 each! Limit: 4/order.

SODALITE- Itaju do Colonia, Bahia, Brazil
From one of the uncommon nepheline syenites in this otherwise prolific mineral producing area, we have a few deep blue, massive sodalite specimens comprising matrix, some with minor white spiderwebs of calcite and potentially other species. Likely from the Hiassu farm, cutable due to its color and superior luster, but not our thing. Specimens 2.5cm to 10cm across at just 5.00, 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each from this neat locality.

STILBITE-(Ca) etc.- Christmas Mine, nr. Hayden, Gila Co, Arizona
Small but excellent flattened sprays and radiating groups of salmon- colored stilbite well scattered on hydrothermally altered diorite matrix, typically in exposed seams associated with an apophyllite group mineral [likely hydroxylapophyllite-(K)], transparent calcite micros etc. None of the usual copper silicate phases are present in this material, and the stilbite has been analytically confirmed in our lab, with EDS spectra provided with each specimen, matrix sizes from about 4cm to 8cm @ just 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each. See our image in, with reasonably good micro potential throughout!

SULFUR on GYPSUM- Djebel Chemsi, East of Gafsa, Tunisia
A great locality specimen comprised of massive patches of pale yellowish native sulfur scattered in and on white gypsum matrix, perhaps with some pale tan anhydrite intergrowths as well. From an old collection, a single specimen, quite flat, about 12x8cm @ 55.00. Only one unique sample from this otherwise barren region!

VESZELYITE etc.- Dongchuan District, Kunming, Yunnan, PR China
As featured in the August, 2021 issue of Mineral News, we have a small lot of hand-picked speicmens from this 2020 find. These are small, exceptionally attractive brilliant blue, crystallized specimens, typically in TN to 4cm miniature sizes, all yielding superb micros and larger, vitreous, electric blue crystal sheaves to half a centimeter or more on matrix, often with malachite, chrysocolla or other phases. A copy of analytical work accompanies each sample! Specimens priced according to quality, not size, at 250.00, 400.00, 500.00, 650.00, 750.00, 1000.00 and 1500.00. Also on hand: two 9cm divergent quartz crystal groups, nicely terminated, with small scattering of micro crystals @ 800.00, and a few matrix specimens with analyzed theisite in the 4cm range @ 500.00. See the Mineral News article or our website for a few images!

VUORELAINENITE- Satra Mine, Finspang, Sweden
Submicroscopic greyish black inclusions of this rare species scattered in alabandite, sphalerite and pyrrhotite ore matrix. Type locality material, the mineral was discovered on old specimens in 1980, as mining ceased here in 1919. A wide range of unusual species in association can be expected, but all would require additional analytical work. Matrix specimens from 2cm to 4cm @ 45.00 and 75.00 each.

VYSOTSKITE- Noril'sk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
Old Cureton stock of this uncommon palladium-nickel sulfide, recently uncovered here in the warehouse. The mineral was named for Nikolai Konstantinovich Vysotskii (1864-1932) who discover the Noril'sk deposit. The mineral occurs as submicroscopic, silvery white blebs in dark, Pt-ore from this famous deposit, originally confirmed as (Pd,Ni)S by Cannon Microprobe in 1982, and offered here as small amounts of the rich, crushed Pt-ore in a vial @ just 45.00 each. Please list alternates!


One of the largest and heaviest books in the library, a full 1269 pages in a large formated 12" x 9" x 3", hardcover cloth-bound volume, with tiny print and more definitions that one can possibly imagine! If you ever wanted to know what a "bull shaker" was, or what the "magnetotelluric method" might be, here is where you can find your answer. I don't have a "spider and slips" in my collection, but I probably want one now that I have heard about it (Google couldn't help me!). Very heavy book in excellent condition, published by the Bureau of Mines in 1968 @ just 75.00, weighs almost 8 pounds!

Special Report No. 14 of the Geological Survey of Alabama, published in 1926, with over 300 pages and many black and white images of fossils and stratigraphic photographs, with nearly 100 plates, two fold outs etc.. The book is softcover, perfect bound and in surprisingly good condition for its age, about 9"x 6" format @ just 25.00.

A softcover work of 74 pages with numerous illustrations presents newspaper accounts of mining accidents in the St. Just district from 1831 to 1914, complete with tables of accidents by mine, fatalities, causes etc. A remarkable little assemblage with a color cover, fascinating history. New copies, at just 20.00 each, less than half the price of a used copy on Amazon! Not included with our special offers, below.

MINING in CORNWALL-- The Central District England
A softcover volume, profusely illustrated with old, black & white images, briefly recounts the mining history in Cornwall, England. The book has 128 pages and is primarily a pictorial history from 1850 forward, authored by J. H. Trounson, and NEW COPIES such as this one are difficult to find here in the U.S. @ just 29.00 plus shipping.

An excellent hardcover book encompassing some 342 pages, providing a very detailed analysis of lead mining from the 17th century forward. A strong approach that has much economic data from financing, production and distribution, prolific mines, accidents and a host of other topics. The book includes 25 tables, and much footnoted information, but liitle in he way of pictorial presentation. A new copy with a shop worn dust jacket, cheaper than a used copy on eBay, at just 55.00.

We have a fairly large stock of mining related books centered on Cornwall and Cornish miners. These are typically small softcover works, many out of print, that range from about 30 pages to 50 pages each. Mines such as the South Crofty, Wheal Jane and others are featured, as well as the China Clay Pits etc., some priced on Amazon as high as $40.00 each for used copies! We have: SPECCIAL OFFER #9: Nine (9) different softcover works about Cornish mining, for just 89.00, or a larger collection... SPECIAL OFFER #14: fourteen (14) different titles for just 129.00! that includes those in our #9 special plus five (5) others. All are our choice of titles, and certainly a wonderful bargain of unused books for mining and history buffs alike!


LAPIS FREE-FORM PENDANTS- w/ Brass bezel from Afghanistan
We stumbled across a small lot of deep blue lapis lazuli pendants in our warehouse, all flat and free form, typically about 20 x 15 mm in size, wrapped in a golden colored brass bezel topped with a 2mm hole, ready for your bail loop and chain. Not our usual stock in trade, so while the supply lasts, we offer these at just 10.00 each. Limit 3 per order, please!

CATALOG 22104 - Volume XLVIII, No.4

ALMANDINE- Stikine River, Wrangell Island, Alaska
Wrangell garnets seem to have been around forever, and this lot was purchased in 1958. Collected at the mouth of the Stikine River, these show the typical euherdal garnet crystals perched in shistose matrix, most with dodecahedral forms and occasionally modified by others. There are better garnets in the world, but these are a collection classic widely distributed, with crystals ranging from 1cm to 2cm across, all embedded in matrix and often less than perfect condition. Specimens range from about 4cm to 7cm across, priced inexpensively at just 10.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each, according to overall size and quality.

ARSENOPYRITE etc.- Ackerman Mine, Marmora Twp., Ontario Canada
A rather large and quite ugly ore specimen from this older gold mine in Hastings County, collected in 1982 by H. Rozenbroek during his travels in Canada. Most samples from the locality have been etched to unveil good arsenopyrite crystals, but this is unetched, rich fine-grained ore with intergrown pyrite and minor quartz and dolomite that shows at least one 5mm elongated arsenopyrite crystal embedded in the gangue silico-carbonates, begging to be etched out. A heavy specimen in excess of 7 pounds (!!) and measuring 14x10x6 cm @ just 45.00. One only!

AUTUNITE- nr Honggiao, Pingjiang Co., Hunan, PR China
Exceptionally attractive radiating fans of brilliant yellowish green autunite without matrix, certainly the finest ever found in China and equal to very best of old Daybreak Mine material from years ago. Pictured in the July, 2021 issue of Mineral News, these are likely from the mines of the Nanjingqiao Uranium Deposit, although our source only specified "from mines near the village of Hongqiao" in Pingjiang County. Extremely hot, brilliantly fluorescent, matrix-free specimens, very attractive, average about 5cm across @ 400.00 each. One large matrix specimen with about 75% coverage of platy crystals to 1 cm rather than radiaiting fans (I prefer the latter), size about 10x6cm @ 750.00. List alternates!

AXINITE-(Mn)- Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai, Russia
A superb crystal group comprised of several, highly lustrous dark brown terminated crystals of axinite-(Mn) intergrown into an attractive group! Acquired in 1996 from the September Mine during the early days of Dalnegorsk's marketing of outstanding minerals, this is ex-Jensen Collection #4939 and an extremely fine, glassy specimen about 3.5cm tall @ 325.00. Most excellent!

BRANDTITE- Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
Minute transparent to translucent micro crystals or lath-like aggregates of brandtite very sparsely scattered on typical black willemite ore matrix, occasionally with minor magnetite. Priced according to overall quality, matrix sizes from 3cm to 8cm across @ 25.00, 40.00, 60.00, and 75.00 each, a few larger, inquire.

CHALCOCITE, BORNITE, PYRITE- Butte, Silver Bow Co., Montana
An old E.W. Heinrich (heinrichite) specimen, accompanied by his somewhat tattered Univerity of Michigan label, here as a massive ore specimen. The chalcocite is massive, with bl;ue iridescent bornite throughout, and pyrite forms a 5cm long vein about 5mm wide running through one part of this hefty specimen. Overall size about 10x6x5 cm weighing a couple of pounds, at 55.00. One only!

DUSSERTITE- Tecoma, Elko Co., Nevada
Dussertite occurs as greenish earthy coatings in these relatively rich specimens. One of the more unusual members of the crandallite group of minerals, dussertite being the barium arsenate analogue. These rather unattractive specimens are in sizes from 1cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 35.00, 50.00, and 75.00 each, depending on size and coverage.

EDINGTONITE- Ice River, British Columbia, Canada
Stout opaque white crystals of edingtonite are richly scattered over calcite and rock, some with nice calcite crystals as well. One of the less common zeolites, these edingtonite specimens have sharp, well formed crystals up to several mm's long, many with good micro potential as well. Overall sizes average 2cm to 4cm @ 15.00, 25.00, and 40.00 each.

EPISTILBITE- Su Marralzu Q., Osilo, Sardinia, Italy
Old Cureton material acquired many years ago, here as small white to slightly pinkish radiating crystal groups in vugs in tough, basaltic matrix. Interesting reference material, many with decent micro potential as well, matrix sizes from about 2cm to 5cm across @ 12.50, 20.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each, depending on quality, not size.

ERSHOVITE- Tsentral'nyi Mi, Rasvumchorr, Kola, Russia
A rare mineral at this Khibiny massif locality, here quite different than the type material in that it is yellow-orange in color and comprised of easily discernable masses comprised of distorted, radial fibrous spherules in pods averaging 0.5cm across, typically perched in voids among potassic feldspar, aegirine, sodalite etc. Only a few specimens from this occurrence on hand, sizes range from about 3cm to 5cm @ only 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each, about half the price of the material from 25 years ago!

FERROSAPONITE- Levoberezhye Deposit, Evenkiya, Russia
This relatively new species from the Tunguska River area in Siberia occurs as tiny greenish brown balls (0.2mm) included in Iceland spar calcite, easily visible with modest magnification. Formula: Ca0.3(Fe2+,Mg,Fe3+)3(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2*4H2O. Wispy mordendite or tiny pyrites are occasionally present as inclusions as well. Author's material, type-locality specimen sizes from about 1.3cm to 2.5cm @ 75.00, 100.00 and 125.00 each.

FLUORAPATITE- South Burgess, Leeds, Ontario, Canada
An old A.E. Foote specimen, comprised of dense, dark greyish blue massive fluorapatite without discernable matrix. The Foote label is attached to the base of the specimen, and it is also accompanied by a Michigan College of Mines label (circa 1897-1926) as well as an A.E. Seaman Museum label. The specimen measures a hefty 9x7x5 cm @ 65.00. One only, rich enough to slab and cab if you dared..!

GOETHITE- Signal (Hill) Point, Staten Island, New York
An old specimen, ex-F. Mecke Collection, and surprisingly attractive for the species. The specimen is a relatively large,slab-like habit of elongated stalactitic brown and black "cave-like" formations completely covering one surface. An excellent but rather obscure New York City locality near the well known "Grymes Hill" location known for its quartz and goethite specimens, and this sample aka "Signal Hill", too. One large and attractive old specimen about 16 x 12 cm @ 125.00. List alternates!

HELLANDITE-(Y)- Evans-Lou Mine, nr. Wakefield, Que, Canada
Massive, dull tanish yellow to occasionally greenish hellandite-(Y) scattered in/on matrix. From the type locality for the species, these rather non-descript specimens range from about 1cm up to 4cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 50.00 each.

KALIBORITE- Deposit #99, Inder Boron Deposit, Kazakhstan
A rarely offered species from this now abandoned underground prospect mine, offered here in two different habits: small, greyish crystals of 1.3cm or more with little or no matrix, up to 2.5cm, all showing several sharp faces but quite opaque @ 40.00 and 65.00 each; or as nearly clear, nicely transparent larger crystal fragments but with less distinctive morphology that average 2.5cm across @ 50.00 each.

KALSILITE- San Venanzo Q., Terni, Umbria, Italy
From an older find, kalsilite occurs here as micro white prismatic crystals in vuggy matrix, typically associated with bronze phologopite, melilite and occasionally fluorapatite and other species as well. Good micro potential, specimen sizes range from about 3cm to 6cm across @ just 25.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

LAZULITE- 6mi NW of Jacksonville, Jackson Co. Oregon
Old material collected in the 1950s at the headwaters of Galls Creek and Jackson Creek, about 6 miles NW of Jacksonville, our location is significantly more precise than previously listed elsewhere! The specimens show rich pods of deep blue lazulite masses well scattered in granular quartz matrix, along with bladed muscovite and trace sulfides. Specimens range in size from flattened 3.5cm specimens to hefty 7cm chunky samples @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00, with a couple of the largest & richest @ 45.00 each.

MAGHEMITE- Gara Djebilet, Algeria
Old material that is dull greyish black to brownish and fine-grained, offered as small matrix samples. An uncommon locality for eh species, specimens from 2.5cm to nearly 4cm across @ 20.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each, or as small (4-5mm polished samples in probe mounts @ 65.00 each.

METAURANOCIRCITE- Annie Creek, Lawrence Co., South Dakota
Old Cureton stock originally acquired from Bill Roberts at the SD School of Mines decades ago, here as yellowish green aggregates and crude platy crystals, typically associated with meta-autunite crystals on matrix. Nice fluorescent, and a copy of our confirming EDS spectra fro both species is included. Specimens from 1.5cm to 5cm across @ 15.00, 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each, one 13x4x4 speicmens @ 150.00. List alternates!

OPAL-CT- Sidi Lakhdar, Mostaganem Province, Algeria
Odd, somewhat porous beige material completely comprising matrix, typically considered as diatomaceous earth comprised of opal-CT, implying a cristobalite/tridymite composition. Unusual locality material, ex-A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum, light-weight specimens about 3cm across @ 20.00 each, with copy of their label.

QUARTZ with Inclusions- Sichuan Province, P.R. China
Single crystals of transparent quartz without matrix, most in typical elongated habits and averaging 7 cm tall, all showing unknown, black inclusions, ranging from numerous dots to filmy internal phantoms. Perhaps hydrocarbons, Mn-oxides or minute sulfide/sulfosalts, but we have found none at the surface of the crystals that would enable us to analyze them. Only a few on hand @ 25.00 each.

QUEITITE pseudo @ ALAMOSITE- Lucky Ccss Mine, nr. Tombstone, Arizona
This uncommon mineral occurs here as white spherulitic masses and crusts in and on matrix, apparently as pseudomorphs after earlier formed alamosite. Old material, specimens range from tiny fragments in a capsule @ 45.00 to 1cm matrix pieces @ 60.00 each.Limited availability!

QUENSTEDTITE w/ ROMERITE etc.- Mejillones, Antofagasta, Chile
This rare species occurs here as small but excellent violet, glassy aggregates and minute crystals intergrown in widespread, golden brown romerite, yellow copiapite, a micro, pale blue glassy Cu-sulfate that is NOT krohnkite, as well as other sulfates. A rather attractive assemblage of colorful and interesting species, these from a find about 10 years ago. XRD and EDS confirmed, specimens range from about 2.5cm to nearly 6cm across @ 30.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each. Attractive assemblage under the scope!

RUIZITE on SUGILITE- Wessels Mine, Kalahari Mn Field, Rep So Africa
Extremely small, glassy brown vitreous crystals of ruizite sparsely scattered on sugary sugilite matrix. These are small but excellent for the species in the unexpectedly and relatively large crystallized habit! Small matrix pieces average 2mm to 3mm across @ 35.00 each. Strictly micro material, but interesting under the scope!

RUTILE- Champion Mine, Mono Co., California
Sharp, lustrous single crystals and small groups of deep red-brown rutile, either as floaters or as single crystals and small groups nicely perched on minor pyrophyllite-rich, buff-colored matrix. Old, classic stuff from many years ago, we recently located a large lot of good quality mounted thumbnail specimens with crystal sizes ranging from 0.6cm to 1.7cm across, all in standard TN boxes priced at only 15.00, 25.00, and 35.00 each. Nice!

SCAPOLITE- Puy de Dome, Auvergne-Rhone-Alps, France
This prolific area of France has produced over 225 different minerals, but with scant mention of the scapolite group or its species members marialite or meionite. We have a couple of old A.E. Seaman Museum samples, labeled simply as "Scapolite - Puy de Dome" by now-retired curator Dr. George Robinson. They occur as thin (1mm wide) crystals to 1.5cm long embedded in matrix,certainly interesting for this old locality and worthy of further research, we think. Specimen sizes average 10x6 cm @ just 40.00 each, only a couple, so list alternates!

SHANNONITE- Tonopah-Belmont Mine, Maricopa Co., Arizona
Fleshy-tan colored masses of this uncommon lead oxy-carboante mineral nicely scattered on rock matrix. We offer these IMA-approved specimens, originally provided to us by the late Dave Shannon, the mineral namee. First found here many years ago and originally submitted from this mine, but this was not designated as the type locality, however. Specimens from 1.5 to 5cm @ 25.00, 40.00, 75.00 and 100.00 each.

SHARYGINITE (IMA # 2017-014)- Bellerberg, Casper Quarry, Eifel, Germany
Repeat of previously soldout material! Another relatively NEW SPCIES from this prolific Rheinland-Palatinate volcanic deposit, here as minute brown crystalline aggregates scattered in typical Eifel matrix, scattered in 2.5cm polished sections. Formula: Ca3Ti Fe2+Fe3+O8 - orthorhombic, IMA # 2017-014. The Fe-analog of shulmanite, only one polished sections available @ 195.00.

STIBNITE- Xikuangshan, Loudi, Hunan Province, PR China
Perhaps the mother of all stibnites from the largest antimony mine in the world: this specimen was also pictured in the July, 2021 issue of Mineral News, and is certainly the largest stibnite single crystal we have ever offered. It is a full 43 cm (yes, 17 inches!!) long, quite thick, nicely terminated, and with a slight wavy bend short of the termination. A few lesser (to 7cm) terminated crystals in parallel growth are present at the base of the specimen, and this one-of-a-kind giant crystal is net priced at 3500.00. Unique!

TOPAZ- Zapot Pegmatite, Mineral Co., Nevada
Situated in the Gillis Range, the Zapot pegmatite was rich in alumino-fluorides and is the type locality for the very rare mineral simmonsite. Topaz was perhaps the most attractive species found there, and Harvey Gordon worked the locality extensively in 1999 and earlier, publishing an excellent article on the locality with Gene Foord and Art Soregaroliin the Mineralogical Record (Vol. 30, pgs 277-292). This specimen is a single crystal of transparent topaz collected by Harvey, showing a fine, chisel-shaped termination and sharp prism faces, with evidence of a smaller twin on one side. A rarely offered locality specimen of high quality, ex-Martin Jensen Collection, size is 2.5cm x 2.5cm @ 450.00. One only!

VOLBORTHITE- Mitten No. 2 Mine, Navajo Co., Arizona
Small platy crystals of micro, bright yellow-green volborthite lightly scattered on matrix. An uncommon locality with moderately good micro potential, specimens ranging from about 2.5cm to 6cm across @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each for these reasonablyattractive specimens.

WALSTROMITE- Esq #7 Claim, Big Creek, Fresno Co., California
Pearly white to colorless disseminated aggregates and exposed seams of this unusual silicate scattered in matrix. Walstromite is nicely fluorescent (pinkish-orange SW) and therefore readily discernable in these moderately rich rich specimens. Acquired from mineral namee Bob Walstrom circa 1994, sizes from 2cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

WEISSBERGITE- Lookout Pass, Tooele Co., Utah
Micro silvery grey masses of this rare species sparsely scattered in rock matrix, occasionally with micro quartz and possibly other admixed species such as parapierrotite. Collected by Forrest Cureton and microprobed by Bart Cannon back in 1995, a single 1cm probe mount with SEM image and chemistry @ 150.00, and the 3cm matrix sample that yielded the confirming analysis, with arrow, @ 250.00.

WILHELMRAMSAYITE- Koashva Mt., Khibiny Massif, Russia
This rare species occurs as tiny, iron-black platy masses with metallic luster and pronounced mica-like cleavage, a few possibly associated with minor troilite. Formula: Cu3FeS3*2H2O, orthorhombic, IMA #2004-033. A very unusual species, not related to any other known mineral! Author's studied material from the only known holotype specimen, offered as boxed, tiny 0.2mm to 0.6mm metallic platelets @ 185.00 and 225.00 each. When these are gone, that's it, as it remains a one-locality mineral more than 20 years after its discovery!

WOLLASTONITE-2M- Sarabau Mine, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia
A rare locality for the mineral, with the uncommon monoclinic 2M structure confirmed by XRD. The mineral occurs here as small, beige to silvery fibrous needles scattered in bands, associated with a tetrahedrite group mineral and typical calcite matrix. Previously known as "parawollastonite", collected by Forrest Cureton when he mined the sarabauite specimens from this off-beat locality decades ago. Only a few specimens on hand, sizes ranging from about 4cm to 7cm across @ 25.00, 40.00 and 60.00 each.

WULFENITE- Ahumada Mine, Los Lamentos, Chi., Mexico
From the classic finds of the 1960's, we have located an old hoard of superb, wulfenite specimens, here as thick, tabular butterscotch-orange to dark brown tabular crystals either free standing or perched on contrasting white and red-brown matrix. Attractive material no longer available, these acquired in 1957. A wide range of sizes and qualities are on hand, most are neat and inexpensive TN's and miniatures from 1.5cm to 5cm samples @ 10.00, 15.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 50.00 each. We also have a few larger matrix specimens available up to 1250.00, so please inquire!

WURTZITE- Welkenvaldt, Belgium
These are interesting samples of deep red-brown, semi-metallic wurtzite masses largely comprising matrix, some with minor pyrite evident in vugs and seams, most showing an odd, wormy to stalactitic morphology, some with what appears to be reticulated, intergrown galena. Ex-A.E. Seaman Museum material from an rarely offered older locality! Sizes range from 2cm to 4cm @ only 25.00, 35.00, and 45.00 each.

WUSTITE- Zacatecas, Mexico
A small specimen about 1.5cm across, with lightly scattered pale orange-brown micro fiberous coating on the reverse side of a crystallized conichalcite specimen. Ex-Cureton, only one available @ 85.00, and not previously reported for the locality other than in meteoritical specimens.

ZAPATALITE- Cerro Morita, Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico
This rare copper phosphate occurs as minute pale blue masses and botryoids in fractures and exposed seams on matrix, usually with other secondary copper phases. Type locality material originally supplied by the author some years ago, some with modest micro potential, matrix sizes from about 2cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each


GEOLOGY OF PENNSYLVANIA- Editor: Charles H. Schultz
The magnum opus of Pennsylvania Geolgy, produced as Special Publication No. 1 by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey and the Pittsburgh Geological Society. Hardcover, profusely illustrated, with 57 chapters, a monster bibliography and index, filling 888 pages! Published in 1999, the book sells for as much as $400, but we offer this beast of remarkable content in pristine condition at just 125.00 plus shipping. One only!

MATRIX MAGAZINE- Complete Set of All 49 Issues
The excellent journal MATRIX produced 49 wonderful issues before the untimely death of publisher and co-founder Jay Lininger. The magazine was devoted to "The History of Minerals", or more appropriately, the histories of the collectors and localities of the past. MATRIX was one of the most readable and informative journals of its time, and we have just one complete set left, covering all sixteen years of issues from its inception in 1988 through the final 2004 edition. The set: just 300.00 plus 15.00 s/h in USA, and it includes our exclusively prepared index as well! Foreign shipping: please inquire!

ROCK FORMING MINERALS (all 11 volumes) - by Deer, Howie and Zussman
The magnum opus of geochemistry/mineralogy as it pertains to rock forming minerals! This is the complete, eleven (11) volume set of the classic work, not the Introduction (1 volume) nor the old five (5) volume set, but rather the latest, complete works entailing all nine volumes devoted to silicates, as well as the two volumes devoted to non-silicates such as oxides, hydroxides and sulfides. This is a NEW set, all hardcover bound, retailing for $1375, our net price: $1100 plus shipping. Requires about 18 inches of shelf space; one set only!


CZ LOT No. 1: We have a few exceptionally diverse lots of faceted cubic zirconia on hand, consisting of 36 cut stones in at least 8 different colors and several different shapes, each stone averaging 4mm to 5mm and all expertly cut and flawless, of course. Each lot of 36 faceted gems is just 65.00, less then 2.00 per stone!

CZ LOT No. 2: If you need larger stones, we can also provide a half dozen 6mm rounds in six (6) different colors, a set of six rounds @ just 45.00 for the brilliant cut round lot.

CZ LOT No. 3: Get both of the above lots @ just 100.00, but limited availability!

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CATALOG 22103 - Volume XLVIII, No.3

AIKINITE- nr. Cucomongo Springs, Esmeralda Co. Nevada
This moderately rare lead-copper-bismuth sulfide occurs as gray metallic striated crystal prisms and masses in quartz matrix. Typical, representative aikinite specimens, occasionally with minor bismutite coatings, available as smallish 1cm to 2cm samples @ 15.00 each, or larger but generally lean matrix specimens from 3.5c m to 6cm @ 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each, depending on coverage, not size.

ALABANDITE- Onavas, Sonora, Mexico
Massive iron-black alabandite, with some earthy brown superficial alterations, with minor galena and sphalerite. Quite ugly but representative for this manganese sulfide species from this rather obscure locality. Old material from Dr. Sidney Williams, sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 10.00, 20.00, and 35.00 each.

AUROSTIBITE- Krasna Hora nad Vitavou, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Silvery grey metallic grains sparsely scattered in ore matrix. The area was mined as early as the 11th century in this Pribram District locality, primarily for gold and antimony, producing over 20 interesting species. Rarely offered material, we have several of these unusual AuSb2 specimens from 2cm to 4cm across @ 20.00, 40.00 and 65.00 each.

BEIDELLITE pseudo @ (???)- Malyi Mannepakhk Mt, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
Dull cream to pale brownish masses of beidellite well scattered in matrix, pseudomorphous after radiating aggregates of an unknown earlier mineral. An obscure locality and uncommon species to add to your pseudomorph collection, only a few specimens available ranging from 2.5cm to 4cm @ just 35.00 and 50.00 ea.

BERYL- Limoges, Haute Vienne, France
An old specimen, ex-John Albanese and Joe Cilen collections, here as a stout, white opaque striated hexagonal crystal with a single pinacoid termination. The specimen is about 6cm tall and 3,5cm wide, sharp in the frontcolunar faces and showing a heavily detached rear. The color is quite odd and from an excellent older European locality, one only at 75.00.

CARNOTITE- Joe Mine, Uravan Dist., Montrose Co. Colorado
This small prospect has gone largely unreported in the literature and is typical of the Uravan Mining District in which yellow carnotite forms thin coatings and masses of yellow aggregates scattered on pale sandstone matrix. There are likely other uranium-rich species here as well, as small amounts of dull green and orange-brown oxidized masses are sometimes present, as is darker corvusite and possibly other vandium-rich phases. From an uncommonly offered locality, specimens range from about 2.5cm to 7cm across at just 10.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each, depending on size and coverage. Mildly radioactive, too!

CLINOCHLORE var: PROCHLORITE- Tilly Foster Mine, Brewster, New York
Old classic material, consisting of pale green hexagonal plates of clinochlore richly scattered on matrix, often altering to a serpentine-like phase. From this famous and now defunct locality, specimens from about 3cm to 6cm across @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each.

CLINOHEDRITE with HARDYSTONITE- Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
Hand-picked, brilliantly multi-colored fluorescent specimens, but otherwise visually unappealing under normal lightning. These contain willemite, hardystonite, and clinohedrite in an attractive association of green/blue/orange fluorescent responses under SW UV. Similar material is on the market elsewhere at much higher prices, but we have old stock, ranging in size from 2.5cm to 9cm samples @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00, 95.00 and 150.00 each. Great multi-color fluorescent pieces!

COPPER etc.- Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan
Much native copper is acid cleaned to dissolve unsightly matrix and expose and brighten the copper itself. These specimens are NOT cleaned, as we suspect some of the rare secondary oxylate or copper minerals may be present in the white, pale green and occasional blue patina films in fracture-filling and surface areas of these rock (literally) specimens with protruding native copper. We can say with some certainty that thin films of cuprite, scant epidote and possibly datolite are here, and each specimen is surprisingly heavy due to the copper content. These are "how it looks coming out of the groud" specimens, and there will be interesting sights under the scope on some of these as well. Overall sizes are about 3cm to 6cm across @ just 10.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. Neat stuff!

CRISTOBALITE in OBSIDIAN- nr. Black Rock, Millard Co., Utah
Interesting material showing greuyish white star bursts and snow flakes of cristobalite frozen in black, highy vitreous obsidian matrix. Attractive material due to the stiking patterns and color contrasts of the cristobalite in lithiophysae. Specimens from about 4.5cm to 8cm across @ 15.00, 25.00 and a couple @ 40.00 each, collected about 40 years ago!

DRAVITE- Yinniethara, Upper Gascoyne Shire, W.A., Australia
From one of the most prolific, but difficult to reach localities well known for rich, matrix-free dark brown to nearly black dravite crystals! The locality is reached only by four wheeled vehicle over 165 km of dirt roads, and these specimens were acquired in the early 1970s. The crystals are often intergrown and surprisingly large, with a vitreous luster and scant translucency on the root-beer brown thin edges, perhaps the largest well-formed crystals of the species ever brought to market! Single crystals, sizes from equant 2cm specimens to 8cm elongated ones @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00, 85.00 and 125.00 each. Wonderful stuff!

FERRONORDITE-(Ce)- Palitra Pegmatite, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
From the exceptional pegmatite on Mt. Kedykverpakhk that was featured in Mineralogical Record, we have a few specimens of this great rarity, occurring here as small clusters of 2-3mm pale brown tabular crystals in vugs and seams of microcline and occasionally lomonsovite as well. Author's material, sizes range from about 2cm to nearly 2.5cm across, all with arrows and modest micro potential, at just 145.00 each.

FLUORITE w/ ZnSiO2 INCLUSIONS- Xiangxi, Hunan Province, PR China
As we were slabbing massive green and lightly purple fluorite for our lapiday clients, we noticed several slabs with small, white radiating sprays and sheaves of an unknown mineral. Careful analysis in our SEM/EDS lab indicated that we have found an unusual occurrence of the zinc silicate hemimorphite frozen in the pale green fluorite! We rescued a half dozen unpolished slabs, all averaging about about 11x6 cm in cross section that showed the mysterious white sprays, and we can supply each with a copy of our SEM/EDS analysis, at just 20.00 per slab. Odd stuff!

GLAUCOPHANE- Mt. Vodno, Skopje, Macedonia
From a small find anout 15 years ago at this uncommon locality, we have a few samples of glaucophane occurring as dark blue prismatic aggregates to 0.5cm long, frozen in quartz matrix, typically with minor calcite and/or greenish mica. Microprobe confirmed, specimens average about 3.5cm @ just 25.00 each.

GOLD with COLORADOITE- Bessie G Mine, La Plata Co., Colorado
Tiny flecks of native gold sparsely scattered in quartz matrix, typically with greyish metallic coloradoite and possibly other tellurides. Magnification will be needed on these, but good reference material for this excellent Colorado locality, all specimens with arrows. Matrix sizes range from about 1.5cm to 3.5cm @ 25.00, 35.00 and 45.00 each.

GROUTITE- Zavalie Deposit, Kirovograd, Ukraine
Perhaps the world's finest occurrence of the mineral, offered here as remarkable encrusted, tabular, divergent crystal groups to 1cm across (!!) perched in exposed veinlets and vugs. The material is spectacular for the species, as ubiquitious groups 1-5mm in rich botryoidal coverage or as isolated larger balls, all with strong vitreous to submetallic luster as well! Quite extraordinary for the species, matrix sizes from about 2.5cm to nearly 5cm across @ 50.00, 85.00 and 125.00 each. Truly the best we have ever offered!

HARRISONITE- Arcedeckne Island, Nunavut, Canada
Minute anhedral grains of yellow-brown harrisonite sparsely scattered in garnet/phlogopite matrix. This rare
phosphate-silicate mineral is, of course, type locality material originally obtained from the authors more than 20 years ago. Generally small specimens, matrix sizes from 0.4cm to 1cm @ 75.00, 125.00, and 175.00, one larger matrix piece about 2.5cm long @ 250.00.

KRAISSLITE on WILLEMITE- 1200' level, Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
Coppery-red to brownish kraisslite forms a thin micaceous scale that is lightly scattered on at least one edge of these examples of granular, red willemite, some potentially with minor fibrous white sussexite, franklinite etc. Described by Pete Dunn ion 1980 and named for Alice and Fred Kraissl, it is still a one-locality mineral after more than 40 years since its discovery! All samples are brightly fluorescent (green) due to the pervasive granular red willemite, with overall sizes from 2cm to nearly 8cm across @ only 20.00, 30.00, 45.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each, depending on quality and size.

LOLLINGITE- Ingersoll Mine, Pennington Co., South Dakota
Metallic masses of silvery lollingite scattered in clevelandite/muscovite matrix, some with apatite, tourmaline or possibly other minerals. A well-documented locality that has produced dozens of mineral species in addition to this iron arsenide. These were collected more than 25 years ago, and specimens range from about 3cm to 8cm across @ 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

MIARGYRITE- California Rand #2, San Bernadino Co California
Rich ore samples showing seams, masses and occasionally micro aggregated crystals of this silver-antimony sulfosalt in quartz matrix. From an area near Red Mountain in the Rand Mining District, one the more prolific San Bernadino County localities. This is old material, available in specimens from about 2.5cm to nearly 5cm across @ 20.00, 35.00, and 60.00 each.

MONTROYDITE etc.- Clear Creek Claim, San Benito Co., California
Dark reddish brown to nearly black prismatic micro crystals of this uncommon mercury mineral on quartz matrix, occasionally with minor cinnabar, mercury or other obscure Hg-rich species. The better samples will yield decent micros, with others more typical reference samples, sizes ranging from about 1.5cm to 3cm across @ 20.00, 40.00 and 55.00 each, depending on quality of crystallization, not necessarily size.

NALIPOITE- Mt. Kedykkvekpakhk, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
This rare species, named for its chemical composition (Na-Li-Phosphate), occurs as small (1mm) transparent blocky masses without matrix. Only the second world occurrence when found at Lovozero, we have just a few boxed samples of this rarity @ 160.00 each. List alternates!

NATROCHALCITE- Chuquicamata, Antofagasta Prov., Chile
Excellent apple-green aggregates of this uncommon mineral lightly scattered over matrix. These are older specimens, occasionally with other minor associations, classic material from TNs to nearly 4cm across @ 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each, depending on size and coverage.

OMPHACITE- nr. Occidental, Sonoma Co., California
This uncommon mineral occurs as greenish, fine-grained masses densely comprising matrix, often with numerous micro red garnets dusted throughout some areas on the larger samples, likely qualifying as an ecloglite. Only a few specimens available from this old locality, sizes averaging about 2cm @ 25.00' larger 4cm samples with garnet @ 55.00 each.

ORTHOCHRYSOTILE in LIZARDITE- El Dorado Mine, Salt River Canyon, Arizona
Nicely chatoyant fibrous veins and asbestiform masses of orthochrysotile richly scattered in thick, pale greenish lizardite matrix. The material and matrix have been structurally confirmed, and XRD confirms that there are frequently clinochrysotile strands included within the fibrous material as well. Specimen sizes range from 3cm to nearly 7cm @ 15.00, 30.00 and 50.00 each. A few larger available; please inquire!

PASCOITE- Sunday #2 Mine, San Miguel Co., Colorado
Bright orange to yellow translucent coatings on sandstone highlight these passably attractive and colorful specimens. Associations often include grey colored meta-rossite and other assorted vanadium oxysalts as well. Moderately colorful specimens that are relatively inexpensive, sizes from 3cm to 6cm across @ 15.00, 25.00, and 40.00 each.

QUARTZ- Comstock Lode, Virginia City, Nevada
Milky white quartz crystals to 2.5cm tall standing upright and fully covering an entire flat surface of these interesting specimens, virtually all overlaying a seam of dense, quartz-rich matrix with occasional tiny spots of limonitic pseudos after pyrite(?) as well. From a classic area of Storey County, well covered, inexpensive specimens from about 4cm to nearly 10cm across @ just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

RHODOCHROSITE on TETRAHEDRITE-(Zn) - 02-03 Pocket, Sweet Home Mi, Park Co Colorad
Acquired in 2002 by Martin Jensen from Bryan Lees while they were mining rhodochrosites at this classic locality. This thumbnail specimen is exceptionally attractive, with a completely transparent, gemmy pink 1cm rhobohedron of rhodochrosite nicely perched on the top of of a sharp, 1.7cm tetrahedrite-Zn crystal. A delicious TN, beautiful to behold, overall about 2x2cm, a killer @ 2950.00. One only, pictured in Mineral News (Vol. 36, No. 6, pg 2)!

RUTILE pseudo @ ANATASE- Presidente Kubitschek, M.G., Brazil
Small, deep golden brown splendent aggregates of rutile completely replacing sharp bipyramidal crystals of anatase, lightly scattered on quartz crystal matrix. The pseudos range from 2mm to 5mm across, matrix sizes from about 2cm to 5cm, some possibly with plumboan crichtonite, priced at 25.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each. Old Menezes material from more than 25 years ago!

SILVER on CUPRITE- Poteryaevskoe Mine, Aktaiskii Region Russia
A remarkable specimen acquired almost ten years ago, showing small metallic arborescent groups and spongy masses of native silver perched on several faces of a wonderfully complex group of deep red cuprite crystals, the largest octahedron about 2cm across and intergrown with several others. This TN is quite attractive, and under the scope, it is a remarkable beauty as well! Overall about 3x2cm @ 600.00. One only!

SPHALERITE with QUARTZ etc.- Philipsburg, Granite Co., Montana
An ugly specimen comprised of thin dark bands and feathers of sphalerite running though quartz-rich rock matrix, with other trace sulfides/sulfosalts evident under magnification. The piece is a hefty hand specimen with one face cut flat exposing the ore. Overall size about 8x6x5 cm @ just 35.00. List alternates!

STANNITE on FERBERITE- Yaogangxian Mine, Hunan Province, PR China
A classy thumbnail showing sharp, brassy stannite crystals to 1cm perched atop a nearly black ferberite crystal group forming the base of the specimen. The locality has produced world-famous examples of stannite, bournonite and arsenopyrite, and this TN is certainly among the best, acquired in 2004 in Changsha before most of the world had even seen great specimens from the mine! Overall size about 2.5 x 2cm @ 525.00. One only! A few extraordinary cabinet specimens from other mines in China are available - please inquire!

TANTALITE-(Mn)- Ognevka, Ulan, Kazakhstan
An excellent, flattened tabular crystal from this Ta deposit in eastern Kazakstan! Nicely striated, deep reddish-black crystal group without discernable matrix, overall about 3.7cm x 3.5cm, great locality piece @ 150.00.

TORBERNITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
This new discovery of torbernite on older specimens will be featured in the June, 2021 issue of Mineral News. The tiny, pale green plates are often associated with micro brochantite crystals, but always on a bed of terminated quartz crystals coating with pale green secondary phases. Only five specimens are known to exist, and we have them all, each accompanied by a copy of our analytical work that confirmed the mineral. A unique occurrence, specimens range from about 3cm to 5cm @ 150.00 and 200.00 each; one 8x5cm sample with multiple crystals @ 350.00. List alternates!

URANINITE- Bicroft Mine, Haliburton Co. Ontario Canada
Exceptionally large masses of Bicroft mine uranium ore, the mine once the second largest uranium producer in the rich Bancroft area before closing in 1963. We have a pair of extraordinarily rich and heavy specimens, each with a cut face that measures about 15x12 cm in cross section and depths varying from about 9 cm and weighing about 7 pounds each! The uraninite forms black pods and veins richly scattered in matrix, and our Geiger counter screams at these! These are certainly from the same boulder, as the cut faces match quite well, collected by H. Rozenbroek sometime prior to 1991. A very large box will be needed for shipping these beasts, available for 695.00 respectively, plus shipping. Hot!

VESIGNIEITE- Sombrero Butte, Pinal Co., Arizona
Dull, olive green masses of poorly crystallized vesigneite very sparsely scattered on a weathered quartz monzonite matrix, occasionally with other trace copper minerals. Rather ugly and lean, but from an interesting locality collected by Forrest Cureton over 50 years ago and subsequently XRD verified by Dr. Sidney Williams in July, 1972 (yes, we have his XRD data, too). The precise locality in this Bunker Hill/Copper Creek area in the Galiuro Mountains is likely one of the unnamed prospects cited in Minerals of Arizona that sits about midway between Phoenix and Tucson. Specimens range from 2.5cm to 6cm across, all with lean coverage, priced at just 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00 each.

VUAGNATITE- near Red Mountain, Mendocino Co., California
From one of the few reported localities, vuagnatite occurs here as small translucent to white sharp microcrystals scattered over a serpentine rock matrix. The larger specimens are sometimes associated with rich blue mcguinnesite crusts as well! Quite attractive under the scope, in sizes from 3cm to 8cm @ 25.00, 40.00, 65.00 and 85.00 each. Originally collected by Al McGuinness (mcguinnessite) and Forrest Cureton (curetonite) many years ago, with California being the only state in the U.S. with a confirmed occurrence.

WARDITE on ELBAITE- Pirineus Mine, Itinga,Minas Gerais, Brazil
Pearly white to very pale tan tetragonal crystal forms of wardite are perched on matrix with vitreous, sea green, prismatic crystals of gemmy elbaite to one centimeter. Some tourmalines are color-zoned blue and a few specimens will have some micro potential as well. Neat thumbnails @ just 45.00 each.

ZIRCON variety ALVITE- Helle, Stokken, Agder, Norway
From an old lot recently uncovered, we have several crudely crystallized brownish prismatic zircons with little or no matrix, labeled as "Alvite" from this classic locality. Our analytical work shows the material to be hafnium-rich (nearly 5 wt%!) with lesser Yb, Y and Er also detected. Sizes range from about 8mm to 1.6cm, priced according to crystalization and size at 20.00 and 35.00 each, all with a copy of our analysis!


GEMS & GEMSTONES- by Grande and Augustyn
This 352 page hardcover book is superbly illustrated with gems and the mineral specimens that produce them, and its subtitle (Timeless Natural Beauty of the Mineral World) aptly describes this attractive and colorful coffee-table book. Published in 2009, this is a new, shrink-wrapped copy offered below retail at just 30.00. One only!

This 287 page hardcover work is one of the few translated books pertaining to the Russian development of geochemical exploration techniques. The book contains 11 chapters, plus a useful bibliography, glossary and index. Detailed drawings of different types of deposits and various types of geochemical halos encountered in exploration work are presented, and the authors were the top of their field in the former Soviet Union. The book is ex-Dr. Sid Williams, Phelps Dodge mineralogist and prolific describer of new mineral species. One copy available @ just 45.00.

A rare hardcover bound copy of the Colorado Geological Survey Resource Series 28, with over 100 pages and complete with all detailed maps in the back folder. Published in 1990, the book offers a classification of gold deposits from various geological environments, along with detailed discussions, geological cross-sections and maps of important Colorado gold occurrences like Cripple Creek, Leadville and many others. Gold-stamped spine, one copy @ 35.00.


REFERENCE COLLECTION- Various Localities, Worldwide
From our fairly large and disorganized hoard of gemstones, we have assembled a standardized reference collection of typical faceted gems commonly seen in the jewelry trade. All stones are well-cut, eye-clean, and all are 7x5mm ovals or 7x5mm emerald cuts, each averaging about a carat. Our reference set contains nine (9) different gemstones, including tourmaline, peridot, rhodolite garnet, amethyst, topaz (both white and blue), aquamarine, citrine, and excellent, deep green chrome diopside. These are handsomely presented in a 4cm glass-topped Bates box @ just 75.00 per collection - less than $10 a gem! A great gift item! For those who wish buy in larger lots, we offer 45 stones (5 of each) in an unboxed lot at just 325.00 per bulk lot, a savings of 50.00!

CATALOG 22102 - Volume XLVIII, No.2

Our 48th. Year

AZURITE- Majuba Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
Although not uncommon in Nevada, azurite from the Middle Adit at Majuba Hill is rarely offered due to its small crystal size, available in these old specimens as wonderful, deep blue glassy druses and knobby balls filling voids in matrix, typically with minor green malachite and/or a host of other uncommon green arsenates. Surprisingly good coverage that will yield nice TN's and micro's if desired, specimens range from about 2cm to nearly 6cm across at only 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each!

BELOVITE-(La)- Kukisvumchorr, Khibina, Kola, Russia
This rare species occurs as minute, pale yellow crystalline aggregates and crude crystals sparsely scattered in matrix. Author's material, IMA approved (95-023), available as tiny (under 1mm) fragments @ just 55.00, accompanied by a Russian museum label.

BERGENITE- Bergen, Vogtland, Saxony, Germany
Deep yellow platy aggregates of bergenite well concentrated in exposed seams or vugs on matrix. Easily visible with good micro potential from this classic, type locality for this radioactive species. Only a few old samples available, sizes range from 1.5cm to 4cm @ 30.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each.

BERYL in ALBITE (FL)- Oreana Tungsten Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
Pale green, opaque, elongated hexagonal beryl crystals and masses to several centimeters scattered in white albite matrix. The albite is nicely fluorescent (red SW UV), and these make interesting locality specimens at very reasonable prices. Sizes range from about 2.5cm up to 6cm @ 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each, depending on beryl quality. And yes, they are perhaps green enough to call "emerald" if so inclined..

BERYLLITE- Ilimaussaq, Greenland
Silky white fibrous crusts of this rare species very sparsely scattered on matrix, larger specimens with associated neptunite and/or pyrochlore as well. Sizes from 5mm to 3cm @ 35.00, 50.00, 75.00 and 125.00.

BROCHANTITE on CHRYSOCOLLA- Jackrabbit Mine, Lyon Co., Nevada
We located another flat of excellent, deep green acicular micro crystals and groups of attractive brochantite nicely scattered over sky-blue chrysocolla botryoids and masses on rock matrix, some chrysocolla possibly pseudomorphing earlier minerals. From a relatively obscure mine, these are exceptionally beautiful under the scope, and are colorful as well without magnification. Specimens range from about 2cm to nearly 5cm across @ just 7.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each. Pretty! Dealer special: lot of 10 assorted @ 75.00 per lot!

CARBONATE-FLUORAPATITE- Bonny Lake, Polk/Pasco Counties, Florida
Solid nodules of greyish to tanish white "collophane" (aka. phosphorite") comprising matrix, these from an obscure locality and collected many years ago by the famous E.W. Heinrich. Specimens are decidedly ugly but of historic and mineralogical interest as moderately pure carbonate-fluorapatite, specimen sizes from about 1.7cm to nearly 4.5cm @ 10.00, 20.00 and 30.00 each.

CASTELLAROITE (IMA # 2015-071)- Monte Nero Mine, Rocshetta Vara, Italy
This moderately new species occurs as colorless, somewhat vitreous to silky aggregates sparsely scattered on brown metachert matrix. Formula: Mn2+3(AsO4)2*4H2O - monoclinic, IMA #2015-071. Likely a polymorph of sterlinghillite, named for Fabrizio Castellaro, collector and discoverer of several new species. Type locality material, structurally related to metaswitzerite. Sizes from about 1.5cm to 2cm @ 75.00 each, with modest micro potential.

CHRYSOCOLLA with TENORITE- near El Mezquital, Sinaloa, Mexico
A mystery locality, heretofore unreported in the literature as far as we can tell! Sometime prior to 1960, Robert Winstead supplied this material to a Rialto, California rock shop owned by the father of Mineral News Contributing Editor Bob Werner. Winstead had driven a 50' adit at the Herules Mine in Ramona, California in 1954, perhaps his only claim to fame beyond supplying interesting minerals to local rock shops of the day. The material is comprised of pale blue botryoids of chrysocolla, some overlaying radiaiting splinters of micro aurichalcite, and often topped off with small, black vitreous aggregates of tenorite as well. Unique and previously unstudied material more than 70 year old, specimens from about 4cm to 7cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. We continue to research for more details!

COLORADOITE- Bessie G Mine, La Plata Co., Colorado
This uncommon mercury telluried occurs as greyish metallic masses thinly scattered in quartz matrix. The locality has produced over 30 different species, including many gold and silver tellurides. These are relatively lean specimens, and magnification will help, but satisfactory reference material for the locality. Matrix sizes range from about 1.5cm to 3.5cm @ 15.00, 30.00 and 40.00 each, depending on quality/coverage.

COLUMBITE-(Fe)- Steidler Pegmatite, Chester Co., Pennsylvania
Black crystal sections of columbiter-(Fe) (aka ferrocolumbite) to 1cm scattered in matrix, most showing broad, nicely striated faces. Old material uncovered in our warehouse and ex-Cureton material, in rather hefty sizes with matrix specimens from 8cm to 12cm across @ 55.00 and 85.00 each, depending on quality, not overall size.

DIAMOND- Bandama River, Hambol Region, Ivory Coast
Long known for diamond production, the ban on rough diamond export from the Ivory Coast was lifted in 2014. We have several good crystals available, most as gemmy, pale tan, transparent dodecahedrons averaging about 1.14 carats each, matrix free, of course, and quite attractive. Sizes are typically around 6x4mm @ just 145.00 each. Nice!

ESKOLAITE @ MAGNESIOCHROMITE- Clear Creek Claim, San Benito Co., Californi
Tiny, highly vitreous dark green to nearly black anhedral grains of this uncommon chromian analog of corundum, hematite and karelianite, here replacing magnesiochromite pods in a highly silicified serpentine matrix. You'll need magnification on these samples, but all have arrows to pinpoint the mineral. An uncommon pseudomorph and inexpensively priced, sizes from about 1cm to 2.5cm @ 15.00 and 20.00 each, depending on quality.

FALCONDOITE- Falcondo Mines, Bonao Dominig, Dominican Republic
Dull greenish masses of non-descript falcondoite scattered in/on matrix, here from the type locality, originally designated simply as "Falconbridge" for the mine owners. The nickel analog of sepiolite, only a few small fragments to several millimeters available, small masses in a vial and accompanied by a University of Manitoba label where the mineral was studied @ just 45.00 each.

FALSTERITE (IMA 2011-061)- Estes Quarry, Baldwin, Cumberland Co Maine
Discovered nearly twenty years ago but lying fallow until recently characterized from here and Palermo, the relatively new and rare phosphate species, falsterite occurs as tiny, bluish green, micaceous aggregates sparsely scattered on matrix, occasionally with minor sphalerite, brown schoonerite etc. Formula: Ca2MgMn2+2Fe2+2Fe3+2Zn4(PO4)8(OH)4(H2O)14, monoclinic, IMA #2011-061. Our Estes material has a slightly higher Zn and lower Mn content, but was confirmed by the senior author as otherwise identical to the Palermo material. Named for Al Falster, well known researcher and collector. This is the very last of the available material, ex-Gene Bearss, as no additional specimens have been found at the locality! We have a very few specimens, all accompanied by a copy of our analytical work, ranging in size from about 1cm to 1.5cm across @ 200.00 each.

HALITE- Salton Sea, Imperial Co., California
A recently discovered crate of large, massive to cubic halite specimens, collected and bagged sometime in the distant past, all showing typical colorless, transparent to translucent diaphaneity. Surprisingly preserved and oversized specimens from about 5cm to 9cm blocks @ just 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each, with one 15x12x10cm monster @ 95.00. Don't put them in your fishtank!

HANCOCKITE etc.- Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
Brick-red massive hancockite largely comprising matrix, occasionally with manganaxinite, willemite and/or other species. Having survived the ignominy of its brief labeling as "Epidote-Pb", this material is classic Franklin stock, type locality, of course, and gleaned from old collections. Specimens range from about 4cm up 8cm long @ 30.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each, priced according to coverage, not overall size. Very difficult to locate today!

HEAZLEWOODITE- Lord Brassey Mine, Heazlewood R., Tasmania
From the type locality, we have a small supply of this unusual species scattered in serpentine matrix, typically with bright green zaratite and possibly other nickel minerals associated. Most specimens have one face cut to reveal the bronzey feathers and masses of this nickel sulfide, sizes from about 2cm to 5cm @ 25.00, 45.00 and 65.00 each. One 10 cm sample @ 150.00. Colorful stuff; list alternates.

HELVITE- Schwarzenberg, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany
Yellow-ochre colored, micro crystalline helvite occurring with quartz in grey to brownish rock matrix, originally from Krantz in Germany and secured from the Michigan College of Mines about 15 years ago. These are typical reference specimens from an old and famous European mining district. Sizes from 2cm to 5cm @ just 20.00, 30.00 and 40.00 each.

KURANAKHITE- Moctezuma Mine, Sonora, Mexico
This relatively rare Pb-Mn-Te-O mineral occurs as micro red-brown to paler yellow-brown balls and crusty aggregates on quartz-rich matrix, occasionally with other tellurium-rich phases. Originally from Dr. Sidney Williams, we have only a few specimens on hand, sizes from about 1 cm to 5cm @ 40.00, 70.00 and 100.00 each, depending on quality/coverage.

KYANITE (FL LW)- Willis Mountain, Buckingham Co., Virginia
Unusual greysh white kyanite filling matrix, occasionally with minor quartz, these hand-selected from a large, older lot because of their highly unusual ornage-red fluorescence under LW UV! White kyanite is a curioristry in itself, and the fluorescent response only occurs in a handful of specimens from this prolific locality near Sprouse's Corner. Specimens range from 3cm to very rich 10cm samples @ just 10.00, 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

LINARITE- Old Soldier Mine, Nye Co., Nevada
Collected years ago by the late Forrest Cureton, linarite has not been previously reported from this locality. It occurs here as thin, deep blue flattened aggregates lightly scattered on matrix. Not as splendant as New Mexico material, but certainly a unique locality occurrence! Only a few specimens available about 3cm to 4.5cm @ 15.00 and 25.00 each, and a couple richer samples to 6cm @ 40.00 each.

LLANTENESITE (IMA 2018-011)- San Pedro Mine, La Rioja Prov., Argentina
This NEW SPECIES occurs as minute, glassy pale blue crystals, offered here as a portion of the holotype specimen! Formula: Cu6Al[SeO4](OH)12Cl*3H2O - trigonal, IMA # 2018-011. The mineral is the Se-analog of spangolite, quite small (<1mm) but an attractive group nonetheless under the microscope. A boxed micro is available @ 495.00. List alternates.

LOMBARDOITE- Valletta Mine, Canosio, Piedmont, Italy
This relatively new mineral occurs as minute, dull red-brown masses scattered on matrix, here from the type locality. Formula is Ba2Mn3+(AsO4)2(OH), monoclinic, IMA #2016-058. The mineral is the arsenate analog of tokyoite and a new member of the brackebushite group. Only a few 1cm specimens on hand, modest magnification required, @ 85.00 each.

MAGENSIO-ARFVEDSONITE in RHODONITE - Tanohata Mine, Fukushima, Iwate, Japan
An interesting association piece comprised of densem brownish-red massive rhodonite with amll black needles and masses of mangesio-arfvedsonite scattered in the sample. The mineral was previously unreported from the mine, typically listed simply as arfvedsonite, and the piece is accompanied by a Japanese label, ex-Alfredo Petrov. Overall size is just over 7x5x5 cm @ 65.00. One only!

MONETITE- Monito Island, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
This island off the western coast of Puerto Rico is the type locality for this rather non-descript species, first described in 1882 when this tiny, uninhabited island was known as Moneta Island, lying about midway between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Specimens are as small white nodular masses to 5mm partially filling a 2 cm capsule @ 20.00 each. Only a few on hand!

MURASHKOITE (IMA#2012-071)- Halamish Wadi, Negev Desert, Israel
Only a single specimen of this exceptionally rare NEW SPECIES is on hand, here as a small (2mm) grain in a circular probe mount. Chemically it is an iron phosphide (formula: FeP), orthorhombic, IMA #2012-071, and named for Russian scientist Mikhail Murashko who we met many years ago in Europe. The mineral occurs as multiple tiny grains in pyrrhotite, associated with barringerite and other phases. It is documented with a pair of SEM images and full analytical work up. One only @ 450.00. List alternates!

PAINITE- Ohngaing Village, Mogok, (ex-Burma) Myanmar
From the type locality for the species, these are excellent, lustrous and vertically striated CRYSTALS and crystal sections of deep reddish-brown painite with little or no matrix. A exceptionally rare gemstone mineral, we have confirmed these by both EDS and Raman spectroscopy, attaching analytical data to each specimen! These range from about 1cm to just over 2cm and are available at just 150.00, 200.00, 250.00 and 300.00 each, depending on quality and size, weights ranging from nearly 1 gram to 5 grams or more.

RHODOCHROSITE (polished)- Horton Mine, Philipsburg Mining Dist Montana
From an old lot of rarely encountered rhodochrosite, these specimens were labelled as the "True Fissure Vein" in Philipsburg, aka the Horton Mine. All specimens from this obscure locality show excellent banding of light and dark pink radiating rhodocrhosite that rivals old Argentina material. We added a photo to Mindat to illustrate these, and each polished slice is a minimum of 12mm thick, and sizes average 8x4cm in cross section @ 150.00 each. A couple larger, 11x7cm polished vein sections @ 300.00 each.

SALAMMONIAC- Ravat, Zeravshan Range, Tajikistan
Excellent herringboned, spikey rods of crystallized sal ammoniac without matrix, most averaging 1cm to 1.5cm tall and up without matrix. Attractive, great locality specimens with superb habits at just 25.00 each for these curious TN-sized groups!.

SCHREIBERSITE- Sao Juliao de Moreira Meteorite, Portugal
This iron-nickel phosphide is found almost exclusively in meteorites, but usually in nearly microscopic aggregates. Occurring in this phosphide-rich octahedrite meteorite found in 1883, we have relatively clean, granular, brownish metallic schreibersite masses typically with admixed Fe-Ni compounds in sub-millimeter to millimeter sizes. Offered as a small, fine grained mass in a capsule @ 40.00, or as several larger fragments in a capsule @ 75.00. Ex-Cureton samples.

SIDERITE var: SPHAEROSIDERITE- Spokane Indian Reservation,Wellpinit Washing
An interesting occurrence of small brown spheres of botryoidal siderite in exposed vugs in a dense basaltic matrix. Some of the multiple vesicles range up to a few centimeters across, and the siderite is typically in small, dark brown, mamillary balls. From an unusual locality in Stevens County, just several fairly large matrix chunks in the 9cm to 10cm size range @ 40.00 each. Trimming would likely yield other vugs and potentially other species heretofore unreported from the locality.

VIGRISHINITE (IMA #2011-073)- Peg #71, Malyi Punkaruaiv Mt., Kola, Russia
Another NEW SPECIES from the prolific Lovozero Massif, vigrishinite occurs as minute, pale pink to colorless aggregates isolated here in a capsule without matrix. Formula: Zn2Ti4-xSi4O14(OH,H2O,[])8, with (x<1), Triclinic, IMA approved # 2011-073, type locality material, of course. Named for Vikto Grigorievich Grishin (b. 1953), an amateur mineralogist and prominent Russian collector from the Kola. A member of the bafertisite series, and the first with species-defining Zn, structurally related to murmanite. Only a few tiny studied samples available @ 95.00 each.

VINOGRADOVITE- Lepkhe-Nelm, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
Yet another unusual mineral from this prolific district, this sodium titanosilicate occurs as clove brown glassy to almost adamantine cleavages and crystalline aggregates of vinogradovite dispersed through a dark green matrix. We have a the material as tiny granular masses in a capsule @ just 25.00, or as matrix specimens from 1.5cm to nearly 3cm @ 55.00, 75.00 each and 125.00 each..

"VISEITE" with TROLLEITE- Champion Sillimanite Mine, Mono Co. California
Blue-green masses of granular trolleite bear small cavities that are lined with tiny froths of white, chalky viseite. A rare mineral that is now considered an Si-rich crandallite-like phosphate, here in an interesting and well-documented assemblage that has yielded over 40 different minerals. Old matrix specimens ranging in size from 5cm to 6cm across @ 85.00 each, Limit one per order, please.

WULFENITE with MIMETITE- Rowley Mine, Maricopa Co., Arizona
From our famous "back room", we've uncovered a small flat of material collected prior to 1970 that shows numerous, small tabular wulfenites to 4mm of yellow to orange color, often associated with bright yellow to orange micro mimetite crystals and sprays, occasionally with transparent barite as well. Although there is typically surface damage, a wonderful micromount assemblage can often be exposed upon trimming. Specimens from about 2cm to 4cm @ only 8.50, 15.00 and 25.00 each according to quality and size.

ZIRCON- Tambani Area, Blantyre, Malawi
Dark reddish-brown single crystals and masses of zircon without matrix, most with some crystal faces and varying degrees of crystallization. We have sold many of these to the research community, as they are an excellent tool for radiometric dating due to the presence of heavy elements like uranium and thorium. The mineral has a very high refractive index (useful to students of ore microscopy) and these single crystals range from about 1cm to 1.5cm across at just 10.00, 15.00 and 20.00 each, depending on size and degree of crystallization.


We have taken on the task of completely indexing the entire run of 49 issues of MATRIX, now available in a cumulative copy of more than 25 pages that details every subject, mineral and locality given mention in those issues! Available exclusively by itself from us with see-through plastic covers for just 20.00 with any mineral order. For those unfamiliar with the publication, Jay Lininger's MATRIX magazine was published irregularly over a sixteen (16) year period in 49 issues of varying size, numbering and content, resulting in 12 volumes. It developed an avid following among collectors and mineral historians alike, and some volumes had four issues, some six. If you missed this excellent publication, we can provide individual back issues, or a complete run of all 49 individual issues @ 275.00 plus shipping, including our exclusive index.


MORGANITE (BERYL)- Virgem de Lapa, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Nicely transparent and eye-clean, very pale pink faceted morganite, a delicious gem variety of beryl, offered here as both pear shaped and larger ovals suitable for your gem collection or for jewelry use! The tapered pears range from about 13x8mm to 15x10mm (3.5ct to 4.1ct) @ 70.00 and 85.00 each, the ovals averaging 14x10mm and weighing 5.3ct or more @ just 100.00 each, and a few matched pairs @ 175.00 per set!


CATALOG 22101 - Volume XLVIII, No.1

Our 48th. Year

BEAVERITE-Cu- Horn Silver Mine, Beaver Co., Utah
Heavy, nearly massive pieces of this lead sulfate from the well-known, type locality. Mustard yellow colored rounded fine-grained masses, likely containing small amounts of other secondary lead minerals, and recently re-evaluated within the alunite-jarosite group as the copper-dominant species. Old specimens, ex-Wards Natural Science, sizes ranging from about 2.5cm to 5cm across @ 20.00, 35.00 and 55.00 each.

BRUCITE- Ladu Gruva, Persberg, Sweden
Small disseminated masses of pearly brucite scattered in and comprising matrix. Rarely offered locality material, sizes averaging 3cm to 7cm @ only 12.50, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

CALCITE- Book Cliffs, nr. Grand Jct., Mesa Co., Colorado
Small, amber colored calcite rhoms to several millimeters filling exposed seams and vugs in matrix. The crystals appear almost cubic in habit and are a pleasing honey-brown hue and high luster. Only a couple of specimens on hand, 4.5cm to 6.5cm @ 20.00 and 35.00 each. We have a few transparent to translucent, clear to white calcite rhombs on matrix as well, these typically with minor amber calcites, sizes from 4.5 to 5cm overall at 40.00 each. List alternates!

CHRYSOBERYL- Padre Paraiso, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Small radiating balls and twin crystals of chrysoberyl forming small floater groups without matrix, these acquired from Luiz Menezes many years ago. The color is typical yellowish-green with good vitreous luster and translucent diaphaneity. Only a few available, group sizes average about 1.3cm @ 25.00 each. List alternates!

CHUBAROVITE (IMA #2014-018)- Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
This NEW SPECIES, one of many recently approved, occurs at the Arsenatnaya fumerole on the Second Scoria Cone of the Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption. It forms minute, water-clear lamellar crystals and aggregates, often with white, acicular fluoborite hairs. Formula: KZn2(BO3)Cl2 - trigonal, IMA #2014-018. Named for Russian mineralogist and physicist Valeriy Mikhailovich Chubarov (b. 1948), a specialist in microprobe analysis. We have a few small (~1cm) matrix specimens with arrows and modest micro potential @ 175.00 each. List alternates!

CLAUSTHALITE, SOUCEKITE etc.- Padma Deposit, Zaonezhskii, Karelia, Russia
A very weird combination of minerals in this 1.5cm ore sample, nicely prepared in a 2.5 probe mount and accompanied by six (6) SEM images and full quantitative chemistry for six different phases! The clausthalite (PbSe) occurs as bright metallic masses (metallic white in backscatter images), with one or more copper-rich aikinite/soucekite phases, an apparent wittichenite, as well as vanadian muscovite (variety fuchsite) and a vandadian-rich magnetite as well, all with quantitative chemistry! None, besides the clausthalite, have previously been reported fromn the locality (commonly attributed as the Srednyaya Padma Mine), making this a unique assemblage with confirming microprobe data! One superbly documented sample @ 150.00.

CORDIERITE variety IOLITE- Guilford, New Haven Co., Connecticut
A small lot of very old material, ex-Wards Natural Science, recently uncovered here, comprised of dense, greyish to slightly bluish grey massive cordierite richly scattered in minor quartz/sillimanite schist matrix, potentially with other rock forming minerals and minor sulfides as well. A Dana location, likely from the long-gone "Hungry Hill" deposit. Several specimens available, sizes from about 2cm to 4.5cm across at just 10.00, 15.00 and 25.00 each. Great eastern U.S. locality material!

CROOKESITE- Skrikerum Mine, Ostergotland Co., Sweden
From the type locality for the species, this rare Cu7(Tl,Ag)Se4 mineral occurs as minute metallic grains in calcite matrix, typically with berzelianite, eucairite and possibly other species. We have only one microprobed grain on hand, about 1mm across, accompanied by two SEM images and full quantitative chemistry, ina standard 2.5cm probe mount @ 175.00.

DMISTEINBERGITE on WAIRAKITE- Kurumazawa, Katashina, Gumma Pref., Japan
This rare species occurs as minute, somewhat pearly flattened aggregates lying flat on chalky white crusts of wairakite on gabbro matrix. One of the most difficult feldspars to obtain and best viewed at 15x or more to spot the pearly plates. We have only a few small specimens on hand, ranging from about 1.5cm to 3.5 cm @ 75.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each. An interesting pair of rarities; list alternates!

EKEBERGITE (2018-088)- In den Dellen Quarries, Mendig, Germany
This NEW SPECIES occurs as very tiny, black prismatic platy crystals perched on matrix from the type locality in the Eifel volcanic fields which boasts over 135 different minerals! Formula: ThFeNb2O8, monoclinic, IMA # 2018-088. Small specimens approaching 1cm each, all with arrows and reasonable micro
potential at just 95.00 each. Only a few available!

FERRIALLANITE-(Ce)- Bastnas, Riddarhytta, Vastmanland, Sweden
This rare species occurs as black, vitreous to resinous masses scattered in matrix, occasionally with cerite-(Ce) or other phases. Formula: CaCe(Fe3+,Fe2+,Al)3[(SiO4)(SiO2)O7]0(OH); IMA #2000-041. The material is also reported to contain another new phase, the Fe-analog of IMA #2002-025, but we have little additional information at this time. Specimens average 2cm @ 95.00 each. Limit one per customer, please!

GALENA w/ HYDROZINCITE etc.- Anchor Mine, Spring Mts., Clark Co., Nevada
This old locality in the Goodsprings Mining District was documented in the early 1930s and is noted in USGS Professional Paper 162 (1931). Galena occurs here as large, crude cubic masses, typically embedded in dolomitic limestone, and often with trace hydrozincite, anglesite and/or possibly other secondary lead minerals. Collected over 50 years ago, these interesting ore samples range from about 4cm to 8cm across, all quite rich, at just 10.00, 20.00 and 35.00 each.

HYDROXYCALCIOROMEITE- Prabornaz Mine, St. Marcel, Aosta, Italy
This recently defined species occus as minute, pale yellow-orange to orange-brown octahedra and crystalline aggregates lightly scattered in matrix, typically with pinkish-red piemontite (TL) and/or black braunite (TL) among other potential species. Formula: (Ca,Sb3+)2(Sb5+,Ti)2O6(OH), part of the pyrochlore subgroup, confirmed as such in 2013, Vol. 2 of MICRO magazine. Only a few specimens on hand, sizes averaging from 2.5cm to 4cm across @ just 45.00 and 65.00 each.

LIVINGSTONITE- Huitzuco, Guerrero, Mexico
Rich metallic masses of greyish, intergrown needles of livingstonite richly scattered in matrix, usually associated with minor stibnite and possibly other species. Fine older material from the type locality for the species, named for Dr. Livingston the explorer, sizes from about 1cm to 3cm @ 20.00, 35.00, 50.00 each.

LOPATKAITE- Barika, Sardasht, W. Azerbaijan, Iran
This obscure locality has produced several new species in the last ten years, most of them exceptionally rare sulfosalts that have been slow to publication in the literature. On-going work via microprobe has discovered several other rarities here, lopatkaite among them, this the second know occurrence of the mineral. We have only one very tiny (<1mm) metallic grains of the species, Pb5Sb3AsS11, provided in a 2.5cm clear telescoping box @ 395.00. List alternates, please!

MILLERITE- Kaser Quarry, nr. Ollie, Keokuk Co., Iowa
A classic U.S. locality for the species, here as elongated hairs of metallic millerite filling large voids in a white to greyish chalcedony matrix. There are two major vugs in this large cabinet specimen, one approximately 5x2.5cm, the other 3x3cm, each completely filled with hairy millerite presented as wispy needles and tufts. Vintage of the piece is likely 1970s or earlier, overall size about 10x8x7 cm @ a modest 450.00 for this large, classic specimen!

MIRABILITE- Lodosa, nr. San Adrian, Navarre, Spain
A rather non-descript, small nodule of white, efflorescent mirabilite about 3mm across, packaged in a cork-stoppered, 2.5cm glass vial. Old Cureton material from a here-to-fore unreported locality, acquired circa 1989 and recently uncovered in the warehouse. Relatively pure specimens at just 15.00 each.

PAAKKONENITE in STIBARSEN- Pribram, Bohemia, Czech Republic
This extremely rare species occurs as submicroscopic bundles of straw-like prismatic crystals in stibarsen. A second occurrence for the mineral, these are from a single specimen mined prior to 1940; the mineral has been confirmed by both X-Ray and microprobe analysis by the late Bart Cannon. Tiny fragments in capsule @ 60.00.

QUARTZ in GEODE- Bu Craa, Laayoune, Sakia el Hamra, Morocco
We have a small barrel full of these neat geodes, all unopened and typically about 5cm to 6cm across in either round or somewhat oblong habits. Our experience has shown thes to contain clear to white quartz crystals, occasionally as druses but more often as pointed small crystals, and the internal rims surrounding the vugs are often fluorescent (yellow to yellow-orange under SW and LW UV respectively. Make great surprise gifts as well as specimens, cheap in this size at only 7.50 each. Sorry, you have to open them yourself, enabling you to legitimately claim you are the first human to see inside!

QUARTZ variety AMETHYST- Piedra Parada, Tatatila, Veracruz, Mexico
An old stash from the defunct stock of Hamel Mining & Minerals, these are pale amethyst crystals in singles and small groups, all nicely terminated with color more at the terminations than along the prisms, some showing various degrees of scepter-like habit. Perhaps the finest Mexican quartz occurrence (incorrectly noted as Las Vigas) due to the clarity and quality of the crystals and delicate color, specimens available as singles or interesting groups from 2cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each. Attractive!

RAJITE- Lone Pine Mine, Catron Co., New Mexico
Pale green resinous massies of this uncommon species sparsely scattered on matrix as fracture fillings in a brecciated, silicified rhyolitic matrix. Type locality material, originally obtained many years ago from R.A. Jenkins, the mineral namee. Small, lean specimsn about 1cm across @ 125.00 each.

RAMACCIONIITE (IMA 2018-082)- San Pedro Mine, La Rioja Prov., Argentina
A portion of the HOLOTYPE specimen, this new and and extremely rare species occurs as very attractive, glassy green micro crystals. Formula: Cu4(SeO4)(OH)6 - monoclinic, IMA 2018-082. This attractive micro is the Se-analog of brochantite, and we have a couple of very tiny crystals from 0.2mm to 0.8mm available @ 300.00 and 495.00. List alternates!

SABUGALITE- Margnac, Haute Vienne, France
Bright yeloow, platy aggregates and rich crusty masses of brightly fluorescent sabugalite on matrix, some overlaying minor autunite as well. Classic locality material, small fragments averaging 0.6cm @ 15.00; lean matrix specimens from 2cm to 4cm @ 60.00, 80.00 and 100.00.

SBORGITE- Furnace Creek Area, Inyo Co., California
A rather rare but ugly borate, occurring here as colorless, somewhat sugary aggregates, most with admixed thenardite and possibly other borates, lightly scattered in and on matrix, some with modest micro potential as well. Old Cureton material, a few carefully packaged small aggregates in a sealed, 3cm glass vial @ 25.00 each.

SMITHSONITE (pink!)- Choix, Sinaloa, Mexico
A flat of this material from the early 1970s recently surfaced in our warehouse, containing just a few of these world-class pink smithsonites! Their botryoidal habit and pleasing color are both striking and attractive, and decent specimens are hard to find today at a reasonable price. Although we have seen some really stupid prices in the high four-figure ranges for this material, we are not that greedy and offer these colorful samples from 6cm to 12cm across at just 75.00, 125.00, 250.00 and 350.00 each. Pretty stuff, collected about 50 years ago!

STRUVITE- Skipton Bat Caves, Victoria, Australia
This phosphate mineral has formed as a product of (ugh!) guano alteration. We have them as matrix (guano)-free sharply formed single crystals that are opaque chalky white and in odd skeletal shapes, likely partially dehydrated. Sizes of the single crystals average about 1cm, individual crystals @ 15.00 and 20.00 each. A few 3cm to 4cm matrix specimens with one or more smaller crystal pods @ 35.00 each, but we prefer the singles!.

TENNANTITE-(Zn)- Cobre Mine, Concepcion del Oro, Zac. Mexico
A fine selection of mid-1970's collected specimens from this famous Zacatecas locality showing excellent tennantite-(Zn) crystals to 1cm or more perched on white beds of drusy quartz crystals, occasionally with minor tetrahedrite as well. The mineral has recently been redefined, and we have confirmed its identity as the new Zn-dominant species in our lab. Attractive stuff, very generous sizes, samples ranging from 4cm to 11cm across, priced at 25.00, 45.00, 75.00, 150.00 and 250.00 for the very best, aesthetic specimens!

THEISITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
This Cu-Zn arsenate-antimonate material was from our research article on the locality (see Mineral News, Vol 28 No. 6 (2012),comprised of a few modest samples of theisite. The mineral occurs as micro, green to bluish green platy aggregates sparsely scattered on late-forming fractures of massive quartz, typically with minor chrysocolla, azurite, cuprian adamite and other interesting species. From only the second documented U.S. occurrence of the mineral, specimens with micro potential range in size from about 2cm to 4cm across @ 25.00. 40.00 and 55.00 each, depending on quality, not size. List alternates!

TIN (NATIVE)- nr. Oban, New South Wales, Australia
One of the more unusual native elements, here available as tiny greyish placer grains just under 1mm packaged in a small capsule, here without matrix, of course, and from the type locality for the species. Lacking in many reference collections, only a few available, ex-Cureton samples, @ 30.00 each.

TOUNKITE- Tultui deposit, Slyudyanka, Siberia, Russia
Thiis uncommon member of the cancrinite group occurs here at the type locality as pale blue, glassy prismatic grains well scattered in a greyish white calcite/diopside matrix. Although the specimens are small, they are fairly rich and the species is obvious, and we have applied arrows nonetheless to pinpoint the mineral. Matrix sizes average about 1.5cm @ just 65.00 each.

TSEPINITE-Sr- Eveslogchorr Mt., Khibiny, Kola, Russia
This relatively rare species, the Sr-dominant member of the labuntsovite group, occurs here as cream colored tiny aggregates. One of the four tsepinite species we have on hand, IMA-approved (#2004-008), this is author's studied material from the type locality, each individually confirmed, available as 1mm pure grains @ 65.00 each.

TYUYAMUNITE w/ METATYUYAMUNITE- Easton B Mine, San Miguel Co., Colorado
Bright yellow glassy crystals and aggregates of micro tyuyamunite are nicely scattered in seams and on tan matrix, some rimmed with more opaque metatyuyamunite as well. Interesting locality material with some micro potential, mildly radioactive, sizes from about 2cm to 5cm @ 15.00, 25.00 and 45.00 each. A few larger, so please inquire.

This relatively uncommon mineral occurs here as soft, bright yellow platy aggregates and stellate masses well-scattered on pale aplite matrix. The mineral is nicely fluorescent and has good coverage, these analytically confirmed (copy supplied) in our laboratory! From the first reported occurrence in Nevada, specimens range from about 2.5cm to 5cm across @ 15.00, 30.00 and 45.00 each. Neat!

VANADINITE var: ENDLICHITE- Toussit Mine, nr. Oujda, Morocco
Pale tan colored hexagonal crystals of arsenatian vanadinite richly covering one surface of rock matrix, these collected in the late 1970s. The crystals ranging in size from a few millimeters up to nearly 1cm on the best specimens, and coverage is uniformly rich on these. Overall matrix sizes range from about 4cm to 10cm across @ just 30.00, 45.00, 60.00, 95.00, 125.00 and one at 200.00 each.

VESZELYITE- Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
Choice, deep greenish blue crystalline aggregates and tabular micro crystals of this uncommon species nicely perched on quartz-rich matrix, occasionally with chrysocolla and/or other secondary minerals. Attractive micros for the species and easily visible without magnification, these are hand-selected from a large, old hoard, overall sizes from 2cm to 6cm @ 15.00, 25.00, 40.00, 55.00 and 75.00 each, depending on size, coverage and quality. A few higher, inquire!

WHEWELLITE on CALCITE- Elk Creek, Meade Co., South Dakota
Extraordinarily large crystals and complex, reticulated aggregates of whewellite perched on brownish, botryoidal calcite matrix, occasionally with yellow calcite points and druses as well! We recently acquired a significant lot of about a dozen high-quality samples from a private mining venture, and these are clearly the best and largest we have ever seen! The mineral ranges from elongated and flattened, crudely etched and reticulated beige to white aggregates that extend from 4cm(!!!) and up, to large, blocky plates of sharper single crystals with minor yellow transparency! Quite incredible for the species, these were recently featured in a short Mineral News article (August, 2017), and a couple are pictured in Mindat as well. Certainly the "Best of Species", specimens range in size from about 6cm to a monster 18cm sample, priced according to whewellite quality, at 300.00, 500.00, 750.00, 1000.00, and 2000.00. These are brilliantly fluorescent at all wavelengths and phosphorescent with some color zoning, too! Second to none, we believe!

WILLEMITE- Puttapa Zinc Mine, Leigh Creek So., Australia
Greyish white splintery aggregates and radiating sprays of willemite richly scattered and free-standing from matrix, most with a dull, pale brown oxide coating. Interesting for the species, matrix sizes from 3.5cm to 6cm @ 30.00 to 50.00 each.

WINSTANLEYITE- Grand Central Mine, Tombstone, Arizona
Minute, pale yellow to tan micro crystalline interstitial aggregates and extremely small cubes and druses of winstanleyite very sparsely scattered in seams and vugs, occasionally with green rodalquilarite and ubiquitous crystallized brownish orange jarosite that has replaced pyrite. Named for Betty Jo Winstanley, wife of the author! Type locality material originally supplied by Dr. Sidney Williams who described the species, other Te-minerals may be found here! Sizes range from about 2cm to 5cm @ 45.00, 65.00, 100.00 and 150.00 each depending on quality and size.

WOODHOUSEITE- Champion Mine, Mono County, California
Probably one of the world's best (and one of the few!) locations for this calcium-aluminum member of the beudantite group. We have a supply of finely developed pseudocubic woodhouseite crystals scattered on seams in quartz. The pale tan colored crystals range from 1mm to 3mm across, with matrix specimens from 2.5cm to 6cm priced at 20.00, 30.00, 45.00,and 65.00 each, all with good woodhouseite microcrystals!

YODERITE in TALC- Mautia Hill, Kongwa, Dodoma Region, Tanganyika
Dark bluish black prismatic aggregates of yoderite richly scattered in a pinkish, schistose matrix with minor admixed talc and quartz. When first described, the locality was considered lying within the Central Province of Tanganika, now Tanzania. A moderately rare species, with a copy of an H. Yoder-signed label, sizes range from 1.5cm to 5cm across @ 20.00, 45.00, 60.00 and 85.00 each. Type locality, of course!

YVONITE on BISMUTH- Salsigne Gold Mine, Aude, France
This relatively rare mineral occurs as turquoise-blue masses scattered over brilliant, silvery metallic specular bismuth matrix. Formula: Cu(AsO3)(OH).2H2O; type locality material, only a few specimens on hand, sizes from roughly 1.5cm to 3.5cm @ 30.00, 50.00 and 75.00 each.

ZADOVITE (IMA #2013-031)- nr. Arad, Negev Desert, Israel
This NEW SPECIES, a co-type sample from the paralava of the Hatrium formation at the Gurim anticline, occurs as colorless, submicroscopic grains sparsely scattered in melilite/wollastonite matrix, occasionally with minor rankite, schorlomite garnet and possibly other phases. Formula: BaCa6[SiO4)(PO40](PO4)2F, trigonal, IMA #2013-031. Elegantly prepared and thoroughly identified in a 1 cm ore section in a 1.5x1.5cm probe mount, accompanied by a color image plus backscattered SEM images at various magnifications that show the labelled phase boundaries, plus full analytical chemistry of the zadovite in a single specimen at 300.00. List alternates!


From the definitive series of the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, all in separate publications by county, most in large format, and shipping is extra:

Geology & Mineral Resources of Lincoln Co., Nevada - spiral bound,Bulletin 73, 187 pages text only @ 22.00

Stashed away for nearly 40 years, we have several, like-new copies of the classic MR Gold issue, each protected in a soft plastic folder. The issue pictures and describes superb gold specimens from Harvard, from great European localities, pieces from the F. John Barlow Colelction, Califronia golds, gold mining menorabilia and more! You canfind the issue for sale from MR @ $50, and from others at prices up to $85 or more, but you can't beat our offer: just 25.00 with any mineral purchase! Get this one from us while you can!

While our supply lasts, we can offer all seven (7) of the much-sought-after MR Arizona issues, beginning with the first one in 1980 through the most recent in 2020! Most of these issues are long out of print, and they are the acknowledged "must haves" for Arizona collectors, wulfenite enthusiasts and aesthetic collectors! Classic localities like Bisbee, the 79 Mine, and a host of others are gloriously detailed in full color, and if purchased separately (assuming you could find them!), they would cost nearly $250 at today's prices. We offer a set of all seven in new, original and unused editions @ just 175.00 plus 15.00 Priority Mail shipping in the U.S.; foreign orders, please inquire for shipping rates. Excellent Collection!

MINERALOGY OF ARIZONA- by Anthony, Bideaux, Williams et al Third Edition
Over 500 pages of text fills this Third Edition of likely the best hard-copy treatment of mineral occurrences in Arizona. Authored by the some of the best mineralogists, the book offers detailed listings of Arizona mineral species arranged alphabetically, with all their reported their localities, with 60 color plates of the very finest specimens included. In addition to a brief history of Arizona mining, the book also includes about 40 pages of geology and mineral deposit formation details for many notable Arizona occurrences. The last of our stock, all size is a hefty 10x7 inches perfect bound just 30.00 each, softcover,

Minerals and Synonyms- by T. Egleston (1892)
This is a complete, unabridged reprint of Egleston's classic work of the 1892 edition of "A Catalogue of Minerals and Synonyms". The original 379 page work has been faithfully reproduced in a large format (28cm x 21cm) softcover volume, quite usefully employed for looking up old and obscure mineral names used in the 19th century mineralogical literature. While our supply lasts: only $15.00 per copy!


With superior color saturation than most South American material, cut African amethyst from Namibia has a deep, rich purple color with excellent transparency as well. We have a few small lots of faceted stones, each lot containing three stones in three different shapes (oval, octagon and trillion), with total weight averaging about 4.5 carats per lot, offered at the inexpensive price of just 30.00 per lot! Multiple lots (max three per customer) are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss these neat gemmy collections!

FLUORITE- Peoples Republic of China
We stumbled upon a modest lot of nicely faceted fluorite some time ago, these mostly yellowish with occasional green and/or purple thin bands, most showing a very pleasing translucency, and all in rather large stones faceted in various emerald cuts and free-forms, ranging in weight from about 15 carats (1.5cm) to roughly 65 carats (3cm+!!), offered at very reasonable prices of 15.00, 25.00 and 40.00 each. we can also offer a 200 carat assortment of different shapes and colors for just 100.00!