Rare Species    

We currently stock over 3100 different, IMA-approved mineral species, likely the largest and most diverse commercially available inventory in the world! We and our predecessor companies have been the suppliers of reliably identified rare minerals since 1950, serving researchers, museums and private collectors worldwide. The following files are an abbreviated "names and localities only" list of specimens that have been fully described in our recent catalogs. Many others are available but have yet to be listed in a catalog. In most cases, one or more specimens of each of the listed items is still on hand. Please email us for a full description and price if something is of interest. Note that this is only a partial list of the more than 200,000 mineral specimens in our inventory; if you don't see what you're looking for, please inquire! We probably have it or can tell you where to get it!

We've divided this alphabetical "names and localities only" list into five browseable sections:  Minerals A-C, Minerals D-J, Minerals K-N, Minerals O-R and Minerals S-Z. These are long files, so be prepared! Full descriptions, like those found in our Current Catalog or Recent Catalogs files are also available for any of these listed items upon request by special quote. We do not publish a complete descriptive catalog as it would run several hundred pages! Call, write, or fax your specific want list, and we'll send an immediate quote with full descriptions. Click on the alphabetical section of your choice to browse a sampling of our inventory. Remember: if you don't see what you want, please inquire!

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