Ephemera- with all of our varied interests, we sometimes accumulate mineral-related items that we just don't what to call other than "ephemera" - oddities that are in short supply with little hope of restocking in our inventory. Once they are sold, they are gone! But we liked them in the first place, so we'll just call them:.................................

Other stuff you can't do without!


Mineral and Mining Postcards

We have a batch of mineral and mining-related postcards from a large accumulation recently obtained! Some are mint, a few used with stamps attached, occasionally gemstones or fossils, most from U.S. locations and attractions. Vintage on these runs the gamut of 1930's to current, most printed in the last forty-five years. We've seen these offered elsewhere at up to $5.00 a card, but we offer a lot of 25 different, for just $25.00 postpaid in the U.S.A.!


Mineral & Mining Stamps


We have a small batch of mineral and mining stamps from many foreign countires, these excluding any U.S. issues. We offer a neat collection of 35 stamps as picttured here, with only modest duplication, at just $11.00 per collection, postpaid in USA.
Subject to availability!
Foreign shippoing: add $1.50, please.

Space Stamps

We are breaking up a hugh collection of topical space subjects on stamps, and offer two different selections:
1)- A collection of over twenty (20) souvenir sheets issued by various countries to commemorate space achievements, brilliantly colorful issues, catalog value over $115.00, just $45.00 per lot!
2)- A huge lot of over 200 specially selected stamps, plus an additional lot of nearly 50 souvenir sheets issued by various countries, again all commemorating some space achievement. Colorful material, catalog value over $485.00, just $189.00 for the lot, plus shipping!

Dinosaur Stamps

We don't have any dinosaurs in the inventory (present company excluded), but we do have a small collection of Russian postage stamps issued over a decade ago that picture five different dinosaurs. A complete set is just $2.00 (yes, you'll have to order something else to meet our $25- minimum), or we can also supply sets in blocks of four @ $7.50, or sets in full sheets of 28 @ $45.00 plus shipping!
Also: 100 0different Prehistoric Animals stamps@ just $12.00 per lot of 100.

Excalibur Railroad Cars

No, they're not real ore cars, but rather completed versions of our own 1:87 scale kits that come unassembled and are unpainted, but do include a set of our custom-made Excalibur Mineral Co. decals. Have fun with these simple kits, nice examples of our full line of operating HO engines and associated equipment shown on our Mining Models page elsewhere on this website. Kit prices start at under $10.00!

Foreign Banknotes

We could say our foreign travel days are slowly ending, and its time to get rid of all the obsolete currencies that have piled up over the years. Or, we could say its time to sell off all the wallpaper money from third world places we don't expect to visit anytime soon. Whatever the story, here's the deal: we'll provide twenty (20) different banknotes from an assortment of foreign countries, most nicely engraved, some crisp, some heavily used, but the lot price: just $12.50 per lot of 20 with any mineral order! Better yet: try ten (10) identical lots (that's 200 banknotes!) for just $95.00. We have seen some of the individual notes retailing for up to $5.00 each! You can always use them for bookmarkers, wallpaper, sell them on ebay, or frame them and give as freaky gifts - your choice… 20 for just $12.50; 200 for $95.00, WOW!