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For more than forty (40) years, Excalibur Mineral Corp. has been providing private collectors, researchers, major universities and museums throughout the world with reliably identified, rare and unusual mineral samples for science and display. In a major expansion move twenty years ago, Excalibur's president, Tony Nikischer, purchased the assets of the Cureton Mineral Corporation in 1993. The Cureton firm had been a world leader in supplying rare mineral species since 1950, and the combined inventories of these two former competitors now exceeds 200,000 mineral samples, comprising over 3300 different mineral species.
Since the merger, Excalibur has also opened its own in-house analytical laboratory equipped with a Scanning Electron Microscope and state-of-the-art EDAX detectors utilized for Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy in mineral, gem, and industrial solids identification. These services are now available economically for private collectors, dealers and institutions as well; see our Analytical Services page for further information.
We are also pleased to announce that the mineral "nikischerite" was approved by the International Mineralogical Association in recognition of Tony's discoveries of new mineral species and his on-going work with the scientific community. An article describing the mineral has been published in Mineralogical Record (2003, #2, pgs 155-159) . Tony was elected a director of the Friends of Mineralogy, serves as Chairman of the Board of The Hudson Institute of Mineralogy dba Mindat.org, an IRD-approved not-for-profit organization devoted to research, preservation and education, and he is also the publisher of Mineral News, a monthly periodical devoted to mineral collecting.

Excalibur issues a descriptive mineral catalog monthly, generally detailing some forty to fifty species. Special sales and other features are often included. You may review this month's Current List on the net, as well as a handful of earlier catalogs that are noted under Recent Lists. If you'd like to receive our monthly catalog by mail, please contact us in order to be added to the physical mailing list for either minerals (monthly) or meteorites (semiannually). To receive these lists each month via email, please send us your complete street address for our records as well as your email address. Note that non-purchasers are dropped from our mailing lists quickly, however, so an occasional order must be placed to ensure continuous receipt of the catalogs.

We have slowly begun compiling an all-inclusive database of our 200,000 specimens, and the most recent compilations can be found on our many Rare Species pages that are arranged alphabetically. Please note that these pages are not all inclusive as we are probably many years away from listing every specimen. If you are looking for something not yet entered into the database, please call, write or fax us for a specific quote. We probably have it!

Equipment for collectors, including microscopes, a broad selection of Raytech gear, plus a selection of special mineralogical reference books, our quirky Mining Models and railroad cars, a good assortment of Meteorites and various mineral Collections for sale can be perused elsewhere on our web site. Just select them from our table of contents.

In 2013, the company relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia, and the new showroon is open to the public from Tuesday-Saturday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Special appointments at our warehouse can also be made in advance. Our warehouse and laboratory facilities are not open to the general public without prior arrangement!

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