Mining Models
Mining Models - an interesting selection of mine building replicas from various manufacturers, all in 1:87 scale unless specified otherwise. Most are extensively detailed and require a good deal of patience to complete construction, but the end results are marvelous! Shipping is extra on all items, so please refer to our Ordering Instructions page for more details.

MINE BUILDING MODEL- Martinsburg No. 1 Mine - Martinsburg, Missouri 
For those of you with too much time on your hands, we offer a nicely detailed model kit of a small mine complex just east of Mexico, Missouri. Comprised of laser-cut wood sheets and metal and plastic parts, this craftsman-grade model will provide many challenging hours of construction. These are accurate, 1/87 scale parts of the hoist house, ore chutes for both rail and truck loading, changing room, loading house and tailings trestle. Designed for HO scale model railroaders, this kit is both difficult and wonderfully accurate! Our price:  SORRY - OUT OF STOCK!

MINE BUILDING MODEL- Cash Mine Works - Park City, Utah 

An exquisite, craftsman kit based on the Silver King Ore House
constructed in the early 1900's that subsequently burned down on
July 20,1982. The Silver King Coalition Mining Company's ore
tipple is reproduced here, a major shipper of lead, zinc and
silver ore. This is a laser-cut wood kit with over 230 parts,
accompanied by a ten page instructional diagram package. A
marvelous 1:87 scale reproduction kit, and the finished model
will measure about 7" x 8.5" x 10.5" tall @ 139.95!


MINE BUILDING MODEL- East Terrible Mill & Mining Co., California 
An excellent HO Grandt-Line kit in styrene, the package models a 10-Stamp Mill rock crushing operation, complete with two additional auxillary buildings, an ore car and a lean-to. About 50 pieces with good assembly instructions for just $32.95.

MINE BUILDING MODEL - Silverton Ore Chute, Colorado
The latest "Gold Belt Series" styrene kit from Grandt Line, a faithful reproduction of the Silverton Ore Chute in 1:87 scale as it stood in 1956. A fairly easy kit to assemble and paint, the model includes the ore chute building structure, ore pile cribbing, etc. Excellent instructions, only $26.95 per kit.

MINE BUILDING MODEL- Red Mountain Mine, Colorado
A wonderfully detailed wood, cardstock and metal kit, a precise replica of the National Belle Mine which once stood on Red Mountain in Colorado. Like other kits in our series, this one requires patience to constuct an interconnected, board-by-board shaft house, hoist house, shipping room, office, mine dump cribbing, trestle and ore car trackage. Includes detailed instructions, templates etc.. A true craftsman project, priced at $83.95 plus shipping. SORRY - OUT OF STOCK!

MINE BUILDING MODEL - Wentamuck Mine, Sierra Nevada Mts., California 
A whimsical adaptation kit of many smaller two and three-man mining operations in the region, depicting the typical head frame, sheave and ore bucket, hoist house, coal bin and assorted material including ore car, cribbing etc.. A fine Grandt Line styrene kit that measures about a 9"x5" footprint when completed @ just $32.95 each.

This is one of the more complex models of an old-time coaling dock facility, with about 200 wood parts for board by board construction! A classy project with exellent instructions, templates and all needed lumber at just $84.95 each. SORRY - OUT OF STOCK!

A modest craftsman type kit of delicate wood parts for a typical small headframe, ore hopper and accompanying hoist house! Patience, patience, patience needed, but a superb model will be your reward. This fine kit is just $49.00

The king of our 1:87 wood models, this is the really challenging one! Once located in Los Angeles, this talc processing facility has marvelous roof lines, annex buildings and a couple hundred wood parts! Complete instructions and one of the most attractive projects available in a craftsman kit @ just $99.95.


This interesting ore bin model is one of three that stood along
the Rio Grande Southern right of way, used to deliver the
carnotite derivative "yellow cake" to the reduction mill at
Vanadium, NM. A challenging wood kit with over 215 parts, this
will take many hours to carefully assemble, but it is complete
with step by step instructions, templates and bags and bags of
wood and styrene parts. A tough one, but a superb model in 1:87
scale at $51.95 plus shipping.

This ten stamp mill typifies the crushing and milling process structure commonly used to convert ore to powder! An interesting mining complex, here with about 70+wood parts in a complex craftsman kit @ $64.95.

Excalibur Mineral Corporation Railroad Cars
For railroad or modeling enthusiasts, we also have a custom line of our own railroad cars and operating locomotives, all in HO (1:87) scale. These are unassembled, undecorated kits manufactured by Athearn and Roundhouse that include our custom decals, and assembly is relatively simple, with painting and other detailing at your discretion.

The full line now includes: 
Locomotive GP7 - $39.95
Locomotive SW1500- $44.95
Locomotive GP60 - $49.95

All locomotives are fully operational and include working headlights as well. If you need track, transformers etc.., we can supply these as well. Please Inquire!

40' box cars, ore cars, hoppers, flat cars, tank cars and a wide vision caboose, all at only $8.50 each with any locomotive order; $9.75 when ordered without a locomotive.

For the truly insane, we can supply 1:87 scale plans for construction of the Basin and Bay State Mine (circa 1899), about 32 miles north of Butte, Montana. The plans include floor, foundation, and roof plans, exterior elevations, templates, ore skips, structural member plans etc. for both the hoist house as well as the head frame itself, all for just $25.00 postpaid. Includes three giant blue print sheets and about thirty pages of detail! You supply labor and materials (or just frame the plans and forget it!) What a deal! SORRY - SOLD OUT!