COLLECTIONS- The most economical way to establish and build a comprehensive reference collection of mineral specimens! All our lots are priced well below retail of individual pieces in order to provide a solid incentive to begin or expand your mineral collection. Choose your specialty or area of interest, and see our Ordering Instructions for shipping and payment information.


An assortment of both common and unusual species, all from the state of Arizona! We offer two different sized collections, with all specimens ranging from about 3cm to 6cm each, averaging in the 4-5cm range. Like our California, Nevada and Utah Collections, these represent substantial savings from normal retail, and we can supply the "Phoenix" Collection of 20 different @ 125.00, and the "Tucson" Collection of 40 different @ only 225.00! Get 'em now and save!

AUSTRALIAN TN COLLECTION- Various Localities in Australia

From a recently acquired large lot, we are offering an excellent value of ten different Australian minerals, all in thumbnail sizes (2cm to 3cm). All specimens will be individually labelled with complete locality data, of course, and these collections will include both common and unusual minerals, even some with micro potential! While our supply lasts: 10 different Australian TN's @ only 49.00 per lot!

BLACK PINE MINE COLLECTIONS - nr. Philipsburg, Granite Co., MONTANA!

From a huge old hoard, we offer three interesting and colorful collections from this prolific mine:

The Basic Collection: 8 different specimens showing good micros of at least eight different species, most being arsenates, phosphates etc., all on matrix, individually labelled and quite attractive, sizes average 2.5cm to 3.5cm @ 75.00;

The Advanced Collection: 12 different specimens showing good coverage and superior micro potential as well for a minimum of 14 different species, all individually labelled, sizes in the 2.5cm to 3.5cm range @ just 120.00 per collection! SOLD OUT - SORRY!

The Comprehensive Collection: 25 different specimens, showing at least 32 different species (!!), all quite attractive and some very rare at the locality, all individually labelled. These will include every Black Pine species the Basic collection, plus the Standard collection, plus others, sizes from 2.5cm to 5cm @ 350.00 - SOLD OUT - SORRY!

CALCITE COLLECTION- Various Localities Worldwide

From our extensive stocks, we are offering a collection of ten (10) well crystallized calcites from various localities, most from one of kind lots, odd localities and old collections too numerous to individually describe. Sizes will vary from no less than 4cm up to 8cm, all will be different and most will be reasonably attractive, and valued at 150.00 or more per lot. Our special offer: each lot of 10 @ ONLY 75.00, a substantial savings! If you collect calcites, this lot is for you! Satisfaction guaranteed, but no highgrading, please!

CALIFORNIA MINERAL COLLECTIONS- Various Localities in California

Three separate collections of unusual species from this prolific state, the same super-sized collections offered in our Rocks & Minerals ads! Specimen sizes will range from 3cm to 7cm across and will contain both common and rare species, many unique to California. All specimens are individually labelled and generally are aesthetically challenged: The Claifornia Sampler of 20 different species @ 129.00; The California Acquisition of 50 different species @ 249.00; The California Inheritance of 85 different species @ 399.00! Great variety and excellent reference collections with many rarities!

CASSITERITE COLLECTION- Tasmania and Australia

From odd lots and one-of-a-kind specimens of cassiterite from different worldwide localities. Matrix sizes range from about 2cm to 4cm, and singles will be in the 1.5cm range as well. We'll offer a collection of SIX DIFFERENT cassiterites from six different localities @ only 60.00 per collection! A great savings and rare opportunity to establish a specialized collection, limit one per customer, please!

CENTENNIAL EUREKA COLLECTION- Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah

Over the past five years, we've offered dozens of interesting species from this prolific locality. We've now grouped ten different specimens, all with excellent micro potential, and containing at least a dozen different species, in these collections! Specimen sizes will range from about 2cm to 3cm, each individually labelled as to species present, and all with fine micro's for a low collection price of just 59.00! Limit one collection per order!


Various Localities Czech/Slovak We recently purchased a major reference collection of a former Czech Geological Survey scientist, comprised of hundreds of unusual field collected minerals from a wide variety of localities in the Czech and Slovak Republics. With too many to individually describe, we offer a selection of eight (8) different specimens, all in hand sizes ranging from 5cm to 10cm across, for only 79.00 per lot. These will contain unusual as well as common species, some crystalized as micro's or larger, some massives etc.. A great selection, old and unusual localities, and all specimens are individually labelled by hand. Each lot is conservatively valued at 150.00 or more, all for just 79.00 per collection! Limit one lot per customer, please!


A valuable lot of twelve (12) different natural diamonds! These include several different colors, a variety of habits, and all from twelve different localities! Total weight in each lot will average about 2 carats, and crystal sizes will range from about 2mm to 5mm. Every specimen is individually labelled with precise locality info, and these neat collections are priced exceptionally low at only 99.00 per lot! SORRY - ALL SOLD OUT!

FLUORESCENT MINERAL LOTS - I- Various Localities Worldwide

A good refence set of ten different fluorescent minerals, including several from New Jersey as well as other areas. Most will be SW-responsive, and sizes will run from 5cm to 10cm across. All individually labelled, and these will make an excellent foundation for beginning a comprehensive fluorescent collection. Ten different @ only 59.00.

FLUORESCENT MINERAL LOTS - NJ- Franklin/Sterling, Sussex Co., New Jersey

From a large lot of old material, we are offering poundage mine-run fluorescent specimens from this prolific area. Brilliant willemite (FL green) calcite (FL red), hardystonite (FL blue), black franklinite and possibly others present in each 10 pound (4.5 kilo) lot. Excellent, old material! Each lot is only 45.00, excluding shipping (East coast:+17.000; West coast:+21.00). Overseas orders, please specify air or sea mail; shipping billed at cost. Larger lots available. Inquire!

FOSSIL COLLECTION- Various Localities, Worldwide

A selection of ten different fossil specimens, raning in size from 3 to 8 cm, all individually labelled. Each assortment is assembled from several recently purchased collections, and most specimens are well defined and reasonably large. No paleontologists here, so maybe you'll find some sleepers! Ten different for 45.00 per lot.SOLD OUT - SORRY!


An excellent set of nine specimens used for determination of mineral hardness according to the Moh's scale. Each package includes a descriptive "how-to" instruction package as well as nine specimens. Fine for the beginner or intermediate collector. The set: only $20.00 plus shipping.

MICA COLLECTION - Various localities Worldwide

We recently purchased over 1000 old reference specimens from a midwestern mining college, and we need to make a dent in this material! From material collected as early as the 1860's, we offer a collection of twenty (20) different mica specimens, all individually labeled (and with the old labels, of course), covering many obscure U.S. and foreign localities. With the redefinition of the mica group complete, there are certainly many strange species here that were unknown when these were purchased, labelled and stored many years ago! An excellent study collection, generous specimen sizes from 4cm to7cm @ only 125.00 per collection. Multiple lots available!

MICROMOUNT COLLECTIONS- Various Localities Worldwide

From our extensive warehouse and assortment of old collections, we offer twenty-five different specimens suitable for micromounting at only $55.00 per selection! All are individually labelled and will include both common and unusual species from worldwide localities. Hours of enjoyment and study in each selection, most pieces in the small TN to TN size range, all unmounted. Order your lot of 20 for just $65.00 now!

MINIATURE COLLECTION- Various Localities Worldwide

From our stock of over 200,000 specimens, we offer a collection of twelve (12) different miniatures, nothing under 3 cm., and up to 6 cm., at only 65.00 per lot of 12! These are from recently acquired collections, old inventory, items in quantities too few to list, etc. Includes both common as well as unusual species, and these are great starter collections. All individually labeled; satisfaction guaranteed! Order a MINIATURE COLLECTION of 12 for just 65.00!

NEVADA MINERAL COLLECTION- Various Localities in Nevada

A nice lot of twenty-five (25) different species including many unusual items and odd-locality pieces, all from Nevada! Some are aesthetically challenged but generously sized from 3cm to 5cm across. Individually labelled, these lots are easily worth twice the price of 25 different for only 125.00! Or in larger specimens, 4cm to 8cm @ 250.00!


A super lot of twenty-four (24) different specimens that include the major metallic ore minerals of Ag, Zn, Ti, Fe, Pb, Co, Cr, As, Mo, Ni etc., as well as the non-metallic ores and reference samples of the more exotic elements such as Sr. Specimens range from 4cm to 7cm, each individually labnelled with mineral name and complete locality information. Great reference collections at only 129.00 per lot!

QUARTZ COLLECTION- Various Localities Worldwide

We are offering lots of ten (10) different quartz specimens from old collections, odd lots, and specimens too numerous to catalog and describe individually. We'll include a range of varities, colors and/or associations, nothing under 3cm, and up to 7+cm sizes, valued at over 100.00, our special price for each lot is just 50.00, a substantial savings! If you're a quartz collector, try a collection! All individually labelled, of course!


From an old stock recently uncovered in our warehouse, we offer a selection of six different specimens, all in the 3cm to 6cm size range, containing a number of different phosphate minerals and their associated species, a couple with good micro potential as well! Individually labelled, many from the Tip Top Mine and other prospects, both common and unusual species, but all at a great price of only 45.00 per lot of six! Generous sizes, order your Phosphate Collection today!


Two different sets available, each with specimens carefully selected for homogeneity to produce reliably accurate results. The BASIC SET contains twelve (12) specimens, with SG ranges of 2.31 to 7.77, priced @ $39.95 plus shipping. The MASTER SET contains twenty-four (24) specimens, with SG ranges of 2.23 to 8.93, priced @ $69.95 plus shipping. Each includes our exclusive write-up and instruction package, and all specimens are individually wrapped and labeled as well!

THUMBNAIL COLLECTION I- Various Localities Worldwide

With many thousands upon thousands of odd lot thumbnails on hand, and additional collections being purchased frequently, we're once again making a special offer of 20 different for just $75.00. These will include mounted as well as unmounted specimens, worldwide localities, uncommon and everyday species, some micro potential pieces, etc. many from old collections. If you like surprises, you'll enjoy these collections and certainly get good value for the price! Just $75.00 per lot of 20!


A specially selected lot of better quality thumbnails from several major dealer holdings purchased this year! These are all mounted in standard TN boxes, individually labelled, and most are moderately attractive samples at a special offer of 28 different for just $175.00. These are mounted, good-looking specimens, worldwide localities, uncommon and everyday species, and all of better grade than the previous assortments, retail value over $350!. If you like great bargains and surprises, you'll enjoy these collections and certainly get good value for the price! Just $175.00 per lot of 28!


We've accumulated a large number of individually identified specimens from several prolific mines in Utah, most in the 2cm-3cm size range and virtually all with excellent micro potential. In order to move many of these one-of-a-kind and small quantity specimens, we offer a collection of twenty (20) different pieces our choice for just 99.00! Excellent value, many SEM identified, most are copper minerals with good micro potential!

WESTERN U.S. COLLECTION- Various Localities in the Western United States

A super reference collection of one hundred and seventy (170) mineral samples. These include everything from our largest Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah Collections, and will contain excellent micro material, one-locality species, many rarities (we estimate over 125 different species!!!), aesthetically challenged (ie: ugly) odd-locality pieces etc.. Sizes will average in the 4cm range, running from 2cm to 7cm. Special price: only 750.00 per collection, worth more than twice that amount at regular retail! Limit one per customer, please.

ZEOLITE COLLECTIONS- Various localities in India

An attractive asasortment of ten (10) specimens from various mining areas in India! Each lot will have some species duplication, but all will have good looking material with a variety of associations and localities. All individually labelled, and priced well below half retail! Choose you collection by average size: 4cm @ 45.00; 7cm @ 75.00; 12cm @ 175.00; Shipping by surface mail; foreign orders billed at cost; larger, bulk lots are available; inquire!

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