Rare Species A-C    

The following is an abbreviated "names and localities" list of specimens that have been described in our recent catalogs. In all cases, one or more specimens of each of the listed items was on hand as of early 2008. Note that this is only a partial list of the more than 200,000 mineral specimens in our inventory; if you don't see what you're looking for, please inquire! We probably have it or can tell you where to get it! We've divided this alphabetical list into five browseable sections: Minerals A-C, Minerals D-J, Minerals K-N, Minerals O-R and Minerals S-Z. These are long files, so be prepared! Full descriptions, like those found in our Current Catalog or Recent Catalogs files are also available upon request. Call, write, or fax your specific want list, and we'll send an immediate quote. See our Ordering Instructions page, or return to our Home Page Index for a complete list of other products and services.


ABERNATHYITE on HEINRICHITE Rivieral Deposit, Lodeve, Herault, France
ABRAMOVITE Kudriaviy Volcano, Iturup Island, Russia
ACANTHITE (Primary!) Grube Wenzel, Oberwolfach, Germany
ACANTHITE (ps @ ARGENTITE) Rayas Mine, Guanajuato, Mexico
ACANTHITE pseudo @ ARGENTITE San Juan de Rayas Mine, Guanajuato, Mexico
ACANTHITE pseudo @ STEPHANITE San Juan de Rayas Mine, Guanajuato, Mexico
ACANTHITE pseudo @ STEPHANITE Guanajuato, Mexico
ACTINOLITE Chester, Windsor Co., Vermont
ACTINOLITE in EPIDOTE Glenlednock, Taysdale Region, Scotland
ACTINOLITE in QUARTZ Alchuri, Shigar Valley, nr. Skardu, Pakistan
ACTINOLITE var. BYSSOLITE French Creek, Chester County, Pennsylvania
ADAMITE (CUPRIAN) Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
ADAMITE (CUPRIAN) Weepah Mine, Esmeralda Co., Nevada
ADAMSITE-(Y) Mont Ste-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
ADAMSITE-(Y) on SHOMIOKITE-(Y) Shomiokitovoye Peg, Umbozero, Kola, Russia
ADELITE Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
ADELITE Jacobsberg, Varmland, Sweden
ADULARIA w/ PUMPELLYITE Protrero Chico, Monterrey, Mexico
AEGIRINE Mt. Malosa, Zomba, Malawi
AENIGMATITE Mt. Eveslogchorr, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
AENIGMATITE Vesteroya, Sandefjord, Norway
AESCHYNITE-(Y) Slobrekka, Parish Iveland, Setesdal Norway
AESCHYNITE-(Y): (LYNDOCHITE) Lyndoch Peg., Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
AFGHANITE Casa Colina Q., Pitigliano, Tuscany Italy
AFWILLITE Crestmore Quarry, Riverside Co., California
AGARDITE-(La) Lauriun, Attica Peninsula, Greece
AGARDITE-(La) Red Cloud Mine, Lincoln Co., New Mexico
AGARDITE-(Y) Bou Scour Mine, Djebel Sarhro, Morocco
AGATE pseudomorph @ CORAL Ballast Point Beds, Tampa Bay, Florida
AGRELLITE Kipawa Complex, Villedieu, Quebec, Canada
AGUILARITE w/ AURIAN SILVER Ken Snyder Mine, Elko Co., Nevada
AHEYLITE Bali Lo, Asburton Downs, W.A., Australia
AHEYLITE Huanuni Mine, Oruro Dept., Bolivia
AHLFELDITE (COBALTIAN) El Dragon Mine, Quijarro, Potosi, Bolivia
AIKINITE Cucomongo Springs, Esmeralda Co., Nevada
AJOITE New Cornelia Mine, Ajo, Pima Co., Arizona
AKAGANEITE nr. Wells, Elko Co., Nevada
AKAGANEITE Kaskasnyunachorr, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
AKERMANITE Lago de Vico, Viterbo, Lazio, Italy
AKHTENSKITE Akhtenskii Deposit, Ural, Russia
AKSAITE Aksai, Chelkar, Kazakhstan
ALABANDITE Onovas, Sonora, Mexico
ALABANDITE Preciosa Sangue de Cristo M, Puebla Mexico
ALBITE Forsky Vich, Sobotin, Czech Rep
ALBITE Unspecified locality in Switzerland
ALBITE var: CLEVELANDITE Morefield Mine, Amelia, Virginia
ALBITE variety PERISTERITE nr. Madoc, Ontario, Canada
ALBITE variety SUNSTONE Scrub Oaks Mi, nr Dover, Morris Co. New Jersey
ALBITE with MUSCOVITE Bobruvka, nr. Velke, Mezirici, Czech Rep
ALDERMANITE Toms Quarry, Kapunda, S.A., Australia
ALGODONITE Mohawk Mine, Keeweenaw Co., Michigan
ALGODONITE var. WHITNEYITE Algoma Mine, Houghton Co., Michigan
ALLABOGDANITE Bol'shoy Dolguchan River, Yakutia, Russia
ALLANITE-(Ce) nr. Reno, Washoe County, Nevada
ALLANITE-(Ce) Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
ALLANITE-(Ce) Cerite Q., Nya Bastnas Field, Sweden
ALLANITE-(La) Mochalin Log Valley, Potaniny Mts, Russia
ALLANITE-(Y) w/ ALLANITE-(Ce) Ytterby, Sweden
ALLEGHANYITE Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey
ALLEMONTITE with PROUSTITE Trebsko, Bohemia, Czech Rep
ALLOPHANE Santa Creu d'Olorde, Barcelona, Spain
ALLORIITE Monte Cavallucio, Campagnano, Lazio Italy
ALLUAUDITE Pleasant Valley Mine, Custer Co., South Dakota
ALMANDINE Tirol, Austria
ALMANDINE Barton Mine, Gore Mt., New York
ALMANDINE Emerald Creek, Benewah Co., Idaho
ALMANDINE (MANGANOAN) Groves Quarry, Auburn, Maine
ALMANDINE GARNET Kruglaja Hill, Kola Peninsula, Russia
ALMANDINE-SPESSARTINE Garnet Hill, nr Ely, White Pine Co. Nevada
ALSAKHAROVITE-Zn Lepkhe-Nelm Mt., Lovozero, Kola, Russia
ALSTONITE Fallowfield Mine, Hexham, England
ALTAITE Hilltop Mine, Dona Ana Co., New Mexico
ALTHAUSITE Modum, Buskerud, Norway
ALTMARKITE Salzwedel, Altmark, Germany
ALUMINITE Newhaven, Sussex, England
ALUMINOCOPIAPITE Champion Mine, Mono Co., California
ALUMOHYDROCALCITE (Chromian) Mt. Hamilton, Santa Clara Co., California
ALUMOPHARMACOSIDERITE Gold Hill Mine, Tooele Co., Utah
ALUMOTUNGSTITE, WOLFRAMITE etc Hemerdon Mine, Sparkwell, Plympton, England
ALUNITE La Tolfa Mine, Latium Region, Italy
ALUNITE Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
AMALGAM Huaraucaca, Peru
AMARANTITE Chiquicamata, Chile
AMARANTITE w/ HOHMANNITE Chuquicamata, Chile
AMARANTITE with CHALCANTHITE Quetena Mine, Calama, Antofagasto, Chile
AMBER variety SUCCINITE Palmnicken, Baltic Coast, "Prussia"
AMBER with INSECTS Danzig Region, Poland
AMBLYGONITE Mt. Rubellite Quarry, Hebron, Maine
AMBLYGONITE Vernerov, Czech Rep
AMETHYST Deer Hill, Stow, Maine
AMICITE Howenegg Q., Immendingen, Hegau, Germany
AMMONIOALUNITE Schoeller Mine, Kladno, Czech Rep
AMPHIBOLITE with EPIDOTE Moisekov, Czech Rep
ANALCIME Seiser Alm, Italy
ANALCIME Carins Bay, Flinders, Victoria, Australia
ANANDITE w/ GILLESPITE Esquire #7, Big Creek, Fresno Co., California
ANAPAITE Prats-Sampsor, Lerida, Spain
ANATASE Hardanger Vidda, Norway
ANATASE Datas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
ANATASE Holmestrand, Norway
ANCYLITE-(Ce) Dark Star Claim, Ravalli Co., Montana
ANCYLITE-LA Aikuaiventchorr, Khibiny, Russia
ANDALUSITE Itinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil
ANDALUSITE Weissenstein, Wachau, Germany
ANDALUSITE Cejov, nr. Humpolec, Bohemia, Czech Rep
ANDALUSITE var: CHIASTOLITE Hunan Province, PR China
ANDALUSITE var: CHIASTOLITE Daulton Deposit, Madera Co., California
ANDERSONITE Monument #2 Mine, Apache Co., Arizona
ANDERSONITE Slick Rock, San Miguel Co., Colorado
ANDESINE Tigerton, Wisconsin
ANDORITE San Jose Mine, Oruro, Bolivia
ANDORITE with DIETRICHITE San Jose Mine, Oruro, Bolivia
ANDRADITE Stanley Butte, Graham County, Arizona
ANDRADITE unspecified locality in Chile
ANDRADITE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
ANDRADITE var. MELANITE Kayes Region, Mali
ANDRADITE var. TOPAZALITE San Benito Co., California
ANDRADITE variety DEMANTOID Un-named Prospect, Himalaya Mts., Tibet
ANDRADITE variety MELANITE Magana, nr. Sandare, Kayes Region, Mali
ANDRIANOVITE Koashva Open Pit, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
ANDROSITE-(La) Grubependity Lake, Polar Urals, Russia
ANGLESITE Monti Poni, Sardinia, Italy
ANGLESITE Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
ANGLESITE Zellerfeld, Hartz, Germany
ANGLESITE (Zincian) Casiano de Prado Mine, Sevilla, Spain
ANGLESITE on GALENA Toussit, Oujda, Morocco
ANGLESITE pseudo @ GALENA Shawangunk Pb-Zn Deposit, Ulster Co New York
ANHYDRITE Wathlingen, Hannover, Germany
ANHYDRITE Perkupa, Abauj-Torna, Hungary
ANILITE Wallaroo Mine, South Australia, Australia
ANKERITE Kladno, Czech Rep
ANKERITE nr. Charlemont, Franklin Co., Massachusetts
ANKERITE Kladno, Bohemia, Czech Rep
ANKINOVICHITE Kara-Chagyr, Kyrgyzstan
ANNABERGITE Plaka Mine, Laurium, Greece
ANNABERGITE Candelaria Mine, Esmeralda Co., Nevada
ANNABERGITE Nickel Mine, Bolivia, Churchill Co. Nevada
ANNITE Katungin Mine, Chita Reg., Siberia Russia
ANORTHITE nr. Castries, Island of St. Lucia, West Indies
ANORTHITE Miyake Isl., Izu Archipelago, Japan
ANORTHOMINASRAGRITE North Mesa #5 Mine, Emery Co., Utah
ANTHOPHYLLITE nr. Haddam, Middlesex Co., Connecticut
ANTIGORITE ("WILLIAMSITE") Cedar Hill Quarry, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
ANTIGORITE var: BOWENITE Conklin Quarry, Limerock, Rhode Island
ANTIGORITE var: PICROSMINE Zoblitz, Saxony, Germany
ANTIMONY Arechuybo, Chihuahua, Mexico
ANTIMONY nr. Kernville, Kern Co., California
ANTIMONY Seinajoki, Finland
ANTIMONY Nuevo Tepache, Chihuahua, Mexico
ANTIMOPEARCEITE Grube Clara, Schwarzwald, Germany
ANTLERITE Chuquicamata, Antofagasta, Chile
ANTLERITE Quetena, Chile
APACHITE Christmas Mine, nr. Hayden, Arizona
APATITE near Charleston, So Carolina
APATITE Horni Slavkov (Schlaggenwald), Czech Rep
APATITE and QUARTZ Hebron, Maine
APHTHITALITE Kuh-e-Namak, Region de Qom, Iran
APJOHNITE Alte Alaun Mine, Uri, Switzerland
APLOWITE Taltal, Region III, Chile
APOPHYLLITE on PREHNITE Chantilly Quarry, Loudon Co., Virginia
AQUALITE Kovdor, Kola Peninsula, Russia
ARAGONITE Serfou, Morocco
ARAGONITE Daylight Mine, Helvetia, Pima Co., Arizona
ARAGONITE Spisske Podhradi, Slovakia
ARAGONITE Pribram, Czech Rep
ARAGONITE Carter County, Montana
ARAGONITE Corocoro, La Paz Department, Bolivia
ARAGONITE Bastennes, Landes, France
ARAGONITE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
ARAGONITE Aveigas, France
ARAGONITE Cumberland, England
ARAGONITE var. ZEYRINGITE Peramea, Lerida, Spain
ARAGONITE with GYPSUM Sioux-Ajax Tunnel, Mammoth, Utah
ARAPOVITE Dara-i-Pioz, Alaiskii Range, Tadjikistan
ARAVAIPAITE Grand Reef Mine, Graham Co., Arizona
ARCANITE Dingo Donga Cave, W.A., Australia
ARCTITE Koashva, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
ARDAITE in GALENA Gruvasen, Sweden
ARDEALITE Moorba Cave, Jurien Bay, W.A., Australia
ARDENNITE Salmchateau, near Ottre, Ardennes, Belgium
ARFVEDSONITE Alluaiv, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
ARFVEDSONITE Mt. Malosa, Zomba, Malawi
ARGENTOJAROSITE Eagle Mine, Juab Co., Utah
ARGENTOJAROSITE Mohave Mts., Arizona
ARGENTOJAROSITE Santa Ana, Sonora, Mexico
ARGENTOPENTLANDITE nr. Silver City, Ontonagon Co., Michigan
ARGENTOPENTLANDITE Oktyabr Mi,Talnakh,Norilsk,Siberia, Russia
ARGENTOTENNANTITE Beschart Gluck Mi, Freiberg, Sax., Germany
ARGUTITE Rimbatz Mine, Argut-Dessus, France
ARGYRODITE Himmelsfurst Mine, Freiberg, Saxony Germany
ARGYRODITE w/ PYRARGYRITE Colquechaca Mine, Potosi, Bolivia
ARHBARITE Emma Louisa Gold Mine, Taltal, Chile
ARHBARITE Mina El Guanaco, E.Catalina, Taltal Chile
ARMBRUSTERITE Kirovskii Mine, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
ARMENITE nr. Remigny, Quebec, Canada
ARMENITE Purna Moota, nr. Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
ARMSTRONGITE Khan-Bogdinskii Massif, Gobi Desert Mongolia
ARROJADITE Nickel Plate Mine, Pennington Co., South Dakota
ARROJADITE Chandler Mills, Newport, New Hampshire
ARROJADITE-(KFe) Nickel Plate Mine, Pennington Co., South Dakota
ARROJADITE-(KNa) Rapid Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada
ARSENDESCLOIZITE Valmy, Humboldt Co., Nevada
ARSENIC Kusa Mine, nr. Bau, Sarawak, Borneo
ARSENIC Akadani Mine, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
ARSENIC Pribram, Bohemia, Czech Rep
ARSENIC Alacran Mine, Pampa Larga District, Chile
ARSENIC with CALCITE Rudolfstadt, Silesia, Germany
ARSENIOSIDERITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
ARSENIOSIDERITE w/ OLIVENITE Gold Chain Mine, Mammoth, Juab Co., Utah
ARSENIOSIDERITE, Sb-BEUDANTITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
ARSENOGORCEIXITE Bali Lo, Ashburton Downs, W.A., Australia
ARSENOLITE White Caps Mine, Manhattan, Nye Co. Nevada
ARSENOPALLADINITE Itabira, Minas Gersais, Brazil
ARSENOPYRITE Tilly Foster Mine, nr. Brewster, New York
ARSENOPYRITE Wolfram Camp, Queensland, Australia
ARSENOPYRITE Deloro, Ontario, Canada
ARSENOPYRITE Silver Valley Mine, N.S.W., Australia
ARSENOPYRITE Marmora, Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada
ARSENOPYRITE Freiberg, Saxony, Germany
ARSENOPYRITE Cornwall, England
ARSENOPYRITE Little Gem Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
ARSENOPYRITE Trepca, Kosovo, Serbia
ARSENOPYRITE Yao Guang Xiang Mi, Chen Zhu, Hunan PR China
ARSENOPYRITE Trepca, Kosovo, Serbia
ARSENOPYRITE Devonshire, England
ARSENOPYRITE Freiberg, Saxony, Germany
ARSENOPYRITE Conception del Oro, Zacatecas, Mexico
ARSENOPYRITE Freiberg, Saxony, Germany
ARSENOPYRITE @ PYRRHOTITE Double Rainbow Mine, Galena, South Dakota
ARSENTSUMEBITE Tsumeb, Otavi, Namibia
ARSENTSUMEBITE Gold Hill, Tooele Co., Utah
ARTHURITE Cu Stope, Majuba Hill, Pershing Co, Nevada
ARTINITE Staten Island, New York
ARTSMITHITE Funderburk Prospect, Pike Co., Arkansas
ASBESTOS Black Hills, South Dakota
ASBOLAN Hachberg, St. Avold, Moselle, France
ASCHAMALMITE Granite Gap, Hidalgo Co., New Mexico
ASHANITE Nanro, Mozambique
ASHBURTONITE Anticline Deposit, Ashburton Downs, Australia
ASHCROFTINE-(Y) Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
ASTROPHYLLITE Mt. Eveslogchorr, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
ATELESTITE Schmiede Mine, Wittichen, Germany
ATENCIOITE Linopolis, Rio Doce, M.G., Brazil
ATTIKAITE Pit 132, Laurion, Attika, Greece
AUBERTITE Chuquicamata, Chile
AUGELITE Rapid Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada
AUGELITE Tazna Mine, Chichas, Potosi, Bolivia
AUGELITE Big Fish River, Yukon Territory, Canada
AUGITE Parkapole, Petlice, Czech Rep
AUGITE Montana de Guerra, Tenerife, Canary Isles
AUGITE Unspecified locality labeled as: Tanganyika
AURICHALCITE 79 Mine, nr. Hayden, Gila County, Arizona
AURICHALCITE Chief Mine, Pima Co., Arizona
AURICHALCITE Chief Mine, Empire Mts., Pima Co., Arizona
AURICHALCITE w/HEMIMORPHITE Mammoth Mine, Mammoth, Juab Co., Utah
AURICUPRIDE Karabasch, Ural, Russia
AURORITE Aurora Mine, Hamilton, Nevada
AUROSTIBITE Krasna Hora, Czech Rep
AUSTINITE Gold Hill, Tooele Co., Utah
AUSTINITE Veta Negra Mine, Atacama, Chile
AUSTRALIAN TN COLLECTION Various Localities in Australia
AUTUNITE Les Oudots, Saone et Loire, France
AUTUNITE Autun, France
AUTUNITE Apex Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
AUTUNITE Daybreak Mine, Pend Orielle Co., Washington
AUTUNITE with TORBERNITE Gusher Knob, Ingalls, Avery Co., No Carolina
AVDONINITE Blyava, Ural, Russia
AVICENNITE w/ WEISSBERGITE etc Lookout Pass, Tooele Co., Utah
AVOGADRITE Vesuvius (eruption of 1926), Italy
AWARUITE variety JOSEPHINITE Olmetta, Corsica, France
AWARUITE variety JOSEPHINITE Josephine Creek, Oregon
AXINITE near Maishofen, Pinzgau, Austria
AXINITE Thum nr. Ehrenfriedersdorf, Saxony, Germany
AZURITE Tsumeb, Namibia
AZURITE Bisbee, Cochise Co., Arizona
AZURITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
AZURITE Bou Bker, Morocco
AZURITE Aouli, Morocco
AZURITE Gold Chain Mine, Mammoth, Juab Co., Utah
AZURITE Northern Spy Mine, Utah Co., Utah
AZURITE Sacramento Mine, Bisbee, Arizona
AZURITE Bisbee, Cochise County, Arizona
AZURITE Spania Dolina, Slovakia
AZURITE Morenci Open Pit, Greenlee Co., Arizona
AZURITE Blue Grotto Prospect, La Sal, Utah
AZURITE Hubei, PR China
AZURITE Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
AZURITE Jerome, Arizona
AZURITE Apex Mine, St. George, Utah
AZURITE Banat, Moldova, Romania
AZURITE Copiapo, Chile
AZURITE Morenci, Greenlee Co., Arizona
AZURITE Tsumeb, Namibia
AZURITE Veta Negra Mine, Tierra Amarilla, Chile
AZURITE Kennecott, Alaska
AZURITE w/ BINDHEIMITE Spania Dolina, Slovakia
AZURITE w/ MALACHITE Moldawa, Banat, Romania
AZURITE w/ MALACHITE (EILAT) Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
AZURITE with MALACHITE Bisbee, Cochise Co., Arizona
AZURITE with MALACHITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
BABINGTONITE Honsarvet, Borlange, Sweden
BABINGTONITE Lane Quarry, Westfield, Massachusetts
BABINGTONITE on QUARTZ Baveno, Lago Maggiore, Italy
BADDELEYITE Palabora Mine, E. Transvaal, Rep. So. Afr
BADDELEYITE Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BADDELEYITE with CORUNDUM Bear Trap Claim, Gallatin Co., Montana
BAGHDADITE Fuka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
BAHIANITE Garimpo de Morro, Paramirim, Bahia, Brazil
BAKERITE Corkscrew Canyon, Death Valley, California
BAKHCHISARAITSEVITE Iron Mine, Kovdor Massif, Kola, Russia
BAKSANITE Tyrnyauz, North Caucasus, Russia
BALANGEROITE Balangero, Lanzo Valley, Piemonte, Italy
BANALSITE Benallt Mine, Rhiw, Lleyn, Wales
BANNISTERITE Franklin Mine, Franklin, New Jersey
BARARITE Burnside, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania
BARATOVITE Dara-i-Pioz, Tien Shan, Tadjikistan
BARBERIITE LaFossa Crater, Volcano, Aeolian Is Italy
BARBOSALITE Tip Top Mine, Custer County, South Dakota
BARIANDITE Mounana Mine, Haut-Ogooue, Gabon
BARICITE Rapid Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada
BARIO-OLGITE = OLGITE Palitra Pegmatite, Lovozero Massif, Russia
BARIOMICROLITE Pontal District, Gov. Valadares, Brazil
BARIOPYROCHLORE Mt. Kukisvumchorr, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
BARITE Pugh Quarry, Ohio
BARITE Unspecified locality in Cuba
BARITE Post Betze Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
BARITE nr. Marakesh, Anti Atlas, Morocco
BARITE Northumberland Mine, Nye County, Nevada
BARITE Taxco, Guerro, Mexico
BARITE Hecla Rosebud Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
BARITE Sherman Tunnel, Leadville, Lake Co. Colorado
BARITE Barrick Meikle Mine, Carlin, Nevada
BARITE Frizington, Cumberland, England
BARITE Hecla Rosebud Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
BARITE Sherman Tunnel, Lake County, Colorado
BARITE Dee North Mine, Elko Co., Nevada
BARITE SSX Mine, Jerritt Canyon, Elko Co., Nevada
BARITE Leeville Deposit, Eureka Co., Nevada
BARITE Stone Mountain, Georgia
BARITE El Portal, Mariposa Co., California
BARITE Frizington, Cumberland, England
BARITE Frizington, Cumberland, England
BARITE Post/Betze Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
BARITE Stanislakow, Poland
BARITE w/ JAMESONITE Felsobanya, Romania
BARITE with CALCITE, GALENA Wanlockhead, Leadhills, Scotland
BARITE with CINNABAR Baumholder, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
BARITE with inclusions Felsobanya (Baia Sprie), Romania
BARITE with MALACHITE Cheshire, New Haven Co., Connecticut
BARITE with PYRITE Ward District, White Pine Co., Nevada
BARIUM PHARMACOSIDERITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
BARIUM PHARMACOSIDERITE Clara Mine, Oberwolfach, Germany
BARNESITE Cactus Rat Mine, Grand Co., Utah
BARRERITE Kuiu Island, Alaska
BARROISITE Iratuyama, Doi cho, Uma Gun, Ehime, Japan
BARTONITE Coyote Peak, Humboldt Co., California
BARTONITE Kedykverpakhk Mt., Lovozero Masif, Russia
BARYLITE Letitia Lake, Labrador, NF, Canada
BARYTOCALCITE Langban, Varmland, Sweden
BARYTOCALCITE Blaighyll, Alston, Cumbria, England
BASSANITE S.A.M.Corp Sulfur Mine, nr. Taft, California
BASTNAESITE-(Ce) Birthday Vein, Mt. Pass Mine, California
BASTNAESITE-Y ps @ GAGARINITE Verkhnee Espe Massif, Tarbagatai, Kazakhstan
BATISITE Murunskii Massif, Aldan, Russia
BAUMHAUERITE-2A La Libertad Mine, Quiruvilca, Peru
BAURANOITE Tulukui Mine, Krasnokamensk, Russia
BAVENITE Foote Mine, King's Mtn., No Carolina
BAYLDONITE Wheal Carpenter, Gwinear, Cornwall, England
BAYLEYITE with ANDERSONITE Ambrosia Lake Dist.,Mc Kinley Co., New Mexico
BAZHENOVITE in OLDHAMITE Chelyabinsk Coal Basin, Kopiesk, Russia
BAZIRITE Esquire #8 Claim, Big Creek, California
BEAVERITE on SIDERITE @ GYPSUM Pioche, Eureka Co., Nevada
BECQUERELITE Happy Jack Mine, San Juan Co., Utah
BEDERITE Nevados de Palermo, Salta Province, Argentina
BEHOITE DeMix Quarry, MSH, Quebec, Canada
BEIDELLITE nr. Charlestown, Island of Nevis, West Indies
BEIDELLITE pseudo @ (???) Malyi Mannepakhk Mt, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
BELKOVITE Vuoriyarvi Massif, Kola, Russia
BELLBERGITE Bellerberg, Ettrigen, Eifel, Germany
BELLOITE Sierra Gorda, Antofagasta, Chile
BELOVITE-(La) Kukisvumchorr, Khibina, Kola, Russia
BELYANKINITE Kedykverpalkk, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
BEMENTITE Molinello Mi, Val Graveglia, Genova Italy
BENDADAITE Larva do Almerindo, Linopolis, Brazil
BENITOITE nr. Gem Mine, San Benito Co., California
BENITOITE with NEPTUNITE Mina Numero Uno, San Benito Co., California
BENJAMINITE Outlaw Mine, Nye Co., Nevada
BENLEONARDITE Bambollita Mine, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
BENSTONITE Minerva #1 Mine, Hardin Co., Illinois
BENTORITE Hatrirum Area, West of Dead Sea, Israel
BENYACARITE Folgosinho, Gouveia, Portugal
BENYACARITE El Criollo Mine, Cerro Blanco Tanti Argentina
BERAUNITE Shady Community, Polk Co., Arkansas
BERAUNITE on LIMONITE Waldgirmes, Giessen, Germany
BERBORITE-1T Lupikko, Pitkaranta, S. Karelia, Russia
BEREZANSKITE Dara-i-Pioz, Tien Shan, Tadjikistan
BERGENITE Bergen, Vogtland, Saxony, Germany
BERGSLAGITE Langban, Varmland, Sweden
BERLINITE in TROLLEITE etc. Harrsjoberg, Varmland, Sweden
BERMANITE Cantera El Criollo, Cerro Blanco, Argentina
BERNDTITE-4H Shamokin, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania
BERRYITE Mike Mine, San Juan County, Colorado
BERTHIERINE-1M ps @ CORDYLITE Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
BERTHIERITE Nakaze Mine, Honshu, Hyogo Pref., Japan
BERTHIERITE Baia Sprie, Romania
BERTHIERITE Kutna Hora, Czech Rep
BERTHIERITE Vlastejovice Quarry, Bohemia, Czech Rep
BERTHIERITE with ZINKENITE etc Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
BERTOSSAITE Buranga Pegmatite, Rwanda
BERTRANDITE Kounrad, Kara Oba, Kazakhstan
BERTRANDITE Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BERTRANDITE on FLUORAPATITE Golconda Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BERYL Xao Bao Diang Mts., Sichuan Prov., PR China
BERYL Tabba Tabba, W.A., Australia
BERYL Bedford, Westchester Co., New York
BERYL Minas Gerais, Brazil
BERYL in ALBITE (FL) Oreana Tungsten Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
BERYL var. AQUAMARINE Gilgit District, Pakistan
BERYL var. AQUAMARINE Ruya-Ping Wu, Sichuan, China
BERYL var. HELIODOR Sapucaia, Galileia, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BERYL variety "BIXBITE" Violet Claims, Thomas Mt, Juab Co., Utah
BERYL variety AQUAMARINE Conselheiro Pena, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BERYL variety EMERALD Wenshan, PR China
BERYL variety EMERALD Swat District, NE of Peshawar, Pakistan
BERYL variety GOSHENITE Xao Bao Diang Mts., Sichuan Prov., PR China
BERYL variety HELIODOR Sapucaia, Galileia, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BERYL variety MORGANITE Paineiras Mine, Virgem de Lapa, MG, Brazil
BERYL variety MORGANITE Mina Urubu, nr. Teofilo Otoni, Brazil
BERYL with TOPAZ Adun Chalon Mts., Siberia, Russia
BERYLLITE Ilimaussaq, Greenland
BERYLLONITE Telirio Mine, Linopolis, M.G., Brazil
BERYLLONITE Stoneham, Oxford Co., Maine
BERZELIANITE Bukov, Moravia, Czech Rep
BERZELIANITE Skrikerum Mine, Valdemarsvik, Sweden
BERZELIITE Langban, Varmland, Sweden
BETAFITE Silver Crater Mine, Bancroft, Ont., Canada
BETEKHTINITE Shaft 57, Djezkazgan, Kazakhstan
BETPAKDALITE Gabbro Bruch, Harz, Germany
BEUDANTITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
BEUDANTITE Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
BEYERITE with BISMUTITE Outpost Mine, Maricopa Co., Arizona
BIANCHITE Campiglia, Tuscany, Italy
BICCHULITE ps @ GEHLENITE Fuka, Bicchu-cho, Okayama Pref., Japan
BIEBERITE Mina la Motte, Madison Co., Missouri
BIEBERITE Mine La Motte, Madison Co., Missouri
BIEHLITE Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia
BIEHLITE Tsumeb, Namibia
BIGCREEKITE Esquire #7, Big Creek, Fresno Co., California
BIKITAITE Foote Mine, Kings Mtn, Cleveland Co No Carolina
BIKITAITE Bikita, nr. Ft. Victoria (Rhodesia) Zimbabwe
BILLIETITE Mine de Margnac, Haute-Vienne, France
BILLINGSLEYITE North Lilly Mine, East Tintic, Utah
BINDHEIMITE Wildhorse Canyon, Pershing Co., Nevada
BINDHEIMITE Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
BINDHEIMITE Endellion, Cornwall, England
BIOTITE Jackson Co., No Carolina
BIOTITE Strickland Quarry, Portland, Connecticut
BIPHOSPHAMMITE Murra el Elevyn Cave, W.A., Australia
BISMOCLITE Alto do Giz, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
BISMUTH Wolfram Camp Mine, Queensland, Australia
BISMUTH El Dorado Mine, Port Radium, NWT, Canada
BISMUTH Vilaque River, La Paz Departmnet, Bolivia
BISMUTH Gowganda, Ontario, Canada
BISMUTH w/ SKUTTERUDITE Schneeberg, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany
BISMUTH with SKUTTERUDITE Jachymov, Bohemia, Czech Rep
BISMUTHINITE 7301 Dcl., Victoria Mine, Elko Co., Nevada
BISMUTHINITE Tazna Mine, Potosi Dept., Bolivia
BISMUTHINITE Schneckenstein, Vogtland, Saxony, Germany
BISMUTHINITE w/ MARCASITE Tazna Mine, Potosi Dept., Bolivia
BISMUTITE Luntakulu, Kivu Province, Zaire
BISMUTITE Linka Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
BISMUTITE @ BISMUTHINITE Silver Bell Mine, White Pine Co., Nevada
BISMUTITE w/ UNDESCRIBED SO4s S. Glastonbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut
BISMUTOFERRITE Schneeberg, Saxony, Germany
BISMUTOMICROLITE Malchan,Urasny Chukoy, Transbaikal, Russia
BISMUTOMICROLITE Lipovka Pegmatite, Rehz District, Russia
BISMUTOMICROLITE Alto Cajazeiras Mine, Pariba, Brazil
BISMUTOMICROLITE v WESTGRENITE Manoel Baldino Mine, Juaco, Paraiba Brazil
BISMUTOTANTALITE Nampeyo, Buganda, Uganda
BITYITE Val Vigezzo, Piemonte, Italy
BIXBYITE Thomas Mt., Juab Co., Utah
BIXBYITE on TOPAZ Thomas Range, Juab Co., Utah
BLACK CLOUD MINE COLLECTION nr. Leadville, Lake Co., Colorado
BLACK PINE MINE COLLECTIONS nr. Philipsburg, Granite Co., Montana
BLACK PINE MINE COLLECTIONS nr. Philipsburg, Granite Co., Montana
BLATONITE Jomac Mine, San Juan Co., Utah
BLIXITE Langban, Varmland, Sweden
BLOEDITE Soda Lake, San Luis Obispo Co., California
BOBFERGUSONITE Cross Lake, Manitoba, Canada
BOBIERRITE Kovdov, Kola Peninsula, Russia
BOBIERRITE Wodgina, W.A., Australia
BOGDANOVITE Bisbee, Cochise Co., Arizona
BOHDANOWICZITE Kletno Mine, Sudetes Mts., Silesia, Poland
BOHMITE Saga Quarry, Tvedalen, Norway
BOHMITE Les Baux Province, France
BOKITE Monument #2 Mine, Apache County, Arizona
BOLEITE Amelia Mine, Santa Rosalia, Baja, Mexico
BOLEITE with ATACAMITE Mina Amelia, Santa Rosalia, Baja, Mexico
BOLTWOODITE New Method Mine, Amboy, California
BONATTITE Steamboat Springs, Washoe Co., Nevada
BOOTHITE Alma Mine, Leona Hts., Alameda Co., California
BORACITE Solvayhall, nr. Bernburg, Germany
BORACITE Boulby Mine, Cleveland, Yorkshire, England
BORACITE Kalkberg, Luneburg, Germany
BORCARITE Titovskoje, Russia
BORNEMANITE with LOMONSOVITE Yubileynaia Mine, Lovozero, Russia
BORNITE Gunung Bijih Mine, Irian Jaya, PNG, Indonesia
BORNITE Stewart Mine, Butte, Silver Bow Co. Montana
BORNITE Sweet Home Mine, nr. Alma, Park Co. Colorado
BORNITE pseudo @ CHALCOCITE Levant Mine, Pendeen, Cornwall, England
BORNITE with ANKERITE Baltic Mine, Newton, Michigan
BOROCOOKEITE on ELBAITE Malkhan Deposit, Transbaikal, Russia
BOROMUSCOVITE Mika Pegmatite, Rangkul District, Tadjikistan
BOROMUSCOVITE Mika Pegmatite, Turakuloma Range, Tadjikistan
BOTALLACKITE Juliushutte, Astfeld, Harz, Germany
BOTALLACKITE Santo Domingo Mine, Tocopilla, Chile
BOTRYOGEN Mina Quetena, Calama, Chile
BOTTINOITE Dornberg, Ramsbeck, Sauerland, Germany
BOULANGERITE Cleveland Mine, Stevens Co., Washington
BOULANGERITE Ramsbeck, Sauerland, Germany
BOULANGERITE Little Gem Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
BOURNONITE Mine des Maline, Gard, France
BOURNONITE Colavi Mine, Potosi Department, Bolivia
BOURNONITE Little Gem Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
BOURNONITE Yaogangxian Mine, Hunan Province, PR China
BOURNONITE Cornwall, England
BOUSSINGAULTITE The Geysers, Sonoma Co., California
BRACKEBUSHITE Venus Mi, El Guaico Minas, Cordoba, Argentina
BRAGGITE w/ COOPERITE Brushveld Complex, Rustenberg, Rep So Africa
BRAITSCHITE-(Ce) Texas Gulf Sulfur Mine, Moab, Utah
BRANDTITE Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
BRANDTITE (Cobaltian) Veta Negra Mine, Atacama, Chile
BRANNERITE var. ABSITE Crocker's Well, South Australia, Australia
BRANNOCKITE Foote Mine, King's Mt., No Carolina
BRASSITE Jachymov, Bohemia, Czech Rep
BRASSITE w/ ROSSLERITE Jachymov, St. Joachimsthal, Czech Rep
BRAUNITE Protrero Chico, nr. Monterrey, Mexico
BRAUNITE Langban, Varmland, Sweden
BRAZILIANITE Corrego Frio, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BRAZILIANITE Smith Mine, Chandler Mills, New Hampshire
BRAZILIANITE Corrego Frio, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BRENDELITE Grube Guldner Falk, Schneeberg, Germany
BRENKITE Shellkopf, nr. Brenk, Eifel, Germany
BREWSTERITE-(Sr) Strontian, Argyll, Highland, Scotland
BREZINAITE nr. Tucson, Pima Co., Arizona
BRIANYOUNGITE Gelbe Birke Mine, Schwarzenberg, Germany
BRIANYOUNGITE Reiche Zeche Mine, Freiberg, Germany
BRINDLEYITE Victorio, New Mexico
BRITHOLITE-Ce Oka, Quebec, Canada
BRITHOLITE-Y w/FERGUSONITE-Y Mt. Vyuntspakhk, Keivy Region,Kola, Russia
BRITVINITE Langban, Varmland, Sweden
BRIZZIITE Le Cetine Mine, nr. Rosia, Siena, Italy
BROCHANTITE Last Chance Mine, Coconino Co., Arizona
BROCHANTITE Silver Coin Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada
BROCHANTITE Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
BROCHANTITE Douglas Hill Copper Mine, Lyon Co., Nevada
BROCHANTITE Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
BROCHANTITE Douglas Hill Copper Mine, Lyon Co., Nevada
BROMELLITE in HELVITE Lupikko Mine, Pitkaranta, Karelia, Russia
BROOKITE on QUARTZ Magnet Cove, Hot Spring Co., Arkansas
BROOKITE on QUARTZ Magnet Cove, Hot Spring Co., Arkansas
BROWNMILLERITE Bellerberg, Eifel, Germany
BRUCITE Borek v. Chetebore, Czech Rep
BRUCITE Ladu Gruva, Persberg, Sweden
BRUGNATELLITE Monte Ramazzo, Genova, Liguria, Italy
BRUSHITE Pig Hole, Giles Co., Virginia
BRUSHITE Moorba Cave, Jurien Bay, W.A., Australia
BUCKWHEAT DUMP COLLECTION Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
BUDDINGTONITE Sharon Heights, Menlo Park, California
BUERGERITE Mexquitic, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
BUKOVITE Predborice, Czech Rep
BUKOVSKYITE Kank, nr. Kutna Hora, Bohemia, Czech Rep
BULTFONTEINITE N'Chwanning Mine, Kuruman, Rep So Africa
BURANGAITE Linopolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil
BURBANKITE Koashva Mine. Khibiny, Kola, Russia
BURCKHARDTITE Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
BURYATITE Solongo, Buryatia, Transbaikal, Russia
BURYATITE Fuka, Bitchu-cho, Okayama Pref., Japan
BUSERITE Oppu Mine, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
BUSHMAKINITE Severnaya Mi, Berezovskoye Deposit, Russia
BUSTAMITE Broken Hill, N.S.W., Australia
BUSTAMITE Broken Hill, N.S.W., Australia
BUSTAMITE in CALCITE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
BUTLERITE Chuquicamata, Chile
BUTTGENBACHITE Luishia Mine, Katanga, Zaire Zaire
BYELORUSSITE-(Ce) nr. Gomel Byelorussia
BYELORUSSITE-(Ce) Kringlerne Mts, Kangerluarsuk Area, Greenland
BYKOVAITE Umbozero Mine, Alluaiv, Lovozero, Russia
BYSTRITE Maloje Bystroje, Russia
BYSTROMITE La Fortuna Mi., Agua Prieta, Sonora Mexico
BYTOWNITE Lingarabay, Outer Herbrides, Scotland
CABALZARITE Falotta, nr, Tinzen, Graubunden, Switzerland
CABRIITE with PAOLOVITE etc. Oktyabr, Norilsk, Siberia, Russia
CACOXENITE Indian Mt., Cherokee Co., Alabama
CACOXENITE Leveaniemi Mine, Svappavaara, Sweden
CACOXENITE Moculta Quarry, nr. Angaston, S.A., Australia
CADMIUM (Native) West Verkhoyansky Range, Siberia, Russia
CADMOINDITE Kudryaviy Volcano, Iturup Island, Russia
CADMOSELITE Ust'Uyuk Deposit, Tannu Tuva, Russia
CADWALADERITE Cerro Pintados, Tarapaca, Chile
CAFARSITE Pizzo Cervandone, Alpe Devero, Italy
CAFETITE Rasvumchorr, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
CALAVERITE Cresson Mine, Cripple Creek, Colorado
CALAVERITE Cripple Creek, Teller Co., Colorado
CALCIBEBOROSILITE-(Y) Dara-i-Pioz, Tien Shan, Tadjikistan
CALCIBORITE Novofrolovo Mine, Ural, Russia
CALCIOANCYLITE-(Ce) Afrikanda, Kola, Russia
CALCIOBETAFITE Mount Brusa, Luvigliano, Padova, Italy
CALCIOSAMARSKITE Mitchell Co., No Carolina
CALCIOTANTITE Vasin-Myl'k Mt., Voron'i Tundra, Russia
CALCITE Herja, Romania
CALCITE Cave in Rock, Illinois
CALCITE #3 Level, Indianapolis Mine, Ione,Nye Co.Nevada
CALCITE Iceberg Pit, Harding Mine, Taos Co. New Mexico
CALCITE Montalto di Castro, Italy
CALCITE Groundhog Mine, Hanover, New Mexico
CALCITE Bisbee, Cochise Co., Arizona
CALCITE Potosi Mine, Santa Eulalia, Chi., Mexico
CALCITE Strambeck, Czech Rep
CALCITE Getchell Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada
CALCITE Cavnic, Romania
CALCITE Touissit Mine, Oujda, Morocco
CALCITE Mohave County, Arizona
CALCITE Sampson Mine, St. Andreasberg, Germany
CALCITE St. Andreasberg, Harz, Germany
CALCITE nr. Santa Barbara, Curacao, Neth.Antilles
CALCITE Bulley Cleaves Quarry, Devonshire, England
CALCITE Devil's River, Texas
CALCITE Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, Mexico
CALCITE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
CALCITE Brushy Creek Mine, Reynolds Co., Missouri
CALCITE Brushy Creek Mine, Reynolds Co., Missouri
CALCITE Hilston Beach, North Yorkshire, England
CALCITE Elmwood Mine, Smith Co., Tennessee
CALCITE nr Black Rock Desert, Humboldt Co., Nevada
CALCITE nr. Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico
CALCITE Luray Caverns, Page County, Virginia
CALCITE nr. Edgemont, Fall River Co., South Dakota
CALCITE Rossie, New York
CALCITE Steinbruch, Saxony, Germany
CALCITE 38th Parallel, Korea
CALCITE Terlingua, Brewster Co., Texas
CALCITE Matlock, Derbyshire, England
CALCITE Durham, England
CALCITE Rossie Mine, St. Lawrence Co., New York
CALCITE Ratssteinbruch, Dresden-Plauen, Germany
CALCITE La Junta, Otero Co., Colorado
CALCITE "Angel Wing" Zacatecas, Mexico
CALCITE (FL SW red-orange) Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
CALCITE (FL) on FLUORITE Pachapaqui District, Ancash Dept., Peru
CALCITE (FL-red) Ward District, White Pine Co., Nevada
CALCITE (Stalactitic) Magdalena, New Mexico
CALCITE (Twins!) nr. Sulphur, Humboldlt Co., Nevada
CALCITE - phantom Terlingua, Texas
CALCITE COLLECTION Various Localities Worldwide
CALCITE on QUARTZ Dalnegorsk, Primorski Kraj, Russia
CALCITE on SPHALERITE Mid Continent Mine, Treece, Kansas
CALCITE over TREMOLITE Chihuahua, Mexico
CALCITE pseudo @ ARAGONITE Dalnegorsk, Primorski Kraj, Russia
CALCITE pseudo @ IKAITE Bielomore, Russia
CALCITE pseudo @ KUTNOHORITE N'Chwanning II Mine, Kalahari, Rep So Africa
CALCITE pseudo @ SHORTITE Green River, Sweetwater Co., Wyoming
CALCITE var. pisolitic Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
CALCITE var: Travertine Ilion Gorge, Ilion, New York
CALCITE variety HONEY ONYX Death Valley, Inyo Co., California
CALCITE with QUARTZ Cavnic, Romania
CALCITE with QUARTZ and (???) Markovice, Czech Rep
CALCITE with SPHALERITE Elmwood, Smith Co., Tennessee
CALCITE, RHODOCHROSITE Trepca, Serbia, Yugoslavia
CALCIUM CATAPLEIITE Granite Mountain, Pulaski Co., Arkansas
CALCURMOLITE Mas d'Allary, Lodeve, Herault, France
CALDERITE Katkamsandi, Hazaribagh, India
CALDERONITE Venus Mine, La Higuera, Cordoba, Argentina
CALEDONITE Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, Tiger, Arizona
CALEDONITE Blue Bell Mi, Baker, San Bernadino California
CALIFORNIA MINERAL COLLECTIONS Various Localities in California
CALKINSITE-(Ce) Big Sandy Creek, Hill Co., Montana
CALLAGHANITE Basic Refactories Mine, Gabbs, Nevada
CALOMEL Mariposa Mine, Terlingua, Texas
CALUMETITE Centennial Mine, nr. Calumet, Michigan
CALZIRTITE Jacupiranga Mine, Sao Paulo, Brazil
CALZIRTITE Afrikanda, Kola Peninsula, Russia
CAMEROLAITE Spania Dolina-Piesky, Slovakia, Slovak Rep
CAMPIGLIAITE Richfield, Sevier Co., Utah
CANASITE Kirovsky Mine, Khibiny, Kola Pen., Russia
CANAVESITE Brosso Mine, Torino, Italy
CANCRINITE Kirov Mine, Khibina, Kola, Russia
CANCRINITE Cancinite Hill, Dungannon, Ontario, Canada
CANCRISILITE Chinglusuai, Lovozero Massif, Kola, Russia
CANFIELDITE North Lilly Mine, Juab Co., Utah
CANNONITE Val Duadello Mine, Lombardia, Italy
CAOXITE Cerchiara Mine, N. Apennines, Italy
CARACOLITE Mina Santa Ana, Sierra Gorda, Chile
CARACOLITE Challacolla Mine, Oficina Victoria, Chile
CARBOKENTBROOKSITE Dara-i-Pioz, Tien Shan, Tadjikistan
CARBOKENTBROOKSITE Dara-i-Pioz, Tien-Shan, Alaiskii, Tadjikistan
CARBONATE-CYANOTRICHITE Biccia Mine, Molini di Voltaggio, Italy
CARBONATE-CYANOTRICHITE Engels Mine, Plumas Co., California
CARBONATE-FLUORAPATITE Lucin Hill, Box Elder Co., Utah
CARBONATE-FLUORAPATITE Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
CARBONATE-FLUORAPATITE Geevor Mine, Pendeen,Cornwall, England
CARBONATE-FLUORAPATITE Bonny Lake, Polk/Pasco Counties, Florida
CARBONATE-HYDROXYLAPATITE Casa Collina Quarry, Pitigiliano, Itay
CARESITE-3T Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
CARLETONITE Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
CARLFRIESITE Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
CARLHINTZEITE Serra Branca, Pedra Lavrada,Paraiba Brazil
CARLOSTURANITE Castel Delfino, Varaita Valley, Italy
CARMINITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
CARMINITE Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
CARMINITE w/ ARSENIOSIDERITE Benjamin Hill, Sonora, Mexico
CARMINITE w/ SCORODITE Old Gold Hill Mine, Tooele Co., Utah
CARNOTITE near Uravan, Montrose Co., Colorado
CARNOTITE J.J. Mine, Montrose Co., Colorado
CARPHOLITE Schlaggenwald, Bohemia, Czech Rep
CARRBOYDITE Carr Boyd Nickel Mine, Agnew, W.A., Australia
CARROLLITE Kamoto Fond, Shaba Province, Zaire
CARROLLITE Kolwezi, Shaba Province, Dem Rep Congo
CARYINITE Langban, Varmland, Sweden
CARYOCHROITE Umbozero Mine, Alluaiv Mt., Kola, Russia
CASSITERITE Wheal Bounty, Camborne, England
CASSITERITE Elsmore, New South Wales, Australia
CASSITERITE Xao Bao Diang Mts., Sichuan Prov., PR China
CASSITERITE Llallagua, Bolivia
CASSITERITE BB#7 Quarry, Norway, Oxford Co., Maine
CASSITERITE ("STREAM TIN") Selangor, Malay Peninsula, Indonesia
CASSITERITE COLLECTION Various Localities in Tasmania and Australia
CASWELLITE PSEUDOMORPHS Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
CATAPLEIITE Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
CATTIITE Kovdor Iron Mine, Kovdor, Kola, Russia
CAVANSITE on STILLBITE Wagholi, Maharashtra State, India
CAYSICHITE-(Y) Evans-Lou Mine, Quebec, Canada
CAYSICHITE-(Y) Ploskaya Mt., Keivy, Kola Peninsula Russia
CECHITE Vrancice, Bohemia, Czech Rep
CEJKAITE Svornost Mine, Jachymov, Czech Rep
CELADONITE Socorro, Socorro Co., New Mexico
CELESTINE Bineu, Turkmenistan
CELESTINE Redayef, Tunisia
CELESTINE Abu Naim, Libya
CELESTINE Lyndhurst, Ontario, Canada
CELESTINE Hunan Province, PR China
CELSIAN with HYALOPHANE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
CENTENNIAL EUREKA COLLECTION Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
CERCHIARAITE Cerchiara Mine, Borghetto Vara, Italy
CERITE Jamestown District, Boulder Co., Colorado
CERITE-(Ce) Mt. Pass Mine, San Bernadino Co., California
CERITE-(La) Mt. Yukspor, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
CERNYITE Hugo Mine, Pennington Co., South Dakota
CERULEITE Emma Louisa Mine, Huanaco, Taltal, Chile
CERUSSITE Glove Mine, Santa Cruz Co., Arizona
CERUSSITE Hull Mine, Yuma County, Arizona
CERUSSITE Toussit, Morocco
CERUSSITE Pheonixville District, Chester Co., Pennsylvania
CERUSSITE Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, Tiger, Arizona
CERUSSITE Oberschulenberg, Harz Mts., Germany
CERUSSITE Sherman Tunnel, Lake Co., Colorado
CERUSSITE Level 5, Naglakh Mine, Anarak, Iran
CERUSSITE Monte Vecchio, Sardinia, Italy
CERUSSITE (CHROMIAN) Dundas Extended Mine, Dundas, Tasmania
CERUSSITE on QUARTZ Badenweiler, Bade, Germany
CERUSSITE pseudo @ PHOSGENITE Elisabeth Mine, Bytom, (Silesia) Poland
CERUSSITE with GALENA Grube Victoria, nr. Musen, Germany
CERUSSITE with GALENA, etc.. Plaka Mine, Laurium, Greece
CERUSSITE with MALACHITE Tsumeb, Namibia
CERUSSITE, MALACHITE Rum Jungle, Northern Territory, Australia
CERVANTITE ps on BARITE Xikuangshan Mine, Hunan Province, PR China
CERVANTITE, etc., ps. STIBNITE Catorce, San Luis Potosi, Chihuahua Mexico
CERVELLEITE Bambolla Mine, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico
CESAROLITE Sidi-amor-ben-Salaam, Al Kaf, Tunisia
CESBRONITE Mina Bambollita, Moctezuma,Sonora, Mexico
CESSTIBTANTITE w/ SIMPSONITE Mt. Vasin-Myl'k, Voron'ya Tundra, Russia
CETINEITE Le Cetine Mine, Tuscany, Italy
CHABAZITE Repoice, Czech Rep
CHABAZITE-Ca w/ THOMSONITE-Ca Ikitsuki-jima Is., Hirado, Nagasaki Japan
CHABAZITE-Na Aci Castello, Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy
CHABAZITE-Na Choabaru, Iki Island, Japan
CHABAZITE-Na Faroe Islands, Denmark
CHABAZITE-Sr Mt. Suoluaiv, Lovozero, Kola, Russia
CHALCANTHITE Mt. Hope, Victoria, Australia
CHALCANTHITE Planet Mine, La Paz Co., Arizona
CHALCANTHITE Posey Mine, San Juan Co., Utah
CHALCANTHITE with TENNANTITE Trixie Mine, Tintic District, Utah
CHALCOALUMITE Grand View Mine, Grand Canyon, Arizona
CHALCOCITE Bristol, Hartford Co., Connecticut
CHALCOCITE Flambeau Mine, Rush Co., Wisconsin
CHALCOCITE Baltic Mine, Houghton Co., Michigan
CHALCOCITE with CALCITE Vrancice, Bohemia, Czech Rep
CHALCOCYANITE Mt. Vesuvius, Italy
CHALCOMENITE w/ TYRRELLITE Eagle Claims, Beaver Lodge, Sask., Canada
CHALCONATRONITE Slick Rock, San Miguel County, Colorado
CHALCOPHANITE Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
CHALCOPHYLLITE Majuba Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
CHALCOPHYLLITE (ERINITE) Majuba Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
CHALCOPYRITE Cavnic, Crisana-Maramures, Romania
CHALCOPYRITE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
CHALCOPYRITE Illogan, Cornwall, England
CHALCOPYRITE Palabora, Transvaal, Rep So Africa
CHALCOPYRITE Alemanes Mine, Spain
CHALCOPYRITE with GALENA Ivigtut, Greenland
CHALCOSIDERITE w/ HISINGERITE Wheal Phoenix Mine, Cornwall, England
CHALCOSTIBITE Rar el Anz, nr. Casablanca, Morocco
CHALLACOLLOITE Vesuvius (Eruption of 1855), Naples Italy
CHALLACOLLOITE Lolon/Challacollo Mine, Iquique, Chile
CHAMBERSITE Barbers Hill Salt Dome, Chambers Co Texas
CHAMOSITE Bonita, San Diego County, California
CHAMOSITE Atlantic City Iron Mine, Fremont Co Wyoming
CHAOITE Ries Crater, Bopfingen, Bavaria, Germany
CHAPMANITE Smilkov, Czech Rep
CHAPMANITE on CINNABAR Red Bird Mine, Pershing Co., Nevada
CHENEVIXITE Dumbo Mine, Guanaco, Chile
CHENEVIXITE with CORNWALLITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
CHERALITE Uranium King Mine, Encampment, Wyoming
CHEREPANOVITE Miass River, Urals, Russia
CHEREPANOVITE Pekoulney Massif, Korjak Highland, Russia
CHERNIKOVITE Ronneberg, Thuringen, Germany
CHERNOVITE-(Y) Cherbadung, Binn Valley, Wallis, Switzerland
CHERNYKHITE Balasauskandyk, Kazakhstan
CHESNOKOVITE Kedykverpakhk, Karnasurt, Lovozero, Russia
CHEVKINITE-(Ce) Tangir Mine, nr. Arondu, Kohistan, Pakistan
CHIAVENNITE Heia Quarry, Tvedalen, Norway
CHILDRENITE George & Charlotte Mine, Devon, England
CHILDRENITE Siglo Veinte Mine, Llallagua, Bolivia
CHIOLITE Ivigtut, Greenland
CHISTYAKOVAITE Uranium Deposit, Bota-Burum, Kazakhstan
CHKALOVITE Kvanetjell, Ilimaussaq, Greenland
CHKALOVITE Alluaiv, Lovozero, Russia
CHLORAPATITE Odegardensverk, Norway
CHLORAPATITE Bamle, Telemark, Norway
CHLORARGYRITE Tin Stope-Majuba Hill, Pershing Co. Nevada
CHLORARGYRITE Mina San Sebastian, Durango, Mexico
CHLORARTINITE Vulcan Tolbachick, Kamchatka, Russia
CHLORBARTONITE Palitra Pegmatite, Lovozero Massif, Russia
CHLORELLESTADITE ("WILKEITE") Jensen Quarry, Crestmore, California
CHLORITOID nr Tioga Pass Ranger Sta., Mono Co, California
CHLORO-POTASSICHASTINGSITE Dashkesan Iron Deposit, Caucasus, Azerbaijan
CHLOROPHOENICITE Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
CHOLOALITE w/ HESSITE McAlpine Mine, Tuolumne Co., California
CHONDRODITE Tilly Foster Mine, Brewster, New York
CHONDRODITE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
CHONDRODITE with SPINEL Luc Yen, Vietnam
CHRISTELITE San Francisco Mine, Sierra Gorda, Chile
CHROMCELADONITE Srednyaya Padma, Karelia, Russia
CHROMITE Little Francois Lake, Quebec, Canada
CHRYSOBERYL Espirito Santo, Brazil
CHRYSOBERYL Carnaiba, nr. Senhor do Bonfim, Brazil
CHRYSOBERYL Colatina, Espirito Santo, Brazil
CHRYSOBERYL Marsikov, Czech Rep
CHRYSOBERYL Santa Teresa, Espirito Santo, Brazil
CHRYSOBERYL Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co., New York
CHRYSOBERYL (Cat's Eye Twinned Ipiau, Bahia, Brazil
CHRYSOCOLLA Elba Island, Italy
CHRYSOCOLLA Dry Gill, Cumberland, England
CHRYSOCOLLA pseudo @ ATACAMITE La Farola Mine, Tierra Amarilla, Chile
CHRYSOCOLLA w/ MALACHITE Star of the Congo Mine, Lubumbashi, Zaire
CHRYSOTILE Khiaihavara, Czech Rep
CHUKANOVITE Dronino, Kasimov, Ryazan Oblast, Russia
CHUKHROVITE-(Nd) Kara-Oba, Betpakdala Desert, Kazakhstan
CHUKHROVITE-(Y) Kara Oba, Betpakdala Desert, Kazakhstan
CHURCHITE-(Y) nr. Sausalito, Marin Co., California
CHURCHITE-(Y) Ploskaya Mt., Keivy, Kola, Russia
CHURCHITE-(Y) "WEINSCHENKITE" Kelly Bank, Vesuvius, Virginia
CHVALETICEITE Chvaletice, Bohemia, Czech Rep
CINNABAR Chaidarkan, Kyrgyzhstan
CINNABAR Gelnica, Slovakia
CINNABAR Rakos, Slovakia
CINNABAR Rakos, Slovakia
CINNABAR Almaden, nr. Cuidad Real, Spain
CINNABAR in BARITE Regent Mine, Mineral Co., Nevada
CINNABAR with PYRITE Bohemia, Czech Rep
CIPRIANIITE Monte Cavallucio, Campagnano, Roma, Italy
CLARINGBULLITE Bisbee, Cochise Co., Arizona
CLAUSTHALITE Tilkerode, Harz, Germany
CLINOBARYLITE Yukspor Mt., Khibiny, Kola, Russia
CLINOBEHOITE Malyshevskoye, Izumrudnye Kopi, Russia
CLINOBISVANITE Londonderry Quarry, W.A., Australia
CLINOBISVANITE Linka Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
CLINOCERVANTITE Tafone Mine, nr. Manciano, Grosseto Italy
CLINOCHLORE over ORTHOCLASE St. Gotthard, Switzerland
CLINOCHLORE var: KAMMERERITE Kop Daglari, Erzurum, E. Anatolia, Turkey
CLINOCHLORE var: SERAPHINITE Korshunovsk, Siberia, Russia
CLINOCHRYSOTILE Asbestos Mine, Quebec, Canada
CLINOCLASE Antelope Mine, nr. Loyalton, California
CLINOCLASE Cu Stope, Majuba Hill, Pershing Co. Nevada
CLINOCLASE Majuba Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
CLINOCLASE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
CLINOENSTATITE Bad Harzburg,, Harz, Germany
CLINOHEDRITE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
CLINOHUMITE Cava Novella, Mt. Somma, Vesuvius, Italy
CLINOHUMITE Kasuga Mine,Ibigun, Gifu Prefecture Japan
CLINOJIMTHOMPSONITE etc. Chester, Windsor County, Vermont
CLINOPHOSINAITE Tsentral'nyi Mine, Khibiny, Kola, Russia
CLINOPTILOLITE-Ca Succor Creek, Malheur Co., Oregon
CLINOPTILOLITE-K Kedykverpakhk Mt., Lovozero, Kola, Russia
CLINOTOBERMORITE Bazhenovskoe, Ural, Russia
CLINOTYROLITE Lovelock Mi, Bolivia, Churchill Co. Nevada
CLINOZOISITE nr. Alamos, Sonora, Mexico
CLINOZOISITE Hunting Hill Quarry, Rockville, Maryland
CLINTONITE var. XANTHOPHYLLITE Crestmore Quarry, Riverside Co., California
COALINGITE Union Carbide Mine, San Benito Co., California
COBALTARTHURITE Pastrana, nr. Mazarron, Murcia, Spain
COBALTAUSTINITE Dome Rock Copper Mine, Olary, S.A., Australia
COBALTAUSTINITE w/ ERYTHRITE Dome Rock Cu Mine, nr.Mingary, S.A. Australia
COBALTIAN DOLOMITE nr. Kolwezi, Shaba Province, Rep of Congo
COBALTIAN DOLOMITE w/ GOETHITE Bou Azzer, Anti Atlas, Morocco
COBALTITE Tunaberg, Sweden
COBALTITE (UPDATE!) Hakansboda, Sweden
COBALTLOTHARMEYERITE Grube Wolfgang Maassen, Schneeberg, Germany
COBALTLOTHARMEYERITE Bou Azzer, Anti Atlas, Morocco
COBALTLOTHARMEYERITE Roter Berg, Schneeberg, Saxony, Germany
COBALTOMENITE Temple Mountain, Emery County, Utah
COBALTOMENITE Parco Mine, Grand Co., Utah
COCONINOITE Jomac Mine, San Juan Co., Utah
COERULEOLACTITE Royal Blue Mine, Nye Co., Nevada
COESITE Meteor Crater, Coconino Co., Arizona
COFFINITE Temple Mt. Consol Mine, Emery Co., Utah
COHENITE Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk, S. Urals, Russia
COHENITE Canyon Diablo, Coconino Co., Arizona
COIRAITE Pirquitas Mine, Jujuy Province, Argentina
COLEMANITE Boraxo Pit No. 1, Death Valley, California
COLEMANITE pseudo @ INYOITE Corkscrew Mine, Inyo Co., California
COLLECTION: COPPER REFERNCE Mufilira Copperbelt (No. Rhodesia), Zambia
COLLECTION: TINTIC, UTAH Various Mines, Tintic District, Utah
COLLINSITE Rapid Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada
COLLINSITE with "QUERCYITE" Francois Lake, British Colombia, Canada
COLQUIRIITE Sierra Branca Peg., Pedra Lavrada, Brazil
COLUSITE East Colusa Mine, Butte, Montana
COMBEITE Oldoinyo Lebgai Volcano, Tanzania
CONICHALCITE Gold Hill Mine, Tooele Co., Utah
CONICHALCITE Gold Chain Mine, Mammoth, Juab Co., Utah
CONICHALCITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
CONICHALCITE Maria Catalina Mi, Tierra Amarilla, Chile
CONICHALCITE on QUARTZ Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
CONICHALCITE ps @ OLIVENITE Dome Rock Cu Mine, Olary, S.A., Australia
CONNELLITE Fontana Rossa, Corsica, France
CONNELLITE (TALLINGITE) Perran St. George Mine, Cornwall, England
COOKEITE on ALBITE Itambe, Bahia, Brazil
COOKEITE on QUARTZ Mount Mica, Paris, Maine
COOKEITE PSUEDO @ SPODUMENE Golconda Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil
COOMBSITE Watson's Beach, So.Eastern Otago, New Zealand
COPIAPITE Sierra Gorda, Chile
COPPER Zwickau, Sachsen, Germany
COPPER Phoeinx Mine, Houghton Co., Michigan
COPPER Ray Mine, Pinal Co., Arizona
COPPER Ray Mine, Pinal Co., Arizona
COPPER Cornwall, England
COPPER Osceola Shaft #10, Houghton Co., Michigan
COPPER Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan
COPPER Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan
COPPER Cornwall, England
COPPER Dalen at Kviteseid, Telemark, Norway
COPPER Keweenaw, Michigan
COPPER Onganja, Namibia
COPPER (Spinel Twins) Ray Mine, Pinal Co., Arizona
COPPER (Spinel Twins) New Cornelia Mine, Ajo, Pima Co., Arizona
COPPER and CALCITE Emke Mine, Onganja, Namibia
COPPER in HARDYSTONITE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
COPPER pseudo @ ARAGONITE Corocoro, La Paz Department, Bolivia
COQUANDITE Pereta Mine, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy
COQUIMBITE Helper, Carbon Co., Utah
CORDEROITE Cordero Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada
CORDEROITE w/ TIEMANNITE Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
CORDIERITE Horni Bory, Czech Rep
CORDIERITE nr. Bamle, Telemark, Norway
CORDIERITE var IOLITE near Tananarive, Madagascar
CORDIERITE variety IOLITE Espirito Santo, Brazil
CORDIERITE variety IOLITE Coroaci, Minas Gerais, Brazil
CORKITE Hornsilver Mine, Beaver Co., Utah
CORKITE Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
CORNETITE L'Etoile Mine, Lumbubashi, Shaba, Rep of Congo
CORNETITE San Samuel Mine, Carrera Pinto, Chile
CORNUBITE Sylvanite, Hidalgo Co., New Mexico
CORNWALLITE Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab Co., Utah
CORNWALLITE Gold Chain Mine, Mammoth, Juab Co., Utah
CORNWALLITE Little Gem Mine, Lander Co., Nevada
CORONADITE Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
CORRENSITE Kibblehouse Quarry, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania
CORRENSITE Bolet, Vastergotland, Sweden
CORUNDUM Craigmont, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
CORUNDUM Yogo Gulch, Montana
CORUNDUM Rock Flat, Adams Co., Idaho
CORUNDUM Cejov, nr. Humpolec, Bohemia, Czech Rep
CORUNDUM (Ruby/Sapphire) Hunza Valley, Pakistan
CORUNDUM var. RUBY Longido, Tanzania
CORUNDUM var. SAPPHIRE Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka
CORUNDUM variety RUBY Chit Insel, Karelia, Russia
CORUNDUM variety RUBY nr. Longido, Tanzania
CORUNDUM variety RUBY Ambodilarja, Corindon Range, Madagascar
CORUNDUM variety SAPPHIRE Glen Elgin Creek, Deepwater, NSW, Australia
CORUNDUM variety SAPPHIRE Yugo Gulch Area, Montana
CORUNDUM variety SAPPHIRE Andranandamo, Tulear Province, Madagascar
CORUNDUM variety STAR RUBY Budhipada, Karnataka, India
CORVUSITE Paradox Valley, Montrose County, Colorado
COSALITE Smrkovec, Slovakia
COSALITE Cariboo Mine, Wells, B.C., Canada
COSALITE Bolivar Mine, Piedras Verdes, Chi., Mexico
COTUNNITE with PENFIELDITE Casucha Mine, Sierra Gorda, Chile
COULSONITE Buena Vista Hill, Pershing Co., Nevada
COUTINHOITE Urucum Mine, Galilela, M.G., Brazil
COVELLITE Lily Mine, Pisco Prov., Ica Dept., Peru
COVELLITE Lily Mine, Pisco Prov., Ica Dept., Peru
COWLESITE Goble, Columbia Co., Oregon
COWLESITE Ikitsuki-jima Is., Hirado, Nagasaki Japan
COWLESITE with LEVYNE Green Road Quarry, Ballyclare, North Ireland
CRANDALLITE Moculta, South Austalia, Australia
CRANDALLITE with VARISCITE Clay Canyon, nr. Fairfield, Utah
CREASEYITE nr. Gold Point, Esmeralda Co., Nevada
CREASEYITE Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, nr. Tiger Arizona
CREDNERITE Merehead Quarry, Mendip Hills, England
CREEDITE Hall Mine, nr. Tonopah, Nye Co., Nevada
CREEDITE Aguiles Serdan, Chihuahua, Mexico
CREEDITE with BROCHANTITE Silver Coin Mine, Humboldt Co., Nevada
CRICHTONITE St. Christophe, Dauphine, France
CRICHTONITE Presidente Kubitschek, M.G., Brazil
CRISTOBALITE in OBSIDIAN Coso Hot Springs, Inyo Co., California
CROCOITE Beresowsk, Ural Mtns., Russia
CROCOITE Red Lead Mine, Dundas, Tasmania
CROCOITE Adelaide Mine, nr. Dundas, Tasmania
CROCOITE Red Lead Mine, Dundas, Tasmania
CROCOITE with VAUQUELINITE Callenberg, nr. St. Egiden, Saxony, Germany
CRONSTEDTITE (Hexagonal) Siglo Veinte Mine, Llallagua, Bolivia
CRONSTEDTITE-1M Wheal Jane, Kea, Cornwall, England
CRONUSITE February 18, 1948 fall, Norton Co., Kansas
CROOKESITE w/ BERZELIANITE Kalmar, Skrikerum, Sweden
CRYOLITE Katugin River, Siberia, Russia
CRYOLITE Ivigtut, Greenland
CRYOLITE Eureka Pegmatite, Mt. Rosa Area, Colorado
CRYOLITE with SIDERITE Ivigtut, Arksuk Fjord, Greenland
CRYOLITHIONITE Ivigtut, Greenland
CRYPTOHALITE Bluefield, West Virginia
CRYPTOMELANE Reaphook Hill, nr. Blinman, S.A., Australia
CRYPTOMELANE Cromora, Virginia
CSIKLOVAITE Janos, Chihuahua, Mexico
CUBANITE (twinned) Henderson #2 Mine, Chibougamau, Canada
CUMENGEITE Santa Rosalia, Baja California, Mexico
CUMENGEITE Juliushutte, Astfeld, Harz Mts., Germany
CUMMINGTONITE 3800' level, Homestake Mine, South Dakota
CUMMINGTONITE West Chesterfield, Massachusetts
CUPRITE Montroc Mine, Tarn, France
CUPRITE Christmas Mine, nr Hayden, Gila Co. Arizona
CUPRITE Black Pine Mine, Granite Co., Montana
CUPRITE var: CHALCOTRICHITE Ray Mine, Pinal Co., Arizona
CUPRITE var: CHALCOTRICHITE Chino Mine, Bayard, New Mexico
CUPRITE var: CHALCOTRICHITE Tsumeb, Otavi, Namibia
CUPROCOPIAPITE Chuquicamata, Chile
CUPROPAVONITE Pioche, Lincoln Co., Nevada
CUPROPEARCEITE Sarbay Mine, Kostanai Oblast, Kazakhstan
CUPROSKLODOWSKITE Musonoi Extension, Shaba Province, Zaire
CUPROTUNGSTITE Crystal Peak, Sierra Co., California
CURETONITE nr. Golconda, Humboldt Co., Nevada
CURITE Shinkolobwe, Shaba Province, Rep of Congo
CUSPIDINE San Vito Quarry, Vesuvius, Italy
CUSPIDINE Franklin, Sussex Co., New Jersey
CYANOPHYLLITE Mt. Avanza, Udine, Italy
CYANOTRICHITE Gold Quarry Mine, Eureka Co., Nevada
CYANOTRICHITE Qinglong, Gui Zhou, PR China
CYLINDRITE Trinacria Mine, Poopo, Oruro, Bolivia
CYLINDRITE Itos Mine, Oruro City, Bolivia
CYLINDRITE Trinacria Mine, Poopo, Oruro, Bolivia
CYMATOLITE: ALBITE @ SPODUMENE Branchville, Connecticut
CYMRITE Pancheco Pass, Santa Clara Co., California
CYRILOVITE Monarch Iron Mine, Iron Knob, S.A., Australia
CZECH & SLOVAK COLLECTIONS Various Localities Czech/Slovak